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CLASS 5A FINALS: Wenonah (11-2) vs. Beauregard (12-1)

August 28, 2019

championship football 5A,
Beauregard arrives along with Wenonah.
To newcomers to the super 7 and we are ready to bring it life to you on Raycom. Welcome to our third and final
game of this Thursday championship game.
It’s the 5A title game with Beauregard and Wenonah, the
dragons and the Hornets. I’m Graham Dunn.
It’s a little bit cooler than we I got the heavy coat on but we
are ready to bring you what should be an exciting game.
Neither of these teams have been This should be an exciting game
because you have got a team full It should be a tremendous
football game and an even matchup.
Is the first of two straight nights .
I’m looking forward to this print you can hear here in the
background there is a great crowd here because of Beauregard being so close by.
This should be a great atmosphere tonight.
We should take a look at a very prolific running back for these
Beauregard Hornets. Let’s talk about Carlos Rogers
first. The quarterback.
He is 90 of 80 attempts.
Eighteen touchdowns. He has rushed for nine
touchdowns. So he’s responsible for 27 of
his scores this year and he’s a great athlete leading the
offense for the Wenonah dragons. Now let’s talk about Damien Web.
He has done everything for Beauregard this year. 2,881 yards.
He has 42 rushing touchdowns and He has to kickoff returns for
touchdowns and he has one interception return for
touchdowns. So Ladamian Webb is been
responsible for 48 touchdowns this season.
We saw an exciting player a moment ago.
Ladamian Webb is in that league. It’s hard to believe that
somebody can top that, Mr. Mr. Dunlap.
We will see how this one works out.
Daniel Jenkins is on the sideline and he she has more
about this crowd. Graham, you are right.
This is all about the crowd because they have been pulling
in the past two hours. If that tells you anything about how excited they are for the
Hornets to be in the championship.
The folks from the Magic city just as excited to have their
school back in the state championship.
If crowd noise has anything to do with that, these folks are
loud and proud and Beauregard has the advantage.
a lot of blue and black and gold Jordan-Hare Stadium.
We will be back in a moment. The figures super 7 appearance
for both of these programs as Beauregard and Wenonah are ready to get it underway.
Star guard will be the home team team.
You see them in the flu. The dragons come in with record
of 11-2 and the Hornets 12-1 under Rob Carter in his third
year. Meanwhile coach Ronald Cheatham, 28 years he’s been the head
coach for the dragons .
He has spent at the school for 29 years and I wasn’t able to
look this up. I was going to try to find it.
I do know if he’s the current longest tenured coach but he has to be the longest and close to
the top four and five in the state.
He’s a nice man and we had a nice conversation with him as we prepared for this game.
He’s excited to be here. The first ever trip for Wenonah
to the championship. And they had a perfect season
back in 1995. They made it to the second round that that is the best that they
have done. Now they’ve got a shot at
winning a title as the kick off by the Hornets will come down — and now at Anthony Hudson, the
ball is on the ground.
A fumble. I think Beauregard has got it. They do.
Beauregard football. I believe that that is Jalen
Pruitt with the recovery. That play just did not start
well at all for Wenonah as the beginning.
He picked it up and he was going .
We will see who pokes the ball out.
Number 26 for Beauregard. Martin is the guy who knocked
the ball away from behind. And then number 11 and
Beauregard is in business early. We put get to see the Hornets
offense first, first and 10 and right off the bat, Ladamian Webb is going to be caught behind the line of scrimmage but he will
stay in bounds around the 25- 25-yard line.
They’ll be a loss of yard as you Only 28 —
Almost 2900 yards for Webb, who is only 5’8″ and weighs about Needless to say he is pretty
quick. He can fly.
I tell you who else can fly, this Wenonah be defense blight
around. Through the middle, touchdown
Hornets. And you see them burst of speed
that he put on once he got through the gap in the line of
scrimmage. He just hit another gear and
wasn’t going to be denied. 25 yards on the carry and a
quick strike by the Hornets. The extra point is good by 7-0 very early after the
turnover by the dragons. More coming up in a moment. A quick to play drive. And they get the Hornets there He is responsible for 27
touchdowns this year. Eighteen bypass and nine by run.
And they do have a thousand yard Telvin Miller, 135 carries,
1,063 yards and ten touchdowns. They balance it out a little bit
bit. The going to try to spread the
field and use their speed and athleticism to get the advantage
advantage. Carlos Rogers does a good job of running this offense.
Miller is in the back, first and 10.
Rogers has to run away from it. He is not going to get away.
He was used for 5 yards on the first play from scrimmage.
I believe that was number two, Jerry McDonald.
They brought him off the outside . Second down and long and that is Miller who carried the ball
across the 22 the 21 and it will You will hear Telvin Miller and portion of Birmingham, almost in Bessemer, midfield in that area
and is considered a Birmingham city school. Never before the super seven and never before a champion. And that will be the first one
of the night. That was read by with the catch, the senior.
And that will move the sticks. Nice job by Rogers finding the
open receiver .
Just a little soft touch pass out on the right side.
Is able to get to the sticks and down and Wenonah got a little
bit more breathing room and maybe a little bit of the
nervousness knocked off. I was wondering about that
because obviously a huge fan you .
Sometimes it does play a little bit of a role.
We will see if they do settle down. Miller following has blocker.
I believe that that was Ladamian That’s right.
He will obviously be on the defensive side.
Your top player, you you try not this time of year, you’re going
to play your best the matter who .
Graham, you mentioned the venue, large crowd.
I remember the from Hoosiers, the movie.
And the coach of guy jump on his tape that is Miller, .
He said what is it. He said what is it back in
Hickory. It is 10 feet, coach.
That is just a simple reminder that this football field is a
hundred yards long. To keep your focus here, then
you guys will be okay and sometimes it just has to get a
few plays in the game before these guys realize that they are playing football just like
normal and stop letting other
things distract them. They need a yard on third down
and here comes the flag. That is delay of game.
That is up costly penalty. Delay of game against the
offense. Third down. We’re going to try to get to the starting lineup here for Wenonah
momentarily. There in the white and are the
visiting team tonight. You can’t miss the yellow pants.
They are bright. We will try to turn off the
lights to see how bright they are.
I guarantee you —
Third and 6. And down goes Rogers.
That is number 14, and they finished off that fact as they
chase Rogers from the pocket.
One of the Feaster brothers, you The first guy to get there was a Jay Smith and he did time for
Feaster and his teammate, number So a punting situation for the
dragons a 26-yard punt and about
a 10-yard return for Robinson. Take a timeout.
The Hornets leading early in the First and 10 for Beauregard. At the 48-yard line of Wenonah.
7:06 as we start this drive and
there goes that man again, Webb.
Let’s go down to Daniel. You mention the Feaster brothers
brothers. We saw the sideline come in
handy .
Hunter Feaster was taken and there in the splint on his left
leg it looks like it might be a knee.
I’m not quite sure. The didn’t mobilize him in and I believe he is headed toward the
locker room and he was on crutches and not putting any
weight on that. We will have to wait and see .
That is a tough one for
Beauregard. So he is out apparently Hunter
insect combine and lead the team Zach is the linebacker.
That is close to another first down.
Might be half a yard short. And we will see if he’s able to
come back. Already 48 yards for Ladamian
Webb. Third and less than a yard. The handoff, another first down the 20.
That time it was number 5 with the carry.
There is the quarterback that is that has 12 touchdowns
passing and I believe another
dozen or so touchdown rushing. There goes Web bouncing outside.
Good containment by the dragons.
Knocks him out of bounds for may Webb did a good job just to get
what he did. He bounced off about three
different people. Second and 9. Webb again, somebody gets him
from behind and slings him down to about 13.
A believe that that was number eight with a tackle.
That is the linebacker. 4 yards on the planet be third
and 6. We will split three, maybe 4
wideouts. He will come to the near side
and cuts it to the middle. That will give them two and 3
3 yards and that will not be enough for the first down. They could be in range and we
are going to try to get a first down here.
There are also going to — They just did .
What a rough start for the dragons.
Ryan Richardson the defensive tackle.
He know that an adrenaline has to be pumping like crazy. 5-yard penalty.
And that is a first down. And coach Cheatham is saying
we’ve got to get them working a little bit harder here. They will get down to maybe the
six. He went farther than I thought
he was going to go to rep a moment. There is the flag.
He still gets to the 2. And it is going to come back.
You saw the whole, maybe. So that will March the Hornets
back based on where the flag is
playing and 15 for the 25. It high school football, the
penalty for holding is marked off from the spot of the foul.
Like the collagen pros. So it’s going to be second and
goal from the 25. Three wideouts the left and one
to the right. They move Webb this time to the
left side. A 12 man rush from Wenonah.
Quarterback draw. The ball is out.
Picked up by Miller. It is a foot race. They are not going to get him.
Touchdown. How about that for a turnaround.
A scoop and score. 75 yards. That ought to get them going and he turned into one right
there. I suppose they’re going to get
knocked out there on the hit. A believe it was two.
I believe it was Williams, number 58.
A think you might be right .
You are correct, sir. That is up player that coach One of his cheerleaders on the
defensive side of the ball. He comes up with a big play.
A forced fumble right there and just like that , we are an extra
point away. I think that they will go for 2. Or will they.
I believe that they’re going to to kick. So they will try to tie the game with 2:44 left in the first
quarter. Another straight on kicker.
We’ve had a couple of those this With one turnover, a scoop and
score as you call it, Wenonah is game.
Those results come as a result of turnovers. One directly and one indirectly. Let’s see if that helps the
dragons settled down a bit. They went to 707 to Hoover,
which is one of the top camps in Coach Cheatham spearheaded what
they’re going to do this fall. The workouts, it makes sense.
It is obvious when you win something like that.
That is a pretty prestigious win win.
Very, definitely. The got to go to a national or
regional competition and play against some big names and they
perform very well. They just gave them some
confidence. That is Webb come I believe, who will return it to the 40.
It will be first down at that
point. They have just run with that
momentum. And it is the laws earlier this
season the Briarwood where they will ran a gadget play at the
end of the game and was able to come back and win.
Ironically they played Briarwood At the end of the game late in
the fourth quarter, Lola ball hold the score was 14-8.
They were had a Briarwood and I
fully expected to get it to set something up against Briarwood
and that come back to win the game 13-15 again.
They didn’t play too close games Briarwood and repeated by them
last week and get here to Auburn A 9-yard carry, second and one. Here he comes again skipping
along and getting across the 45 down to the 43. We mentioned earlier today, very Sanders. Amy Webb had kind of a very
Sanders move. They did a little jump step move and very Sanders had happened
when he played. As the same question again and
we wonder how many of these players might remember him very
Sanders and he’s consider one of time. We have a timeout against the
defense. Going back to what you’re saying Sometimes it takes you a little
while. When you get started with the
momentum like they had, talking about Wenonah again, it is
pretty amazing. And that was the third game of
the season. They had some big wins at the
end of the year. And the Hornets have been very
impressive. Their loan loss —
There goes Webb and he is close to the first down.
I think that he might be a half a yard short this Beauregard
group come as is attacked his several coaches this week that
it had to go through region one and that being the mobile area
down in South Alabama , and
Beauregard was another one of those that had to do that to get here to Auburn. And they defeated Jackson last
week to get here. The perennial power down there. And it is a tough plays to play
for visitors and they win when it
got a winning start of faith in the game to pull away.
And here they are playing for their first title. We are under a minute to go in
the first quarter. And when you look at the stats,
I’m sure that you are going to notice —
Through think it is been dominated by ball reportedly
look at the scoreboard. 7-7 .
Webb again, first down to the 15 15. And he’s already got 20 carries, 16 carries and we put get in and at least one more play.
Something tells me he will carry The going to write that ball as
far as they can. And why not. And he is going to lose a couple of yards back to the 16 they
tried to limit — To 15-20 carries, they got the
playoffs they jumped on the horse and started writing and he has had a bunch of carries.
Will talk more about that as we reach the end of the first order
order. Beauregard takes advantage of a
turnover and so does Wenonah. Back with more at Jordan-Hare
Stadium and in a moment. We start the second quarter at a 7-7 tie. Ladamian Webb is 18 carries, 97
97 yards in the first quarter. The tackle out there on the edge
edge. I think the Wenonah player may
have suffer the wrath of that as legs out and may have a shoulder Whatever he is, he is in a lot
of pain. And they do not need to lose him
him. Unfortunate we understand with
giving you the report on an injury for Beauregard are we
will try to get you an update. He went low to make that tackle
and kind of took good need to decide that they had about that
your whole of his helmet. It’s stunned him, some pretty
sure that they’re going to put him through some kind of program called to make sure he is okay
to continue. So third and 12. Beauregard trying to break the 7
7-7 tie in the early stages of the second quarter .
Holmes looking into the end zone What a nice defensive play.
That is Anthony Hudson with the
pass breakup and that will bring if they decide to kick it or go
for it. I don’t see any movement of the
kicking team it looks like they
are going to use that new tent that we’ve been talking about
some this week. I think that you are right.
The going to give them — I don’t know what it’s all an
ball. The protocol.
They’re going to ask a lot of questions.
They have a specific set of questions it they go through
that they really examine. And it will be a sack. Won’t be good news for
Beauregard here. That is going to and the threat
and Wenonah holds on fourth down
down. Good coverage downfield.
It allowed the rest of finally down for the sack.
Excuse me, does not Carlos Rogers.
That is Holmes. I got the wrong quarterback on
the wrong side of the ball. That’s quite all right.
You are allowed one of those a quarter.
That’s good. I that is good.
I got that one out of the way. It’s just not right, they should carryover. I think that leap field is on
board for that. We will have to ask.
Here is Rogers and the offense for the dragons.
First and 10.
He is looking to throw and spins It’s going to be a hold and he
is going to throw it away. That will go against the dragons all the way back to the 12. It is a major distance penalty. If you have for the penalty is
marked off from, it will be half Of taken down to about the 6-
the 6-yard line. So that is basically a 16-yard
penalty because the ball
originally present at the 22. The penalty was 10 yards behind Half the distance to the goal.
First down. They officially said the 7-yard
line. So the 19-yard line penalty. It has been slim pickings for so far for the Wenonah offense. And he will get up to the 25,
and about six more and he got
through the gap and he got through a couple of tackles.
And was able to get a big run. And he put his team back in a
second position. He came in with just under —
He has got 11 right now with the Rogers in.
It in trouble again. Down he goes. And that is 28, DJ Smith, with a sack.
And with authority. He make sure that Carlos Rogers
wasn’t going to slip away from him. Watch him.
He’s going to get by his man. He’s going to get a handful of
Jersey and say you work going down, brother.
That’s pretty much a ball rush right there.
He pretty much win over Anthony Brown, the right guard.
So all the way back to the 16- 16-yard line.
Third and 17 so they made up a
bunch of that yardage on the penalty, but then they lose it
again. I think we are going to get a
time out by Wenonah. We’ve got time on the offense. Third and 17, deep in their own
territory. The got to get to the third two
for first down. Now they’re going to add five
more. That is Abercrombie.
I did not — The front 64 Wenonah has got a
hand in at left Fitzsimmons is at center and Anthony Brown and
Abercrombie with the right guard
of the right tackle respectively respectively.
Third and 22. And Rogers finds a man and is
complete. And that was a little Rob route. He got him loose it is a little
bit of that on his own to get some extra tackle.
And people go to Daniel to get an injury update in just a
second. Let’s check out the punt from
Rogers. Beauregard since too deep to They’re going to let it roll.
It is going to roll well four Wenonah.
It will stop at the 30-yard line Daniel, what can you tell us?
The Beauregard defense comes up with the stop with their.
They will be working the rest of They got an industry close and
do have that link still in a brace.
They will be working the rest of over and get him support.
It’s good to see him out here with this team.
You have to feel for the young man.
He is a Junior and will be back next year.
This is what you work for in this game.
Unfortunately for him, he.>>Going to play the rest of the night.
He will be there cheering his teammates on.
First and 10, Webb pretty will not get away from that tackle.
Will they say he was down? He was still trying to get away.
He had not gone down and just couldn’t fight loose.
Simmons is over there with the stop.
Second and 12.
The clock is moving. We’ve got over eight minutes
left Holmes to Webb. That was strung strong out well
by the That will pick up about 3 but it looked like it was going to be
more. I think the became and the legs
out from under Ladamian Webb so it will be third and 10.
All of a sudden Beauregard’s have a little trouble offensive
lay. They didn’t get that ball deep
in Dragon territory for came up empty.
These last couple of plays have netted nothing. 17 yards on the play and he had
to pay cab fare on that one. He just bounced off and he keeps driving here.
You can see the strength of Green hit him pretty hard and I
think it just bounced right off of him.
The first carry of the night for That is Jacob Calloway.
He is a 6-foot Junior and gets
about 6 yards. It will be second and 4. He does get tired but only after about 45 carries.
Twenty actually. I underestimated a little bit. Second and 4. That is Calloway. Calibrate got stood up in the
crowd and anytime you do that, you’re wearing kind of a
bull’s-eye for somebody and he got knocked down pretty hard.
How about this for a difference. Web came into the game tonight,
260 carries. Calloway 69.
That is roughly 200 more carries You normally don’t see that many more between the top two running backs .
Homes will take it himself and picked up the first down right
around the 42-43-yard line. You talked about it earlier,
Mike. Webb has an carried the ball
more than 15 or 20. It doesn’t mean he’s at 15 or 20 touches.
That was before the playoffs. In the playoffs from the cares
of increase. A think you .
At least 35 times last week at Jackson.
Maybe 40 times last week at Jackson. G Avanti Williams, that’s the
second big play that he has made Ladamian Webb is in tremendous
physical condition and that is why he can do that.
He’s just one of those kids were tremendous physical shape that
they are not afraid to give him the ball at times. You also understand that he is
trying to make a play looking downfield.
He will throw it in the flat and blocking.
First down and more .
A well executed screen , a wide
receiver screen. That was old rocket screen .
You remember from Notre Dame, they made that play famous.
By throwing out to the receiver and him running back underneath
his blocking on the screen coming out there.
That block that perfectly and got into the middle of the field
field. Something like that.
Something. Web right side spinning off the
tackle. Ball comes out again and it is
picked up by Wenonah and they have got it back.
Another turnover gives it back
to the dragons. Anthony Hudson.
I believe he fumbled the opening it with the fumble recovery and
the dragons avoid more trouble. 3:43 to go in the first half. He is the one that caused the
fumble the gives the break in the football.
It was Anthony Hudson with the recovery. How about the 38 yards of total
offense so far for the dragons. Evidently somebody move early. So first and 15 for the 29. It is December 1. You know that you have got to be proud of your team because they
have thwarted a couple of drives themselves in the foot when they had the football. First and 15.
Rogers throws went over the middle of the plate.
He was getting ready to cut. It was number 12, Brown. That might be the finest natural
turf field and all of America. It is not the grass .
A quick pass complete. That is will Moore.
That is enough for first down. That is a lot of the success of
Wenonah’s offense. Being able to make the rose and
hitting the scenes and Rogers is he has time to throw.
He can pick the defense apart. Moving to:40, first down. And I believe that is Miller.
By number 40 for Beauregard.
A believe that that is horn.
It is a yard gain in the — Inside Beauregard territory. One back set. That was off the receiver’s
hands. Also a great defensive hit. He like that.
Coming from the backside, making He’s probably having —
Is right in the midsection. So third and nine. Here comes the rush and whistles
whistles. There is one on this side. May be he an early jump. And it will not be enough for
the first down. That may be the case.
The officials are now having a little bit of a powwow. Encroachment against the defense
defense. I couldn’t see who was.
Think whoever was on this left and never here, think they may
have gotten a little bit of a jump, pits and now third and 4.
That got to get to the 40. And another conversation they
had to put another second up on the clock. Can’t even kick to estimate
however many there are. That is all lot.
That is a fact. Look at that.
That is a great crowd. Rogers takes off, first down.
He will go down to the 28. We have not seen that yet
tonight and it comes with a big play, a pickup of 16.
Coach told us he had the ability pressure. And he finally sees the whole
and runs through it. It is good yardage and he
finishes it off for the deepest penetration yet for the one on
offense. Based on his mannerisms, he was
almost suppressed of a whole was Inside the 31st down.
The clock is moving, becoming a factor .
Rogers again. He has got blocking out in front of him.
This time he will get to the 20 and is close to the first down. Now they stop the clock. I do think it is enough for
first down as they move the chains. Wenonah has one timeout left. Did I mentioned they had about
30 yards of offense before this drive .
That has changed on this drive. We are under a minute and a half
half. Not much for Telvin Miller. I just noticed that I saw on the last run.
I want you to look at the shoes of Rogers.
I noticed those and I was going to wait for the right time
because we we’re going to get Danielle and assignment to tell
us how many colors does have.
They are colorful. Timeout Beauregard. A little bit of a break here for the dragons.
Those shoes, think you got appear of a pair of those. I think the answer is no. Those are the Rambo shoes.
There definitely colorful. I kind of like those boots
better. The fans here are having a ball
is you would accept — Expect in the super 7.
This is been fun. This is our third game today and we have three more tomorrow as
we people close out.
It’s been a very interesting first two days of super seven
championships. Last night Hoover 1 7A and
number 12 for the buccaneer program. People have 13 tomorrow and
Maple still with the third consecutive championship but
went over Pickens County.
So far it is those teams and one to the record up state champions
champions. Second and 6. They couldn’t get the defensive
lineman —
This is the best defensive drive
drive. Earlier in the night we talk
about how any 12 yards they had for offense.
It started with the turnover, the second of the night against
Beauregard. And then another one here, where he gets away and is able to get
another first down. There is magic in those shoes. I notice the color a little bit
earlier in the game. I got a really good look at that and I thought those things are
bright. So you are in the business and I
understand the main realize that sponsors.
So maybe I am a little out of the league.
Nike has self adjusting shoes. They plays themselves.
There is went out there and they Some kind of special edition.
Just like Marty McFly. That is what it is in
celebration of. Second and 6 over the middle.
Touchdown. What a nice throw and catch for
Wenonah. Anthony Hudson, he is the one
that started the drive with the fumble recovery and he finishes
it with a touchdown over the
middle. Out well thrown ball right on
the money. Good hands .
It was good hands from Hudson to into
the end zone for the score. And the dragons get a chance to
go up here 14-7 .
15 yards on that play a high
snap. That is no good.
That one went right and we will see how that plays into the
outcome. You never like to —
You never like to do that when you miss an extra point.
Why not up at the first lead of the night. We have got a chance to join
Christina chambers. She will have some guests as
well as from the school here .
Just about every points point scored in
the second half —
It is covered at the 46. This 14 seconds, which is not a
lot of time. We will see what coach Carter
decides to do. They have a timeout remaining They bring three receivers left
and one to the right. And he gets out of the tackle.
Lookout. 20-yard line.
Fifteen. First down.
More seconds left. They can call a timeout here .
The Clark — The clock will start.
39 yards on the run. He avoids that a tackled there. Fifty-eight , all the way down
the field .
How but a hundred 54 yards in the first half. Also has the long score for the
Hornets. Now you have got time for one
play. I see the snapper working over
here. It looks like they might be
going to attempt the field-goal. That is going to be about 32, 33
yards. And I am guessing that is what
they are going to do here. So you here at it not see him,
how important it is. It is because Wenonah missed the
extra point. When you have a good kicking
game, it is a weapon .
It is a detriment. They are going to send in the
kicker. He is a Junior. And that is where the half is
going to and. And they will take it in on two
plays. They take up 13-7 lead. If you are ready, go ahead.
That final drive at the end, the was Beauregard getting on the
one that was working. That gave our cornerback a
chance to see downfield. There were things are putting up and they were able to pull it
back up. The got to be more consistent in the second half. Hopefully we can continue that .
He is a great football player. Coach Cheatham, I mentioned
before the first couple of plays plays. The dragons they do 13-7 here at the break.
That got a good job on Web although they’ve done hundred 50
yards but a big passed play near the first half.
That gives the dragons the lead at halftime. It is halftime here. What a pleasure it is to have
you. This is your first year back as
a proud sponsor of the athletic Association.
What made you want to come back and be a part of these student
athletes. for some time we were involved
like you said earlier. We do like it was something that was good for the state of
Alabama and away for us to get back to the citizens and also
the student athlete in the state This is one thing you don’t have to pick sides —
Obviously you’ve played football What do you think it meant to
play inside Jordan-Hare Stadium
or Bryan-Denny Stadium. I think that is probably a
memory that they will carry with That is something that will be
special to them. They will look back on this day
for a long time and it will be special.
Getting on the insurance side of you guys have a very
important project and that will
benefit your customers. We are in the middle of a
project , and it will give us an
opportunity to be better equipped to serve our customers.
We will have a better policy procedure, claims procedure, and billing procedure.
We are excited about where we are and we just introduced pilot
centers and that is going very well and we plan to have that
introduced by 2017. What will that mean for your
customers I think the biggest
thing, gives them the ability to with more ease,
doing business and feeling more comfortable.
And may be easier to understand. Sometimes insurance can be a
complicated thing. That is for sure.
Storms akin to the other day, you have a lot of claims they
are. What do you want to save your
customers who you customers who you know are still waiting to
file a claim or where do they need to go.
The kind of information do they need to proceed to get those
started. As of today, we had taken 550
claims within the three states. Of summer has a claim that is
not been filed yet, certainly they can contact their local
office or the 800 number in Montgomery the file a claim 24-7
24-7. So they are available to take
information and have the claims process get started.
And before we go, you are a football player yourself .
Does a bring back memories be
here at the super 7 playoffs? Absolutely..
Lacy somewhat envious that these
things didn’t exist back when I played.
That was about 40 years ago. It’s just a platform —
The platform is outstanding. And of the student athletes are
very proud that you’re a sponsor carries on here year after year.
Thank you so much. Don’t go anywhere.
We’ve got a great game in the class 5A championship game.
Wenonah on top of Beauregard 13- 13-7.
Stay with us. We will be back. It was incredible for many years and we just want to make it
better. You have ten corporate sponsors.
This event doesn’t happen overnight.
How much planning goes into it ?
I’m sure he is that matches yesterday or the day before that
that. Is who’s redone Auburn this year
year, we will start playing for Tuscaloosa next year.
Billy for six months he been working in the last three months he been working nonstop in
Birmingham in our office or
Montgomery or here. It takes a lot of people in a
lot of effort including Auburn University at Opelika tours some
some, the two communities here and it cannot happen without the communities and the support of
the University. Let’s talk about some of the
hardware that the student athletes get that if the
runners-up runners have yet. We’ve added a few things to try
to give these kids experience. We try to replicate what the
college’s are doing. The champions get state
championship hats. The heads are provided by —
Each get bag.
That ALDOT provides with a safe driving pledge on the back.
Every participant gets that. Every player , around 1300, they
get many helmets. That will be in there.
In the kids room small the coaches and managers.
They get a lot of things collegiate level.
When you think that means for them to come here.
The ultimate goal is to get a blue map.
Just to get the whole experience What do you think that means to
them. We see the hats all around and
that is for the winners. The kids are here and even to
get that didn’t make get here, they’re all really winners .
Is the best out of her. We hear all the time that they
enjoy it at all these things, it Not many states in the country
and don’t believe are doing things at this level.
Thanks to coach of nights go Association, we’re able to make
these things possible. The corporate partners really
drive the ship when it comes to us being able to do those things
things. So we have a full lineup
tomorrow with 2A, 4A, and 6A game —
Could check of the schedule on
We are also streaming the game’s home or want to check out the
game on Twitter. First we’ve got a great game
here in class 5A could we know that 13-7, giving them the lead
going into the half, we will be right back.
The score is 13-7. the AHSAA is committed to safety play with player and privacy.
They partnered with Coca-Cola, CBS, bring to medical tends to
the super seven is here for joining me is Lynn Burnett with
Coca-Cola. Thanks for stopping by.
We appreciate your time. Tell us about how this
partnership was developed .
Thank you, Danielle. Coca-Cola is a proud to partner
with the athletic Association. An on court bring this venue to
Jordan-Hare Stadium to get these in the unfortunate event
that they have to injury and they can
have the privacy. We did, because it is a CVS
location or across the state and Recover with the proteins
Brandon drink. And just it’s natural for us to
bring it together and get these kids and families to go to CVS
and pick up there. And it is just one of the best
bit promotions we’ve ever done a all of this in
Tuscaloosa and Montgomery and just bring everybody together.
It is great to see this thing coming to fruition and see coach talk about and our friends at
CVS talk about it. We want to be up the sidelines
and in the stands , refreshing
hydrating and recovering for everybody.
We are proud be a part of this. We appreciate the efforts and
your time this evening. Thank you so much.
Back to you guys. All right, welcome back here to
the halftime presentation, as the Beauregard Brandis on the
field. We’ve been enjoying the bands
all week. Anthony wells is done a great
job is Wenonah coming off a disastrous start this game.
It was a disastrous start because they came to regard the
ball deep in their territory. They just or in knowledge that
they are 7-0. They’re back on their heels
little bit. Than the second quarter, Wenonah
came alive into the turnover to get them back in the game. That got them right back in the
thick of things. They score with marketing
seconds left. Beauregard did it with a field
goal and they got closer. That is why it is 13-7.
We will pick look from at some of the
miscues. They’re a bunch of them on both
sides. It was botched at the beginning
and then Pope put from behind. And Beauregard is able to take
it Vantage. This is what and she got them
into the flow of things. Telvin Miller.
There is another strip. This gave Wenonah the ball.
That almost turned it right back Went down and then they were
able to drive down the field. ‘S you look at yardage to
turnovers and look at the points this game has come off turnovers
turnovers. Look at the tackles for loss. One point about 104 yards for
when one on appeared most of the came on one drive.
They had roughly 35 yards going into the final possession, which they took the lead and you
wouldn’t know what if you look to score how this game started.
So a great job by the dragons. They didn’t let that start get
them. And here they are at halftime 7. They want so badly to get in
this ballgame and it started the Their offense can get back on
track. And get some excitement going
with all the blue and gold that is here below us tonight.
You think that is a big crowd? Wait until tomorrow night. Again, it is Birmingham versus
Opelika, just like we have tonight.
A couple of years ago, when they championship, everything was
2012. I understand, was not prepared
his tenth there was close to 40,000 between 30 and 40,000
people here at Jordan-Hare Stadium.
I look for that tomorrow night because we were a block —
Opelika and a path there Stadium Stadium.
I thought the capacity as there we’re people everywhere.
A look for their to be really large crowd plus a big Friday
night. He will be a lot of people who
just come from the general area and not necessarily from Opelika but not from too far away just
to see that ballgame and that will be a great atmosphere here
tomorrow night. We’ve had a great atmosphere all day today.
We still got a half of the football game to play in this
one. As you tried when the first
championship for this man who has put in his dues.
He has been a stalwart. Let’s check in with Danielle.
Coach Carter, turnovers is the story in the first half.
We are moving the well and put it on the ground.
They have capitalized a touchdown.
Playing pretty good. And we’ve got to be able to
expound on that and throw the ball.
Your offense has been able to move the ball but on the last
drive, they put that Wenonah dragons that.
What was the break down on the defensive side.
We have miscommunication and we had a linebacker in coverage and they did a good job with the
quarterback got outside and back Got to do a better job of
containing him and making sure our eyes are on key. He when you start off, we see
this a lot. Get up to great start.
Sometimes you relax a little bit I wonder if some of that was the case in this first half.
They were having so much success Maybe they got a little bit to
relax. I want to use the term come
placement it a think that they got a little over relax and over comfortable with what they were
doing and maybe lost some of the beginning of the game.
They’ve got to get that back in the second half.
They’ve got the guide do it. As Web rushing hundred plus come under 50 plus yards bursting of
the tent out before we get the second have kicked off.
It’s the 5A championships, 13-7 Wenonah on top. We are just a couple minutes
away from the kickoff in the second half. Coach Rob Carter to go for this
program and we haven’t talked about this but to be quite
freight, Beauregard football was Up until about 2006.
They were homecoming opponent for a lot of people for a long
time. And all of a sudden, Smitty
Grider got that and that is when He can there from Opelika and
started to lead the program in the right direction and got the
facilities going and got everything going in the right
direction over there. Now look where they are. They’re playing for a
championship tonight. I think Beauregard may have
recovered this time. Their fortune right there is
that ball popped out Johnson
came up with recovery. I don’t know what is in the
water. We got off to a pretty good
start. I know we had a couple of
turnovers but not like this and not like that 1A game. That was almost the repeat start of the first half, just in
reverse pretty could almost to the air go out up the coaching
staff from the Beauregard side lineman that hit the ground.
First and 10, 32. They barely got that playoff. Cuts it inside and he will get
close to midfield to do pick up about 15 yards on the first play from scrimmage.
He is nearing the same record in third quarter.
He ate some turf and he will clean it out out of the front
his helmet. First and 10 at the 48. They will try them up the middle this time and he gets tripped
right at midfield. It was number 8 that made make
that tackle. So he’s still got about 5 yards.
I tell you what. Two games in a row weeks seem to pretty incredible running backs. And not that it matters much but neither one of them or 6 feet
tall, not even close really .
They will try the far side this time.
And he is chased down. And then Williams who I’m going
to hire him as a runner. It is Williams who ran down He is not a small fella pretty
weighs about 250 pounds, 240 to be exact.
Watching come from the backside. He is just going to run Ladamian Webb down and catch him just as
he tries to cut off field. They list him as a nose guard.
I played nose guard and I couldn’t do that.
I know that is hard for you to believe.
Third and about 4 .
Another carry for Webb.
I think that they’re going to give it to him.
They just have to get beyond the Wait a minute.
First down. I thought I learned my lesson
about officiating a couple of weeks ago. He takes a little wild to get
out. I’m a slow learner, as you well
know. Webb again.
That is his fourth carry pretty sidesteps the tackle but there
is helped along the way for the dragons.
I wonder how it feels to grab him did you think you have got
and you come up empty. He will take a breather as he
comes to the near sideline and
he will be replaced by Jacob
Calloway, second and 3 .
First down, he is following his blockers inside the 30 to the 20
20. Have a feeling that Rob Carter
probably when into the locker room and some are not going to
do anything fancy here. He will hold onto the football,
we will get it into the end zone zone.
Just keep moving the pile and so
far that is what they have done. Sure this lineman were
encouraged little bit. Calloway on the counter.
Running through tackles. He got close to another third
down. He will be a yard short.
But this has been where these drives have stalled for the
Hornets. They have got to get past this
area of the field. That a penalty or bad snap or
something go wrong. And this time Holmes is going to keep it himself.
There is a flag thrown on the field.
I don’t know what that means. Of my just beware it ended up.
Something tell me this might be against Beauregard.
Or is the sideline warning? They signal first down. We’ve got a sideline warning
against the defense. That’s their first sideline
morning. Okay.
That is what our official through the flag off the field.
It was on the sideline. I’m starting to learn that.
That is usually a sign.
First and 10 at the 18. Opening possession of the second half.
To the 10, to the 5 him and driven back. And just good hard running for
Ladamian Webb. They’re having a lot of success
with that make struck — Misdirection play and be a guy
in motion across and then they give up back on the ball cut
back play and their opening some And Ladamian Webb is hitting
those holes. First and goal from the 6.
Webb touchdown. Great job opening a whole up the middle of the field and into the end zone goes Ladamian Webb. So we are tied an update extra
.., yup from Mendoza. Under the tournament.
I believe that set the record. The extra point is good.
And Beauregard is back on top and the does set the record for
5A , back in 2005 with 194 yards.
That man right there now owns
the 5A championship record. We are just getting started in
the second half. 8:16 to go third quarter.
A one point lead for the Hornets Hornets. Stop by any Baumhowers location
cross Alabama and puts some help A big drive therefore Beauregard and they take the lead with the
extra point. 14-13 is our score.
And Winona will have it for the first time in the second half. The return taken by Brown.
The take it over to the 33. Where the dragons will have that first and 10. This is decent first half for
them. Was made possible by the last
drive. They’ll they had 37 yards prior
to that last drive and they were down the field.
It was the first time. Had successful plays all night
that ended up and a touchdown. Part of the success had to do
with Rogers ability to run with the football, and we had not
seen that much. Police said the game clock to 8:
8:07 pits it will see what they can do with this first
possession, now down a point. So Rodgers is the quarterback . And they will keep it going left
left. It is the corner and picks up
about 5 or maybe 6 before he is run out of bounds.
Good job of Beauregard running that out and running to the
sidelines before it got to be too large up again.
Ronald Cheatham, direct instructions to his quarterback ,
37-yard line, second and about 6 about 6.
He has got wide outs, two of
them to the left side and three
on this side. He was the one that was supposed to get the pass.
He never turned. That was nearly an interception Graham, we just got word on
another record for Ladamian Webb Webb.
He just moved into second plays
all time in the single-season
rushing list for the state of Alabama.
With that touchdown run he went to 3,080 yards and broke the
record of candle Kendall Gibson of
Ellis fill. That young man was a heckuva
running back. He still not really approaching
the overall record .
Let’s see what Rogers can do when third down.
I tell you what can do. He can get a first down at the
45. That is the saving grace for the dragons offense.
When they are getting in trouble trouble, he is making plays. Ronald Cheatham told Danielle at halftime, he said we’re finally
able to open up the Lane for him when he is able to see those
lanes to run through, he is able scrambling and he did it again
right there. First and 10 at the 45. And that is Miller and he is
into Beauregard territory.
One of the straight running plays for the night for when
owner. Really business as thing as it
off tackle play anymore because you have got guys pulling one
way or the other. That is about as close as you
are going to find right there. They 51 out there leading way
for Simmons.
Second and 4. They will do it again bouncing
outside. Good containment for Beauregard. And they move at about the 46.
He’s going to be short of the first down. By about a yard and not even
that he doesn’t have quite get to the 45 , so about three
quarters of the yard .
Something tells him as they have not get it here. In light of about seven or eight across, Miller bounces and
fighting that the going to give
them forward progress. I don’t think it is going to be
enough. He Québec to the line of
scrimmage and that is about it. A great pursuit by the defense.
I thought that they would go for A think that they do as well.
They’re sending in a play from the sideline.
Watch this penetration from the Beauregard line.
They would not let him get away. DJ Smith got the first
penetration. Fourth and less than a yard.
They are going to throw it. Rogers in trouble running. There is a flag. This is probably going to be a
hold. You are right.
He got the first down, I believe believe.
They’re looking at the spot right now. Apparently he stepped down right around the yard to gain.
Now, if he is short , obviously
cute find the penalty. Look at that spot .
He apparently stepped out before So they’re going to decline this penalty.
We’ve got a hold against the defense. First down Beauregard.
It was going to be either way. Let’s see .
For small it believe hold was on There was his foot.
It went out of bounds right there.
And he was just short of the stick so first and 10 at the 46
for the Hornets. And the Ladamian Webb show
continues. I tell you.
Sometimes the official said to be careful that blow the whistle too quick .
He just keeps churning and a couple of times he’s broken
loose. That is a big no-no and
officiating, the early whistle. And somebody tripped him up and
saved about 20 more yards. Or maybe more than that.
Six points. He was getting in the third
level and he is was about two hit
that year he has that very few other people have.
That is a first down. At that when owner 40. Web again.
If you are not careful to me you part of the field as I did right there and was actually three or
four or 5 yards ahead of where I I think I did the same thing
that you did. Out of know it is nickname is
that I am calling him the Phantom from this time forward. Danielle is telling us —
But are being is his nickname. How about that. Here comes a flag.
A think this one make go against And probably for holding.
But are being. How about that.
By the way, when I saw his name. I’ve heard about him.
And never had really had a chance to talk to anybody
including Ralph Carter about Ladamian Webb.
The first thing that came to mind was pretty obvious.
I know a lot of people if you know anything about East Alabama and Beauregard football, — Hold against the offense. Replaced second down.
Ladamian Webb played at Beauregard back in the early 20
hundreds. And that he went on to his time
at Southern Miss and now he is one of the top players in the
NFL for the Baltimore Ravens. According to coach Carter, he is not can to Ladamian Webb.
Holmes first down. A nice run right there by homes.
That is a pickup of some 18 18 yards and they will move the
sticks again. To finish the story as we finish his run again and some pretty
good daughter downfield blocking Said that web is really helping
out with the program right there .
And he is definitely involved. He said there are very
appreciative of that for the
program. This time he was caught at the
backfield and he might’ve lost a Twenty-one to go in the first
quarter. A one point lead and that lead
is due to a missed extra point by Winona. Second and we will still call it
10 at the 34-yard line. Homes got company in the
backfield. That is the only guy that
matters in command from behind to make a tackle, they will grab them and keep them to a minimal
game. Simmons is the white linebacker. So third and eight.
That I have no doubt that they are in for down territory here . A four wideouts split either way
way. Thought about it and instead he
is short. He gets to the 26 .
Hudson comes up to make the tackle.
Williams also there a little their said coming in for
Beauregard right now on this fourth and short.
Of the Callaway there. We might see a direct snap.
The wildcat. He is going to have the first
down here the 20. He only needed 24.
First time we’ve seen him run that play tonight.
And it worked. They brought and an extra
offensive lineman as well as some beefier guys to believe
leave that play. Ladamian Webb does his job and
the drive continues. And homes returns .
Clock at 1:15 and counting. He breaks another and will get
back to the line of scrimmage for the could’ve been a huge
loss. It was close to being a big loss and just the sheer effort of He lost a shoe as a matter of
fact. Richardson had him, he thought gain on the play.
Did lose issue. Left side pushing the pile.
Will get a couple when they are finished with that.
Another helmet off so another third down coming up inside the
19-yard line.. We have got 28 seconds left in
what is been a pretty quick third quarter.
It is a brisk third quarter, as I like to say.
They’re playing like they are double parked.
Most people don’t even know what to come up with something else. That is an old Skip Carey line,
by the way. I tell you what.
Back of almost then nothing. Can’t Thomas work hard for those 6 yards.
It will be fourth down and about 2.
And we’ve come to the end of the A good one for Beauregard.
They take a 14-13 lead into the final stanza.
More coming up in a moment. 14-13 Beauregard and they’ve got a fourth and about 2 to maintain
this drive inside when Wenonah
territory. He got the first down and he
wants more. He will get that to the 3.
How about that .
Before that carry, he had about 223-yard Sprint to get five more
more. I don’t know if he can get the
overall record for yardage in
the super seven championship game.
Something tells me he’s going to By the way, the record is 329
329 yards. A great tackle.
That is Ladamian Webb again, I believe. I know that Williams is that
going to win a foot race against That guy has been all over the
plays literally. He had 329 yards assist record
for a chip ship performance in a And that is any class.
Second and goal at the 4. And now a timeout. Timeout on the field, one point
lead for the Hornets. The super seven my finals of
brick to you by jacks. We are all about the South .
Beauregard is trying to be all about a touchdown.
We think he is short. They are not even going to
huddle this time at the 1 yard line.
Which way will he go. Left.
And he is denied at first and then he gets in.
Touchdown Beauregard.
1 yard run, Ladamian Webb. His second effort from Ladamian
Webb. He refused to go down before he
got across the goal line. So the extra point is pending .
This is the Hornets up by touchdown plus one due to the
missed extra point. There is an early jump by one
owner . 5-yard penalty, encroachment. We know it is not 5 yards.
It is half the distance so the
extra point is coming again. That one is good.
So with 10:37 to go in this final quarter, Beauregard as to
their lead 21-13. We will be back.
Stay tuned. Beauregard is getting ready to
kick with the 21-13 lead early
in the fourth quarter. Now it is Wenonah.
Let’s see if they can answer. Daniel, what if you got? About the crowd advantage that
they would have here at Jordan-Hare Stadium pretty said
it would be filled with the entire come beauty of Opal like
over the next few days with the Opelika and Beauregard playing
in the state championship. Beauregard hasn’t Opelika
address and is only nine mouse way from the Opelika high school
school. Coach Carter Blackburn from
Opelika have an interesting agreement.
He brought his team to come here returning the favor tomorrow
night and bring his team to Jordan-Hare Stadium to support
the Bulldogs. I believe that we also saw a
Ramsey. I’m sure that they we’re
supporting Wenonah. They had an earlier curfew.
That is a shot. Taken by Miller and I think it
was number two hitting number two.
It was. That was by the sophomore.
It is fun to hear and that all that can be overstated that
these two schools from Birmingham being here and the
fact that we haven’t had —
Birmingham city school here since I think it was 98-99.
Ninety-three. Ninety-three Woodlawn was the
last team. Whoever had Phenix City played
in the championship. There goes Rogers.
He breaks a couple of tackles that they will only needed yard.
Tomorrow night Ramsey. Here’s the amazing thing about
them will talk about this tomorrow night.
They didn’t have a program four years ago.
TheyThey had discontinued their program and I want to say back
in the 70s. Here they are playing in the
state championship, truly amazing.
I’ve got to measure this but the city schools in this
championship, means a lot. It was 1978.
That was the last time, 1978. And Birmingham city.
They played. We are going to have to check
that. You two guys are going to have
to get together. Seventy was when Ramsey
discontinued their football program.
Ninety-three with the last city team that was here .
I’m glad we got that straight .
I would hate to take you off to the ring or something. That’s okay.
As long as you don’t make me sleep outside.
9:29 left. So a big drive here.
A big third down and less than a .
They keep this drive going. And Rogers have had some success
success. And if he got it, he barely did.
Looking at the official coming across the far side with the
spot, he get the first down. And they will move the chains.
According to Chris lack share, our butter —
Are buddy who works here at Raycom.
He’s it was West End in central, He would know that. I trust Chris.
He’s got a message. He has got a politician —
He verified also. Thanks, guys.
I have the school Road and I have to write decade.
Rogers is looking deep. And it is going down.
And it is painted with the second a big one.
That is the first sacked Rogers since way back I believe in the
first quarter. And the dragons it really
cleaned it up on that interior line pretty just ran out of time
time. That is basically the coverage
side. Twenty-two also in on that play.
That is Callaway so second and
16. We have got a lot of folks that
know a lot about high school football around here.
I appreciate that. Thankfully.
It is keeping us out of trouble. Rogers has got room to run if
you want said. Jumps over a tackler to midfield
midfield. That was Callaway that got
leaped over. To the 49. I have to admit when I see a
pair do that, I get a little afraid because this is where
injuries can occur. I want to try to keep them going airborne is much as you can .
The colors of the rainbow on his Third and let’s call it 6. Rogers again downfield.
Knocked away .
Almost intercepted. Nice defensive play.
McDonald again. He has spent all over the plays
tonight. We’ve got to give him a little
credit on the defensive side for Now you’ve got a position to
make. I think it has been made.
Watch the play by the defense again, just a sophomore. Jerrod McDonald.
I think — I will apologize for calling him
by the run for Spain because if you look at my roster that was
given to us by the powers that be , here is not listed by his
correct first name. His first thing is exactly —
Is actually Jerrod. It is not spelled Jalen. 5-yard penalty offense.
I must admit my spelling is not
the best. By the way, I didn’t write it
down. I’ve now made that correction.
Glad that you did that. There was a play.
That doesn’t hurt them too much. Because they we’re getting ready to punt anyway.
That is a good punt.
Kicks it away from the receiver and this is going to be down
around the 35-yard line, 31. And that is for Beauregard will
have a PDF of penalty. It is way over on the sideline.
We will see if is sideline
interference. Hopefully not the crew tonight
is doing a good job, as all of them have been a good time to
tell you who they are this evening.
We’ve mentioned Charles Smith is It’s your umpire.
Rickie Jones is the lineman. It looks like they’re going to
back them up and let them kick it again.
We of formation against the offense. So another kick coming up.
The line judge is John Henderson Henderson, it he knew and Jeff
Graham. That rounds out your officiating crew for this championship. So another point .
He will fake it. He has still got to get the 43
and is not going to get there. Let me back up that was red wine
wine. Take a timeout.
Beauregard has set at the 10 when we come back. Beauregard is got great field
position to start this drive. The got to make a stop and not
allowed to much penetration by the Hornets homes countered .
Breaks the tackle. First down inside the 30 inside
the 40 to the 35. There is a flag and while they
check that out, let’s go down to Joe Webb, he’s been active on
the NFL Hill in a Panthers roster is made a unique
commitment to the program. He came back after making it to
the NFL ankle — To coach that he wanted to make
a commitment to the team. I tell you what.
You hear a lot of that were
players who have done well in the pros and giving back there
high schools , it’s a great thing
obviously. Is great thing but Joe Webb’s
doing. It really is.
First and about 7. There goes Webb again.
This time he is inside the 30 and circling.
Inside the 15 on first down. Dry see a flag?
Yes. It might be a facemask.
I’m not sure. This guy is getting better as
the game goes on. And reminder he is only 5’8″ and about 175 there is the call.
Facemask. That will be half the distance
so this will put it inside the the 10.
A touchstone here’s going to make it tough on the dragons.
Here comes the official call. Half the distance to the goal
line. Here we go, Mr. Webb.
Let’s just watch him here. Breaks the tackle and spins out
and uses a stiff arm. And then gets dragged down
evidently. Now first and goal at the 6.
Webb —
Still trying to push the pile. He got carried backwards.
They’re going to give him progress to about the 3. How many on the last run, I was
trying to come.jerseys as he was Second and goal, Webb again to
the right side. He stretches and scores.
No, he did not. He must’ve had a need down
before he got the ball across. That was close .
It will be third and goal. I think that is only delaying
the inevitable. Touchdown. And that makes it 27-13. That young man is a heckuva
ballplayer. He has got to be getting close
to 260, 275. We are looking records as we
speak. It is miss.
We will see if that plays a role
role. Now a two touchdown lead for the Hornets thanks to the sky. He just drove his legs forward goal line to make sure that he
got in. He works hard for the money.
Except it doesn’t make any money
money. I was going to say.
One day he might get a chance to That was a song title from back
of the day. I tried to remember who saying
it. Donna Summers.
WasResident Donna Summers who wrote
that? Yes.
I wasn’t much into this go. I’m sorry.
Don’t be sorry. This is what they have got.
It is imperative that they have got to take this possession and
get something out of it definitely. They have step up and returned
themselves took their effort of the first quarter for the
getting a lot of pressure and Rogers and they have cut down.
They’ve had a couple of big runs lanes a little bit. They are still containing the
one on a running game. I will tell you one thing about
coach and — They’re not about to give up.
They’re going to continue to
scratch and claw and driving to get themselves into the end zone
zone. Their offense has only had one
drive today for a score. A touchstone is coming on the
scooping score, 75 yards by So they have got to get
something going here. The start this drive at the 31. Rogers has had some success.
I tell you the passing game has really been ported in the second
half .
Rogers over the middle. That is complete and another
problem , that is the second or
third time that Brown has had
flooding problems. I am looking at his shoes .
He has got the normal size cleats from what I can tell.
Whatever that means. That did stop the clock. When Nona has the full
complement of timeouts. So if they could score here and
get a quick three and Beauregard Beauregard, who knows.
The whistle and this play will
be stopped because somebody moved early.
Think this is going to go against Wenonah. So that will move them back to
about the 34-yard line. Wenonah has not had a lot of
penalties tonight. That is one good thing.
That is the third penalty of the I’m looking at the wrong stat
sheet. I checked that in a minute.
Rogers looking deep press the
middle. It is knocked down.
That is number 40. Jeremy Horn.
He is the guy who came into the game to replace the injured
Feaster brother .
Hunter Feaster, I believe. He has made his presence known
and he certainly made it there. So third and 7.
I daresay that this is third
down territory. Rogers looking, no pressure and
spinning. He stays on his feet and looking downfield receivers are trying
to come to a pitches going to have to throw it away. The coverage is exquisite .
I am working on it. Here is a fourth-down and
needless to say they have to
convert here for any shot this
defense has really done the job. In the second half. They have made some adjustments.
They’ve given up some plays here The most part this defense has
been plate. They get the first down on the
pass and it is near the 50 as
the catch made by number six , a
nice pass by Rogers. That the 48. And it looked like Beauregard
drop back a little bit, almost like to prevent this time.
It’s almost like they would give to keep people
from getting behind them. Because right now the clock is
their ally. Rogers again not much pressure
this time. And as I say that he gets away
from the tackler and just flips it to Miller.
It’s kind of a Brett Favre pass. He’s out of bounds around the 49 of Beauregard.
He saved a sack and up about four or five but does stop the
clock it for:37. And it will be second and 6.
Like. Miller plays this game.
He’s had a couple of days including the touchdown run in
the first half off the fumble recovery.
He runs hard in plays are in plays bigger than he is. I’m not so sure. And Rogers will throw it deep. With that incomplete pass.
It will be third down. You have here? The secondary has been doing an
excellent job of covering these receivers. That one was over the head of
the receiver. And that would’ve been a
completion. He might have thought he
should’ve had it. The passes a little behind him
and a little too high. And a little zip on it to too.
Excellent protection that time by the Wenonah offense if line. Boulevard just couldn’t get the
type pressure that they wanted to on Carlos Rogers.
Beauregard right now compared dropping the 5 and 6 back.
Here is another fourth down across the field and that was
too far out of the reach. That will and the drive. Once again trying to get it to
Brown. And so the Hornets will take it
at the 48-yard line. And let’s see how much they can
run of the clock. Last ten minutes of football,
they had a 15 play, 54-yard drive and that is a lot of for
touchdowns. He is more than double Wenonah
has done offensively by himself and there he goes again.
Still going inside the 40, first
down. We have been treated to two of
the best offensive performances that I think that we’ve seen in.
Some time. Weather it is championship and
not, we have Terrence Dunlop and now we’re getting to see
Ladamian Webb do the same thing. Just an incredible night.
We have been glad to bring it to First and 10 just inside the 40. Web again. Now it’s time for 4-yard gain.
Here comes the flag. That came as the helmet flew off
off. I’m not sure exactly what
happened and he’s going to have
to leave for play.
This is going to go against Beauregard.
Actually because of how his helmet came off that time, I
don’t think that he has to leave leave. A 15-yard penalty.
Specific a Saudi official tell them that he did not have to
leave the field. You are right.
The reason as is because the helmet came off by force from an
offensive player. So he gets to stay in the game.
You are exactly right. I was just about to say each of
these teams, we are watching and in college football.
We haven’t seen one issue of that in our first four games
here at the super 7. I’m so appreciative of all these teams.
There goes Web again across the 45 down to the 45.
I’ve seen more of the opposing team helping each other up,
players of the opposite team helping each other up and I’ve
seen and a long time in the state Chapin ship games.
The get pats on the head and pats on the back, this bombs,
different types of things like that among these kids.
They appreciate the effort of each other and put it is taken
to get this point .
Both of them walked the blue trophy but also remember They want to get it the right
way. Second and 14.
I don’t know how many carries for those that he’s had in the
game .
He has got 50 carries tonight. Fifty count them.
Fifty. That is what Babe Ruth said.
This guy has had a couple of home runs himself tonight. He doesn’t mind.
Now, he doesn’t. They are 10 yards short. They’re taking a timeout here to stop the clock it to:34.
19 yards is the magic number and
let’s just give a very small sample, a snippet of what he has done tonight. Watch this .
Watch as ever to keep going and carrying defenders with him. You know what Rob Carter is
saying. This is the last game and he can rest until August .
He will be at Beauregard in August.
He’s being college somewhere. But what an effort.
By the greatest got to be a record thing to do to keep up
with looking at Dunlop that’s got to be a record.
I don’t know if we half that as a record or not.
He could probably start with it tonight. I can’t remember anybody
carrying it 50 times. Think about it.
Most offenses only get about 60- 65 plays.
Third and 11. It happened more of the total,
not to mention —
Touchdown. There he goes.
Give him 6. Exclamation point on the night
for Mr. Ladamian Webb. Unbelievable five touchdowns and
we have gotten injured player He is just a Junior, by the way.
Okay. Now I’m making a mistake because I had it written down that he
was a senior. So he is got another year.
You are right. All right. He knows has 51 carries , 369
369 yards , five touchdowns.
And that also record for 5A. He breaks the record of her time carries the ball. You are right.
All classification championship game record. The super 7 record.
And those two guys are probably discussing where they are going
to have their party tonight to celebrate their championship. Just a Junior.
We get to see this possibly again next year. They are looking at the ankle.
I’m sorry I cannot tell him that and that should
give us an opportunity to tell us that tomorrow we have three
more games coming your way for the super 7.
We will close out the weekend, the week , starting with the 4A
championship. Will see if they are going to
get him up . That is number 7, I believe for
Wenonah. , Cornelius in kids, the
linebacker. Like I said, they’re looking at
something on his left leg. We can hope that it is not too
serious. As I was saying, tomorrow night
we have got three games and tomorrow we have to game started with the 4A game at it will be
coach Larry straight and Reynolds in his first year.
In his second year .
And then we go to the two and a game at 3:00. And then finally closing of the
week we will have the 6A game,
Ramsey and Opelika. And they are literally going to
carry him off the field. We don’t like to see that. Hopefully is not going to be too terribly serious and can recover
quickly. So the 40-yard run for Webb, his longest run of the night .
A lot of emotion on the Wenonah sideline as those kids have
fought hard all year to get here
here. Very commendable .
And that kick was blocked and
that will be no good. Somebody jumped over the line, I thought. That’s not normally legal.
Is that supposed to be legal in high school football.
So the folks from Beauregard ,
about 30 minutes from here, if not less. Fifteen minimum.
Some people don’t drive as fast as you do.
It is very close. It’s right up the interstate and just off of one of the Opelika
exits. Not very far at all.
The point that I am making is —
Alabama Highway 51. A short drive to get home and
celebrate tonight. The first half for state
championship . Some exciting young men on that
sideline for the Hornets a nice
run back would help. He’s going to reverse field.
Is got some room on the side plus blockers. They go down to the 30.
There is a flag down here at the Probably going to come back . I’m getting also some directions of hot how they got here.
I think that I’ve been invited to the victory party. The first down coming up for
Wenonah and that young man ,
Ronald Cheatham, who started his he played at southern miss for
Bobby Collins and he offered him
a — Jeopardy got the bug, so to
speak. And he has been in the coaching
game ever since he landed in Birmingham and Wenonah in 1989. He coached at Sanford for a year
. He was at Southern University
and Baton Rouge for a little while. A remarkable gentlemen.
Emphasize the gentleman. We thoroughly enjoyed the
conversation with him a few days He was very cordial .
You could hear his pride of his
team. I was just about to help finish
that sentence. Is actually proud of the way his team has responded and worked to get here.
He has good reason to be. They put on quite a show and
Beauregard has got it. Another turnover.
That is spend the problem today for Wenonah.
Carlos Rogers didn’t know anybody was coming from behind
the next thing he knows, he gets fumble takes plays and
Beauregard’s method of of fallen And that is when you know it is
somebody else’s night. You are right.
Dylan McCann on the fumble recovery.
And Carter just got the ice pack pack.
It is cold, coach. You don’t really know until you
get it. I don’t think that he cares. Rob Carter came in —
He’s from a coaching family. Is that as a coach of his
brothers coaching down in South Alabama. Of course, those two we’re not
that far apart a couple of years And they are going to run out
the final, I thought they would. That didn’t start the clock.
The stop. After he kneeled. I’m not sure why it was stopped And they haven’t moved.
Now they are moving down the marker.
Now they are rolling . Beauregard just trying to run it out. And they can’t kneeled on tumor
tends to run out this clock. And now they stop it again. While this conversation goes on, I can tell you that we think we
know who the MVP is going to be tonight.
It is a tossup. I’m going to put all the names
of the head and pulled one out. It’s probably going to be wet
web on that one.
That would be Ladamian Webb.
He has just set a couple of records, maybe three or four or
five or six .
And I think this meeting of the officials with the clock running is about to drive Rob Carter
crazy. He is ready to get inside and
change his close after that bath sideline over there. And it is not melting anytime
soon. And they will kneeled down right at midfield. So the celebration is on.
Listen to the crowd. And Beauregard.
I did mention that we had a couple of folks that let me know I knew it was kind of in the
general vicinity. I will admit that we never
traveled to Beauregard from here .
I knew business and the Secretary
secretary at the middle school .
You know it’s only 15 minutes, 15 miles.
You are right. Was trying to tell you and you
wouldn’t listen to me. What that tells me he is folks
are watching it. We appreciate that.
Let the celebration begin and
Opelika, Alabama. The first ever state
championship for the Hornets. And coach Rob Carter.
A lot of good people and just
like there are at Wenonah,
there’s a lot of good coaches and I put a lot of effort.
Congratulations to them and congratulations to both of these teams. Indeed.
The season ends for the dragons. What a season it’s been, their
best ever. They will finish 11-3 and the
Hornets finish 13-1 and more importantly, they’re going to
take home the blue trophy. They’re going to try to get a
word with coach Carter before the trophy presentation.
Fireworks are going off . Let’s go to Danielle.
Coach, congratulations. And come from behind fashion,
the first state championship. How specialist this moment?
That saying about the effort in the second half.
These guys have been doing it all year.
We did it for our guard. The community excited us and
that’s who we did it for. I’m at a loss for words.
I’m just elated. I’m proud of Ladamian Webb in
that offensive line just controlled the front.
Undoubtedly Ladamian Webb is the He’s —
Talk about his performance tonight.
Just outstanding. He said just keep giving it to
me, coach. We gave him, what, I think 50
something times and he just kept the offensive line did a great
job of giving him a room. Was just an all-out effort on
offense. Some of you may not know it but
coach Carter had a birthday yesterday.
No better way to celebrate then I Gatorade bath.
That’s the best present ever and Enjoy it, coach.
Thank you. How about that, right.
Happy birthday, coach. What a present.
The jacks player of the game, there he is, doing the
interviews. This is why.
It’s amazing watching him run .
He scores five times tonight, ,
including this one, the biggest run of the night for him.
And he is our jacks most viable player.
That is a super seven record. When we come back, we will give
out the trophies. Stay tuned. Everybody is lined up for the
trophy presentation. We will also hear from the MVP
as well as other gets the
midfield. Beauregard is your champion. Please direct your attention to
midfield for the award presentation for the class 5A
championship. The awards will be presented by
the AHSAA staff and members of
the AHSAA set the board of, including district number 5.
Richard Brown, just four. Also assisting in the
presentation of today’s awards, The official Wilson championship football will be presented but
Alvin brings, director of
directors and coaches Association to both head coaches
coaches. First Ronald Cheatham of Wenonah
high school. Now Rob Carter had coach of the
5A state championship Beauregard
high school. Congratulations to both coaches
for a great season. Now presenting the most viable
player award is wanted Gilliland Gilliland, assistant director of the AHSAA .
The 2016 most viable player award for class 5A championship 365 yards , and scoring five
touchdowns, number 3, Ladamian Webb from Beauregard high school
school. And now, to present the state
runner-up trophy for class 5A, Tony stalwart , associate
director of AHSAA , the 5A state
championship runner-up led by head coach Ronald Cheatham , the
Wenonah high school dragons . And not to present the 2016
state championship trophy for class 5A , is the executive
director of the Alabama high school athletic Association. Head coach of the Beauregard
Hornets. Congratulations to the 5A state
champions , Beauregard high
school. So I have a bunch in blue
tonight. The Hornets.
The PA announcers little excited
to. They went up with the file of 33
33-19. For tonight , record-breaking
night. Yardage, carries, touchdowns. And it is just amazing.
We hope that you have enjoyed
today’s action. We will crown three more
tomorrow. We hope that you can join us
tomorrow on Raycom.

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