2019 GCU Basketball WAC Tournament Preview

September 9, 2019

– Hello and welcome to the
WAC tournament preview. Barry Buetel alongside
Lopes insider Paul Coro. And we are on the eve
of the WAC tournament, the second trip for GCU for the women and the men at the basketball tournament at the Orleans Arena,
hope to see you there, Wednesday through Saturday,
hopefully through Saturday for both the men and the women. Let’s begin with the women. Their season, a bit of disappointment coming in nine and five a season ago, but the season a little bit different with some new faces for Nicole Powell. – Yeah and those who have returned know the experience of winning – Yeah – the first round game last year and sort of the rhythm of the season but they’ve got Dajah Daniel who just became a Second
Team All-WAC selection and she’s had some
double-doubles late in the season and kinda come on and, like you said, a lot of young players,
a lot of key freshmen that have come on and developed and AJ Cephas had some
health things early on and she’s hit her rhythm too. – They are pretty hot from the arc. Akula and Varis hitting
from the three-point land. – Yeah really neat to
see senior Kavita Akula have a game like that. She made six threes last week in a win, so she’s finishing on a high note. And then on the flip side, Venla Varis, a freshman, has shown that three-point shot and she’s really developed
through the season. The coaching staff has said some good things about her recently. – 8:30 tip, Wednesday
evening, Orleans Arena, the opener for the women. The following evening, same time, 8:30 the men taking on, they revisit Seattle University after they fell to the Redhawks in Seattle to close out the regular season. – Yeah, and no reason to
take first round lightly after you lose in over-time to ’em. But, you know, this week
is a flip of last week if they beat Seattle they
could see Utah Valley again which was Thursday’s game. Seattle game they know what
they need to do with that one. Seattle’s defense has really
come on late in the season. You look at their conference record and you can’t really weigh
that as much as overall. They had a great 12 and
three non-conference record, and then they won five
of their last six games going into the post. But, you know, you got
guys like Carlos Johnson who have really come
on through the season. Now he’s starting and now he’s
become their leading scorer. Michael Finke been playin’ great. Became a First Team All-WAC selection because of the huge games. He’s had four of his
best five career games in the last month or so. – And Carlos got honored as
well as Jared Martin, right? – Yeah, Carlos with the second team pick, and Jared Martin with the, almost a career achievement, you know, he’s been such a great defender, he got picked for the All-Defensive team. That’s a lot of respect from the coaches – Oh yeah. – for what he’s done. Even though he got hurt
midway through the season. – Well this tournament,
obviously anything can happen. They beat Seattle earlier in the year and Utah Valley, they
came on strong as well. They’re one of the top scoring teams in all of college basketball right now and it seems like Coach Pope has his team hitting on all cylinders. – Yeah, Utah Valley’s a
really great shooting team. Jake Toolson, one of the
best shooters in the country could be a player of the year candidate. But they have good
shooters across the line. That was one of the things the Lopes need to recognize better. They have about six shooters who can hit 40% or better on threes. So just recognition and their game plan will be key on that one. It’s like Dan Marley says, he’s not afraid of anyone in the WAC, and he’s afraid of everyone because the parody has shown
that anybody can beat anybody. They’ve certainly indicated that their first two rounds,
no matter who they played, they’ve beaten those teams. – We will have Facebook, Instagram live reports pre-game and post-game and of course for all of the
coverage of the tournament, Lopes insider Paul Coro
at, right? – Yeah, we’ll have full highlights and photo galleries and
stories on each game. – [Barry] And remember to
listen to Michael Potter. Paul will be alongside on 1580, The Fanatic 99.3 FM
throughout the tournament. Thanks so much for tuning in
to the WAC tournament preview. We hope to see you at the
Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

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