August 24, 2019

there’s been a good long but i will be
made within rookie an important message for you with your ralph answers practically
waiting for so michael in the k_g_o_ because no hockey league
this is fact in eighty eight fifty k eight oh
that’s who it is have you heard of fundraising nizar of i’ve heard of
montana’s are on another planet itself room for for quite a long time and he
accumulated one thousand four hundred and nine penultimate uh… would bet
that even play more than by versus and reinvent itself play with a lot of teams yet but you
have a little out of teams that he had over to our panel in its own is a few
times but but uh… of he probably didn’t let
father again financial or if that uh… and he was just in the use of the uh…
rough-and-tumble play well he’s keeping that rough-and-tumble player mentality
as though he’s coaching videos which is in moscow anything
you’ve heard of these powerhouses and they’re playing a dynamo minsk from most
right so reassure clip that i want you to uh… believe you know this the cutbacks that he’s uh… doing now in the kitchen yes well i think that’s why i think you
know it’s it’s not in the if i won’t want to things that i love
that beckwith is how long it took the dean of the events staff to come down and um… against the
security and then yet and then when they still show up it’s the army the military
shows up i mean a as it like that around in
russia and almost places like that certainly
fulfills the stereotype but i i think what happens is we do we know you look
at these ah… at the stadiums and these arenas and we
have you know staff that is there the
security staffers arenas they must not have these kind of incidents that often
but they always seem to have military around in the the run down in the than
they do this i mean but here’s the thing cokie and gets a bad rap because of the store
fronts an amazing place and i came to know we’re not gonna show those but if
this was an egregious act of violence by a coach and you know i want someone who is in
the region the apology for the review called you have yeah his head but there
is dynamo minsk people belorusse show we
all loved and respected surplus but there were four and then at the end is
we all love and respect and wait for you at the end so don’t bear a grudge
against us uh… it you know and the these armed everyone so i get a foolish
athlete maria foolish sports figure who does these things is going to probably
because i’m a little level he only got banned that’s it suspended for to games
right well that’s it yet what was newburgh new you know minsk
is it always been a liberal place for us to exiting outfit internet in if this
happened in the n_h_l_ that he would be a occassionally
suspended for half asleep yeah i would think airways uh… well maybe you know i don’t know i
mean right now i’m bringing an end instead of meeting out justice in the
n_h_l_ and he was an enforcer himself in and some respect that yeah i don’t know that i would the tv
coverage in the studio what would happen is the editor would hand alec attendance
suspension everyone go crazy about them in writing to rule that says of approach
does anything it’s going to be an estimate of the
season fourteen something like that and so i don’t think that he would get what
i would get more than two years of personal work trish it it shocking to me and then i go it alone wrote in a
courtroom his important message for you happpy

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