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10 Things All Soccer/Futbol Players Do | Marissa and Brookie

September 10, 2019

(jazzy music) – (Both) Hey guys! – I’m Marissa.
– I’m Brookie. – And today we’re gonna be doing
10 types of soccer players. – If you are new to our channel
we are Marissa and Brookie. We love soccer if you can’t tell. – Yeah we’ve been playing
competitive soccer since we were itty bitty, so we’ve been
playing our whole lives, I’m 15. – I’m 11. – And we thought it’d be fun to do 10 types of soccer players. We did one other soccer video
but we’re trying to do more because we really love soccer.
– Yeah. – And we want to share that
with you guys and we know a lot of you guys play soccer too. – Comment down below if you can relate to any of these things,
and comment down below what sport you guys play
or even if you play. – Yeah, even if you
guys don’t play soccer. A lot of these can relate
to different sports so comment down below what you can relate to and now let’s get on to the video. – All right. (whistle) – Let’s go Cheetahs! (cheers) – Let’s go Cheetahs! – [Coach] Okay, Brookie, get on the field. – We got this!
– Yeah! – Go kill it! (drum beat) – Brookie good job!
– Thanks! – Bad high five. – You did so good!
– Thanks! Can you get me that water over there? – Oh, yeah sure.
– Thanks. – Here you go, you need some.
– Thanks. – Stay hydrated.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – [Coach] Brookie, get in the game! – Yeah Brookie, it’s your turn to go! In the game, again. (claps) you got it. – Woo!
– Go kill it. Yeah, mhmm. (bright piano melody) (whistle blows) – Oh my gosh you played so good! – Thanks! – You kill it!
– You played good too! – I didn’t play. – Oh my gosh. I literally thought you
just got your cast off the other day! (chime) (mumbling) (chime) – I know I did but I was playing hopscotch
at my school recess, and I think I have a
concussion and I broke my wrist and I messed up my knee. – Oh my goodness I’m so sorry.
– Yeah. – It seems like you’re
always injured that stinks. – Yeah, same. (bright music) – Okay coach!
– Hi Marissa! – What have you got there. – I’ve got your pennies
and your cones, I’ve got the balls for the game, and
your chair, here have a seat. – Oh thank you so much, you’re amazing. – Is there anything else I can do for you? – Can I get some water?
– Yeah, yeah. Here you go.
– You’re amazing! You’re starting today, thank you so much! – Yeah! (bright music) – All right Brookie, get
in the game for defense. – One sec Coach! Ready, Coach! – I didn’t even touch you! (upbeat music) – Go Cheetahs, wooo! – Coach, I have a little proposition. So I was analyzing how she was playing, and we cannot seem to get
past her on the left side. So I was just thinking that if
we play out of three-five-two formation then we can have
more numbers in the middle so that way we can all penetrate up and get on the left side more, because she’s not as
strong as on her left side. So I was just analyzing
the play, and if you wanna like consider that and tell
the team to go on the left side you can. – Dude just go have
fun and play some ball. – Argh!
– Go play some ball! – Yeah! Yeah! Woo! Woo! (upbeat music) – [Coach] Practice was done an hour ago! Just go home! – I didn’t even do that well! I didn’t even get to play! (sniffs) – Hey good job Brookie! Why are you crying? – That girl did really mean things to me, she hurt my feelings. – Wow. Hey let’s go Cheetahs! (claps) – Hey
– Hey, how ya doin’? – Why are you so happy? Dude we just lost 6-0
you realize that right? – You know, (sighs) It’s a team sport, it’s
not one person’s fault. We did great, I’m proud of everybody, everybody put in their best effort. We’ll beat them next time, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, I mean you know everybody gave their best effort, (thumps chest) that’s winning in my heart. – Oh thank you. – Oh sorry it’s kind of crooked. – Oh it’s okay. – And I got your cones and your pennies. (Brookie laughing) – Here, have a seat.
– Oh thank you. (laughing) Rawr! – Just, just little, knowledge. (laughing) left side but, – Dude just go out and play some ball! (laughing) – Was I good? – I just didn’t do a very good job I need to fake cry more! I can’t cry! – [Coach] Okay let’s go – I didn’t even get to play that much, and I didn’t even get to like, I know you can’t understand me I didn’t even get to do that good (laughs) I can’t do it! Where is it? (laughing) We won, yeah! (screams) (laughs) – Coach, that girl said
really mean things to me. (laughing) – Hey good job Brookie! – That girl said really mean things to me. (crying) – Okay. (snorts) – A bug went up my nose! – Tweet! (tweet noises) – Ow my head hurts! – Three! (laughing) (laughing) – Comment down below what
sport you play and comment down below, also while you’re at it, what can you relate to? (laughs) – Every single one of them! (bright music) – [Both] Thanks for watching! – Hope you enjoyed the video. – Please subscribe down
below and if you guys love soccer videos, give it a thumbs
up and comment down below what you guys relate to and
what sport you guys play and we’ll see you next time bye! – [Both] Bye!

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