Beginner Boxing Lessons : Left Jab, Straight Right, Straight Left: Boxing Lessons

October 10, 2019

The next combination we’re going to work on
our introductory boxing lesson – I teach all the new students a left-right-left. We call
it a “1-2-3”. What I try to instill upon them is that as you step in and throw your first
punch, okay, you’re throwing your second punch you’re turning your body, the right hand doesn’t
have to be 100% of your power. You’re merely turning your body so that you can get the
second left jab turned with your body, and then you can deliver a much more powerful
left jab. But what I also want is rather than big, open wide, looping punches, we want to
try to keep everything nice and tight, so that you’re firing from the center of your
shoulders, you’re firing from the center of your body. That way your punches are nice
and tight. You’re firing from your cheek, you’re firing from you chin. Everything is
nice and tight. So what I like to do is, I have a coat hanger. What I tell the individuals,
Nick if you could step over…what I try to say is, “Okay new student, go ahead and slowly
hit the dead center of that coat hanger on that target three times with a left-right-left.”
Okay. That’s pretty easy to do because basically that’s just a small target, and the coat hanger
is flushed up against the bag. But what I want to do now is, is as I move the coat hanger
out to about halfway, what I want to make sure is that they’re also not hitting the
outside of this coat hanger, like Nick was showing. If you’re too looping, you’re going
to hit the outside of the coat hanger, and that’s what we don’t want. Now he’s going
to do it in slow-motion. He’s going to hit all three punches. Halfway to the target he’s
going to still be on target by hitting halfway through this coat hanger. Okay, Nick? 1-2-3.
See now we’ve got all three punches going through the coat hanger right to the target.
Try it again, Nick. Slow motion. And that’s what we want is nice, straight punches. So
Nick, go ahead and try that on the heavy bag. That’s great. There we have the 1-2-3, left-right-left.
All nice and tight. All nice and long punches. We’ll look at hooks later on. Thank you.

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