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A basketball team can’t intentionally score on itself, but it can do this

October 10, 2019

– [Man In Blue Shirt] You’re
playing a basketball game. – All right. – [Man In Blue Shirt] It’s a tie game. You’ve got a minute left, but you need to win by at least 11 points. – By 11? – [Man In Blue Shirt]
Yeah, what do you do? – Jackin’ threes. – [Man In Blue Shirt] Yeah, just– – Half court, running
down, jacking threes. – Endless. Well, a similar situation happened in the EuroLeague a couple of years ago. It’s December 2015. It’s the final regular
season game of EuroLeague, Darussafaka versus Maccabi. Maccabi’s an Israeli team. Darussafaka’s the Turkish team. They played once earlier in the season, and Darussafaka, the Turkish
team, won by 11 points, and EuroLeague works on a
point differential system. So, if the Israeli team, Maccabi, wins, then they’ll have a tie record, which means they go head to
head on point differential. So, because of that earlier game, Maccabi needs to wins this
game by 11 points to move on. It’s tied at 65 with a minute to go at the end of the game, and
what Maccabi is thinking is, “Well, we have a minute. “That’s enough time to win the game, “but it’s not enough time
to win by the 11 points “that we need to stay in the tournament.” So, staying tied for those last 60 seconds to take it into overtime
where they would have the time to win by that amount was super-important. So, the first thing they do is just start dribbling
out the shot clock. They’re like, “We’re just going
to take it into overtime.” – Just not even care? Yeah. – Just not even care. Then, Darussafaka is like, “OK, we need to mess up this plan “’cause if this thing goes into overtime, “they could conceivably come
back by more than 11 points “and knock us out of the tournament.” So, they start fouling
intentionally, and Maccabi is like, “Well, we’re just going to start “bricking these free throws,” (audience groaning) because they realize if they
score even just one point it’s going to be a lot
tougher to tie it up again. They brick four, or five,
six free throws in a row, which if you have ever seen professionals purposefully brick free throws, it’s very funny. This is a sequence. So, Maccabi’s in yellow. This is them just– – [Joe] Holy shit! – [Ryan] Yeah, dude, they were just bricking
endless free throws to keep it a tie game. – [Joe] They’re not even
trying to play it off either. They’re just throwing the ball at the rim. – They just keep bricking
these free throws to keep it tied, and then,
Maccabi, the Israeli team, they commit a foul by accident. – I just love how you
accidentally foul somebody, how you’ve just been intentionally fouling
them the whole game. – [Ryan] Yeah. – And then it’s just like, “Oh, shit, I actually, I
didn’t mean to do that.” – Yeah. – It’s like, “Bro, what are you doing?” – Yeah, exactly. So, what Darussafaka does
is they sink one free throw, which puts them up by one, but then, they purposefully
brick their next free throw to keep it at one because
that’s an impossible situation for Maccabi to tie it up to take it– – [Joe] Yeah. – Into overtime. So, now, Darussafaka’s up one point, and they just basically give up playing because they’re like, “Well, if you go ahead
and score, and you win, “then that’s fine ’cause
we’ll still get to move on.” As long as it’s not tied, and
they don’t give the other team the time to make up those 11
points, they don’t give a shit. So, there was even a play where they were just standing there not defending their half of the court, and they’re like, “Yeah, go for it. “Go nuts, dude.” “Whatever.” – [Joe] All right, so,
here’s the thing though. – [Ryan] Yeah. – [Joe] Why wouldn’t they
score on their own basket– – [Ryan] Right. – [Joe] ‘Til they give ’em the
chance to run down the court, shoot a three– – [Ryan] Right. – [Joe] And tie the game up. – Joe, excellent question, dude. FIBA rules actually explicitly state that you can’t intentionally
score on your own basket to manipulate the score
for exactly this scenario. It’s rule 16.2.3. If a player deliberately
scores a field goal in his team’s basket, it is a violation, and the goal doesn’t count. And there’s a reason that rule exists because in 1962, in
another EuroLeague game, a kind of opposite situation happened because of all this
point differential shit. So, Real Madrid is playing this
Italian team, Ignis Varese. – My favorite team. (laughing) – I know you’re a huge fan. They are down a bunch of guys. They’re not in great shape. They lose a bunch of guys to
injuries, and fouling out, and stuff like that. It’s also a tie game. – [Joe] Gotcha. – And they’re like, “If
this goes into overtime, “they’re going to
(electronic beep) destroy us. “We just don’t have the
manpower to deal with it.” What they decide is to
score on their own basket to make it a two point
win for Ignis Varese, and then, in the next game,
basically, have a clean slate. – Come out and just whooped ass. – And hopefully whoop their ass. – Hopefully. – So, they score on their own basket. They call it an auto-basket
in the European way, and– – The auto-basket. I would have just loved
to have been in the crowd and just sitting there just like, “Oh, we’ve got a, we’ve got
a nail-biter of a game here!” – [Ryan] Yeah! – And then– – [Ryan] But also being like,
not knowing the situation or what they’re doing. – [Joe] Yeah, it just– – It would be like, “What the hell?” FIBA immediately was like, “Yeah, you can’t ever do that again.” The next day they made a
rule, and they were like, “No, you can’t do that.” – So, no more auto-baskets? – No, no more auto-basket, no. – Wow. – I’m sorry to say. – What a shame. – I know. So, what I was thinking was how do they know it’s intentional? And is there a way that you could intentionally
score on your own basket but make it look like an accident? Can we, can I go, I’m,
just give me one second. I’m just gonna go get one thing. – Yes! – I was wondering if you
could show me your strategy of what it would look
like to accidentally, but secretly intentionally,
score a basket. – Just drawing up a play,
going down the court. One, one, one, we gotcha, and then, the ball slips out of my hand. (laughing) – And I’m just like, “Oh, shit!” Maybe I should hit a
dribble, and then lose. (basketball bouncing) (laughing) – I can’t– (basketball bouncing) (laughing) (basketball bouncing) – Your other teammate
just comes in is like, “Oh, oh, oh, oh!” (loudly shouting) – Oh, dude! (electronic beeping) – Oh! – Oh! – Oh, well. – Guess we’re down by two. – I guess so. The point differential. – Yeah, yeah. – I don’t know. So, yeah, that’s how you
would deliberately score by making it look– – Easy enough. – Like an accident. – But, like you said at the beginning, it’s way easier to just
score a bunch of points. Reggie Miller scored eight
points in nine seconds in 1995. Tracy McGrady scored 13
points in 35 seconds in 2004. You could do it. – It’s doable. Yeah, they’re putting too
much math in this, man. – [Ryan] Yeah. – Basketball is about hooping not math. – Hey, everyone, thanks
for watching Weird Rules. If you have an idea for
a story like this one, leave it in the comments below, and there’s a whole bunch of other ones. So, go watch them. They’re all really great.


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