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AIR HOCKEY casero – MÁQUINA RECREATIVA, cómo se hace | Te Digo Cómo

August 27, 2019

TDCSH today we’re going to teach manufacturing
a real Air Hockey A game like the ones you find in a room
of games But with a smaller size for
you can play at home Compete with your friends and have fun with this
Amazing Air Hockey Today TDCSH To make our Air Hockey you have left
in the video description Measures and table templates And a link to the materials and tools
if you need any If you want to use the templates have to
cut them by this line With a knife and straight edge cuts will
perfect You can also do without air hockey
templates Using only measures coming
in the same .pdf For the board surface will use an
cardboard centimeter thick Or several plates glued until
that thickness In this plate paste templates In this order and with glue stick The dotted rectangles will cut
with a knife Then we cut the legs of the table You have all the measures in .PDF In small legs Take the paperboard thickness Mark it 2 times on the side And cut to make them smaller We place the legs with the shorter side
down And draw a line 4 cm. side Then we scored a point cut line
to 4 cm. the lower edge We do this on both sides Finally we draw a line between both
points And we cut with the blade So are the long legs And so short To find ourselves short stick them inside
of the long And we stick with hot glue We need to form a box like this Then we cut the cardboard sheet
for fans And we mark the center with a cross We have recycled a dual fan
from an old computer You can put also 2 individual fans The focus very well and mark its outline Then we cut the hole and the embutimos
fans Leaving the wires out The look without gaps Hot silicone We introduce the iron into the gap between
the legs Putting the fans to throw the
air upwards We adjust well plate And the silicone paste Without gaps We turn the board And draw a line 2.5 cm. of these
2 sides We place the legs with overhead fans
board thus Aligning them with lines and with these
edges And we joined with hot glue without leaving
no gap So that air does not escape Now comes the hard work Make holes board With a needle of 1 mm. thick And a bottle cork We will manufacture the drilling tool The board has many points, and all have
to be perfectly drilled To air out for them Then we board edges In the templates you have all measures
these pieces Must be smaller than 1 cm. thick The two medium also The two longer have twice the thickness We take 2 medium And they stick small one at each end Then we take a strip of cardboard the same
workpiece thickness The paste on one edge with silicone
hot Pressing well so there are no potholes Also we line the corners We cut the paperboard edges remaining
in the middle And we stuck bending inward We will in all parts only by a
expensive Also on long pieces We stick the edges with the edges covered
facing the board The hollow short pieces is aligned with
the hole board The edges are outside the blue line They surround the board to hit the disc
in them And leave a hole on each side of the field What are the goals To be better forraremos entire carton
exposed with cardboard Not only the edges Also we line the legs with cardboard
other color Our table is finished For goalkeepers We need two metal covers They make a hole in the middle And we nailed a screw head inside
cap Then we screw a cork It’s tight so that it does not move We take a balloon and cut the part of
down Then he knotted the nozzle Which protrudes cut the knot We circled the globe E we introduce the cork in the nozzle
this way Then we stretch the balloon to cover all
the lid Then we cut a piece of cardboard
of a milk carton or juice We place the top goalkeeper and mark its outline Then we cut the circle And we stuck covering the bottom of the
goalie With instant adhesive We have to do two goalkeepers Each color For the record We make two circles of cardboard using
a compass We opened it to 2.5 cm. We draw the circle and we cut Let’s make a sandwich with these two circles
cardstock And what will be in the middle it is white cork
pack in Cut sheet half centimeter
thick And we hit one of the circles with glue
bar We cut the cork around the circle
with a knife Then we stick the other circle and we have
our sandwich To finish the cork cover Cut a strip of cardboard the same thickness
the disc And the stick in singing with hot glue This is not just decoration Also hardens the edge of the disc to
to endure the blows Inside it is like cork The disc weighs very little To finish cut a cardboard ring
Brick Using the compass mark a circle
disk size And another 2 cm. radio, which is the red Cut with the blade both And we have our ring This one will stick on one side of
instant adhesive disc The ring will be the part that touches the board As its surface is much smaller and others
leaves a hole in the center disk Creates an air bed that allows this
buoyed by the table The best way to energize fans
It is to use a transformer You just have to keep in mind that the voltage
and amperage are the same as those of the fans We connect the fan cables directly
the transformer And we have set our air hockey This is another original creations
of TDCSH Thanks to the ideas you aportáis in your
comments If you also have an idea and want
that actually do Leave her comments Give us a LIKE if you also like our
air hockey And do not forget to share it on your network
social So far today’s video I hope you liked it And we see in the next


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