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Breaking Barriers through Soccer: Jordan Sports Visitors

October 10, 2019

I couldn’t imagine my life without sports. It gives me energy and whenever I am stressed, all the stress is relieved when I play. It made me more courageous to speak out and not be shy, and it’s really fun. When the coach first told us about the trip and that we are going to visit the United States, we were really excited. We gained so many experiences and learned about the American culture. I would have never been able to learn new things which also helped me in school like my attitude, my self confidence, my maturity, my self esteem. So we’ve made new relationships with Amercian friends and it was really fun. So you’re the first to ever do this. Think of all the other young girls behind you who will see you and go, “Oh my gosh I can do that.” A strong woman is a woman who never give up, who always run after her dreams until she accomplished it and always supports herself and gains the support of her followers. The girls got on the field and even though they didn’t speak the same language, soccer is a universal language and they were able to communicate and play together. And these girls are real. They’re real faces and real people, and I think that humanizes a whole country for them. I think it provides so many opportunities and now they have seen what a sport can do for them. I had a lot of fun because it was so great to meet people from Jordan and see what their culture is like and interact with them and play with them was really fun. I think even though we’re from different cultures we can come together and share something we do for fun and love. Yeah, football can do a lot of things and bring people together from all over the world. She said you know, I always want to do soccer, but now I want to make soccer meaningful. I mean, it’s incredible to see what’s gone on in these last couple days.

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