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54 questions with Filip Forsberg

August 17, 2019

HN: Filip! Hi there! HN: How are you doing? I’m doing well, you? HN: I’m fine. What are you up to? I’m just out talking a stroll. What are you up to? HN: What do you do on an off day? HN: How long have you been living in Nashville? Gotta think… It’s my fifth year but I spent the majority of year one in Milwaukee. So four full years. Four and a half now. HN: All right. Where around here do you live? About two minutes from here in an apartment, in an area called The Gulch. HN: Is is correct that (Mattias) Ekholm and Ida (fiancée) were living there? Yeah, they were living there in the beginning but they moved out pretty quickly once Ida and William (their son) entered the picture. It happened fast but we were living there at the same time for about a year. HN: How long have you been living in Nashville? You just asked that?! HN: Do you have a girlfriend? No. HN: Do you get recognized every time you get out of the house? No, I wouldn’t say that. It happens, maybe at the grocery store every now and then, but it’s not often. That’s what’s so nice about this city, that you can be a “regular person” if you could use that term. But it’s really nice and it gives you a freedom that few have. And that goes for everyone, not just hockey players but football players, musicians and so on. Everyone can be pretty anonymous. HN: All right. What’s the best restaurant in town? I like sushi so I’d say Virago. It’s two minutes from my house too, so that helps. HN: What’s the best thing about living in the states? In Nashville it’s the fact that it has turned into more of a big city than what it was when I came here, but it still has that small town feeling. Every place is different, but right here it’s how nice people are so we got a good thing here. HN: If you’d recommend one Instagram account, which one would it be? Gotta think of what fun stuff I’m following… I follow something called… Now I lose the name… Woody and Kleiny! HN: What’s that? They have some fun stuff going on, two comedians from England. They do a little bit of everything, prank each other and so on, so that’s fun. HN: Which emoji do you use the most? Thumbs up, I think. I think I sent that one to you before this? HN: You actually did. A yellow one. HN: Which emoji describes you best? I used to always use the little guy with the moustasche but now he’s grown a beard so that’s even better. HN: If you could trade lives with a rockstar, who would it be? Rockstar… Bruce Springsteen. HN: What about an athlete then? Lebron, I’d say. HN: Why? Mainly because of how good he is, just to experience all the success he’s had on the court. I’d say he’s the greatest athlete over here, so it would be cool to just experience a day in his life. HN: Who’s the most famous person in your contact list? PK Subban, I’d guess. Yes. HN: Have you met Lindsay Vonn? Yes. HN: How’s she? Nice actually. Not that I expected anything else, but she’s just like any of the other wives on the team. She’s nice. I’ve met her about ten times and I think she’s spending as much time as possible here now, given that she just retired. HN: Which celebrity would make you starstruck if you met them? I met “Foppa” (Peter Forsberg) for the first time a couple of years back and that made me starstruck. I met him this summer too and that was also a little… I just have a great amount of respect for him, so it’s him. I’ve met him a couple of times but it’s still there. HN: Foppa is a big deal. Yes, he is. Well earned. HN: Do you have any hobby or anything that you spend a lot of money or time on? Not really. I play a lot of video games. It don’t spend a whole lot of money on it, but a lot of time. HN: What are you playing? Everything imaginable. NHL, Fifa, Fortnite… It’s not so much about the game itself, it’s more about the social aspect of it with all my buddies back home. You’re talking while you’re playing and the hours tick away. HN: We’re standing right next to a Patagonia store that is about to open. Do you know what Patagonia is? No, but they have the grand opening party next weekend. HN: You have to get yourself an invite. Do you like fashion? Nah, I don’t know. It’s part of the job, you have to wear suits so I think that’s gotten better but I have room for improvement. HN: If you had to be traded tomorrow, which team would you want it to be to? Right now, Tampa Bay. Nice weather and number one in the league, but I hope we can change that pretty soon. HN: A lot of people are rooting for a Nashville-Tampa final this year. At least you guys in the media, I’d imagine. HN: Who would you want to play in a final? Doesn’t matter at all, as long as we get there I’d take our chances against anyone. HN: You have to start with figuring out that powerplay. Haha, yes. That’s the least you could say. HN: Do you have any hidden talents? No, I don’t know. It’s tough to answer stuff like that. Even if it’s hidden it’s not hidden to yourself. I’m thinking hard but it’s a tough question. HN: How was your soccer skills? Did you play any other sports? Soccer and baseball. HN: Baseball?! That’s right you have that in Leksand. Yes. Lumberjacks. HN: Do you watch any games when you’re home? Yes, a couple. I threw the first pitch at the home opener this summer, that was fun. HN: How’s your throwing arm? So and so. It was better when I was playing. HN: Are you scared of anything? It’s not like I have to worry about it on a daily basis, but I’m not a huge fan of snakes. But I rarely come across any so it’s not a huge phobia. HN: Who’s your best friend on the team? I’d say all the Swedes. “Ekan”(Ekholm) and Calle (Jarnkrok) have been around the longest, from the start. Then Kevin (Fiala) came, we’re counting him as a Swede or half Swede. And then Viktor (Arvidsson), those two came in around the same time. So those four. Maybe mainly “Ekan”, to an extent he was like a dad when I came over and the last few years he’s been more of a grandpa. But I’d say Ekan. HN: I don’t wanna name names, but someone told me Kevin Fiala isn’t really good at any language? I’d be willing to agree. I mean, he’s good given that he only played in Sweden for a few years, so he deserves cred for that. But we’re chirping him when he messes up the grammar. And I know who told you that, and there’s something to it. HN: Tell me about the walk with Stiko Per (Swedish artist)? He’s been doing that for a bunch of years. It started when someone he knew passed away. After that he started walking to gather money for Barncancerfonden (Swedish foundation benefiting children with cancer). Nowadays he is doing it every year and I’ve been thinking about joining him for a couple of years. Leksand is the end destination and he has started on different locations. I had a chance to join him this year and I didn’t think twice. HN: Prince Filip, Fil, Scoresberg – which nickname do you prefer? Fil is the only one my buddies really use, it’s more the fans who like the other two. Out of those two I like Scoresberg more. Prince Filip? Haha… HN: Scoresberg is pretty good. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. HN: Who did you idolize growing up in Leksand? In Leksand? Tough question. I liked Michael Ryder. He was only there for one season, if that, when they qualified for the top league. Last year at the old arena. He was the man then. Of course there’s been so many players but he’s the one who left the strongest impression. HN: Who’s the best player in the NHL? McDavid, or… No, it’s without a doubt McDavid. HN: Who’s your favorite player in the NHL? Right now? That’s tough because all my favorites have scored on us like a thousand times. So there’s two sides to that. HN: I want a name. My favorite to watch is probably… It’s a tough question, there’s a lot of good ones. Barzal with the Islanders is a beauty. MacKinnon is good. We saw him last night and he scored twice, like I said, so that’s not too fun. But they’re good, and I mentioned McDavid earlier. Amazing player. HN: Would you be a fit with those guys? Hard to tell, I hope so, but I can’t complain too much about my own linemates. Both of them are darn good. HN: If you could chose any player to be traded to Nashville, without giving up someone, who would it be? McDavid. HN: What’s the biggest difference between you now compared to you when you came over to Nashville? I really don’t know. I’m a little older. I was 19 so it’s been a couple of years and I’ve matured as a person. But I’m still the same… Watch out so you don’t fall over. HN: No, it’s no good… Damn, that’s a pretty high rask of crashing to my death right there. Yeah, that would’ve been something. But yeah, no major difference. I’m a little more mature.
Hopefully. HN: What’s the best advice you ever got? My dad always said work hard, and he still says that. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing well or bad, you just gotta try and do that. That’s what I’m trying to think of. HN: Which Swedish player do you talk to the most, except the guys on your own team? “Jacke” de la Rose in Detroit. I talk Elias (Lindholm) in Calgary every now and then. You’ve grown up with a lot of them and especially Jacob, playing together in Leksand and on all the junior national teams. And during the World Championships this spring too. He’s one of my best friends. HN: How was the World Championships? Amazing, obviously a lot of fun. HN: I’d imagine you had a pretty good celebration the night you won? That’s very possible, yes. HN: What’s the highpoint of your career? I hope it’s yet to come, but so far it’s winning the World Championship and qualifying for the top division with Leksand. Those two. HN: What have you been up to today, on your day off? I haven’t actually done anything. Just been home, had breakfast and lunch and watched tv. It’s been a very relaxing day. We have a back to back coming up so gotta charge the batteries. HN: You have to relax a little bit. How are you spending your night then? I’m actually making tacos. Impressive, right? HN: Are you a good cook? No, no. HN: What’s your go to dish? I got myself a sous vide machine, if you know what that is? How should I explain it? You vacuum pack the meat, fish, chicken or whatever it is that you’re cooking. And then you put it in a warm water bath and it cooks it perfectly. Foolproof, you can’t fail. And it turns out great too, so it’s one of the better investments I’ve made. HN: I don’t eat meat. Isn’t it about time to start thinking about the animals? It’s good that you’re taking that bullet for the rest of us. Of course that’s important, but it’s a tough question to answer for a hockey player. HN: How do you think that the interview went? Yeah, I’m happy. 4 out of 5. HN: Thank you very much. Thank you, take care.


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