$1000 Basketball Trickshot Challenge VS My 13 Year Old Big Brother!

September 13, 2019

(upbeat music)
(bell dinging) (boys cheering) – Three, two, one. – Of course you made it, no way. – If you make this, I’m gonna go crazy – Here we go. (upbeat music) – [Kyle] Welcome back to
Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun. (upbeat music)
(bell ringing) Hey guys, welcome back
and today we’re playing a game of trick shot basketball. I’m team blue and Luke is team red – Yeah and today we’re gonna be doing an Endgame game mode. It’s gonna be so much fun ’cause the new Avengers is coming out. We’re gonna play the game just like HORSE but this time we’re spelling out ENDGAME. Are you ready Kyle?
– I’m so excited, yeah! – Let’s go to our first trick shot. – We’re not only supposed to
win the infinity gauntlet. – We’re winning a giant
cheque for a thousand dollars. – [Both Boys] Whoa! – Okay, so I thought
of my first trick shot. Let’s get started. – Let’s do it! – I usually use this
ramp to jump my RC cars. So I’m gonna try and roll my ball and make it into the hoop. – Okay let’s see if you can do it Kyle. – Here we go guys, it’s
the first trick shot. I hope I make it. – I hope you don’t make it ’cause… – Here we go. Oh!
(buzzer buzzes) So close, so close. – Now I have the power to
pick my own trick shot. I think I really like this shot so I’m gonna try it too. I think I’m gonna go approach
it like I’m gonna bowl. All right ready? Three, two, one, go. – Please miss, miss, miss. – No, (buzzer buzzers) I just missed. Wow that was actually
pretty challenging though, but Kyle has the power to pick whatever trick shot he wants now. – So Luke, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna throw it up onto the roof. – Oh.
– And it’s gonna roll off and go into the hoop. All right, here we go. It’s not gonna make it. Oh no!
(buzzer buzzes). – Kyle you just missed. That’s okay though. I think it is my turn. Oh, I wonder what shot I’m gonna do. I got the hoop set up over the hammock and I’m gonna try to launch it from right here in to the hoop. Ready, here we go. – [Kyle] Don’t make it, don’t make it, don’t make it.
(bell ding) – Yeah, All right Kyle now you have to attempt my trick shot. – Hey, at least I still have a chance. – Kyle the trick is, is you got to pretend the hammock isn’t there ready? – Okay. – Three, two, one, go. (ball bounce)
(buzzer) – No!
– Oh, so close Kyle. – I didn’t make it. – That means that you have the letter E. (gasp). – From behind the backboard. (gasp) (cheering)
(bell dinging) – No, You made it. But that was a good shot.
(hand clap) – Yeah that was a good job. Okay you grab your ball and try it from behind the
backboard just like I did. – Okay.
(laughing) – Here we go. (buzzer buzzes) – [Luke] Oh, that is E-N for you. – E-N for me, I’m losing. – I kind of want to try
this ramp shot again. Off the ramp. (buzzer buzzes) – You missed. – No. – One bounce shot into the hoop. (ball bouncing) (bell dinging)
(cheering) – Nice shot. – I made it in! (cheering). – Now I have to try it. Okay, hopefully I can make this. (ball bouncing) (buzzer buzzes)
No! Oh man my balls kind of flat. But hey, that’s okay I have an E. – Good old classic backwards shot. (bell dinging)
(cheering) Oh my gosh, no way! (cheering) – There’s no way I can make that but I’m gonna try it anyways. That was a pretty epic shot. I don’t know if I can top that,
but here I’ll give it a try. Three, two, one. (buzzer buzzes)
(laughing) That’s E N.
– That is E N for you. Oh my gosh, (laughing) Luke we’re tied. – Yeah, We’re both E N right now. So make sure you smash that Like button and subscribe to give
me and Kyle good luck. – Okay, Let’s do the next shot. Trick shot 101, drift cart into the hoop. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Oh yeah, Let’s go. (cheering) – All right I don’t how to
drive these things very well but I’ll give it a shot. – Luke you’re gonna need some
good luck to hit that one. – I don’t know about this. Off the Hover board moving
trick shot here we go. – It’s a lot more
complicated than you think. (buzzer buzzes)
– Oh yeah. (cheering) – That was so Close
that’s end for me, E-N-D. Oh my gosh Kyle, you’re in the lead. – Yes, That’s right, team blue
is in the lead. (laughing) E-N to E-N-D. – Oh no hopefully I get,
you get ENDGAME before me. – Okay guys, you got to sit
right here on the counter. And swish it. – Okay so we moved the basket inside. See what you got Ky. – ‘Kay, here we go. (bell dinging)
(cheering) Oh I’m in, yes! – Good job Kyle, high five.
– yes, woohoo! – You’re making all these shots. – Yes – Okay. Hopefully I
can make this you guys. Three, two, one. – Don’t make it. (buzzer buzzes)
(cheering) That’s an E-N-D-G for you. – I only have an A-M
and an E before I lose. I better catch up. – Oh I’m so excited. Trick shot over the archway
into the hoop, here we go. – Don’t hit the chandelier. – Okay. (grunting)
(bouncing) – It’s not gonna make it. (laughing)
(buzzer buzzes) Oh I caught it. So that means I am in control. I think I’m gonna try a different one that’s in the exact same spot. Here I’ll show you. Okay, behind the back while sitting down. You have to be right here Kyle, all right. – Okay. – Here we go. (bell dinging)
(cheering) – No way. – (laughing) Let’s see if
you can beat that Kyle. – Hey guys, I’m making
the shot, here we go. (laughing)
(buzzer buzzes) – That’s E-N-D. (buzzer buzzes)
Oh yeah. Oh my gosh you guys, I just
had a really good idea. But it’s gonna take
place in the living room. Let me show you. Okay I think I want the hoop right here. I’m gonna try to go in the Lego wall, right by this chair,
and make it in the hoop. Here I’m gonna shut this
first though, so extra hard. – (gasp) can you still make it? – [Luke] Here we go. (buzzer buzzes) – You missed. – Oh no. (cheering)
I was on a roll and… Oh my gosh, I think you have control now. I can’t believe I missed that. I was so close. – Okay I’m gonna try the
exact same thing you did. – Go for it. – Locking myself in position but this time you have to stand closer. – Oh, okay, ready. – [Both Boys] Three, two, one, go (cheering)
(bell dinging) – Let’s go! (cheering) – Okay I guess I have to try it. Well I attempted this, missed. Kyle attempted it, made it, so. (laughing) See if I can do this. – [Both Boys] Three, two, one, go! (buzzer buzzes) – You missed (cheering) – That’s end ga, G-A. – (laughs) End G-A. Bounce shot, into the hoop inside. Here we go. (bells dinging)
(cheering) Yes. – Gotta line this up, all right, ready. Hopefully I can make this. This is a pretty easy shot. (laughing) (bells dinging)
Ah yeah. Hashtag easy peasy. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, you can
do both hands, no look, but can you do one handed no look? All right gonna line it up, ready? Three, two, one. (bells dinging)
– Of course you made it. No way! – Oh yeah, Kyle, you can do it. – Okay, easy peasy. Okay guys, I have to do one hand. We just have to line it up. Ready. – Go! (bells dinging)
(cheering) – Let’s go. – To be honest with you I
don’t think you’d make that. All right Kyle, you pick your shot. – Okay, Over the back of the backboard. – Here we go in, – [Both Boys] three, two, one, go. (bells dinging)
(cheering) – Oh yeah, woohoo! – You’re on a roll Kyle. Here, I’m gonna try. – ‘Kay. – Over the backboard, I
mean I’ve done it again so it should be pretty easy. Here we go. (buzzer buzzes)
– Oh he missed. – I could have shot that– – Like you have an M. – So I’m end G-A-M. So one more letter which is an E. Oh my gosh Kyle you’re in control. Which trick shot do you want to do next? – I think I want to stand on
the tailgate of the truck. – and shoot it over the
truck into the hoop. – What?
– Yeah (laughing) – I guess let’s go start it up. – Trick shot over the truck. – If you make this I’m gonna go crazy. – Okay, here we go. (cheering)
(bell dinging) Let’s go. Go .
(dramatic music) (cheering) (cheering) – No way he just… (laughing)
(cheering) Oh my gosh how am I gonna do that? – That was a laser. That was like a laser, Wow. – There’s no way. – Yeah, that’s what you call a laser shot. – Here we go. Three, two, one. (buzzer buzzes) – You missed. – No, Kyle won, that’s ENDGAME. (cheering) – Oh man, yes I won. That means I get the infinity gauntlet and one thousand dollars. – No, I’ll go grab your prizes Kyle. – Okay. Oh man that was so fun. – Kyle, you win the infinity gauntlet and one thousand dollars
in this huge cheque. Oh my gosh, here you go Kyle. – Yeah, woohoo! I’m the winner. That’s it for this video. If you like this then you’re definitely gonna like these other ones ’cause I picked them just for you. And we’ll see you guys next time, bye. – Wait should we go watch
Endgame with all this money? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it (fun music)

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