Ankle Injuries – Blake Bender Charlotte’s Men’s Basketball Team – Posturepro

September 12, 2019

Hey, this is coach Blake Bender with the Charlotte basketball team today, I wanted to speak to you about the Posturepro method By using some Posturepro’s methods to address the ankle on the foot we’ve seen a vast reduction in our lower limb injuries Specifically, we’ve had a vast eduction and ankle sprains this season Typically when our players enter either the practice gym or the weight room We focus on stimulating the bottom of the feet as well as addressing specific ankle muscles by using Posturepro methods We found not only an injury reduced state But we’re also seeing an increase in sports performance if you work with any athletic teams clients or other individuals who have lower limb injuries I suggest using Posturepro ankle and foot proprioception techniques to reduce injury and increase poor performance

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