$1.000.000 for a Hole in One! THE MOST EXTREME GOLF HOLE IN THE WORLD!

September 22, 2019

Hi my name is Pete Richardson And I’m going
to show you the most extrem golf hole in the world! Welcome to Legend Golf and Safari Resort in
Limpopo South Africa. When you play the extreme 19th There is no golf buggies taking you to
the hole. This is the way you travel. This is a game vehicle. Like all the great ideas in the world the
extreme 19th involved alcohol. It was created at the owners birthday party one of the guests
just said why don’t why hit golfballs of the top of the mountain? Another glass of wine, why don’t we make the
green the shape of Africa? And here it is. It is the longest and highest Par 3 in the
world. And you know what? It’s only $200 USD each to play it. The only way up to the tee is in a helicopter. If I was your caddy what advice would I give
you from the top of the mountain? Hit it hard, hit it long, hit it straight. Just grip it and rip it. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this
hole is the ball takes 26 seconds to hit the ground and of course the first hole in one? 1.000.000 USDollars, just get it in here. Some of the best golfers in the world have
played the extreme 19th most of them made 4, only one of them made a par 3. Padraig Harrington. And one famous golfer has not yet visited. Tiger Woods. I wonder how he’d do on an extreme golf hole.

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