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CCU men’s basketball confident of improvement this season.

October 10, 2019

We’ve got a lot to look forward
to because we’ve got so many great teams that are coming here. Utah’s coming, Mississippi State’s coming,
Villanova’s coming. You got teams like Northern Kentucky,
took Kentucky a couple years to the wire. It’s going to be fun. It’s gonna be interesting. We’re starting back
the series with winter. So we’ve got our hands full. That’s before we get into the conference. So the conference is gonna be really good. As we’ve seen we finished on a strong note
last year with a win at West Virginia. And then playing the ball in
the semifinals of the tournament. So now we’re trying to get the veteran
guys that have been there and done that with the new guys and
I like the new guys. When we went into
the Sun Belt we really had taken our place from the bottom
of the Big South to the top. It’s gonna be a five year plan. This is year four. I said, I wanna get this thing
to the top of the Sun Belt. That’s been an area that we’ve
been trying to have focus on, cuz I think kids wanna come into America. And it’s an area that we can perhaps find that guy, that they can possibly
play at the Power Five level. Cuz that’s what our goal is,
to try to get in there and even though we’re not a Power Five,
try to get it in there and be able to compete and
even win some of them.>>Well what we wanna get out of this
season is just pushing our guys as far as we can go. We don’t wanna break. Coach always teaches us in practice
what’s our breaking point. We don’t wanna break ever. So I feel like if we learn from our
last seasons some of the mishaps we had about rebounding and turnovers,
I feel like we could do damage this way.>>Very competitive,
I think real competitive since day one. Everybody just wanna get better,
everybody wanna learn off the court and on the court. And on the communication [INAUDIBLE],
I think this year we’re gonna be special. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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