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Challenging POLICE OFFICER to Basketball Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. *WINNER GETS THE DONUTS 🍩!*

October 21, 2019

I smell doughnuts… I’ve got a report of donuts… need to find their location Hey drop it! trickshot cop?! yeah they’re mine
they’re mine let me get one I’ll play it for him
horse let’s do it let’s go shake off all right let’s do it let’s do it let’s go
normal trick shot horse rules for the channel you get up to three of ten so if
you get it on your first or second try then the other person has to do it first
one the spell horse loses and winner gets all the donuts all the donuts
here we go I you’re the guest I’ll let I’ll let you go first all right let’s go no love we just told them they’re gonna
play horse and that’s what happens oh okay he missed us back to me already we got a trick shot cop fans here special I
know we’re both good shutting this back to you I said I took
three he didn’t to thank you out Crusoe for that one h o 2h it’s back to
me o 2h okay some really tough we’re going
we’re going off this backboard and today Not enough on that. back to trick shot cop. walk up okay I got two attempts the big muscles I just can’t do that one
okay that’s HL for me hor for you back to you okay I’ve never tried to lift you
this is going to be rough he really wants those donuts so it’s hor
it’s been a while me and Jax we haven’t uh we haven’t got together for a little
horse game in a while so yeah well if you’ve seen our first video yeah three
point three million views thumbs up if you’re one of those views right now
thumbs up the gear one I watched it I also watched that one that nez super see
there’s a big hole in it took me a second to realize actually went in thank you let’s go with the South cells
Paul left the gear and left off the wall so good guess I don’t have to embarrass
myself on YouTube with my left hand s for me he’s still hor need to get a couple good ones in a row
here this one well jumpin workout this was a new shot already it’s gonna put
you away he’s nervous maybe to him hey go big or go home
right I want those doughnuts am i joking just do suffer from shock
mood okay okay okay might be game over I wanted this donut thank you for joining me for another
video trick shot cop who is a real police officer the comments the comments
are just filled with all sorts of fake he’s real cop right everyone LAPD
officer legitimate he’s just also really good a trick shot I love doughnuts and
also you guys have been commenting where’s his YouTube channel he finally
started a YouTube channel yes tricks cop so go subscribe link is in the
description and the pinned comment let’s see how many subscribers we can get him
to he just started it to go blow up his channel right now Instagram shoutouts
every single video here they are follow us both on Instagram trickshot cop
juggle and Josh for your chance to an Instagram shut up comment the donut
emoji on his most recent post for your chance to win in the Strand fad next
time I’ve got videos every Monday every ones every Saturday so make sure you
subscribe that’s all for now enjoy your Donuts I will


  • Reply Josh Horton July 8, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    He’s back! Make sure to subscribe to his channel (link in description!) NEW VIDEO WITH TRICK SHOT COP: Like/Comment on all my videos in the first 10 mins of upload to win some juggling balls from like kid breaks did last time!

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