Cook Bids Goodbye To International Cricket | Alastair Cook Interview | #ThankYouChef

September 12, 2019

It’s obviously a sad decision in In one way it is also We need when you know, you’re the times, right? You know the times right and that’s what it’s kind of made it easier for me. I Don’t feel physically tired. I don’t fit. It’s not as if I’m You know their God, here we go. Again. It’s just Something missing from from it Sad that, you know all good things have to come to an end and I’ve absolutely loved my my 12 years It’s just been absolutely fantastic I’m above and beyond what I ever thought I could achieve so, you know I’ve been so lucky that I go back to Southampton in 2014 the support I was shown there was Incredible and everywhere. I’ve been so lucky to To have had that support and we are lucky as an English side that we get supported really I’m gonna miss the best You know I’m gonna miss but I mean I say it’s gonna be different dressing mystics and obviously the those certain moments where you get when you win a series and whether the crowd here are the overall it feels really buzzing and you know the games on an edge and you all right in the Middle of that, of course you’re going to miss that I’ve had a fairly good run so I’m pretty content I mean I’ve been so fortunate to play in such an area where we have had a successful in one side So and you know had great players to play alongside It’s exciting times and I always said this group of players are the most talented group of players. I’ve Even though there might not be the most successful yet. The talent is through the roofing. I think you’re seeing it Probably more in one deck than you are in Test cricket terms the actual results of it So really like they can fly I mean Obviously the challenges is trying to win away from home and be more consistent away from home And I’ll see a pretty good at home. So that’s kind of the next challenge of the side and there’s always going to be You challenged for and that’s what you know, I’m going to love watching

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