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Barry Smith West Coast Hockey Prep Camp Featurette

August 28, 2019

because you guys are the next pros you guys are next players you’re the next wave of guys coming up your age group it doesn’t matter if you’re here in BC Ontario United States Sweden Switzerland Czechoslovakia some matter because you guys are all gauged in the same age group of who is who the first characteristic is the mentality it’s not what you do on the ice it’s your attitude it’s your team mentality do you compete are you a positive guy are you a guy to help the player next to you are you the guy that wants to stand tall and the game’s on the line so those aspects are extremely important really in the playoffs you’re playing every other night every other day you play with traveling and every time you win a series you have to play a team which was better than the team you played until the end you’re playing against the exact same guys that wanted as bad as you do and at the end of the game who the hell wants it more both teams are just pouring blood doing whatever they can to play and who wins those battles it becomes two finite details and also the mentality compete it has nothing to do with your size it has nothing to do with your economic background it has nothing to do with your language it’s who you are inside so how high you go is based on you if you want to play at the highest level it’s very hard it takes a lot of extra what I’m trying to tell you is there’s no end to how good you can be and no one says you have to be an NHL player to be successful now me as a coach I look around this room skill set potential size whatever we have I take a look but can I improve your hockey sense can I make you understand the game I’m telling you no I can’t I can’t make a stupid player smart I can’t I can help you make a better first decision I can give you more awareness I can give you a percentage play that you can make but I can’t make you hockey smart but let me tell you about playing there’s a lot of things you have to do you have to be the best guy in practice you have to focus when you see a good player on the ice watch him you know like good players or good players they mimic the guys who are in front of them they watch the good players can mimic his skills they take it out of them Gretzky said he watched every defenseman on the opposition knew he’s a left-to-right shot knew how he could turn and played against mean it was a left shot right shot how the passing angle was before he stepped on the ice so your thought process is important and how you guys prepare yourselves how you practice and I got to tell you this if you want to be the elite it’s not an hour and 15 minutes of practice I’m sorry guys it’s not an hour and 15 you got a double down you got to do it off of the ice you got to work on your stick County and off the ice you got to work on your shooting you’re gonna work on your conditioning you’re gonna work on your speed agility gymnastics guys if you’re not an Intel player it doesn’t mean you and make it it has nothing to do with that if you do as best you can you’ve won the game seriously you do as best you can you guys have won the game so don’t ever put yourself down for wherever you’re playing just make some high high goals for yourself of where you want to play next year where you want to play the following year and try to go after it sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t but it’s a fun thing to go through you

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