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Chiefs vs. Broncos: Joe Montana vs. John Elway The Final Showdown | Week 7, 1994 | NFL Full Game

August 26, 2019

>>Hello again, everyone. Frank Gifford with Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf. And a wonderful air of expectancy here at Mile High Stadium. Sold out, of course. It always is. But not only because they’re going to be watching two legends in the making at quarterback, directing their respective teams, but because this early in the season, these two teams need this football game.>>And the usual capacity crowd looks on at Mile High Stadium. Frank mentioned — a beautiful evening after a snowy morning. It’s chilly, but it’s clear. The field is in excellent condition. And Lin Elliott to kick off for Kansas City, with Butler By’not’e, the rookie from Ohio State, and Jeff Campbell back to receive. By’not’e, number 28. And Elliott sends one in the altitude down to the goal line. By’not’e. Up past the 15. And he’s taken down at the 19-yard line by Charles Mincy. John Elway — last year, statistically, was the best of his illustrious career. But this year, just 5 touchdown passes and 5 interceptions, 3 of which have been run back for touchdowns. Glyn Milburn and Leonard Russell in the backfield. Russell, the big back, over 100 yards last week. Anthony Miller and Tillman the wideouts. Shannon Sharpe is the tight end. Zimmerman, Melander, Widell, Habib, and Russell Freeman, who’s been hurt — he’s back in the lineup tonight, the right tackle. From the 19. Elway, fakes to Russell, sends him through the line, and then guns one out to the 40-yard line. And it is Shannon Sharpe, who’s become his favorite target, making the catch. It’s a gain of 21. And they work against a Kansas City defense minus, at the outset, Derrick Thomas. We’ll explain in a moment. But here they are, a base 4-3. The great Neil Smith, with Phillips, Kragen, a former Bronco, and Mickell. Now, the linebackers starting are Jamison, Simien, and Fields. And the secondary is comprised of Collins and Carter, Whitmore and White. Derrick Thomas is in uniform. There he is. He will play. But he was an hour late for a team meeting yesterday, and as a disciplinary action, he’ll be fined and doesn’t start. And here is Russell going nowhere. Leonard Russell running into the left side of the Kansas City line, led by Joe Phillips.>>Both teams coming into tonight telling you that they have got to get their ground game going. They also represent, defensively, two teams weak against the ground game, so one would think that we might see some running tonight.>>Well, Kansas City gave up 132 yards to Jerome Bettis a couple weeks ago, then Natrone Means — 125 yards last week, in a pair of losses. And you’re right, Frank. They have got to stiffen on the line of scrimmage, because Leonard Russell is in the same ilk of the other two guys.>>On second and 11, Elway gets good protection and goes deep for Sharpe. But incomplete. Trailing him on the play was the linebacker, George Jamison. Jamison is playing in the spot to be normally occupied by Derrick Thomas. But, again, Thomas will be out at least at the outset tonight and maybe for the whole first quarter and beyond.>>And this is a bold move by Marty Schottenheimer, sitting Derrick Thomas out. One of the premier defensive players in the National Football League. And Marty Schottenheimer, a known disciplinarian. And this is quite a stance. In an era where lots of things are tolerated nowadays, more than in the past, you have to admire Marty for taking this stance.>>I wouldn’t expect anything else from him, either.>>No.>>Third and 11. Out of the shotgun. Four-man rush. Elway steps up. And down he goes at the 37. There’s a marker down. Jerrol Williams, number 95, tackles him behind the line of scrimmage. And the penalty, Jerry Markbreit indicates, is against Denver.>>Good coverage. Not bad protection for John Elway. Just good coverage by the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense.>>Holding — number 64, offense. Penalty is declined. Fourth down.>>Jon Melander with the hold, 64.>>Melander, the starting left guard. Didn’t really get a good look at it. It wasn’t a takedown or anything along those lines. Didn’t really matter. Penalty declined. It’s a punting situation for Denver anyway.>>Tom Rouen to punt. Danan Hughes back for Kansas City. Short kick. And it’s downed at the 27-yard line. So only a 36-yard kick. Dale Carter put the pressure on Rouen and nearly got a hand on it. Kansas City led by “The Great One,” in his second year as a Chief. 6 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in the first five games. Marcus Allen and Kimble Anders in the backfield. We’ll also see a lot of Greg Hill, the rookie. Birden and Davis the wideouts. Derrick Walker takes over for the injured Keith Cash at tight end. Alt, Szott, Grunhard, Shields, and Derrick Graham in the starting lineup, replacing Ricky Siglar. They try to get a little more push up front and try to upgrade their running game. [ Whistle blows ] And this one is dead before it starts, as –>>Looked like Derrick Walker, the tight end, might have rocked forward in his stance, Al.>>False start — number 84, offense — prior to the snap. 5-yard penalty. First down.>>Well, he flags Willie Davis, 84, but I don’t believe it was Willie Davis.>>I think it was Walker.>>Yeah.>>For Walker, here’s a guy who’s gonna start not only tonight but probably for the next two months.>>Derrick Walker is number 82, the tight end. There he is to the right of our screen. And he makes the move, and poor Willie Davis gets flagged for it. [ Laughs ]>>Walker a former Charger.>>And that tight end is so important to this Kansas City offense, West Coast offense, whatever you want to call it, directed by Paul Hackett. Keith Cash gone now for several weeks with a bad knee, and Walker will be starting there. But that’s a key position in this offense.>>On first and 15, Marcus Allen looks for room through the middle and brings it out to the 26. It’s a gain of 4. Second and 11. Elijah Alexander makes the tackle. Up front, Dronett, Washington is the former 49er, Williams was their number-one pick last year, and Simon Fletcher, the sackmeister. Croel, Mecklenburg, and Alexander are the linebackers. Ben Smith, the former Philadelphia Eagle. Hilliard had a great game against Seattle last week. And then Atwater and Dennis Smith, who wasn’t playing, and they signed him before the Buffalo game. And he’s working his way back into shape. And there’s Mecklenburg, who appeared to be done, and they signed him just before the regular season began. So, the veterans are back, but the defense has been porous. And Marcus Allen exploits it for a big gain out to the 36. Close to a first. Smith and Alexander make the tackle. It’ll be third and 1.>>Since we last saw Denver, up against Buffalo a couple of weeks ago, Dennis Smith has gone back to a free-safety position. Steve Atwater has moved back to the strong safety, where he was before Dennis Smith came. And they do that, primarily, ’cause Steve Atwater is one of the fine run defenders. There is Dennis Smith, 14 years. Trying to play himself back into shape. But Steve Atwater is expected to make a lot of stops tonight against the run. That’s why he’s gone back to strong safety.>>Third and 1. 3 1/2 minutes into the game, no score. Play clock down to 2, 1. And they just do get it off. And Montana’s throw is incomplete. Good coverage by Ben Smith. Danan Hughes on the sideline, and Ben Smith right there with him. And they’re able to hold him. And you’ll notice, too, on that last series, Wade Phillips calling the defensive signals. Even though Charlie Waters is the defensive coordinator, Wade is in charge now.>>This is a straight out-and-up by Hughes. You see him break to the outside. It’s set up ahead of time. And Ben Smith, who, quite frankly, just cut him off with a fine defensive play.>>Louie Aguiar to punt. It’s a beauty. 54 yards. Glyn Milburn. Brings it back out to the 24.>>There’s Charlie Waters, the defensive coordinator, talking to his defensive mates down on the field. Charlie’s primary responsibility is working with the defensive backs. And those two guys there are responsible for Denver’s defense, although the man on the left, head coach Wade Phillips, has taken over the responsibilities of calling the defense.>>Now here’s Leonard Russell on first down from the 24. He picks up a couple.>>I think Wade felt, “If I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna go down calling the defense.”>>Second and 7. Elway out of the gun. Fires. Wide open is Jerry Evans over the middle. They, again, had a two-tight-end set — Shannon Sharpe on one side and Evans, who is normally the blocking tight end, on the other. 13-yard gain.>>Evans got a couple last week, too. He ordinarily is the blocking tight end for the Broncos. And, obviously, Kansas City ignoring him. And he comes up with a nice catch.>>He only has a couple all year. I think that’s number 4 for the entire season for Evans, and that included the big game last week. But that’s smart of Denver. If he can catch the ball, throw it to him.>>From the 40 on first down. Here is Russell. A yard, maybe 2. Tackled by Joe Phillips with 9:55 to go in a scoreless first quarter. Speaking of Denver receivers, everyone in Denver is waiting for a very expensive Anthony Miller, the All-Pro from San Diego, unrestricted free agent, who caught 84 passes a year ago. He’s caught 12 in 5 games with the Broncos and nothing last week. And he is a great receiver with great numbers, and it’s just John Elway seems so comfortable with Shannon Sharpe in a clutch situation. There he is. And it’s about time that Anthony Miller bust out for the Broncos.>>Second and 9. Let’s see if Elway can get it to him. He looked in that direction. And nothing is happening there. So John scrambles and goes out of bounds at the 50-yard line. A little short of the first down. George Jamison was there to make sure he got out.>>George Jamison was there trying to remove Mr. Elway’s head from his body. And John, a very fortunate and well-timed duck at the last minute. That was the reaction from the Denver crowd. Elway was looking towards Anthony Miller. Now, Neil Smith has the contain to this side. Isn’t gonna get there, but watch Jamison. John Elway knows when to get down. And, by the way, for those of you that think he doesn’t have any speed left, you’re wrong. He may not be as fast as he once was, but John Elway can still scoot pretty good. Derrick Thomas still in civvies over on the Kansas City sideline. You see, the last couple games, no takeaways and no sacks, but that’s not necessarily representative of how well he’s played. Marty Schottenheimer told us yesterday, he’s had four superb games in a row. But what’s missing right now — There’s Dan Saleaumua, who’s also out with a knee sprain. But Kansas City is missing Thomas’ speed in chasing Elway.>>Third down and 1 after the K.C. time-out. And Russell picks up the first down, as he takes it to the 44-yard line. Tackled by Tracy Simien.>>Boy, that time, on short yardage, the Bronco line just blew the Kansas City defense away. Straightened them up. Easy first down for Russell. Dave Adolph, the defensive coordinator for the Chiefs, looking on. And there’s Jaime Fields. Big opening for Russell.>>Pretty evident that the surge had the white-shirted Chiefs moving backwards.>>At the 44-yard line. Elway with time. And good coverage. Pass right there for Tillman, and Dale Carter leaping up and may have just gotten a piece of it.>>And you wonder about Elway’s arm? We talked about his speed. You don’t have to worry about that. That was just a flick of the wrist. And a good defensive play on the part of Dale Carter. Very athletic right cornerback. Number-one draft pick three years ago. And last November, he moved to the right corner from the left corner and has become a permanent fixture there now in the newly aligned defense.>>Second down, 10. Glyn Milburn is the sole set back. And it is Milburn. Angling off the left side to the 41-yard line. Setting up a third down and 7 with 8 minutes to go. No score, first quarter. Jamison made the last stop, along with Jerrol Williams. Again, if you joined us late, Derrick Thomas was an hour late for a meeting yesterday in Kansas City. There he is. He is in uniform under his warm-up jacket. He will play, probably before the half is done. But as a disciplinary action, a fine. And Fields getting an earful from Schottenheimer as he comes off. Third down and 7. And movement on the right side. That’s Russell Freeman. [ Whistles blowing ]>>Russell Freeman one of the question marks for the Broncos tonight. He has a very sore shoulder.>>…prior to the snap. 5-yard penalty. Third down.>>See Jerry Markbreit there and how well he is thought of around the NFL. Credit number 90 with this. Great players, like Neil Smith, just raise that intensity level a little higher on the guy across the line of scrimmage. And that’s Freeman just on edge, trying to get out there as quickly as possible to get on Neil Smith. There’s Don Maggs, their other offensive tackle, their backup.>>Smith knows that Freeman has a sore left shoulder. He took an inside move.>>Third and 12. With Anthony Miller in motion. And they have to get to the 34 to convert. Instead, it’s a sack back at the 47. Neil Smith. Home run.>>Again, I mean, there was pressure, but that ball, ordinarily, would have been released. The three receivers had all taken deep routes. Elway had no place to dump it off. And good pressure again from the inside by Neil Smith.>>Line of scrimmage is the Denver 47-yard line. Tom Rouen ready to kick for the second time. Danan Hughes is back. Fair catch is called for at the 15-yard line by Danan Hughes.>>Well, they say that one of the primary places that your body sheds heat is through the top of your head. Neil Smith giving us a graphic illustration of that, as he sits and steams on the Kansas City sideline.>>About 40 degrees, on our way down to 32 tonight. Chiefs have it at the 14 on first down. Marcus Allen looking for room to the outside. Picks up 2, maybe 3. Shane Dronett making the tackle. Second and 8. No score. 6:10 to go, first quarter. Allen again. And the Chiefs just are having a devil of a time — that’s Mecklenburg making the tackle — getting anything going on the ground. 3.3 yards per carry this season. The league average, as we have stated time and again, is normally around 4, though this year, it is down to 3.7.>>More than that, when you can’t run the ball, you get this guy, 19, in trouble. Now he’s got to take a dropback pass, if they’re going to think seriously about picking up the yardage, unless they go with the draw, because of his sore ribs and other assorted bruises. But the Broncos’ defense is just gonna pin their ears back now and come after 19.>>Third and 7 from the 18-yard line. Willie Davis is in motion. Montana dumps it off to Kimble Anders, who picks up the first down. Breaks a tackle. And then Dennis Smith can’t ride him down. And he’s finally brought down by Ben Smith after a big gain out to the 37. He initially broke Ben Smith’s tackle, and then Dennis Smith, as well, and takes it all the way out to the 38.>>Had a good look at the offense that Montana has mastered over the years. He looked to one receiver, looked off at another receiver. Paul Hackett, of course, the offensive coordinator, high above, making the calls. But you saw Montana at his best, looking deep for the wide receiver, knowing all the time that he would have that check-off to Kimble Anders. Couldn’t find the receiver deep, dumped it off.>>19-yard pickup. And this is Greg Hill. The pass a little bit high. Hill is the number-one draft choice of the Chiefs, the rookie from Texas A&M. Very promising guy and a fella Schottenheimer wants to get into the lineup a good percentage of the time, maybe half the time.>>Well, they need some explosiveness, and that’s why you have a number-one draft choice. His biggest problem, in being a rookie at running back, Frank, as you well know, is in the pass protection, especially having to protect a fragile quarterback, in Joe Montana. The blitz reads and being in the proper position — the hardest part of the game for a rookie running back to grasp.>>Second and 10. This is Greg Hill. Our first look at him as a ballcarrier tonight. To the 42 he goes. A pickup of 5. It’ll be third down and 5.>>He’s got a good grasp of that, Dan. He is a slashing-type runner. Over 3,000 yards in three years at Texas A&M. Put up some impressive numbers. And was terribly impressive in training camp. The other problem he has in this offense, too, is the pass patterns themselves. He was not used that much as a pass receiver at the collegiate level. In this type of offense, the Kansas City offense, the 49er offense, whatever you call it, the running back becomes a receiver on pass patterns.>>Third and 5 from the 42-yard line. Great protection. Montana hits Davis. And Willie seeks that first down and appears to have it, as you see the official moving in to mark it up at the 47-yard line. Well, maybe he doesn’t now. Take a look at this.>>You’re right. Let’s look at this spot. Credit the Chiefs’ offensive line for keeping Montana on his feet. This is a classic flooding the zone over there. Let’s look at the spot. Looks to be pretty representative of where they ended up putting it on the ground. But Joe Montana has remained upright so far in this game. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the fact that they’re throwing dink, little passes. And that looks to be about 1 inch away from a first down. All right, Jerry, 2. Have it your way.>>One link. One link. And when you’re at the 47 and in a scoreless game, with 3:57 to go in the first quarter, one link may as well be 10 yards.>>And this is really unprecedented. A guy who’s a defensive coordinator-turned-head coach, and Marty Schottenheimer, in the first quarter of a ballgame, going for it at your own 46.>>Unless he’s just trying to draw them off. We’ll see.>>Boy, this is out of character for Marty Schottenheimer.>>And Montana’s got one of those good, hard counts.>>He might try to draw them off and then just drop back into the punt.>>They’re not — They are gonna run it.>>No, they’re not.>>Play clock ticking all the way down. They’re doing anything to get Denver offside and they can’t.>>That was — I’m sorry, Marty. That’s too big a stretch. Nobody’s gonna believe that you, Mr. Conservative, would do that.>>No way. They did the same sort of thing in the San Diego game, down by 10 last week, and opted for a field goal instead of a touchdown.>>Well, it’s smart the way they did it, with the multiple shifting.>>They were running out of shifts.>>Yeah.>>Of course, Denver was being advised by Wade Phillips, “Don’t be offsides.” Look at the head bob by Montana. They tried a little bit of everything. They’ll send Allen in motion here next. That doesn’t work. “Let’s send 32.”>>That’s Joe Valerio, number 73, the guy that was in as a reserve tight end, bumping around.>>Here’s Louie Aguiar’s kick. It’s a line drive. And it is Glyn Milburn from the 14-yard line, with Chiefs falling down all over the place. He brings it back up to the 30-yard line. Well, now Neil Smith is on the bench, and Derrick Thomas, as we mentioned, as a disciplinary move, is on the bench, at least temporarily. And Vaughn Booker comes in, number 99, to spell Smith. So, you’ve got your two aces out of the lineup, defensively. And Elway tries to exploit it by gunning one out to the 50-yard line. And it’s caught there. Staying in bounds, Anthony Miller. Mark Collins with the coverage. And they finally get the ball to Anthony. 20-yard gain.>>Miller with a tremendous ovation here at this Mile High Stadium. Again, he did not catch a pass a week ago. Only has 12 coming in. That’s his 13th of the season. Collins on the play. And he made a good play on a good move to the ball. Does he come down with both in bounds? It doesn’t matter, because Collins forces him out. Well-thrown ball by Elway.>>First down. And this is Derrick Clark, a rookie. And he is tackled. Nice tackle at the 46. Tracy Simien knives through to stop him 3 yards behind the line.>>Boy, that is the way you — That is the way you play it at the point of attack — not just with the great tackle, but take a look at this move right here. We’re gonna see a spin move inside there by Darren Mickell. And he gets back to the outside, disrupts the blocking scheme. And then Simien in the backfield. That was just extremely well-played by the whole right side of the Kansas City defense.>>Well, they spot it up at the 49. A very gracious spot for Denver. Smith is back in the game, so he just misses a play. And the catch is made by Shannon Sharpe. Good move by Sharpe. First down at the 36-yard line.>>[ Laughs ]>>Great move by Sharpe, looking like a hurdler.>>Jay Taylor and Mark Collins walking back, Frank.>>”Where was he?”>>”Where did he go?” [ Laughs ]>>Sharpe is big. He goes about 235 pounds. There might be a little tendency to blink when you come in to make the tackle. There’s the miss by Taylor, and he takes Collins out of it. Good move.>>They will move. They will move.>>Sharpe is like a tight end playing wide receiver.>>1:40 left, first quarter. 0-0. Denver at the Chiefs’ 36. Elway stepping up. Got a marker down. Elway going deep. And Anthony Miller leaps for it and can’t make the play. Whitmore with the coverage.>>That flag came way back in the Kansas City secondary.>>12 men on the field — defense. 5-yard penalty. First down.>>Boy, they couldn’t cover any better than that with 12? There were a couple men open.>>Well, Dave Adolph looking at his defensive unit. And, again, with Thomas still on the bench — Smith missed a play earlier, but he’s back.>>I think Smith went out — I mean, he had about three consecutive pass rushes, and you saw him on the bench sucking on the oxygen. I think they’re gonna try and alternate, as a lot of teams do, when they come into this Mile High Stadium. The altitude being as thin as it is, they try to alternate whenever they can.>>Neil with that designer Band-Aid. They ought to market those things. First and 5 from the 31-yard line. And Elway’s throw over the middle is incomplete. He tried to hit Jerry Evans. And we have another flag. This one in the offensive backfield. Holding — Denver.>>Boy, John took nothing off of that ball. Evans had no chance to catch it. He just ripped it through his hands.>>Holding — number 65, offense. 10-yards penalty. First down.>>That’s one of the premier left tackles in the game of football, Gary Zimmerman. He’s working, on the far side, against Vaughn Booker. And they called him there at the last minute. And they really called it more on the body action of Booker, as he had his legs cut out from under him and went flying over backwards, and it looked like Zimmerman threw him that way.>>Appearances, a lot of times, get you in trouble more than the actual deed itself.>>First and 14. And a busted play. And Elway makes the most of it, picking up 3, taking it to the 37. Jaime Fields with the tackle. And let’s go to Lynn Swann for a report on the field. Lynn, what do you got?>>Al, you’ve noticed that Neil Smith has been in and out of this ballgame. One of the reasons is because of the injury and subsequent surgery to his hand. You see the big bandage on it. They’re gonna try and substitute him in obvious run situations for the Denver Broncos, because it’s hard for him to grip and tackle. And in obvious passing situations, he’ll come back into the ballgame. Al.>>And you can see it graphically illustrated there. That right thumb encased, as he settles in here in a passing situation, on second and 11. And it’s batted in the air and incomplete.>>Neil Smith.>>It would have been very interesting to see if Neil Smith could have somehow caught it.>>I’m not so sure he didn’t hit it with that thumb. Neil Smith wasn’t close to John Elway, but he gets up there pretty good.>>Safety blitz on that play, too, and Broncos did not have enough people to stay at home. Mark Collins coming on the blitz. Fields, I think, got the hand on it. There it is.>>Oh, you’re right. Jaime Fields gets — Neil Smith gets it, as well. I didn’t see the first hit by Fields. I saw the second one by Neil Smith. Well, it’s not often you see a double-batted ball.>>Third and 11 in the waning moments of a scoreless first quarter. And it’s dropped at the 31-yard line. The throw a little low. Shannon Sharpe was there. And David Whitmore, on a safety blitz that time, knocks Elway down. Even if the pass had been completed, they would have been considerably shy of the first down. But they might have been close to field-goal range. Instead, now they’ll have to punt.>>Neil Smith working inside, where he’s really trying to get the big push. Effectively clears out two guys, and that was his role there — to allow David Whitmore to come in on the blitz. So good work inside that time by Neil Smith. He didn’t get the hit, but he made the hit possible.>>Tom Rouen to punt. The ball is at the 37-yard line with 33 ticks left in the first quarter. And Denver will take — They’ll gladly take a penalty here for delay, if Kansas City wants to accept it, to give Rouen more room in which to angle the kick.>>Well done, Al.>>Oh. Yeah. Any alliteration and a storm. Schottenheimer — well, this game might as well be played on Halloween for him.>>…offense. 5-yard penalty. Fourth down.>>He hates it here. Including his days with Cleveland, 0-6 in the regular season, 0-1 in postseason here.>>He had a good line this week. He said, “I might make Bob Moore, our public-relations director — I’ll appoint him coach for the week. How could he possibly do any worse than I’ve done here?” He said he’ll stay home.>>This has been a house of horrors for the Kansas City Chiefs. And Rouen’s kick — Ooh! Do they hold it in play? No.>>No.>>It just crossed the goal line. It just crossed.>>Well, if the ball didn’t cross the goal line, it was touched by somebody who had crossed the goal line.>>Charles Swann and Butler By’not’e got down there, but they couldn’t hold it in. Richard Smith, the special teams coach — Well, his unit almost pulls off a beauty. Mm. Missing by half a yard.>>And By’not’e, who’s actually in the end zone, makes contact with the football. That was a spectacular punt by Rouen.>>Chiefs now take over with 22 seconds left in the first quarter. And Montana will throw. And Montana has it batted! And it is intercepted by Dan Williams at the 21! Williams intercepts after it was batted away.>>I think Harald Hasselbach was the Denver Bronco that hit the football. He was working on the inside.>>Hasselbach, we were told, would get some work tonight. Big, athletic, rangy. Got a hand up there. Is he the one that batted it?>>I’m not — Let’s take a look at it. No, actually, it’s number 98, Ted Washington. Hasselbach’s 96. Washington got his hand on the football. And then Williams gets the interception. So, two defensive tackles share that interception. All the time in the world for John Elway. And Ted Washington, who never even got off the line of scrimmage, ends up making the big play.>>Now Denver at the 21-yard line, with the game’s very first big break. And Leonard Russell is upended at the 19. Dale Carter spinning him.>>Well, there’s one for the old NFL Films highlight reel.>>And that is the end of the first quarter at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Like a pre-Halloween treat — full moon on the 17th in Denver, Colorado. Mile High Stadium, the site we start the second quarter. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf. Lynn Swann working the sidelines. No score. Second down and 8. Denver at the Chiefs’ 19. Elway… slides to a halt at the 11-yard line. Close to a first down. Neil Smith gets credit for the tackle. And Mincy starts to mix it up with Russell Freeman. Third and 1. Vaughn Booker comes in and Pellom McDaniels, as well. So, they are minus Thomas, minus Smith, and Saleaumua is also inactive. Three key guys are out, defensively. And here is Russell exploiting it for the touchdown! Behind a beautiful Reggie Rivers block.>>Well, for what it’s worth, that would have been Derrick Thomas’ side of the field. It was short yardage — everyone closing down. We’ve seen it happen so many times. Good read by Leonard Russell. It was an off-tackle play. He saw it close down. Broke it to the outside. Easy 6 for Denver.>>Well, credit the entire left side of Denver’s offensive football team. There’s the block by Rivers. You see Cedric Tillman, the receiver to that side, getting a block. And look how far away everyone in a Kansas City uniform is. They were eradicated at the line of scrimmage.>>Jason Elam tacks on the extra point. So, the Montana interception is very costly.>>A fantastic crowd here in Denver, prepared for anything. I almost said, “Another Broncos comeback.” They had another ABC banner hanging up that said, “Another Bitter Conclusion.” They’re prepared for however this game goes.>>Might have been the back side of that one.>>[ Laughs ] Still, 70,000-plus here on their feet. And you would never guess this was a crowd rooting on a 1-4 football team. It’s quite a statement to the type of fans they have here in the Mile High City.>>Report on Neil Smith — he stung his thumb is what they say from the bench. He will return. Kick to the 6-yard line. Ron Dickerson finds a seam! And Dickerson is into Denver territory! And then dragged down at the 34-yard line by Tony Kimbrough. And, so, the Chiefs, who were stung after the Montana interception — And there is Marty’s brother, Kurt Schottenheimer, who coaches the special teams. Very happy with the field position his man, Dickerson, has just given the team.>>Well, they pride theirselves in special teams. And Dickerson spots a little gap. And this is how you run back a kickoff. Find yourself a little crease and turn it on. Beat the kicker, as he did right there.>>We knew it was one of the things we were gonna see a lot more of this year — a lot more kickoff returns being important factors in the game — moving the kickoff back 5 yards.>>62-yard runback. And now Montana from the 33. Floats one. And the catch is made by Kimble Anders. He’s taken down at the 29-yard line. And Derrick Thomas, who loosened up during the commercial, has been out of the game to this point, is getting ready to come in the next time Kansas City has to bring the defensive unit in.>>And Dave Adolph, the defensive coordinator, talking to Marty. Might have been something along the lines, “Please, please, please, can I let him in there now? I know — You made your point, Marty.”>>Enough’s enough.>>[ Laughs ]>>Sitting in the corner long enough.>>”I am begging you.”>>Second down and 5. The Chiefs have not scored in more than nine quarters — not scored a touchdown. And Greg Hill gets tackled by Dennis Smith. Smith just got enough of him.>>Well, and Dennis has to feel good about that. Our Monday night game a couple of weeks ago, against Buffalo, Dennis Smith was responsible for a lot of the problems. Had just put on the Bronco uniform for the first time, tried to play. And he brings such an inspiration to this team, as well as ability. There it is. In his 14th year. Big play by Dennis Smith.>>He played so poorly in that game, he seriously contemplated retirement the next day. Third and 11 from the 34. Montana buys time. Throws. Catch made. Davis tackled, though, at the 27. Considerably short of the first down. And, so, the Chiefs are looking at about a 45-yard field-goal attempt.>>Well, the one thing — Just to finish up that Dennis Smith thing, hey, how well could anybody play when he comes in on Wednesday and he plays on Monday night? No training camp, no nothing. I don’t care how many Pro Bowls you’ve gone to or how good a player you were, nobody walks in off the street and plays a strong football game in just a couple days.>>Well, on fourth down and 4, the Chiefs, instead of going for a 44- or 45-yard field-goal attempt, line up to go for it. They need a spark. And Montana throws. And it is broken up! Ronnie Bradford breaks it up, and Denver has the ball. Joe Montana — 1 interception. And a fourth-down call there, a very interesting call. Derrick Thomas, meanwhile, is still not in the game. Neil Smith is on the bench. Saleaumua is inactive. Denver has the ball at the 27 after Schottenheimer gambled, gives up a 44- or 45-yard field-goal attempt at altitude. And they run a reverse, with Anthony Miller being chased. And he is finally run out of bounds at the 30-yard line by George Jamison. Second and 7 at the 30. Out of the shotgun, inside hand-off. Glyn Milburn cuts it back the other way and is close to a first down. Jamison runs him out of bounds up near the 37.>>We saw Marty Schottenheimer point to Derrick and say, “Get ready.” He is buckled up and ready to go.>>Flag here.>>Well, if this is going to throw Denver into a second-and-long situation…>>Holding — number 75, offense.>>We will see him then.>>Yeah.>>10-yard penalty. Second down.>>And here he comes. He’s the best pass rusher on the football team. And here we go now into a pass-rushing situation, and Derrick Thomas has landed.>>And Neil Smith comes out, as well. So they both come back into the game.>>They work so well together. They often switch sides. They do it on their own, whenever they decide, on the field, that Smith should be on one side or Thomas on the other. They just do it on their own.>>I bet Zimmerman, the left tackle, is really thrilled.>>Mm-hmm.>>[ Laughs ]>>Second and 17. 11:25 to go in the half. Broncos lead, 7-0. Elway… And it is incomplete. Over the middle. Intended for Milburn. Broken up by Jaime Fields. Derrick right in the middle of action on his first play in.>>Well, the problem with Derrick Thomas — you’re gonna see a really good job of blocking him by Zimmerman, but he’s got so much speed that when he gets around the corner, a lot of times, he’ll come back in. Even though he’s out of the play, he has such a wonderful 3- or 4-yard burst to that quarterback, a guy like Zimmerman can’t ever afford to let him go.>>If that “8” was a “6,” it would remind you of somebody else, wouldn’t it?>>Yeah. Isn’t that the truth?>>Just like “L.T.”>>Yep.>>That same ability to close in a hurry.>>Third and 17 from the 20-yard line. [ Whistles blowing ] And the play is whistled dead before the snap.>>Delay of game — offense.>>Ooh!>>5-yard penalty. Third down.>>Denver in a full retreat.>>Third and 22 upcoming. Elway holding his hands. They have the speaker in the helmet. That’s where he takes the call from Jim Fassel, on the sideline. Trying to get a better read on the audio. There’s Fassel, the offensive coordinator.>>Yeah, I wonder what he’s got in his head for third and 22. Not that many.>>That’s when you let John call it.>>Yeah, really. “Your turn.”>>Four wides, out of the gun. And Elway slips and down he goes. Derrick Thomas there first, then Neil Smith — the one-two punch.>>I’ll tell you — just the mere presence of these two on the field can make a difference.>>Well, it rained and it snowed all day here, and there was a tarp on the field, but it appears that the field is still loose in a couple different places. And John just slips and falls. Now I’m not sure he would have had a whole lot of time to do much of anything, with Neil Smith coming in, but he did just have his foot slide right out and go right down.>>Third time he’s been sacked tonight. Tom Rouen’s kick is a 45-yard kick. Taken on the second hop and run back by Danan Hughes to the 45-yard line.>>Well, we’re getting some new tires put on the wheels of John Elway. And that’s his right foot, the plant foot, that he throws out behind him when he plants to throw a pass. And they changed them on both of his shoes, and so, hopefully, they’ll have no more of that.>>Should have timed that pit crew.>>Yeah, like a NASCAR race.>>At least he didn’t catch on fire.>>Montana from the 45-yard line. Swings one out to Hill. And that’s a minimal gain. Randy Hilliard makes the tackle on the rookie. And let’s take a look at Kansas City’s first four possessions — punt, punt, interception, which led to a touchdown, and then they went on a fourth and 4 and turned the ball over on downs.>>The interception, though — really, you can’t blame Montana for that, a fluke interception being batted by one defensive tackle over to another one.>>Second and 7. 10:10 to go in the half. 7-0, Broncos. Hill with room. And the rookie to the 33-yard line and a first down. Tackled there by Randy Hilliard.>>And that’s what the Chiefs, Frank, are looking for in Greg Hill, that little bit of explosiveness.>>Well, he has it, too. And as soon as he gets more accustomed to this offense, the ability to pick up the blitz — And that’s what they’re concerned about. We mentioned it earlier. “We got to protect number 19.” And he’s just not all that familiar with the offense. You saw Joe Montana, a moment ago, just direct Hill to the flanker position. Hill had lined up wrong.>>Montana… rolling, buying time. And Dwight Clark is in the area, so he just throws it out of bounds. [ Laughing ] Every time you see Montana roll right, I mean, it’s forever embedded in your brain, isn’t it?>>Boy, isn’t that the truth? Looking for Dwight Clark.>>Yes.>>Here comes Marcus back into the game, when you get more into a passing situation. Nobody’s better than Marcus coming out of the backfield. The one thing you do have to notice as we move, here, well into the second quarter, Joe Montana is still clean. He really hasn’t taken a hard shot in this game. And keep in mind, this is a guy who has a whole lot of body parts that are hurting.>>Second down and 10. Marcus through the middle. Takes it down to the 31-yard line. A gain of about 3. Mecklenburg and Washington converge on the stop. Third down and roughly 7 coming up.>>Kansas City coming in 3-2. Three wins to start things and then two losses, to the the Rams and San Diego. Still haven’t scored a touchdown in almost 2 1/2 games. Broncos were 0-4 and then they beat Seattle last week.>>Three wide receivers now for Kansas City. They’re a little short-handed there. Lake Dawson, the rookie from Notre Dame, is injured. He’s not playing tonight.>>Third and a long 7. And they give it to Kimble Anders! And Anders picks up the first down to the 16-yard line. But there’s a marker down at the line of scrimmage on the far side.>>But what a good call.>>Beautifully executed play.>>Denver thinking nothing but pass.>>However, part of the reason the execution looked so good was that part of it was illegal.>>Offside — number 91, defense — lined up in the neutral zone. Penalty is declined. First down.>>Mm-hmm. It was legal.>>It was. And it will stand.>>Yep.>>A terrific call, though. Denver thinking nothing but pass. Willie Oshodin thinking nothing but pass. He’s offsides. Drive stays alive.>>First down at the 16-yard line. 8:20 to go in the half. Denver leading, 7-0. And Montana throws. And the catch is made at the 13. That’s Tracy Greene, a rookie from Grambling. They’re working him into the lineup, and he’ll get a chance to play a little bit more now that Keith Cash is hurt. He’s the backup tight end to Derrick Walker.>>Seventh-round draft pick. He is a mountain, too. Out of Grambling. He’s 6’5″, 280 pounds. A former offensive lineman that has tremendous agility. And they think, down the line, that he could become a real fine tight end. He certainly has the numbers for it.>>And the one thing the Chiefs are doing — they’ve been very poor down here in the red zone. Marty thought they were running too much on first down. He wanted to pass more.>>Second and 6. And Marcus Allen takes it down to the 7. He’ll be a little short of the first. It will be third and a yard. Inside the 10-yard line, and you would think this team would score, oh, 2/3 of the time at least. Instead, just 40%. And the NFL average is 64%. And that’s been the problem — inside the 10 and inside the 20.>>Well, they weren’t getting anything running the ball on first down, and Marty said, “We have got to throw it more on first down.” And you notice they threw it. They picked up the equivalent of a good, solid 4-yard run. And it makes everything a little more viable all the way down the line.>>Marty said he spent eight hours this week just in red-zone planning alone. Allen inside the 5! Touchdown, Kansas City!>>How does he do it time after time after time? Marcus Allen finding the end zone.>>The best short-yardage running back in the history of this game.>>We’ve got an injured Bronco down at the 1-yard line. They’re waving for the medical corps.>>Marcus Allen has a feel for it. He always has great balance.>>That’s Keith Burns, the linebacker.>>Hits into a pile. This time, he gets a terrific block. Szott closing down. The lead block by Bennett. And Marcus, who doesn’t put that head down and just bull ahead. He is aware of where he is at every second that he has it. I mean, he just is a total-awareness football player.>>Boy, the hole. Burns, 56, right in the middle of your screen, is the player who’s down. He’s the guy that Marcus hits. Goes over backwards.>>I think John Alt wound up on top of him.>>What a block, though, by Donnell Bennett, to get this thing going, on Dennis Smith. That’s the one that made it all possible.>>That touchdown by Marcus Allen the 116th of his career, so that ties him with John Riggins for fourth in NFL history. You’ve got, well, Rice on top and Jim Brown and Walter Payton and then a tie. So, Thomas reassuming his position, defensively, when Denver takes over after the kickoff. Lin Elliott will try to tie the game. 6:57 to go in the half. He boots it through. Big game for both teams. Trying to get it on track. And both of them chasing the only undefeated team in the NFL right now, the San Diego Chargers. Elliott’s kick is out of bounds. So, that will bring it up to the 40-yard line. A little scuffle ensues, but nothing much. And Markbreit will spot it at the 40.>>And that is just about as costly a penalty…>>Here’s Elway from the 40-yard line. Miller in motion. Leonard Russell swings to the outside and picks up about 3. Well, we might as well enjoy it while we can, because we don’t know how long it will last, but it’s wonderful to be able to sit and watch a game with Elway and Montana. Elway will be here for a few more years, but for Joe, who knows?>>You know, Frank, too many times, you say, “Oh, here’s a Hall of Famer.” How many times do you get to do a game where you know that you’re looking at three individuals who are locks for the Hall of Fame? Montana, Elway, and Marcus Allen all in the same game and still productive players. It’s a treat.>>And I love Montana’s way of putting it. He’s playing because he still loves the game. He’s gonna hate to leave it, but he’ll know when it’s time to go. Second and 7. Elway throws. And he gets hit as he throws. Intended for Miller. Derrick Thomas put the pressure on. And let’s check in with Lynn Swann again. “Swanny.”>>Al, we were talking about Elway slipping. This grass out here is a little bit long. When it gets matted down and lays flat, you can slip on it. That’s one reason why he slipped. Also because he was wearing a shorter spike. The one right here that I’m pointing to is the one he had before. He switched to a longer spike to give his footing a better grip on this grass. So he should not slip. At least he hopes he doesn’t. Al.>>Well, the other thing he has to worry about, too, Lynn, is — when he gets to the other end of the field, they re-sodded what was the baseball infield. And that’s slippery, as well. Third down and 7. Elway throws. Beautiful pass. Miller makes the catch at the 40-yard line. Tackled by Mincy. Anthony Miller.>>And, again, the roar goes up. They’ve been waiting for the fireworks to erupt between these two, John Elway and Anthony Miller. 150 receptions over the past two years for this man, Anthony Miller. And what a threat he is after he catches the ball, but you got to get it to him. He reads the zone with Elway, the 2 deep zone. Finds the spot, and Elway delivers.>>Miller signed after San Diego opted not to re-sign him. Huge contract here in Denver. And they’re trying to work him back into the offense. As Russell picks up 3. The thing that people forget about is that Denver wanted to go out and get a premier wide receiver, so they made a tremendous offer to Tim Brown. That forced the Raiders to come up with the money to keep Brown. And that’s when they went after Anthony Miller. And there’s another wide receiver, Mike Pritchard. They acquired him in a trade with Atlanta. But he suffered a lacerated kidney. And Derek Russell, another receiver, a good one — he’s hurt, as well.>>We haven’t even mentioned Rod Bernstine. We lost him up in Buffalo for the season, probably, with a knee injury. So Broncos have had their share of injuries.>>Boy, the loss of Miller and Bernstine sure has crippled the Chargers, hasn’t it? [ Laughs ]>>Second and 7. Milburn. And the slithery one takes it to the 28, behind a Gary Zimmerman block. Close to a first.>>Yeah, that’s good work by Zimmerman. Keep in mind, this is the left guard and left tackle coming all the way around. Zimmerman, from left tackle, comes all the way across the formation. Melander is 64. Zimmerman’s 65. Melander gets the pin on Neil Smith inside. Zimmerman gets all the way downfield. This is pretty strong work here by the Denver offensive line.>>I was about to ask you if you ever did that from your tackle spot.>>Yeah, we used to do it. I’m not sure I did it that well, but I did it.>>Third and a short 1. And they give it to Russell. And he booms his way through the middle. And, well, he only needed about a half yard. And he has it.>>Leonard Russell, that big bonus to the Denver Broncos. Got into a contract problem with New England. 1,000-yard rusher from a year ago. And with Bernstine down, the Broncos were very fortunate to have Russell around. He had 100 yards rushing a week ago in the win over Seattle. A lot of football player there in 42.>>You just can’t survive these days without a big back, a 235-, 240-pound guy.>>First down, 27. Game tied, 7-7. Elway for the end zone! Open is Miller! Touchdown!>>Well, those are the fireworks. And the crowd loves it.>>He beats David Whitmore.>>Well, that was the long ball all the way. The Broncos had three separate receivers in the end zone. Anthony Miller is the guy in the middle. And Whitmore woefully short.>>Elway looked Whitmore off with a pump to the right.>>Well, with running both of the outside guys into the end zone, as well, Frank, they put the Kansas City safeties in a real bind.>>Elam for the extra point. Miller’s third touchdown of the season. Elway is happy. 3:35 to go in the half. Denver leading, 14-7. Elam to kick off. Ron Dickerson back to receive. His last runback was 62 yards. And Dickerson breaks it out past the 30. And another beauty. Up to the 38-yard line, where Reggie Rivers makes the tackle.>>I want to go back and look at that touchdown and show you something you don’t see very often. All four of the Denver receivers — right here — are all gonna end up in the end zone. This is Anthony Miller right here, who’s gonna go right down the crease. But take a look at this. All four Bronco receivers end up in the end zone. No wonder the Kansas City safeties don’t know which direction to go. That’s just, Frank, all four guys running a fly pattern — something you don’t see all that often.>>I’m just trying to see why Marty Schottenheimer was in Carter’s face.>>From the 37-yard line. Allen. That’s a fascinating thing. The only time you’d ever see that is in the Hail Mary situation.>>Really. Or if you have a John Elway at quarterback, who can get out of trouble.>>You know, normally, someone is always running some sort of a clearing pattern underneath. There’s a safety outlet. Streaking all four guys to the end zone in a conventional play — If you are those two safeties, where do you go?>>I mean, that’s the last thing in the world you have to think is going to happen — all four guys going down. The 43-yard line. Second down and 4. And the Chiefs a little confused. And, in fact, confused enough where we have a flag for illegal motion.>>No, they were not set.>>And Willie Davis was the intended receiver.>>Joe was running out of time on the clock, hurried the snap.>>One guy can be in motion at the snap of the football, not two. And what was happening is that two Kansas City Chiefs, both of their backs, were still in motion, going different directions. Take a look at this.>>And Joe had changed the play right here.>>Right.>>Anders stepped up to get the play, and Montana, running out of time, got the snap, and that was it. By rule, you must be set for 1 second before the snap of the football. I don’t see much panic on Joe Montana’s face. I think he is the original “been there, done that” guy. [ Laughs ]>>He’s been there and done that since he’s about 18 years old. I can’t ever remember seeing panic on his face.>>No.>>Montana on second and 10. And the pass is dropped at the 39 by Derrick Walker. And then he gets popped for good measure by Richard Harvey.>>Again, the tight end’s so important in the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense. And Keith Cash unavailable, with the bad knee. Derrick Walker making his first start here for Kansas City.>>Montana had the ball there.>>I wonder if Denver is starting to tighten up their defense here, knowing that Montana isn’t going to hold the football very long. Joe has got the bad ribs, and most of their passes up to this point, have been short, quick passes. If Denver picks up on that, they’re going to take that short game away and force Montana to hold it.>>On third and 9. Joe throws. Kimble Anders gets open. And Anders gets banged down at the 48. But I think he’s got a first. Ben Smith is there. They split Anders out to the right. It’s funny — he’s a fullback, but he’s a good receiver. And they had him out to the right, with only Marcus Allen remaining in the backfield.>>Anders knew exactly what he had to do to get the first down. He lowered his head. 230 pounds. He’s very close to it. I guess they’re gonna take a look at it. But Anders was a good receiver in Houston. Played in the run-and-shoot there with Andre Ware. They don’t mind moving him out to the flat. He knows where he has to go for the first. He’s got it, too. Down goes the head. He takes quite a shot from Ben Smith. But he gets the first.>>You know, Ben Smith is only a 185-pound corner, but he is one of the most ferocious hitters at cornerback in this league.>>Almost a miracle he’s still playing, too. Remember that catastrophic knee injury he had in Philadelphia? Out for an entire year, and then he had another knee, the full reconstruction.>>Greg Hill is in motion on first down from the 48. And Montana. Wide open over the middle. That is Willie Davis. First down to the 27 of Denver. First down, Kansas City, at the 27-yard line. They are down by seven. 1:57 to the half. K.C. has all of its time-outs. Joe on the run. Flushed out. Throws it away.>>That’s the fast pressure that we have said Denver has got to somehow pull together. They have not been doing it with the down four. They do this time, as the sackmeister, as Al called him –>>[ Laughing ] Sackmeister.>>Simon Fletcher, who’s right in Montana’s face.>>One of the few times that Denver has gotten pressure just with a four-man rush. Joe Montana has not hit the ground yet.>>Second down and 10 from the 27. And, this time, they’re able to take Fletcher out of the play. And Montana throws and hits the tight end. It’s Derrick Walker who makes the catch. Gets to the 7. First and goal.>>Well, that time, Montana was looking for trouble and almost bought it, but he stayed alive, kept looking for the alternate receiver, and finally came up with the tight end, Walker.>>One of the things that he has always done so well is stay alive. That movement, just subtle movement — it’s a yard to the left, a yard to the right. Look at Joe Montana sense the pressure, where it is, and find an open guy. It just — They’re watching him for so long, it’s just easy to take for granted.>>K.C. calls a time-out. Derrick Graham should get an assist, taking Simon Fletcher out of that play. The Broncos keep trying to get Fletcher into the Pro Bowl. This guy has done a great job through the years. As you see the catch again. Simon has led the Broncos in sacks in each of the last six years. I think the only way they can get him to Honolulu is — they’ll have to hire James Carville, who can get anybody elected to anything, I guess, and maybe he’ll get him to Honolulu.>>Well, let’s not go to those extremes.>>He’s playing in a new position this year, too. They got him strictly as a down lineman. He’s not all that big — about 240 pounds.>>First and goal at the 7. Anders leaned over to talk to Marcus for a moment. Now Allen in motion. Joe looked toward Allen and then throws it out of the end zone, ’cause everybody was covered. Willie Davis the closest receiver.>>That’s another thing this man does so well. When they are covered, let’s get rid of it. We’ll live to fight another day. Just throwing that out of the end zone.>>1:32 remaining in the first half.>>Quality work by Charlie Waters’ secondary, though. That was just outstanding defensive work by the Denver Broncos. This is where noise becomes a physical thing at Mile High Stadium. You can feel it.>>Second and goal. And Allen falls down, slips. Gets it to about the 5 1/2.>>And that was just about the point where John Elway slipped earlier, when he went to the bench and changed the cleats. Tough footing in that particular part of the field.>>And now Denver takes a time-out.>>We look again. Marcus trying to break it back. Sees a little bit of an opening. Plants the left foot, and down he goes.>>Still tries to squeeze in there for another couple yards or so.>>[ Laughs ] “The Snow Goose,” Karl Mecklenburg. Lynn Swann, what you got for us?>>Well, Al, that spot where Marcus Allen slipped, where John Elway also slipped — when they took the tarps off this field at 3:00 this afternoon, in that spot, there was a hole in the tarp. So, as it gathered in the middle of the field, an abundance of water just poured out onto that spot in the field. Now, this is a P.A.T., a prescription-athletic-turf field. They’ve got pumps underneath, but that spot has to be much wetter than the rest of the field. Al.>>Our man, Swann, out here at 3:00 this afternoon.>>You know, I’ll tell you — let’s do this. We’ll have Swanny sit down at the 50-yard line, and then we’ll check his pants all the way down the field to see where they get the wettest. How about it, Swanny?>>Ninth play of the drive. Third and goal. Ball at the 6. Kansas City trailing by seven. Willie Davis in motion. Joe with time. Throws, back of the end zone! Touchdown, J.J. Birden!>>Oh, and you were right about one thing. He had time to look off one receiver. There was a blitz on the part of the Broncos. It was picked up. Montana waited and waited till Birden got back to the back of the end zone and came right across.>>I know one thing — I didn’t even have to wait for the official to signal “touchdown.” Montana does that for us.>>That was Anders with a good block on Fletcher.>>Takes a lot of time to come all the way across the back of the end zone like that. As you said, pass protection made it happen.>>Lin Elliott boots it through to tie it. Little reminiscent of that pass Montana threw in the playoff game last year against Pittsburgh, when he hit Tim Barnett in the back of the end zone, at the end of regulation, to send it to overtime. And the Chiefs won the game in O.T.>>Pretty good throw by a 38-year-old guy falling off his back foot.>>You know what I said so many times about Montana — he makes everything that’s difficult look so easy.>>And Joe throwing those two arms up in the air — one ofthemost recognizable gestures in the world of sports.>>Again, Fletcher, right there — Look, Montana takes a quick look to the left. Gives Birden the time that he needs. He uncovers, moving away from Dennis Smith at the back of the end zone.>>There you are, Dan.>>There it is. That’s –>>Reaches all the way.>>He does. Good extension. Good extension. Maybe his ribs aren’t as sore as we were led to believe. [ Laughs ]>>Little touchdown pass, those ribs feel pretty good.>>Well, I know one thing — if, the second half, Joe is afforded the kind of protection that he’s had here in the first half, Joe, take your offensive linemen out to dinner. They have treated you royally here in half number one. And Denver, conversely, has to be very disappointed that they have not put more pressure on Montana and delivered more of a physical pounding to a guy who they know is hurting.>>Lin Elliott, at 5,200 feet, sends it into the end zone. Butler By’not’e slipped at the 1-yard line, and that cost him any chance at a runback. First touchback of the season off the foot of Lin Elliott.>>And that may tell us a little something about why Marty Schottenheimer didn’t go for that 44- or 45-yard field goal. Remember when they went for it on fourth down in the first quarter, and we were kind of taken back a little bit — I guess it was early in the second quarter — as to why he didn’t go for that — Dawned on me that they were going the same direction they’re going now. But, you know, that was kind of a surprise that he didn’t go for that field goal. Maybe Elliott’s range — maybe that’s right on the edge of it.>>Could have. In fact, he did kick at 48-yarder earlier this season. As Elway throws. And that’s a bad-looking screen. Milburn, the intended receiver, got knocked down, but there was a lot of traffic there, anyway. Neil Smith was the traffic cop.>>Thumbs up, Neil. Thumb up. That’s got to hurt.>>Mm-hmm.>>A lot.>>Second and 10. The Broncos, in terms of time-outs, with all three.>>Maybe he ought to wrap one of those Band-Aids around his thumb.>>And that’s knocked down by Neil Smith. Obviously, not off the thumb.>>Wasn’t it? I don’t know. It was close to being off the thumb.>>He hit it with his right hand. Whether it actually doinked off the thumb or not, I’m not sure. Second time Neil Smith has got his hand on the ball.>>Yep.>>That’s the hand. The stung thumb.>>Kind of palmed that one.>>Boy, what a presence he is.>>I guess so.>>And when you have 58 out there working with him — And they work so well together. Lining up side by side here. They’re going to do it again. On the far side, that’s Thomas and Smith. Ooh!>>Yeah, flinching on the right side. [ Whistles blowing ] And there’s a flag. No play.>>No play.>>Flinch on the right tackle.>>[ Laughs ]>>All right, Jerry.>>Yeah, Jerry said, “Come on, guys.”>>My god. He didn’t even have his mike turned on.>>Yep.>>Everybody’s yelling.>>False start — number 84, offense — prior to the snap. 5-yard penalty. Third down.>>Well, we got the double flinch. He’s right that, on the top of the play, Willie Davis, the wide receiver, moved, but so did the right tackle, Russell Freeman. Not Willie Davis. Let’s back that up and call him Shannon Sharpe. A double-pumper by number 84. And here’s the flinch right there. That’s enough. Sharpe looked all the way out to the right-hand side. And take your pick.>>Third down, 15, from the 15 with 1:03. And this will get interesting now, because Kansas City’s gonna get the ball back in pretty good field position. Derrick Thomas sacks Elway.>>And Smith get an assist?>>That is the fourth sack tonight. Kansas City, meanwhile, has one time-out remaining, and they will use it here.>>Well, that’s Derrick Thomas beating both the tackle and the block of Reggie Rivers.>>Had a little deal at the line of scrimmage, and Denver just didn’t stay with it.>>Nope.>>So, now the Broncos are forced to kick. And Jeff Robinson’s snaps tonight have been high, and Tom Rouen’s kicks have not been very good. And Kansas City’s gonna get the ball back in pretty good shape. And with Montana, even without a time-out, with 58 seconds, that’s an eternity.>>Even though we questioned Marty on that — what would have been about a 44-yard field goal, Lin Elliott has, as Al mentioned, kicked one 48 this season, but his best is 53 yards, so he can reach it.>>Got a little breeze even working for him, it looks like.>>So, Rouen to kick. Game tied at 14. Danan Hughes back to return it. There’s a flag down at the line of scrimmage. It’s a very wobbly kick that bounces at the 40 and goes out of bounds at the 42. But a marker down at the snap.>>Denver’s gonna be offsides.>>That was a 35-yard punt. Kurt Schottenheimer, the Chiefs’ special teams coach.>>Might be the sprinter to the bottom side. Looked like he got an early start.>>Get out of the blocks a little early.>>Yep. And this is very critical here now, as to whether Kansas City takes it or not.>>Illegal motion on number 25, kicking team. Penalty is declined. First down.>>Charles Swann.>>He’s at the very bottom. Here’s Swann right here on the lower right. And just overanxious to get downfield, breaks out early.>>The Chiefs now, after the Broncos had had the ball for 14 seconds, Kansas City gets it back at the 41. And the surgeon goes to work. And he starts with a pass to Marcus Allen. Allen tries to get out of bounds. And he’s stopped at the 32-yard line.>>Ooh, that was a risky move by Marcus, spinning back to the inside. Tried to get some extra yardage, but it’s critical that Marcus get out of bounds.>>Uncharacteristic of him, too. He must have thought he had something working here, because he knows he needs to stop the clock. Spins back into the tackle. A good play made by Hilliard.>>And that’s the 500th catch of his illustrious career. Only Roger Craig, among running backs, has more. I mentioned to Marcus before the game, “You need 1 for 500.” He said, “I should have had 600.” And we all know what he meant. And that’s almost intercepted. Almost picked off by Ben Smith. Willie Davis the intended receiver. Marcus, of course, referring to those wasted last few years with the Raiders, when he feels he could have caught at least 100 more balls.>>And one of the reasons he also has remained relatively healthy, too. He had a little time off for R&R there for a couple of years before going to Kansas City last year. Guess every dark cloud has a silver lining. [ Laughs ]>>Third down and 1 at the 33. Montana changing it. Joe throws. And the catch is made. That’s Derrick Walker. Nice catch. Alexander wraps him up. That’s a first down. Clock under 30.>>And Walker doing a good job tonight, filling in for Keith Cash.>>And Joe buys some time here to stop the clock. 21 seconds. They don’t have a time-out. They’re in field-goal range right now, but with Joe, he can get off at least a couple more plays.>>And what 21 seconds gives you — On this first play from the line of scrimmage, it gives you an opportunity to pass to the middle of the field, because you ought to be able to get up in 21 seconds, get to the line of scrimmage, and do just what Montana did there the last time, spike the ball and stop the clock. So, wouldn’t be afraid to work the middle of the field here.>>And they trust him to do it. Birden left. Davis to the right. He goes to the outside, instead, to stop the clock. Birden makes the catch.>>No.>>No. He’s out of bounds?>>Yep. They’re not gonna give it to him.>>He was definitely out of bounds, and so it’s simply incomplete. And it’s third down.>>You say that so emphatically, Al, that he was definitely out of bounds.>>Well, somebody whispered in my ear.>>[ Laughs ] There’s the late coverage by Steve Atwater.>>He was emphatically –>>He was emphatically out of bounds.>>They’re both out of bounds.>>Your vision, though, Al — it’s spectacular.>>Getting better, too. Third down. And Montana throws. And the catch is made at the 19 by Walker. Not enough for a first. But now you’re looking at a 37-yard field goal. And the Chiefs have to line up in a hurry. They’re all over the place. Willie Davis is still on the field. And the clock runs out!>>Oh, no.>>Yep. You can’t — There was not enough time to throw the ball in the middle of the field and run out a field-goal team.>>Stop the presses.>>Whew!>>Time expired on the play. Time expired.>>John Elway outlined against the night sky in Denver, loosening up. And Joe Montana, who sort of, well, ingloriously ended that first half. He and the offensive unit unable to get the field-goal attempt off before the gun. We’re tied. Kansas City will get the ball, as Jason Elam sends it down towards the end zone. And it’s taken at the goal line by Ron Dickerson. And Ron brings it back out to the 23-yard line. Chiefs begin the first possession of the second half at that spot. Let’s take a look at Joe just before going to the half, or going to half. And there’s Montana right in the middle of the action there. Aguiar is saying, “Get out of here.” Think he wanted to spike the ball and stop the clock.>>Well, except it’s fourth down.>>That would have been a — That would have stopped it, wouldn’t it?>>Montana throws. And the catch is made by Willie Davis up at the 34-yard line.>>I can imagine what he was thinking, though.>>Well, they ran two plays with 21 seconds left in the first half. There’s Joe trying to get off. The problem is — I think they had them in reverse. They threw the sideline pattern first and then the pattern to the middle of the field second. And I think it should have been the other order. And, boy, Joe, as you can see, hurt himself a little bit in attempting to sprint off the field.>>First down at the 34. And the catch is made by Willie Davis. And Willie Davis is taken down at the Denver 41. Montana came into this game with rib and hip injuries. Marty Schottenheimer telling us the hip was no problem, but the ribs were.>>Boy, he threw a beautiful shot between the coverage there. Steve Atwater — he was in — There is Ben Smith, number 26, now. He’ll pass him on to Atwater. Montana puts it right between the two of them. That’s about as well as you can throw the football.>>Denver, if they want to, in any way, control Kansas City’s offense, has to find a way to put pressure on Montana. His uniform is as clean as when he came out for warm-ups.>>Marcus Allen. Rolls his way inside the 35.>>Now, he hasn’t used that move in about five years.>>Beautiful spin back to the inside for a couple of extra yards.>>Marcus playing like a kid.>>Yeah. I think there’s a little grass stain on Joe’s right knee. I think that’s only when he took a knee after he sprinted off at the end of the first half.>>Montana has never won here, the only stadium in which he’s started three or more games and has not picked up a win. He’s picked up wins in 27 separate stadiums, but not Mile High. Second and 3. Joe for J.J. Birden! Too far.>>And there is the first hit. It’s Karl Mecklenburg, who comes in from Montana’s left and puts a pretty good cruncher on him. And Joe just is not gonna be able to take a whole lot of those during the course of this game.>>Oh, that was 6, if he puts this to the inside for Birden. Here comes Mecklenburg. A little delayed blitz. Gets away from Dave Szott and hammers Montana to the turf. But he leaves this to the inside, it’s an easy 6 points.>>Third down, 3, at the 35-yard line. Game tied, early third quarter. Joe to Marcus. And Marcus to the 31-yard line. I think he’s a little short of the first. Ronnie Bradford is there for the tackle. But Marcus, the veteran, knowing how far he had to go, stretched and reached and tried to get it. There’s also a flag down back at the 40.>>That was as good an open-field tackle as you’ll see, made there by Ronnie Bradford, in not giving them the first down.>>Holding — number 79, offense. 10-yard penalty. Third down.>>Well, Denver is going to take the penalty, even though it would have brought up a fourth down, to move Kansas City back and out of field-goal range. Now we’ll see if it can pay off. Dave Szott is the left guard. You can see him right there. That’s a pretty good tackle.>>Third and 14 from the 45. A little dump-off screen to Marcus. And Marcus Allen pops his way for a first down to the 29-yard line. Needed 14, got 16. And Dave Szott, with some redemption, throws the key block.>>Out in front of the screen. And Marcus Allen, again, very aware of where he had to go to get the first down. No juking. Just turned on what speed is left, lowered the shoulder, and got the first down. Well, he was never all that fast to begin with.>>[ Laughs ]>>But what a great football player. He knows where the first-down markers are. He tucks the ball away and turns it on. Lunges for the last couple of yards and got the first.>>Now Marcus splits left. Walker in motion. Montana throws to Walker. He’s out of bounds at the 16-yard line. That’s another Kansas City first down. Ben Smith with the tackle. So, the Chiefs moving against the porous Denver defense, a defense that’s given up an average of 29 points a game.>>And Walker having a big night with Keith Cash sidelined with the knee injury. Derrick Walker, the former Michigan Wolverine, former San Diego Charger, filling those shoes of Keith Cash.>>On first down, the fake to Marcus. Kimble Anders can’t haul it in. The pass a little high. Second down.>>Simon Fletcher the guy, that time, in Montana’s face. He is unaccounted for. When you run a screen to that side, Simon Fletcher is unblocked. And it’s left to the quarterback to try to get the ball around him to his man. You can see Joe has to go up over the top, and he throws it a little bit high to Anders, but still a very catchable ball.>>That was kind of uncharacteristic of Anders. He’s a good receiver.>>Second and 10. The Chiefs, after going nine quarters without a touchdown, got two, had the drive at the end of the first half, and now this beauty. Second and 10. Allen, gain of 1. Mecklenburg in the middle. Third down and 9. [ Chuckles ] What a face, huh?>>Yeah.>>Joe might have changed that play at the line of scrimmage. And kind of a strange change-off if, indeed, he did, for second down and 9. Second down and 10, as a matter of fact.>>10:55 left, third quarter. Game tied, 14-14. Third and 9.>>Now Marcus is split down here to the bottom of the screen as a wide receiver.>>Montana looks the other way. Goes the other way. And the catch is made at the 4-yard line by Willie Davis. It’ll be first and goal.>>Little confusion there by Kansas City. It looked like J.J. Birden was in front of Willie Davis and thought the ball was coming to him. J.J. tried all he could to try to catch that ball.>>Remember, back at the beginning of this play, it was Montana moving people around. I think they obviously were in the wrong position.>>I think Davis is saying, “Hey, it’s tough enough to catch the ball out here without my own teammate distracting me.”>>First and goal. Fake to Allen. And that buys time. And wide open, Joe Valerio! The tackle-eligible touchdown!>>Well, that’s Joe Valerio’s second touchdown of the year. And you have got to respect the hand-off to Marcus Allen, the play-action. Good fake by Montana to set it up. That’s a customary spot for Valerio, playing the tight-end position. He’s in an eligible receiver. He has to report. And he fakes the block at the line of scrimmage and then drifts out. And he’s got a pretty good reception percentage — 2 receptions, 2 touchdowns. Not bad.>>The other came in that win against San Francisco, in Week 2, when they looked awesome. Kick by Elliott is good. Thought we were gonna have it when I woke up this morning. Little snow-flurry action in Denver.>>It snowed up until about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon.>>Then it brightened and turned out to be a nice night. Elliott’s kick comes down and is taken at the 4 by Butler By’not’e, who leads the league in apostrophes. And takes it out to the 25-yard line. Neil Smith, who has been in and out, depending on the situation, with that thumb. They have him in in passing situations and not, generally speaking, against the run. Denver has it. Derrick Thomas, who missed the first quarter tonight, as a disciplinary measure, has played since. And Elway starts from the 26-yard line. Swings it out to Leonard Russell. Russell out to the 29. That’s a gain of 3. Stopped by Thomas.>>Yeah, pretty nifty move by Leonard Russell, a 235-pounder. We witnessed his power already this evening. But pretty good moves out in the flat. Elway looking downfield. Checks off. And it’s Russell against one of the best in the business. Derrick comes up with the tackle, but Russell gets a couple yards out of it.>>Second and 7 at the 29. 9:15 left in the third quarter. 21-14, Chiefs. Russell. Up to the 32-yard line he goes. Third and 4. Total yardage tonight — Chiefs dominant. 271 to 156. And 204 from the arm of Montana. Third and 4 at the 32. Denver trying to counter that last Kansas City drive, which went 76 yards. Elway steps up to avoid the sack and throws a little dump-off that’s incomplete. A lot of pressure that time. Thomas first and then Darren Mickell second.>>Derrick Thomas, unblocked, runs right by John Elway. I’m not sure what he thought Elway was going to do. There’s Thomas standing up. He’s gonna move off to his left, number 58. And he’s untouched. And he just whizzes right by John. Finally, Darren Mickell comes over and makes Elway throw the ball poorly.>>Tom Rouen to kick. Danan Hughes back to get it. Flags down. 37-yard punt. And a 5-yard runback to the 36-yard line. But a marker at the line of scrimmage.>>That’s where Jerry Markbreit has to look for the official who threw the flag. Ineligible receiver downfield against the Broncos. It was not a very good kick.>>Net of 32. So you figure Kansas City will — Well, let’s see what they’re gonna do.>>Well, they want to run it back again. They’re gonna –>>Ineligible man downfield on the kick — number 50, kicking team. 5-yard penalty. Fourth down.>>I’m really kind of surprised, with only a net 32 yards. Here in the Mile High City, you could end up with a boomer.>>Yeah. Well, they’re figuring that Rouen’s having a bad night. They like Hughes on runbacks. And they’ll take their chances.>>Yeah, they’ve had some good returns tonight.>>But, by gosh, we’ll just see whether it works.>>Yes, we will. Hughes’ longest runback — 43 yards this season. He’s averaging 10.7 coming into the game. That’s a little better than the league average.>>The Broncos need Randall Cunningham to punt.>>Yes.>>He had an 81-yarder yesterday?>>Oh, what a beauty. Quick kick. This kick is taken by Hughes at the 33. There’s a flag down on the runback. And he brings it back to the 45. So, for the moment, it looks like they made the right choice, but let’s see here.>>Well, if the flag’s against Kansas City — and it almost always is in this situation — I think it will end up being a net loss.>>Illegal block — number 42 — on the return. 10-yard penalty. First down. Time-out.>>Mile High Stadium in Denver. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, and Dan Dierdorf. Lynn Swann on the sidelines. 21-14, Kansas City. Simon Fletcher and the defense now really has to dig in, because the Chiefs have mounted four nice drives in a row. And they give it to Greg Hill. And I would suggest, gents, with the — Fumble. And they’re gonna say he was down. His knee was down. Kansas City will maintain possession. But I’d suggest that this is a very critical drive for Denver — not only tonight, but for their whole season, because they have to dig in at this point. This is a very vital game and a very important drive here.>>They missed a chance there. Greg Hill lost this ball. Mecklenburg stripping it out. The ball is loose.>>That ball is out cleanly. If Denver recovered it, it should have been theirs.>>Yep. Second down and 9 at the 30-yard line. Play clock ticks down. Hill, again, for a gain of 3. It’ll be third down and 6.>>Let’s take a look at that fumble one more time, see if we can ascertain who ends up with possession. That’s Karl Mecklenburg’s left hand that knocks the ball out of Greg Hill.>>Well, they ruled that he was down.>>You’re right. They did rule he was down.>>It was very close.>>But it’s a moot point if a Kansas City Chief was a guy at the bottom of that pile that covered the ball.>>Simon Fletcher came up with the football.>>Well, then it’s not a moot point.>>Yeah. Third down and 5. And Montana… incomplete. There’s a flag, though, that comes in. Kimble Anders says, “Thank you very much.” Ronnie Bradford with the coverage.>>Bradford just getting there a little early. Draped his arm around Anders and gets the flag.>>Illegal-contact foul, number 58, defense. 5-yard penalty. Automatic first down.>>Elijah Alexander.>>It was Bradford on the coverage.>>I’m not so sure that wasn’t holding on the tight end, that that wasn’t Alexander checking Derrick Walker trying to come off the line of scrimmage. See, if Kenny Wolfe, our producer, can tune this one up for us. There’s Walker coming off the line of scrimmage. And there’s Alexander. Yes, and he’s definitely got the hold on him. That’s what brought the flag. It wasn’t the coverage. It was the hold on the tight end.>>I think you could have thrown it for either one of them, but that’s the one they called.>>From the 39-yard line. Hill picks up about 5. And another flag goes down.>>Holding — number 61, offense. 10-yard penalty. First down.>>Center Grunhard. Tim Grunhard, the hold.>>He has developed into an outstanding center, the former Notre Damer.>>It is…>>First and a way.>>Yep. First and 20. 6:34 left, third quarter. Kansas City on top by seven.>>Denver needs a big play. They really can’t let Kansas City get a first down.>>Anders. And a flag comes in here. So, flags are wild. Third down and 10, sans the flag. But let’s see what Markbreit has to say. Hilliard and Croel in on the stop.>>Hard to believe that Kimble Anders did something wrong there. There were nothing but orange shirts around him. And any sort of a personal foul or anything like that against Denver, it’s a first down.>>There’s no foul on the play. There was no illegal block. The defender was going towards the ballcarrier. No foul.>>Thank you, Al.>>Just keeping you up to date.>>All right.>>Next week, we’re gonna run a ticker across the bottom of the screen.>>I think the market was up today, right?>>Yep. A few points, the Dow was.>>Whoa!>>Montana going deep. And Birden adjusts on the play. And it’s incomplete.>>Nobody’s making a call — Well, wait a –>>Nope, no flag.>>There was certainly some indecision by the guys downfield as to whether he caught it or not.>>Montana got popped on that one.>>Elijah Alexander made his presence felt.>>Here’s the conclusion of that play. J.J. Birden really tries to react, come back to it. You can see, clearly, the ball on the ground.>>Ben Smith with the coverage. Third down and 10. And here’s Marcus Allen. And Marcus with a great move. Picks up the first down! And here’s another flag that comes in from the secondary.>>And I don’t care. That’s worth looking at no matter what happens.>>Well, we’ll see it. There’s no question. As Markbreit says it’s coming back. A hold.>>They’ll bring it back, but Marcus Allen playing back to yesteryear. Terrific move — little hesitant stutter step.>>But you talk about somebody that knows exactly where he is on the field. It’s one thing if he’s on the sideline and sees the marker, but there he is dead in the middle of the field –>>Holding — number 87, offense. 10-yard penalty. It’ll be third down again.>>Tracy Greene with a penalty. But Marcus — right in the middle of the field, he knows exactly where he has to go for the first down.>>Or not.>>Yeah. Well, not even close to the sideline marker. Picked up what would have been the first, except for the holding.>>Watch the little stutter move here. Little juke there. [ Laughs ] Darryl Hall almost lost his you know what.>>Third and 12 now after the call against Greene. Willie Davis is gonna go back. They’re gonna check him out. He’s heading back to the locker room, the wide receiver. The stadium is shaking. And the catch is not made by Chris Penn. With Davis out, Penn is in. And drops an easy reception.>>First down. I think the rookie from Tulsa just took his eyes off it. He was thinking big yardage when he should have been thinking, “Catch the ball.” Right now, you can see Willie Davis going into the locker room. We’ll try and get a report on that. But watch Chris Penn. Breaks behind the receiver here. Little lack of concentration on it, thinking big yardage, instead of first down.>>It was not an artistic success, but it was a success by Denver, defensively, holding Kansas City.>>Absolutely. Aguiar’s kick is fumbled. Recovered by Milburn. That whole sequence is — But that was very critical.>>Yep. The bottom line is all that mattered there, and Denver forced a Kansas City punt, although they muffed it.>>5:08 remaining, third quarter, in Denver. Kansas City leading, 21-14. The Broncos start this possession at their own 27. First and 10. Elway, good play fake. Plenty of time. Throws out over the 46-yard line to Anthony Miller. That’s a first down.>>Strong arm — you better believe it. That was about a 30-yard out, with the ball just on a frozen rope. Miller, with the great speed, gets the respect. Breaks it to the sidelines. Collins has got to respect Miller going deep. And Elway right on the numbers.>>Miller’s fourth catch tonight. 84 yards and the touchdown for Anthony. Now it’s Russell to the outside. And that play is broken up by one of the greats, Derrick Thomas, the first to stop, and Dale Carter makes sure he doesn’t go any further.>>That’s what you might call a little defensive penetration. Fights off the block of Evans and meets the ballcarrier only about 5 yards upfield. That’s a tough block for a tight end. You’re out in space out there, you’re all alone, you’ve got one official locked in just on you to monitor holding, and trying to block a guy like Derrick Thomas. That’s a night’s work.>>Second and 13 at the 42. Thomas can’t sack him from behind. And here’s Milburn. Great move. And takes it to the 44-yard line. Totally faked out Jaime Fields and should have a first down. Speaking of Derrick Thomas, let’s get this report from Lynn Swann. Swanny.>>Al, I talked to Derrick Thomas, going off the field at halftime, about not having played in the first quarter and the first few minutes of the second. He said, “I was wrong for being late for the meeting. I accept the punishment. I have to understand that when I’m wrong, I am going to pay a price for it. I accept it like a man. But, more importantly, I think it’s important what I do once I get in the ballgame.” He says, “I’ll do everything to help this team win the game.” Al.>>And thank you, Lynn. First down. Elway from the 44. And Elway escapes and picks up close to 7. The pressure was put on by his former teammate, Greg Kragen.>>Well, John jokes about his 6.3 speed, referring to an awful slow 40-yard dash. But I think he’s being a little facetious. For 34 years old and a big guy, at 215 pounds, that’s still pretty spry movement by John Elway.>>And a quick move to get out of the trouble.>>He’s got the bad wheels, the bad knee. Still gets around pretty good.>>Second and 3. Russell cuts it back. Picks up the first down. Takes it to the 32-yard line. 2:30 to go, third quarter. Chiefs lead by seven. Jamison and Kragen in on the stop. Jim Fassel, the offensive coordinator.>>He is speaking directly to John Elway.>>I was starting to say, he’s speaking to John.>>Kind of unusual for the play caller to be on the sideline. Most offensive coordinators like to work from the press box, where they have the good vision of the field.>>Well, they have their offensive coordinator and their defensive coordinator, Charlie Waters, both working the sidelines. From the 32. Elway throws. And that’s Glyn Milburn with a beautiful move. And he gets banged down by Mark Collins at the 19. First down. Shannon Sharpe, good block.>>Milburn may be small — 5’8″, 175 pounds — but he has some great moves. Leading receiver coming into tonight, and you can see why. You get it to him on a little dump-off, and then he turns it into something big.>>I think it’s Derrick Thomas was the guy that he made whiff back up at the line of scrimmage.>>Whoa. Look at that, the block at the conclusion of that play by Shannon Sharpe.>>Good drive thus far by Denver, right when they needed it.>>First and 10 at the 19. Broncos down by seven. Here is the rookie, Derrick Clark. And he gets just a yard. Clark out of Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri. Couple of thoroughbreds tonight, of course, quarterbacking the teams. In terms of most wins as a starting quarterback. Tarkenton — Hall of Fame, 125. Unitas — Hall of Fame, 119. Montana, of course, will be there — 111. Bradshaw — Hall of Fame, 107. And Elway one shy of becoming the the fifth quarterback to win 100 games as a starter.>>Steve Hirdt came up with an amazing statistic. Both these quarterbacks tonight have thrown the ball for what? Over 20 miles.>>Right. Over 35,000 yards. Second and 11. Elway to the end zone! And the catch is made by Jerry Evans! But a flag is down.>>He was pushing off in the end zone, and they got him.>>Momentarily, they signal “touchdown,” but if he’s pushing off, it’s coming back.>>Well, there was definitely contact with Jaime Fields, number 59, in the end zone.>>He just pushed off with his left hand.>>…defense. Penalty is declined. Touchdown.>>They call it on Jaime Fields.>>Said “58,” but it’s Jaime Fields. That little pushing in the end zone, and Fields gets the flag.>>Well, Jerry Evans, the guy who has not been a big part of the Bronco passing game — You see the contact there. And, boy, good concentration by Jerry Evans, staying with the football. And a perfectly thrown ball for John Elway.>>Fourth reception for the year.>>Yeah.>>First touchdown for Evans for the year. Elam to try to tie it. He does. Well, we’ve got a beauty.>>Oh, what a ballgame this is.>>[ Laughs ] Few stadiums on this continent shake like Mile High Stadium shakes. And they’re shaking it right now.>>It was 21-14, Kansas City, when we talked about how critical it was for the Denver defense to hold. If Kansas City would have gone down and taken a two-touchdown lead, it would have been disaster for Denver. They held, they gave it to their offense, and they tied it up.>>Stayed in the game and maybe stayed in the season.>>Elam sends it down to Dickerson at the 1. And he’s back to the 17-yard line. Allen Aldridge and Ronnie Bradford with the coverage. First down from the 18. Marcus Allen on what figures to be the final play of this quarter. Takes it to the 21. And that will be the end of the third quarter. We saw Willie Davis, a few minutes ago, go back to the locker room. Report — sprained neck. But he’s back. He’s back in the game, and we start the fourth quarter. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf, with Lynn Swann working the sidelines in Denver. 21-21. K.C., second and 7 at the Chief 21. Hill, the Texas A&M rookie, fights his way up to the 24-yard line. Third down, short 4 from the 24-yard line. Joe to Marcus. Up to the 32. And a flag is down in the backfield, in the offensive backfield, at the 16-yard line.>>That can only be one thing. Yep. Yep. Big play for the Broncos.>>Holding — number 79, offense. 10-yard penalty. Half the distance to the goal. No. 10-yard penalty. Third down.>>Dave Szott, his second holding call of the evening. Let’s take a look here while they reset the ball. Take a look at the numbers through the first three quarters. The advantage to Kansas City in total yards. Denver covered some ground with that last possession of theirs to get back in it a little bit, yardage-wise. Only one turnover in this ballgame, the interception by Dan Williams of Joe Montana. And that led to 7 points.>>And both struggled trying to rush the ball.>>Third and 14. Joe’s got to get them to the 28 to convert. Throws. And the catch is made up at the 39-yard line by J.J. Birden.>>This is fun to watch.>>Ooh, great.>>This is good stuff, boys.>>Montana had a quick thought about running the football. Probably could not have picked up the first down. And just about the time he was going to run the ball, Birden uncovered. And he put it up there for him. And a good catch by Birden. Birden only goes about 5’10”. He had to go high to get this one. It was man coverage on the part of Hilliard. He’s good at it. That’s what he’s the best at. But Birden breaks away from him, and Montana finds him.>>25-yard gain. First down. Joe with time. Going deep for Davis! Too far. Willie had gotten out front, behind Atwater. It was open. But Joe — And people are wondering about Joe’s arm. Pretty good illustration of Joe’s arm strength right there.>>And he adhered to the cardinal rule of quarterbacking — put it in a position where it’s either caught by your guy or it’s an incompletion. If you make a mistake, make it long.>>And just when you think they’re shortening up their passing game, you can play them tight. We talked about it earlier. Montana will find something like that, give you the deep look, and you’ve got to get conservative all over again.>>Second and 10 from the 39. Early fourth quarter. 21-21 is the score. And the play clock ticks down. And there’s no play. No play. Delay of game, again, against Kansas City.>>Well, it’s one of the problems.>>Delay of game — offense — prior to the snap. 5-yard penalty. Second down.>>Marty having a word with Paul Hackett.>>Frank, it’s one of the problems, in today’s game, of throwing the long pattern. The clock starts immediately, and your receivers have got to cover a lot of ground to get back to the huddle, then call a play, and then run it. That 40-second clock starts the minute that ball hits the ground.>>And Marty was upset with that. They know that.>>You can’t call any dull shot in the routine, right, Frank? Second down and 10. And, on the inside give, it’s Kimble Anders back to the 31.>>I think Mecklenburg read that pretty well.>>I think so.>>[ Laughs ] Today is Karl’s 11th anniversary. Asked me to tell his wife, Kathi, he’ll be home later, but he had to work on his anniversary.>>Can I tell my wife, Kathie, happy anniversary tomorrow?>>I guess you can.>>In case I can’t get it in later.>>[ Chuckles ] You had to work tonight, too.>>Well, it’s almost Eastern…>>Third down and 18 from the 31-yard line. Great protection. Drops it off to Walker underneath. And the Broncos are there to stop him at the 40-yard line. Led by Darryl Hall, who did it without John Oates. Fourth down.>>Oh, Al.>>[ Laughs ] Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.>>Yes, I am.>>That delay-of-game penalty — you think about it — changes the whole complexion of what you can do, offensively. And just when Kansas City desperately needed a drive, they’re gonna have to punt.>>Louie Aguiar. Glyn Milburn to receive it. Fair catch called for. And it’s a 46-yard punt. And a fumble! And…>>Has got to be Kansas City.>>It is Kansas City.>>Boy, that’s the second muffed punt, and it ends up being recovered, this time, by Kansas City.>>It is. Coming up with the football, Greg Manusky.>>That’s the second muff of the game by Milburn. He covered his own earlier. That time, it got away, and Manusky came up with it.>>And he has a history of bobbling the football on the punts.>>Milburn fumbled five punts last season. This year, he fumbled one in Denver — or in Seattle last week and two tonight, even though, in effect, it’s simply a muff.>>Already within field-goal range.>>Statistically, a muff is not a fumble, but that’s one time statistics lie. At the 12-yard line. Montana to the end zone. Too high. Birden, J.J. Birden, was there. And it’s second down and 10. Let me correct myself. I said — A muff is a fumble. It counts as a fumble. That’s the second one he’s made tonight. Off his face mask.>>When you don’t have possession, it’s a muff. If he would have attainted possession of the football and then fumbled it, it’s obviously a fumble. That is a muff and that’s also a very critical error for the Denver Broncos. Their first turnover of the night.>>Second and 10. Marcus slices his way to the 9-yard line. It’ll be third down and 6, maybe 7 at the 10-yard line. So, a key play coming up here. 11:05 to go in regulation. Montana looking at the — He wants the plays to come in more quickly.>>And he wants an option, at the line of scrimmage, to change it.>>Third down and 7. Allen sets up in the slot. Joe — And the receiver goes down in the end zone, and there is no flag. J.J. Birden goes down. Looked around, but there was no contact.>>Well, I think it’s just a case of getting your feet tangled up. If it’s inadvertent, it is not a penalty.>>Randy Hilliard had the coverage on him.>>Watch the feet. Yep, right there. He got his heel caught and went down. And that’s a very good non-call by the officials.>>And good positioning on the part of Hilliard.>>Yep.>>27-yard field-goal attempt upcoming now to put K.C. on top. Lin Elliott’s kick is wide!>>And the happiest guy in this stadium is Glyn Milburn.>>We couldn’t pay for that kind of promotion.>>No.>>From the 20-yard line. The Broncos — It’s a little shovel pass to Leonard Russell. And it’s a 4-yard gain, as Leonard Russell gets taken down by Phillips. And let’s take a look at the high snap on what turned out to be an errant 27-yard attempt. Valerio is the punt snapper, but Villa is the short snapper.>>Watch the nose of the football. It’s leaning forward. The spot by Aguiar — he actually has the nose, the top of the ball, leaning forward. And that is an awkward position. There’s Danny Villa.>>We showed it in slow motion, Dan. That was high, and it was just bad coordination between everybody.>>Second and 6. Russell up to the 28. 9:55 to go. And just to reset the game in perspective. Broncos 0-4 to start the year. Win last week. Trying to get it turned around. They go to San Diego. A win tonight gives them a little momentum. Kansas City 3-0 to begin. Trying to avoid a third straight loss. Trying to prove to everybody — and prove to themselves — they are a Super Bowl-contending team.>>And on top of all that, the Chiefs have not won here since 1982. And Marty Schottenheimer has never won here, either with the Browns or with the Chiefs.>>11 straight K.C. losses at Mile High. Third and 3. Elway with a lot of time. And the pass is gunned incomplete. But a flag goes down. Cedric Tillman –>>Well, there was a full-blown tackle on Tillman as the ball was coming in. Dale Carter, I believe, was the Kansas City Chiefs player there.>>Illegal-contact foul — number 34, defense. 5-yard penalty. Automatic first down.>>I think he was bumping Tillman past the 5-yard limit. In man-for-man coverage, top of your screen. There’s one grab. There’s another one. Can’t use those hands or they’re gonna call it every time.>>No. They’ve tightened that baby down. 5 yards and 5 yards only. Tremendous protection afforded to John Elway on that play. [ Rattling ]>>9:16 remaining in regulation.>>Is there a helicopter flying by here or something?>>I hope so. First and 10 at the 32-yard line. Here is Russell, who picked up 103 yards on the ground at Seattle last week. He’s tackled by Neil Smith. Second and 7 at the 35. Miller in motion. Elway. And down he goes. The ball is loose at the 30. But Denver maintains possession, as Pellom McDaniels created the fumble, and the Broncos were able to recover at the 30-yard line, as Brian Habib saves it.>>Well, and John comes up limping. There is a limit to how long you can hold the football and remain in the pocket without taking off and going on the move. John Elway is in the pocket. He has been there for a long time. And the blow comes from behind by McDaniels. And I think of more importance is the fact that Elway is noticeably limping.>>Third and 12 from the 30. Elway gingerly retreats and then throws. And is lucky that one wasn’t picked off.>>Boy, was he hit.>>He was popped by Collins. And the pass was nearly intercepted by Vaughn Booker, the defensive end.>>Well, what a good call by Dave Adolph, the defensive coordinator. Knowing Elway is limping, he’s hurt from the last sack, he sends Mark Collins on a safety blitz. Elway is not gonna even move. He’s gonna try to get rid of the ball. And you’re not going to see Elway, coming up like he did, limping, trying to run out of that pocket. A good defensive call.>>There’s not an abundance of mercy in this league.>>Tom Rouen to kick. Danan Hughes back to get it. The kick is 41 yards. Taken at the 29 by Hughes. And a 3-yard return to the 32-yard line. Montana, Elway — premier attraction tonight, premier pairing. And there it is. Joe — 256. John — 191. Each has thrown two touchdowns. And Montana threw an interception, which led to a Denver score.>>But, you know, Montana threw it 55 times last week. Already 41. That’s far more than Marty Schottenheimer wants. Here goes number 42.>>Yep. From the 32-yard line, the play begins. And it’s Walker who gets open, the tight end again, who’s becoming a favorite target. To the 46-yard line. It’s a 23-yard pickup. Again, Keith Cash is hurt. He’s out for a month and a half, maybe longer. And Walker’s gonna see a lot of action. That’s six catches for him tonight.>>Once again, Montana just doing it so — making it look so easy. Just staying alive until the receiver uncovers.>>Need the Bee Gees to sing that one. He does it. You’re right. And it’s just subtle movements. It’s not all-out sprints. It’s just having such a precise feel for where everyone is around him.>>First down at the 45. 6:45 to go. The game is tied. Swings it out to Hill. And Hill with a burst of speed! Inside the 30. And rolled to a halt at the 23-yard line. Atwater finally stops him. The rookie with a big gain.>>Slowly but surely, they’re working into this offense.>>They’re bringing the kid along.>>The little flood pattern. Two wide receivers on the right. He floods out to the right. Montana puts it right in there for him. And then he has that burst of speed that they like so much at Kansas City.>>When he’s in there, Marcus is on his bench.>>If Greg Hill plays in this league for 10 years, he’ll always look back to his rookie year, when he had a chance to tutor under the incomparable Marcus Allen.>>He loves it. Montana has now thrown for 300 yards. And more, as it’s caught by Tracy Greene. And the Grambling rookie makes it first and goal at the 4.>>Well, Montana had 41 attempts at the start of this drive. I guess I see why, completing them at this pace and for this much success. Another great read by Montana. They double-cover the outside men, try to cover Greene with a linebacker. Actually, nobody near Greene.>>I was gonna say.>>6’5″, 280-pounder.>>Tough to miss him wide open, isn’t it?>>Joe — 320 tonight. Allen back in the game. He’s the tailback in the “I,” a la USC days. Takes it. Gets about halfway to the goal line. At the 2-yard line, flag down. Flag at the 4.>>This is against Kansas City. I think we’ve got a holding call. Boy, you hate to see a holding call, if you’re an offensive coach, on a running play.>>Holding — number 79, offense. 10-yard penalty. First down.>>We don’t even need to mention who this is. Not many times you get the trifecta. That’s the third holding call tonight on Szott.>>Paul Hackett, the offensive coordinator. And Marty has watched his team flagged a dozen times tonight or pretty close to it.>>After that last field goal by Elliott, I’m not so sure that Marty wants to see that happen again.>>First and goal. Joe, off his back foot, throws. It’s Marcus Allen. Takes it down to the 6-yard line. Hasselbach, that time, got in on Montana to drop him. But it will be second down and goal now at the 6.>>You know, Frank, that was really, really good stuff.>>[ Laughs ]>>I mean, it’s so good, you just want to keep your mouth shut.>>You do.>>Using too many superlatives, but just sliding, slipping, moving. And then, I mean, so calm. He knows he’s gonna get hammered. I love to watch him, frankly. That’s his wife and his daughter. That’s Jennifer. She’s into it.>>Marcus Allen. And he’s rolled down at the 1 1/2 by Randy Hilliard. It’ll be third down and goal. Clock stopped for the moment. 4:17.>>Well, we’re marveling at Montana. And the old warrior, the old Trojan breaking to the outside, giving it everything he — Pump-faking it a little bit.>>If Denver can come up with one play and force Kansas City to kick the field goal, this is the time to do it.>>Third and goal. Valerio lines up as an eligible receiver on the right side. He’s already caught one tonight. Joe throwing to the back of the end zone. No! And a flag is down. Derrick Walker –>>And this is Jerry Markbreit who threw the flag, and he’s gonna call a holding against Kansas City. Whoa, boy!>>Montana wanted to throw that ball to Allen, but he was well-covered.>>The referee’s responsibility is to look at the right tackle and the quarterback. Let’s see if Jerry strayed.>>Holding — number 73, offense. Penalty is declined. Fourth down.>>That’s Valerio, who lined up as the eligible receiver.>>Joe Valerio was the tight end to that side. Walker was on the ground, and, still, Montana delivered a perfect pass that should have been caught.>>Walker a little off-balance. He had slipped.>>The penalty declined. Villa will snap it again. The last one was a problem. Aguiar will hold it. Elliott will kick it. It’s a 19-yarder. And the kick is good. Well, John Elway has done his magical work so many times in the fourth quarter and these situations. He’ll have to do it again.>>I’m sure we have a graphic illustrating how many times he has brought this team back. He doesn’t seem to be terrorized at the prospect of having to do it, either.>>Yeah. Well, you have the two masters. These two and Marino are the greatest when it comes to the fourth-quarter comebacks and other things, as well. As the kick was taken by Butler By’not’e. And he brings it back to the 20-yard line. 3:58 remaining in regulation. There it is. Most game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. In other words, the winning team takes the lead for the final time. Marino at 35. Elway and Montana each with 26. And somebody will make it 27 tonight. DeBerg and Esiason right there, and Jaworski had 23.>>Notice that’s since 1975.>>Mm-hmm.>>That’s, thus, a lot of modern-era quarterbacks on there.>>First down. Last 20 seasons, counting this one. Here is Elway gunning it to Sharpe. He breaks a tackle by Thomas.>>Oh!>>And he’s out of bounds at about the 28. Dale Carter with the stop.>>Well, Shannon Sharpe was hobbled, early this season, with a bad knee. I think that he is over that. I think Shannon knows he is over that. He has shed the brace. And that was pretty nifty work there evading a tackle.>>He’s still doing it with a painful ankle. He takes a shot in that ankle before every game. Again, he’s big — about 230 pounds, yet has the great moves of a wide receiver.>>Three catches for Sharpe tonight for 43. Russell breaks it back to the other side. Flag is down. That’s a wonderful tackle by Whitmore to adjust on the play. But a marker.>>I think the problem might be that there was a tackle by the Denver offense.>>Or reasonable facsimile thereof.>>And we have seen the flags tonight.>>Yeah, we have. And that one hurts Denver.>>Holding — number 79, offense. 10-yard penalty. Second down.>>Dave Widell, the center. The 21st penalty of the game. An even dozen for the Chiefs. 3/4 of that for Denver. The season high so far in this young 1994 season was 24 — Kansas City-Atlanta. Our producer, Kenny Wolfe, says it in my ear, and then out my mouth.>>You’re a regular Jerry Mahoney.>>[ Laughs ]>>Oh, yeah?>>Here’s Elway out of bounds at the 25-yard line. You’re not old enough to remember Jerry Mahoney.>>Oh, I like this other one.>>I knew Jerry Mahoney when he was a kid. [ Laughter ]>>You knew Jerry Mahoney was made out of paper. What was the other dummy he had? Yeah, that was my favorite. He had Jerry Mahoney and then he had another one, like Knucklehead or –>>Knucklehead Smith.>>Was that it? Yeah. It wasn’t Knuckle– Was it Knuckle–>>Oh, yeah.>>It was Knucklehead. All right. All right. I trust your instinct.>>Absolutely. Third down and 5 at the 26-yard line for the Broncos. 3:37 remaining in regulation.>>Call me a dummy again, and I’ll knock you off your chair.>>Second… Well, the initially showed blitz, and then, all of a sudden, we’ve got another whistle. Last year, when these two teams met, the Broncos were penalized 14 times, including seven for false starts.>>Delay of game on the offense.>>Whoa!>>5-yard penalty. Third down.>>Boy, another penalty on this drive against the Broncos. A holding call and now a delay of game. And, yes, that will cause a head coach to anguish.>>You know, it’s supposed to ease the play-calling process, this helmet speaker. And, tonight, we see both teams having a difficult time getting the play in on time.>>Third and 10 from just outside the 20. Four-man rush. Elway steps up. Throws on the run. Milburn makes the catch. And he gets to midfield. Stopped by Jaime Fields. The Broncos are at the 50.>>I don’t know how close John Elway was to going across the line, but he had to be right on it.>>Great sense of where he is, also. John Elway right at the line of scrimmage, came very close to going over before he delivered that ball to Milburn.>>Watch Derrick Thomas. He comes so close to getting John Elway. Again, Elway showing more speed than people think he has left.>>First and 10 at the 50. Over the middle, Shannon Sharpe. He loses the football! And the Kansas City Chiefs have it at the 41-yard line.>>I thought they were gonna rule he was down.>>George Jamison recovers it.>>You know, there wasn’t an official anywhere near Shannon Sharpe. Oh, and he is distraught. Oh, Shannon Sharpe is just beside himself. Trying to stretch out for extra yardage.>>Oh, he loses it.>>The ball is loose. Good call by the official. And Shannon Sharpe is distraught.>>Jaime Fields creates the fumble. And then George Jamison recovers it.>>It was awful close to being down, but with the aid of super-slo-mo, you could see the ball did come loose.>>Yep.>>Just imagine that official doesn’t have that, either.>>Yep.>>Good call.>>It would have been confirmed even with replay in effect, though. It would have been Kansas City’s ball at the 41-yard line. And now Denver has to start thinking about conserving the clock. Allen goes nowhere. And the ball is loose! And Denver has it! Karl Mecklenburg comes up with the football. Can you believe that?>>Believe it? I didn’t even see it. I did not see Marcus Allen fumble the ball. All right, let’s take a look. There’s Marcus, 32. He just takes the hand-off.>>Runs into his own man.>>Oh, and there’s the football. And Karl Mecklenburg falls right on top of it. You could see the ball fell on the other side of the pile.>>He ran into the back of Tracy Greene. And Elway doesn’t even know the snap is coming. He’s lucky he didn’t fumble that. And Milburn turns it into a nice gain to the 32-yard line. John wasn’t ready for the snap.>>They turned something ugly into something great. John was getting ready to talk to one of his backs or one of his linemen. He was not aware that that ball was going to be snapped. Let’s take a look again. Now, he’s looking over the defense. And, all of a sudden, there’s the ball. “What have I got?”>>What a great look in his eyes.>>What a great shot. Second and 3 from the 32. Here’s Russell. Powers his way just inside the 30 and close to a first, as we come to the 2-minute warning.>>Never will you see anyone more surprised than John Elway.>>How about scared? Watch those eyes right here.>>”Aah!”>>”Whoa!” [ Laughter ] Luckily, it was a very slow and kind of a back snap back from Dave Widell. Well… [ Laughs ] …we have seen just about everything in this ballgame right here.>>In case you just came home and turned that on, he handed off to Milburn, and he picked up 7 yards.>>Well, here’s a huge play. Third and inches at the 29. 2 minutes to go. Chiefs up by three. And we’ve got contact and movement. Thomas came across. And was he induced was the question?>>Whoa.>>Whoa. And what’s going on here?>>Well, John sort of precipitated that. You can’t really blame Jamison for tackling John Elway.>>Well, I think there was a lot of indecision on the officials’s part, you know, as well.>>I didn’t hear a whistle myself.>>No, I didn’t hear a whistle, either.>>We have the defense offside, unabated to the quarterback. 5-yard penalty. First down.>>Well, Derrick Thomas was way across the ball. The unabated-to-the-quarterback part of it means that they just call it dead right there. That way, the guy doesn’t get a free shot on the QB. And that is an easy way to give Denver a first down.>>Derrick obviously — Well, there’s a little flinch to his inside. You saw that. Mickell flinching, and that brought Derrick Thomas offside.>>Each team with all of its time-outs remaining. From the 24-yard line. Elway throws. The catch is made by Anthony Miller. And he is out of bounds. And a flag goes down after the hit at the 10-yard line.>>Yeah, Miller was out of bounds.>>David Whitmore hit him late.>>The official rules that he hit him out of bounds.>>Personal foul, unnecessary roughness, on number 41, defense. Half the distance to the goal. First down.>>Well, let’s take a look at it and see how far out of bounds Anthony Miller was.>>That’s Whitmore. I’ll tell you — they’re calling this so close this year.>>Boy, that’s tough.>>Yeah, that is. That is pretty tough.>>Wasn’t really a devastating blow. Nonetheless, half the distance to the goal line. That puts us up close pretty close, Kenny — doesn’t it? — to that 24 penalties?>>It’s first and goal at the 5. Now, Elway’s been here a couple of times this year. The ball slipped out of his hand against San Diego, slipped out of his hand against Buffalo. What’s gonna happen here? He gives it to Russell, and he goes nowhere. Simien makes the tackle. And Kansas City now takes a time-out, because the Chiefs have to think about taking all the time they can off the clock. The Broncos have a chip-shot field goal, at worst, and a touchdown at best. And what they’re gonna try to do — Denver — is just take as much time off the clock as they can. So, K.C. has to stop it here. Meanwhile, we talked about Elway and what’s happened on opening night against San Diego, after they’d had a big lead, and then they tried to come from behind. John had this ball slip out of his hand. It was ruled a fumble. Junior Seau came up with it. That preserved San Diego’s win. Then on a Monday night a couple of weeks back, in Orchard Park, New York, here’s John on a wet night. It was raining. The ball slipping out of his hand on a fourth-down play. And that was that in Buffalo.>>And notice what they try to do with John Elway. And, of course, with any good, athletic, good-running quarterback, you give him an option. You get him on a rollout.>>You give him an option to run and throw the ball. And don’t be surprised if they come back with that very same play. It’s what they like to use down inside the 10-yard line — give Elway the little roll, give him the option to look over a couple of receivers, or run the football.>>Second down, goal, at the 4. 24-21, Kansas City. 1:41 to go. Shannon Sharpe in motion. Fake. Bootleg. Throws, back of the end zone! He caught it! Touchdown! Cedric Tillman.>>A lot of time remaining, but a great effort on the part of the Broncos. Kansas City’s saying, “No, he was out of bounds.” He got hit, and that took him out of bounds. Unable to get both of his feet down in bounds.>>The Chiefs –>>That’s a reception.>>It’s still being discussed. It’s still being discussed in the back of the end zone.>>Well, one official signaled “touchdown.”>>and there was the hit by Whitmore that knocks him out of bounds. It looked, from that angle, like he would have come down with his foot in bounds.>>That’s the whole thing. Now Markbreit with the back judge.>>This isn’t over yet. This is not over yet.>>Oh, I think he would have got it down.>>Yeah. Tom Sifferman is the back judge.>>Boy, that will be a tough one to take away.>>This is going to be a moderately important announcement.>>The man that caught the pass went out of bounds and returned.>>Wow!>>The pass is illegally caught. It’s a loss of down.>>Boy, that’s a loss-of-down penalty. So, they’re saying, prior to the reception, Tillman went out of bounds somewhere in the end zone, in the back of the end zone.>>He went out of the end zone.>>And then — So, what — They didn’t even — They weren’t even talking about the end of the play. Here it is, though. We do have it. Once you’re out, you can’t come back.>>Here is Tillman right here. Follow him into the back of the end zone. Watch his right foot right there. He is out of the end zone.>>Mark Collins pushes him out of bounds, no question.>>And then he comes back in and catches the ball.>>First charged time-out, Denver. 40-second time-out.>>What a wonderful job of officiating, catching the fact that he went out of bounds before he caught the ball. John Elway incensed.>>And aided out of bounds by Collins.>>Again, take a look at Cedric Tillman right here. His feet are out of bounds. And then he moves across over here and catches the pass from John Elway. But he is standing on the white. Boy, and give a double thumbs-up to Jerry Markbreit’s crew for catching that. Here’s another angle. All right, there’s Collins.>>Yep. Illegal contact.>>Yeah, he’s shoving Tillman. There’s no question that that’s — You can’t argue the fact that Tillman was out of bounds. You can make a valid argument that Collins should have been flagged for illegal contact, as well.>>Absolutely.>>That argument was being made.>>Oh, yeah.>>Had to have been.>>But the official not calling Collins to begin with, sees that he’s out of bounds, and takes it from there.>>Right. It’s third down and goal after all this, from the 5.>>Denver’s missing a man.>>They have 10 men on the field, I think.>>And the play clock is down to 5. And Elway on a quarterback draw with a flag down. There’s another flag down back at the 8-yard line.>>If they didn’t have seven men on the line of scrimmage, if the missing man was a guy who was supposed to be on the line, it’s an illegal formation.>>You need at least seven. And Wade is saying, “I had seven.”>>You do not have to have 11 players. You just have to have seven on the line of scrimmage.>>You’re exactly right.>>And the gesture is being made by Wade Phillips.>>What a bizarre finish.>>Oh, this is incredible.>>My initial reaction is that they have seven guys on the line of scrimmage. It looks to me like they covered off both of the offensive tackles, which is what you have to do. You got your five interior guys, and both tackles have to be covered off. And the officials rule it properly.>>They had seven on the line, and it’s a touchdown.>>Yep.>>You can go with only eight guys — a quarterback and seven people on the line of scrimmage — and still have a legal formation.>>And now the Broncos for the extra point. Elam to kick it. And this is a significant point after, because in turns a 3-point lead into a 4-point lead. That means the Chiefs have to get into the end zone. So, Elway on the quarterback draw. And Jason Elam for the point after with 1:29 to go.>>Okay, first of all, Denver only had 10 men, okay? They got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Now, here are the five guys up front, but they’re covered off here, they’re covered off here on the line of scrimmage. It is a legal formation, even though there are only 10 guys on the field for the Broncos.>>It was a draw play all the way. There was no question about that.>>Yep. And, you know, there is a sense of justice here, because Mark Collins is not flagged for the illegal contact. Denver has a touchdown taken away and they get it right back.>>With a lot of time for Kansas City remaining.>>But with a 4-point lead by the Broncos now, Kansas City has to get in the end zone.>>[ Chuckles ] You come to Denver, and we’ve had some of the wildest Monday night games ever in this stadium. And here’s another one.>>The snowball game.>>Yeah, the Raiders erased a 24-0 lead.>>Once again, Marty Schottenheimer victimized by a fumble. One time here, it was Earnest Byner, with the Cleveland Browns. Not the same. That was a playoff game. This time, Marcus Allen, when it looks like they’ve got the game pretty much in hand, the fumble by Allen gave Denver life.>>1:29 and three time-outs, and that’s an eternity for Montana.>>Everybody on their feet.>>Two time-outs for Kansas City. Two. Elam to kick off. 13-yard line, Dickerson. Brings it back out to the 26-yard line. Schottenheimer and Montana in Mile High — it’s been a house of horrors. Halloween is two weeks away, but this has been the haunted house for Marty, with Cleveland and with Kansas City. 0-6 during the regular year, 0-1 in the playoffs. And Joe, as we mentioned before, 0-3 here — twice with San Fran and once as a Chief. Broncs by four. First down at the 25. The place shaking. Marcus. And Atwater nearly takes his head off. And Allen is out to the 32-yard line.>>Somehow, Marcus stayed on his feet after that neck-tie job by Steve Atwater.>>Gain of 7. Second down and 3 at the 32.>>All right, the way Denver likes to play defense, let everything happen in front of you. You got the two killer safeties, in Smith and Atwater. Let them come up and make the big hit.>>They give it to Marcus. And, figuring he has room through the middle, he takes it out to the 43. And that’s a first down. Elijah Alexander with the tackle. And Kansas City takes a time-out. So, 1:08, and they have one time-out remaining.>>Boy, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have tried to get to the line of scrimmage in a hurry and run a play. Tough to put yourself in a situation here with 1:08 left and you’re down to your last time-out. You’re gonna have to burn the clock. It’s going to have to run between plays. It seems a running play like that is the time that you can get to the line of scrimmage quickly, more quickly than other times, and run the play.>>Mm-hmm. And you’re not going to be able to throw the ball in the flat and run a draw play, because you need a touchdown, not a field goal. You’re gonna have to put it up in the air. You got to put it downfield.>>It’s not — Our cameramen are terrific, as always. This joint is shaking, so, occasionally, your picture shakes, because the building is shaking.>>It’d be difficult for Montana to change the play at the line of scrimmage, and this is why. What a wild scene this is.>>First and 10 at the 43. 1:08 to go. Joe to Walker. And he gets into Denver territory, to the 49-yard line. Out of bounds. 1:03. Darryl Hall rode him out.>>Boy, that only took 5 seconds.>>Second and 2. How’s it feel, John? [ Chuckles ] Somebody else is working on doing your deal.>>This crowd collectively caught their breath for a moment, but they’ll be back as soon as Kansas City breaks the huddle.>>If you have any sense of history about this league, watching Elway and Montana do their thing tonight — good stuff.>>On second and 2. Off the fake, Joe steps up. Drops if off over the middle. Anders very close to a first down, to the 47-yard line. But the clock keeps going. And K.C. wants to conserve it’s final time-out.>>That is a first down.>>At the 47-yard line. They move the sticks.>>They need something big.>>And Joe swings it out, far side. It’s dropped. Incomplete.>>Well, just as well.>>Anders.>>That’s really a break for Kansas City that Anders drops that ball. After he juggled it once, he might as well have dropped the thing, because he wasn’t gonna go anywhere with it, and the clock would have kept running.>>Joe is 30 of 50 for 346 yards.>>What was he? 37 of 55 last week? He’s thrown 105 passes in the last two ballgames.>>Not what they want out of this offense.>>And more to come. Second and 10 at the 47. 36 seconds remaining. Montana to a wide-open Anders. And Anders gets out of bounds at the 36-yard line. That’s a first down. 29 seconds.>>Ooh, did that missed tackle by Randy Hilliard hurt. That hurt.>>Would have kept him in.>>Yep. Now, granted, there’s still a long way to go and only 29 seconds to go to get there, but keeping Anders in bounds would have really aided Denver’s cause.>>Well, Hilliard goes 165 pounds. Anders is 230.>>Yeah, but that’s a whiff.>>Yep.>>He didn’t trample him. That’s a whiff.>>Could have kept him in, and it wouldn’t have been a first down. From the 36. Walker in motion. Joe, pump fake. And then finds the safety valve. It’s Walker. He’s got another first down. And he’s out of bounds at the 24 with 20 seconds. Bradford with the tackle. [ Laughs ] This is amazing.>>This is.>>Kind of glad you’re here?>>I’m just glad to be here. You’re right, Frank.>>Good look downfield. He wanted something deep. Saw the coverage. His man slipped, went to his knees. And Montana did a Montana.>>That’s a long time to let him stand there.>>20 seconds remaining. Joe over the middle to the tight end, Greene! He takes it to the 5-yard line! To the rookie, Greene. They have a time-out left and they take it here. First and goal.>>[ Laughs ]>>Well, I’ll tell you — when it takes your breath away at 5,280 feet, it really takes your breath away. Tracy Greene, the rookie from Grambling. Marty Schottenheimer told us, this past summer, this youngster has an opportunity to become a great football player.>>And offensive lineman at Grambling.>>But look. Look at the alleyway, Frank. No rush at all.>>No rush.>>But look at Greene looking the ball right into the chest. Big target. Not considered a deep threat by the Denver defense, and so he was wide open.>>Let’s set this baby up. They’re gonna have to throw the ball here. They don’t have time to run the football and not get in and run another play. So Montana’s got time to throw the ball twice. And so he’ll have to throw it into the end zone. And it’s a real risky throw to throw a flare pass and hope that his guy runs it into the end zone. He’s almost forced to throw it into the end zone itself or take a big chance that whomever he throws it to is gonna break a tackle and get into the end zone.>>Well, whoever that — You talk about 32. If he’s gonna put it in the flat, it’s gonna be to Marcus Allen.>>But he’s going to have to break a tackle and get in, ’cause I don’t think, with 13 seconds –>>Or take it out of bounds.>>Double-tight-end set.>>He’ll look for the end zone.>>First and goal. He puts Walker in motion. He throws to the end zone! It is caught for the touchdown by Davis! Willie Davis! Unbelievable!>>What a great effort by Willie Davis.>>Lord, you can take me now. I’ve seen it all. [ Laughter ]>>Ben Smith with the coverage. Davis makes a great catch, just gets into the end zone. The throw was right there. Amazing.>>Did this live up to the billing? Elway doing his thing. Montana coming back, doing his. And Willie Davis with one of the great efforts you’ll ever see by a receiver. Again, what killed Denver was their lack of a pass rush. And that is as sweet a catch as you will see. We talked about it all drive. No pressure by Denver on Montana at all. Guys, you know you just can’t let him stand there like that. He’s too good.>>Willie Davis was on the practice squad of this team for two years. He went to minicamp with the Giants in ’91. They turned him loose. And he was the leading receiver for them a year ago. And he just made a spectacular catch.>>Well, he’s been taking some heat because he’s dropped some balls, but they’ll forget about every drop now. Great catch, great presence of mind to put it into the end zone.>>And awesome pass protection by the Kansas City offensive line all game long. Your heart breaks for the Denver Broncos. It really does. But Kansas City appears to be off the schneid.>>And Marcus says to Willie, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”>>Yes, he does.>>And for Marty Schottenheimer, after coming in here and losing some of the most excruciating games imaginable, to win it like this –>>This will erase it, won’t it?>>Well, it almost makes up for all of the rest. I mean, to win a game like this, the others recede very deep into the memory bank. Lin Elliott to kick it off. The clock starts when a Bronco touches it. 8 seconds. So, maybe a small runback and one Hail Mary. And they call for a fair catch. So, it’s Jeff Campbell taking it to the 24 to give Elway as much time as possible. And now John with one last gasp.>>I guess it was Montana’s 106th pass of the last two weeks that was the one that really did it. What’d he do? 55 and then 51?>>They put a second back on the clock. Originally, it ticked down to 8 — or 7, and then they put the 8th second back up.>>Hail Mary coming up, obviously, looking for the penalty and an opportunity to kick a field goal.>>Hey, I went to Michigan. I know the game’s not over.>>I’m just thinking the same thing. Colorado knows about miracles.>>No kidding.>>Well, not even close. They send it up to the 38-yard line. And they have a time-out and they take it with 1 second. So, Elway throws it over the middle to Cedric Tillman.>>Well, they were too far away for him to actually get the ball into the end zone. From this range –>>Well, they were looking for the foul, also.>>Yeah. John’s gonna get it down there somewhere inside the 10 or the 5.>>And… [ Laughs ] …it is crazy to think about that Colorado-Michigan game.>>Wouldn’t this be the ending of all endings?>>That would be the ending of all endings.>>The mother of all endings.>>And the father. 61 yards away. 31-28. The problem the Broncos have right now is — with only 1 second left — Well, you know, even if — They put a 2nd second back up there. With a pass interference call, they could be in field-goal range.>>Game cannot end on a penalty against the defense.>>If a Chief commits pass interference, he’s not going home on the charter tonight. And Elway has the ball stripped from him. And the game will end on a fumble and a recovery Darren Mickell stripped it. And that will do it. Vaughn Booker comes up with it. And that is the end of one of the great games in the annals of Monday Night Football. That was a classic.


  • Reply NFL November 26, 2016 at 12:09 am

    29:26 – Joe Montana is picked off by Dan Williams

    31:30 – Leonard Russell rushes for 12-yard TD

    35:36 – Broncos stop Chiefs 4th down attempt

    44:44 – Marcus Allen rushes for 7-yard TD

    51:17 – John Elway finds Antony Miller for 27-yard TD

    1:01:23 – Joe Montana connects with J.J. Biden for 6-yard TD

    1:20:38 – Montana throws 4-yard TD pass to Joe Valerio

    1:38:30 – Elway throws 20-yard TD pass to Jerry Evans for 20-yard TD

    1:48:46 – Chiefs’ Lin Elliott miss 27-yard FG

    1:59:18 – Elliott makes 19-yard FG

    2:04:19 – Shannon Sharpe fumbles, recovered by Chiefs

    2:05:27 – Allen fumbles, recovered by Broncos

    2:15:03 – Elway rushes for 4-yard TD

    2:19:34 – Chiefs begin game-winning drive

    2:26:00 – Montana throws 5-yard TD pass to Willie Davis

    2:30:00 – Elway is strip sacked on the game’s final play, Chiefs recover

  • Reply Jeremy S October 31, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Thanks. Keep em coming!

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    I remember being a little kid and watching this game in my room way past my bed time! Been a CHIEFS fan ever since GO CHIEFS!

  • Reply SuperPuggus101 November 16, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    John Elway and Joe Montana are my favorite 80's quarterbacks

  • Reply Tom Rocca November 30, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    If you Frankensteined Montana and Elway and called him MontElway……. …MArino would still be 10 times better.

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  • Reply Romel Murdock December 10, 2017 at 3:49 pm

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    This game wasn't Montana vs Elway. It was defense vs defense……….

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    Denver unis looked like a high school team tbh

  • Reply Robert windlinx January 2, 2018 at 4:52 am

    All this hoopla about Brady who has cheated and has been suspended four games. And another improprieties by the New England Patriots by farJoe Montana is the best quarterback I've ever seen play !!!!!!

  • Reply James Tressler January 12, 2018 at 7:44 am

    2:26:22. The bow of respect by John Elway says it all.

  • Reply m. west January 22, 2018 at 11:28 pm

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  • Reply Michael Leon February 1, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Marcus Allen is a true NFL player. He scores, and walks back to the bench. None of this kiddie celebration BS. When he left my Beloved Raiders, I was sad that day. But he is the consummate player. Nice, calm and simply brilliant.

  • Reply lightningsmokerXx February 3, 2018 at 1:19 am

    So the question is :
    Jon Elway or Joe Montana : Who do you think was better overall?

  • Reply Teresa Smith February 5, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Joe cool never lost 3 super bowls now did he so Brady can suck on that.

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    In my opinion, one of the ten greatest games in the history of Monday Night Football.

  • Reply Douglas Delgado May 6, 2018 at 12:05 am


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  • Reply Rodney Duffer July 16, 2018 at 2:51 am

    I was 15 years old and a die hard Cowboys fan from Dallas. I remember watching this gem. Watching Montana vs Elway was like watching Beethoven vs Mozart. Montana may have not been what he was in Frisco but He still had the "it" factor.

  • Reply Robbi D July 31, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Yeah, the pissy PHONY Dan "Mr. self righteous" Dierdoff. Worst so-called commentator ever hired by the lame stream sports media. I'd rather listen to a dog bark the game out rather than listen to him.

  • Reply Robbi D July 31, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Freakin BORING Game. Wasn't much of a QB duel for either QB. No one can run, catch or anything in this game. Bunch of running around with nothing to show for it. Talk about inept performances.

  • Reply Robbi D July 31, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    I hate MNF. always did. That was always the night where every team, no matter how great they were or undefeated they were, decided they couldn't do a damn thing on the field on both sides of the ball. Just the WORST games of the week on that night. Its reason the rating plummeted so low they decided to get off and go to cable.

  • Reply Ryan McCord August 5, 2018 at 5:37 am

    @1:39:10 Quintessential Elway. One could argue he didn't need to, but Montana couldn't make this throw. But this is why I give Elway the edge for best QB ever.

  • Reply HarbingerOfBattle August 9, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    2:05:42 Elway: Time for my game saving drive!
    2:19:11 Montana: Okay Elway, let me show you what a game saving drive REALLY looks like.

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    This looks just as good and probably better than it did when it aired live. Great job NFL people!

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    A masterpiece by Joe Money

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    Waaaaaiiit a minute, Chiefs fans. Lin Eliot misses a 27 yarder in this game? To be fair, Louie Aguilar had a bad hold, and received a bad snap.

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    92.3 = Joe Montana's career passer rating.
    92.4 = average passer rating in the NFL in 2018 through first 4 weeks.

    Think about that one for a minute.

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    Who came here right after the game today October 1st?

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    Still looks weird to this day seeing Joe Montana not in a 49ers uniform

  • Reply Sean S. October 27, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    Well it’s been 25 years since this game, I was 11 years old so don’t really remember much of it but when I saw what happened the last play before halftime I was appalled what happened with all the confusion on the Chiefs side….we’ve never been that great when it comes to figuring out what to do at the end of half lol.

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    No one is talking about wade Phillips. He's still in football. He's seen everything and even he couldn't stop Montana.

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    Those refs threw those flags after almost every play…Slows the game down and makes it boring. Refs piss me off!!!

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    "That was a classic."—Al Michaels

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    I remember this game as a kid. My mom let me stay up late for once to watch the finish of this memorable game. I use to have to go to bed at halftime since the game started later back then. But for that night she knew this game was special. The boys at school were talking about it the next day.

  • Reply SNES drunk December 7, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    No doubt this is a classic but holy crap, so many penalties. Lots of camera time for Jerry Markbreit

  • Reply Buck Futtler December 12, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    not a Giants fan, but man, they can claim to have OWNED joe montana AND tom brady! impressive!

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  • Reply GoGreen1977 February 4, 2019 at 5:25 am

    I have lived in Denver since 1990, but I have rooted for Joe since he joined the 49ners. On the other hand, I do not like John Elway and haven't since the brat refused to play for the Baltimore Colts. This game was the culmination of all my hopes and expectations, even more than the 1990 SB.

  • Reply Michael Donovan February 21, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    montana- elway…two tough old warriors…joe with his bad ribs, elway with his bad knee, still kicking ass…three other players went out with sprains and limps but came back in later…sure miss those days before the sissies took the game over…

  • Reply Jorge Gaytan February 24, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Referees seemed to be more respected back in the days

  • Reply Jorge Gaytan February 24, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    Steeler fan For life, but can't deny,joe Montana was the real prospect of a great QB,and elway was the chuck Norris of the NFL

  • Reply Clint Casey March 9, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    Is Len Elliott dead yet?? I hope…

  • Reply Martin DeLoach April 1, 2019 at 7:59 am

    It's a shameful chiefs, Bill's have so much talent in the 90s and never won a superbowl.

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  • Reply Benjamin Purcell April 8, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Best Chiefs game of all time!

  • Reply Jon M April 27, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    A younger Montana with that Kansas City defense would've been great. They didn't even have James Hasty yet.

    Montana didn't have the quite the same offensive talent and coaching scheme as he had in San Francisco, but he would've taken KC to the Promised Land if he were younger.

  • Reply Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot May 13, 2019 at 12:20 am

    My favorite non-Raiders Monday Night Football game of all time and it's not even close. The last extraction of Montana Magic to help Marty Schottenheimer break his Mile High jinx.

  • Reply The Life Analyst May 19, 2019 at 10:59 pm

    Montana owned elway

  • Reply SingleTax May 26, 2019 at 5:30 am

    It's too bad Kansas City choked in the playoffs, because Super Bowl 29 would not have been the lop-sided yawn-fest it turned out to be if the 49ers had played the Chiefs instead of the Chargers.

  • Reply SingleTax May 31, 2019 at 3:02 am

    1:45:40 – Glyn Milburn couldn't have caught a cold in Alaska barefooted that night.

  • Reply SingleTax June 1, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    1:58:03 – Why the Chiefs chose not to give the ball to Marcus Allen on that play is beyond me.

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    Montana is #1

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    I just want to know the score

  • Reply TheCOWBOYRANCHER June 28, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Dan Marino was great, Peyton Manning was great, Aaron Rodgers is great, Brett Favre was great, John elway was great, Steve young was great, Unitas was great, Drew brees is great, Kurt Warner was great, but Brady and joe Montana are on another level. Montana is still the 🐐.

  • Reply Nick Jasper July 22, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    Best MNF game I ever watched – and why Denver ever changed those uniforms, I'll never know…

  • Reply Snake Oiler 12 July 24, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    The most exciting finish to a Monday night football game ever. Let me say though. 2 great quarterbacks. However neither Montana, Elway, or Brady accomplished what Terry Bradshaw accomplished. 4 Superbowl championships in 6 yrs. How soon people forget.

  • Reply violent shemp July 25, 2019 at 3:21 am

    man did elway have an arm, wow! but bobby douglass had a stronger arm.

  • Reply damian dominion July 26, 2019 at 3:27 am

    I watched this game live as a kid. Legends going at it! One of the best duels between elite quarterbacks in the history of this game!

  • Reply R.L. HEARN July 29, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Did anyone notice the cameraman having the hots for Mrs. Montana. I remember that game well. I was jumping yelling and screaming. My kids thought the house was on fire. Montana was to first true Comeback kid. He most of all was a nice guy. Class act.

  • Reply jdareyah August 6, 2019 at 3:17 am

    This the craziest football game I have ever seen

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    @NFL PLEASE put up more old Elway games.

  • Reply Jett Rink August 16, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Yea I was there drinking Miller Beer… most others were having Coors Lite and Bud

  • Reply Pop Bomb Conspiracy August 18, 2019 at 3:04 am

    2:04:30 – two future hall of famers fumbling on back-to-back plays. Don't see that too often.

  • Reply Schmorgan Heckangard August 19, 2019 at 12:47 am

    Even though my Broncos lost, this is one of the best football games I've ever seen. Elway and Montana were on another level.

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