5 Hockey Drills for Acceleration

August 25, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys, Jeremy here
from from How To Hockey. In this video I’m gonna
give you a few drills you can do to improve your
acceleration on the ice. Most of these drills you can
do just in a small space. And anywhere that you have some open ice. So we’re out here on the pond. Let’s get right to it. Before we get started with the drills, it’s important for you guys to understand how the blades work on the ice. So number one is you
wanna bend your knees. That’s important. Second thing is that you
using your blades properly. If you have them like
this though on the ice and you’re trying to go forwards, you’re not gonna go anywhere. You’re just basically running. You gotta turn that foot and you’re basically pushing straight back using all of that blade
and gripping that ice so you can go forwards. As you accelerate, that
push angle is gonna change. Now you have another video for that. I’ll link to it right here. This first drill is
what I just showed you. So just turn turning your foot like this, pushing and then gliding on this leg. So seeing how much distance you can get just with one strong push. (gliding) From there you can work
on that push and the stop. So like this. Push. Stop. Again, push. Stop. Push. Stop. We then have to be strong on both feet. So don’t just do it the one side. You gotta do it on the other side again. So turn that other foot. Push, glide, stop. Push, glide, stop. That last drill was just working
one foot pushing at once. This next drill is gonna work on getting both those
feet in that position of really gripping the ice and pushing. So what you wanna do is bend down, take your stick like this and then put your gloves on the ice. Now you wanna get in this
mountain-climber position. And then go. Try not to fall over. Can be a challenge the first
time you try this drill. (running) With acceleration, quick
feet is really important. After you get that push, you wanna get that foot right
back under really quickly. You get that next push
and you get balance. So that drill right there is really good for those quick feet and
having your blades turned. For this next drill we’re gonna use a little
bit of resistance. We’re gonna use the net. This is a really good drill to help your coaches put the nets on at the beginning of practice
or help move them off at the end of practice. And you work on your acceleration. So we’re gonna hold this post like this. Get nice and low, get
those feet behind you. And push. (running) This feels great because
you have the resistance. It forces you to get low to push that without tipping that over. But it also forces you to
really dig your skates, the blades into the ice and dig and push. In hockey you’re not always
accelerating from a dead start. In fact, most of the time
when you have to accelerate you’re already moving,
you’ve taken a few strides. So that’s what we’re gonna
work on in this drill. What I want you to do
is take a few strides, glide a little bit and then kick it into your
next gear and accelerate. In this drill, you’re really helpful if you want to be deceptive. You have the puck. Don’t go full speed off the back. Slow down a little bit
and then accelerate. You can really trick the
defense men in this way. So for this one, just take a few strides. Glide a little bit. And then get nice and low and. (running) A few strides, glide a little bit and then get down and. (running) This last drill we’re gonna work on a different type of acceleration. We’re not always going
forwards and backwards. You have to accelerate in a lot of different
situations in hockey. So this one is a crossover start. As always, nice and low, athletic stance, knees bent but instead of going forwards, we’re going sideways. So we’re gonna do a crossover. This foot comes over this one. And then you open up
and take a few strides. I’m gonna do it slow. Crossover, plant this foot,
accelerate, accelerate. Then we’re gonna stop
and go the other way. (running) (pants) I’m getting tired. – [Cameraman] (laughs) – Alright guys, that wraps up
the drills for acceleration. But before you go I have
a few tips to pass on. Number one is when you start,
we want explosive power. It’s gotta be like a bomb goes off. Everything just goes at once. So really focused on activating all of those muscles at once and flying off that starting line. That’s your first tip. Second tip is to have some forward lean. Not too much that you’re off
balance about to fall over. But that forward lean
is pulling you forwards and it improves your acceleration. The third tip is to stay low. What I notice with newer players is that they start nice and low, awesome. But when they go to
accelerate they stand up and they lose any of that power that you would be getting from your legs. You have to have that knee bent. So stay low, a little bit of forward lean and explosive power, you
guys will be fine out there. That’s it for the videos, guys. Thanks a lot for watching. If you’re looking for more
ways to improve your skills, hit that subscribe button. We do new hockey videos every single week. Thanks a lot for watching,
we’ll see you in the next one. (upbeat music) (airplane engine) – [Cameraman] (laughs) – Do a barrel roll.

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