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Behind the Scenes of the Whittemore Center Video Board at UNH

August 29, 2019

Correale working some
speed up the left side. Correale wraps it to the
middle, deflected and scores. Correale threw it
into the blue paint. Ready B, effect B, and roll B. We are very excited to have
installed the new video board in Whittemore Center. I think most people would
agree that Whittemore Center is really one of the great hockey
venues in the United States. It was missing one thing,
and that was a high-def video board. It’s created a whole
new experience. And our staff is doing
a great job loading it. It’s a game by game production. We have to load the
content, create content, and create that
interactivity among the fans and the athletes. Come on guys, get me some shots. So we usually get here at least
three hours before the game. Make sure everything’s set. Cameras are set. Graphics are ready, just make
sure that when it is game time, we have everything we need. UNH starters in 3-2. Once the game starts, Ben is
the main guy that we listen to. He’s producing the show. On a game night, I’m responsible
for all communications between the field
house, the control room, and the Whittemore Center. In the controller room, we
have a NewTek 3Play system and it takes in eight camera
feeds, eight angles at once. Any angle of any
play on the ice, we can feed that to the
viewers in attendance. So if you’re looking
down and you miss a goal, look up at the video board
two, three seconds later you’re going to see play after play. I like the quality of it. I’ve been to other arenas
where they have the big screen, but I think our
quality’s the best. It’s created a
fantastic atmosphere. It allows everybody to be so
much more involved in the game. Stick man is ready to go. The stick man has
been a great addition. We were all missing him at
the beginning of the year, but we all love it. It’s fantastic. On any given night, whether it’s
men’s hockey or women’s hockey, there’s a minimum of eight
to 10 people working. So the experience the
students are getting is real world experience. Having an industry standard
control room here gives students the ability to put
in four years in this room, and then upon graduation they
can put that on their resume, and any professional
sports team can see that, and be lucky
enough to have a student with that caliber work. It’s definitely a
stressful environment. But it’s exciting. At the end of the game, when
you know you did a great job, and you know that you
put on a great show, that’s the part that kind
of excites me and makes me interested in the job.

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