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Brad Fast | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Hockey

August 27, 2019

– We’re gonna try and
score against Isabella. And then the Crusaders and Truman, okay are gonna try and score
this way against Austin. I’m from a small town in British Columbia called Fort Saint John. Like everybody in Fort Saint John, I got into hockey at a pretty early age. I started with speed skating and then transitioned into hockey when I was seven years old. I was fortunate enough some
really great coaches growing up. Just made hockey so much fun
for me when I was younger. And I was really fortunate enough to play in my home town all the way up until I was 16 years old and I got an opportunity
to go play junior hockey in a town about five hours south of where I’m from in Prince George. Made a team there, played
there for three years. While I was playing there I
got recruited by Michigan State and came and visited campus here and fell in love with the place. (band playing and clapping) – [Announcer] He’s from Fort
Saint John, British Columbia. Number 27, your team captain. (audience cheering) – I felt like it was home
when I first got here. And I remember having a
feeling walking around campus where I knew that this was
where I was supposed to be. And I had some great experiences going to visit other schools
where they do a nice job. And it was just that feeling of well this is the place to go. And a lot of people, talking
with some people afterwards. When you know it’s the right spot, that’s where you end up. And the rest is history, there. Playing here was fantastic. When you come in here, Coach
Mason always had a speech I think prepared for us at the start of the year saying these are gonna be the best four years of your life. And some guys kind of
laugh at it at the start. And then at the end of the
four years, you’re like man that was pretty good. And then you look back years later and you’re like man he was right on. My experience here was next to none. We really got together
as a team right from when I got here on campus. You got people from really
all over the continent coming together to play. And then you feel like you’re all pulling for the one same thing. – [Announcer] Back on defense. Brad Fast comes up and upends – Brad was an outstanding player here and an All-American and
wore the colors really well. One thing that we talk about
and we’re trying to implement is just having our defensemen
more involved in the offense. And that’s kind of the
way the game has gone and in order to score
goals that’s necessary. And Brad was certainly
that type of player. – [Announcer] He missed on it. Now over to Bretter. Circle nearside. Bretter back up to Liles. Lilies dishes to the far circle, Fast. Steps between the circles. Fires, it’s a goal for Michigan State! – Fasty’s had a great history at MSU. He was a stud back in the day and we always see a bunch
of highlights of him and just looking at the stat sheets and the All-American
pictures all around the rink. It’s pretty evident how
good of a player he was and he’s a Spartan through and through. And that’s what we want around here. – The trifecta of the social
aspect of the big university, the great schooling here and then the unmatched hockey program. It was just a no-brainer. We had really good teams. I think that we were
ranked first in the country as much as anybody else or more. During that time we went to a Frozen Four. Some of my teammates had
some great personal success. Like Ryan Miller, he won the Hobey Baker. And then a lot of us were fortunate to, after we were done,
after we graduated here to go on and play professional hockey. I was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes so once I was done with my senior year I signed a contract with them, went and played some games with
their minor league affiliate and then started my pro career with the Lowell Lock Monsters of the American Hockey
League the next year. Got a game with the Carolina Hurricanes. – [Announcer] With five minutes
remaining in regulation, rookie Eric Staal brought
Carolina within one. Moments later, Brad Fast
playing in his first and only NHL game beat Roberto
Luongo to even the score. The Southeast Division rivals couldn’t break the stalemate in overtime, making the contest the
final tie in NHL history. For his part, Brad Fast
became the fourth player to score a goal in his lone NHL game. – It was incredible. And then when he scored, I mean. I’m proud of him all the time but I think that I just knew that that was just a moment that was so huge. – [Brad] The experiences of pro hockey were everything it’s cracked up to be. – When we were in Korea,
we had a baby over there. So Beckett, our middle
one was born over there. And it kind of got a little crazy. And we were like you know what? I think it’s time to retire. So we did. It was a natural progression
to come back to Michigan State. We love Michigan State. He played here. We both graduated from here. – My wife is from Swartz Creek which is just about 40
minutes down the road here. And we had been coming back here in the summer to do training and hang out in the off-season for the whole time I was
a professional player. So we built, started to
establish some roots here. And then it really became home for us. – It’s great. I couldn’t imagine it any better. I joke around saying that I won where in the world will we live? When it was time to make the final move, this was the natural place. And it was so, it’s so nice of course being a part of Michigan
State again is huge. – Now remember what was my goalie tip? Now be big. Be big. Right there. That’s harder for them
to score now, isn’t it? Do you feel huge? Oh, nice shot. Sometimes when it’s a nice
shot, you don’t have a chance. But you get out, you’re
nice and big and you will. (light music) – Brad does a little bit of everything. He works with kids in
just about every capacity from coaching to working with
our coaches that coach them. He’s run off-ice training with them. He does some of our hockey clinics. He does, there’s so much
that he does around here it’s really difficult to tell you just to narrow it all straight down now. – Oh yeah. Flying! Hurry, hurry! Are you allowed to hold the
puck in your hand, Coach Kevin? (laughing) – I’ve been out here about six years now. And so I haven’t known the
community without Brad. And quite honestly I’d be really scared to figure out what that looked like. The kids love him. The parents love him. He gives honest and true information. He has the kids best interests at heart. – He is just so good with kids. He has a way of getting them to listen and pay attention and respect. He definitely demands respect out there. But I don’t think he really even has to, to try and get them to respect too much. He just listens and he knows the game, he’s really good at it. – It’s yellow and blue against green. Oh, what a shot! I describe the great coaches
that I had when I was younger and the impact they had
on me in youth hockey. And I’m hoping with them that I can portray
hockey in the same light that it was shown to me. I think that it’s a great sport. It’s fun. The friendships that you make, the experiences that you can
have with it are next to none. – With Brad one of the
things that we get out of it from a selfish standpoint is he’s outstanding at his job here. He’s great around campus. He knows where everything is. And he makes life real easy
on Joe and Chris and myself. But the added bonus is what
he does in the community. He’s on the ice with all
three of his sons’ teams. He’s involved with the schools. He’s involved with youth hockey. He’s just a very good man and good father. And I think for us and what
we’re trying to do here and trying to make sure
that we’re in the community, he’s a great liaison and does a great job. – When Coach called and asked me to stay on through the
change, I was honored. I thought that I love this program and to stay on and be part of it and be part of something exciting and new again here with the
new staff has been great. It’s challenging every day. It’s fun every day. It’s new every day. And I appreciate being part of that. When I got the job, I remember driving in that first morning. You drive in, you see campus in that beautiful morning light. You drive past the Sparty
statue, past Dem Hall. You got the stadium on one side of you and pulling into Munn here was just, I mean again you just
have that great feeling that you know that this is
where you’re supposed to be. You belong here and
yeah, it was fantastic. And really there’s not a day that goes by where it’s not the same. I take the same way into work still and have those same thoughts every day. (upbeat music)

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