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October 1, 2019

pretty good he just learned that what is up everybody welcome back to the channel
my name is Josh Horton this Caleb Nash Teamster today our special guest the
black those the backyard legend I’m humming it back dark jugular today oh
okay Marcellus Howard okay literally just taught him this yeah so good he’s
closing in on 1 million subscribers we right there looks like close and we’re
gonna do a big giveaway for his fans and my fans to make sure you stayed tuned
for that yes what can you call me the front yard
myth nope no cuz you’re not worthy enough bro we’re excited to do eight
basketball Olympics challenge you guys love our Olympics videos so there’s
gonna be four challenges all bats well related you ready so you take it you
taking the gold medal you taking the gold medal put the juggling balls down
yeah let’s save the true sports for later oh wow okay so the four different
challenges if you get third place you get one point if you get second place
you get two points if you get first place you are awarded three points you
add up your score for all four challenges the first challenge is going
to be low rim knockout dodgy I’m a box or two I do it all Wow
so the first person to win two games gets first place and then I’ll go down
to one-on-one knockout here we go No Wow I was gonna do it off the backboard
dunk worst self love in the history of my short basketball career ever self the winner right there Oh Oh Oh that’ll win now it’s down to me and
Caleb yep Oh and I gotta wash guys before the next
round Marcel’s and I are doing a joint giveaway two $100 gift cards of your
choosing our up for grabs it could be whatever you want footlocker Xbox Red
Lobster whatever you want all you have to do if you are a Josh Horton fan after
this video go to Marcela’s channel go comment Josh sent me on his most recent
video if you’re here because somehow you found it in your Marcella stand when
you’re not subscribed to me you have to be a subscriber or click subscribe and
comment that Marsellus sent you we’re gonna check to make sure you subscribe
to both channels so do that and good luck fellas you ready for challenge
number two it is a time challenge okay fastest time to weave through the cones
with a basketball you stop at the free-throw line make a bottle flip okay
after you make a bottle hook you make a layup at the other into the courts and
then you’ll pick up a second ball dribble both balls back and you’ll
finish it with one slam dunk I’m gonna follow you marcelles caleb has the
stopwatch guys the bottle was leaking so he swapped it out with the gatorade
bottle marcelles you ready so quick so fast let’s see how just on
the bottle flip I’m struggling folks little closer Oh No
killing you there you go
layup Oh time wow really
34 South’s fast caleb was your time estimate shelves sell did 34 33 32 one
second okay so that means if I get down here and I’m at 29 let me know I’m at 29
so I can wait ready I’m not as quick Oh dang it I want to do sir 19 seconds first try kill how do you
feel I’m good I got three points to and I was like a second I’ll get five points
and now still being Lisa okay so you’re saying he gets first so I
need you to be in oh right and we are gonna go at three to Ed cow fancy behind the back to Boff hey big man huh stop it oh I gave you 19
because he stopped it late so oh so Gayle Gophers came up first okay Josh
checking each other third it was the bottle flip man so I have three points
you have four or five third challenge is really simple three-point shootout five
spots three shot attempts at each spot here we go
Caleb’s up first poor guy masher okay Caleb Amen can we get these cameras out his
face yeah people don’t know just as the shooter man 230 people don’t people
don’t give him the credit he deserves it as a shooter 3 four 4 five 5 six please
all fire five seven okay next play if you good to tie yeah oh what’s up guitar service we started out I really
thought you were about to be this going into the final round I have four points
I got six I have 27 what do you really have eight okay however last round way
more points are up for grabs from just just three okay so it’s anybody’s game
really each person gets ten shots they can choose where they want to shoot
those shots four more points we’ve got where I work one free-throws worth two
three-pointers are were three white line four so you got ten shots to do them
where you want them cool who’s the first Josh you are up first
sir so you’re starting off with six oh eight two chefs right now I’m just gonna stay here oh I’m going for fun okay Jimbo so if
Annette all there’s a net on the roof perfect line I’m gonna just my method
I’m gonna go granny now yeah you have it you have 12 points I will say I will say
half-court it’s tough here because there isn’t that up their first shot was going
in so giant will say it did look really good yeah if you haven’t subscribed yet
guys please do so I’ve got more videos coming with Marcellus and Caleb all the
time I’ve got videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturday every winds
that we break or set a new world record you do that myself every Wednesday hey I
really did that was a bad time I got ten shots oh they want to try half-court and
just like not put arc on it and see see how it feels it suffered because you do have to shoot
but I’m not good morning I’m for some pressure I’m
about to make the white line then half court Wow how’s the battle but I’m going to have
fun oh not worried cuz I can get 20 off free throws now Medina I’m just into in the white
line right here ooh I’ll make this one back to freedom just a layup better be a
fancy layout oh I’m a Swiss ball you see I don’t think I’ll juice with
our congratulations my sellout sounds more game not the hard game sir while
they keep arguing thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe if you
haven’t yet because every Monday runs every Saturday if your Marsellus fan who
found this video drop up drop a comment oh you drop a comment saying Marcella
sent me if you’re a jock or fan go to Marcel’s channel say Josh send me on his
channel your chance to win a giveaway $1 something elegant guard hundred thousand
hunt no 100 hundred dollars of here Caleb’s here – hey look boss they’re not
here he lost holy cow click up here for some recent videos we’ll see you guys


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