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Brind’Amour after game 6 win over Caps: ‘It was a pleasure really to coach that one’

August 28, 2019

That’s the recipe, I mean obviously it’s
not that easy but we’ve said it along. Best players have to be
the best players all year. But in the playoffs, especially in
those guys, obviously contributed and had big games.>>[INAUDIBLE] You said this team was
expect to win and that’s been going last season, and how important is
that [INAUDIBLE] circumstances.>>Well, it’s super important,
I mean you can’t go into the game and not think you’re gonna win cuz you won’t. And go into the series and
think you’re not gonna win, and I mean I know how tough it is,
obviously, being at home is. Can’t believe how,
it’s a huge deal, the crowd here. You can just feel it on the bench, you can feel it in the energy
that they give our players. Now we gotta go figure out how to do it up
there, but I think we know what we have to do and getting to our game is important,
and they’re gonna say the same things. When they get to their game first,
it’s a different game. So tonight, we were good. We were solid, really, a good 60 minutes. We had our gaffes, we messed up and
they made us pay, but for the most part I thought our guys,
they just played hard. Like I said, right from the start I thought we were
just doing what we were trying to do it. It was a pleasure really
to coach that one. Cuz everybody was engaged and
they were giving what they could and yeah, we got some breaks, but my heart,
we worked for them, it was good. Well, it’s valuable to have guys
that have been there before. We don’t have a ton of those but
we do have Mr. Game Seven, if you will,
Everyone call him that. And so what it does is it’s nice for
young guys to look across the room and see you guys approaching
the game same way. There’s nothing that you got to go play. The game doesn’t change his emotions. We’ve had tons of emotions in this whole
series, and you got to go make plays, you got to play the game. And he’s, his games not gonna change. And that’s that’s I think comforting for
some guys. We had a chat this morning and,
you know Marty. Guys that know him in here, and when he
kind of said, I’ll see you in warmup. I mean, I knew he was gonna play. There was just no way of keeping him out. And you know, he battled and he was
a factor again tonight, you know, he was. He was good. You know what you’re getting with Jordan,
and there’s that offensive player to him to. I mean he can score and he can make plays
and but hat’s kind of his area around the net and it was nice to see him get
rewarded because the guy who, you know, he does everything right for us/ And I don’t know that he gets enough credit,
as good a player as he is. They’re gonna be frustrated at that game. I mean, they didn’t wanna go back and
play another game. I mean, they’ve been through this,
they know that more games you play, the harder it gets. And so, I don’t think,
we’d be frustrated, too. I mean, that’s normal. I don’t think it’s gonna affect them going
in the next game, but I hope it does. Well there’s no tomorrow, I think. You know, actually Chris Hoffman
our video coach told me that today. Having a tomorrow sometimes
is a disadvantage. We didn’t have a tomorrow so
you lay it all on the line, but in the back of your head,
if you know you’ve got a tomorrow, you’re kinda maybe you don’t, when you get
down, maybe you just kinda, I got that. And so it was our advantage tonight
knowing we didn’t have that. Now both teams don’t have it,
so we’ll see how it goes. [MUSIC] You feel so proud of yourself.>>[APPLAUSE]

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