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Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Malad Murder Case – Ep 514 – 21st June, 2017

August 26, 2019

This girl is strange. I wonder where she has gone. What happened?
– Did you find her? No. I searched for her at all the nearby places.
I didn’t find her anywhere. She must be somewhere here.
Had you searched properly you might have..
– What do you mean? Am I crazy?
Am I blind? Am I blindfolded? Go and search her
outside if you are so worried. Enough..
– Look at her. Is this the time to argue? It has been 4 hours
since her classes were over. She hasn’t come home yet. We’ll go to the police station
and lodge.. – No, Mom. Not so early. We’ll go after one or two hours. Am I his mother or you? You should know where she is. She is your responsibility. Why?
Is there any rule like that? Doesn’t a father have
any responsibility? And don’t give me lecture
on responsibility. Understood?
– Stop it. Sandeep, Sujata,
it has been 8 hours. She hasn’t come yet. Let me go to the police
to lodge a report. Mom. Let it be. I’ll go. I’m going to the police station. Come along if you want. Oh, Lord! May my grand daughter
shall be all right. I thought of staying
at home and watch the match. But due to her.. Shruti.
– Shruti. Shruti. Shruti.
Where were you? Where
were you? – Shruti. Shruti. Are you all right?
Dear. I’m asking you something.
Where were you all night? Why don’t you answer? Do you know? I had
to leave my work and come. Go and out see.
How children of your age take care of themselves. And you only bother me. Bother? You? Have you ever worried
about anyone else other than yourself? Look at me. I left my boutique
and came here. Boutique. I know everything about
your boutique and you. Everyday,
a ruckus gets created in this house
as soon as I come. You won’t get peace
in this house ever. Yes.
She has come after making me tense. Shruti. Shruti, dear. Come. Have something.
Okay, dear? Come. Shruti. Shruti. Shruti. Yes! Finally, the idea worked. A human has
other needs as well apart from basic needs like
food, dress, and house. And the important
things are love, empathy compliance and attention. No one wants to get ignored. Children wish to get more
affection and acknowledgement. After taking birth,
a child learns that it needs to cry
to get it’s mother’s attention. Was it an attempt by Shruti
to drive her family’s attention towards her
by going missing. No matter what the reason
was, but one thing was clear. Shruti’s family
was not a normal one. They were unaware of the
differences and consequences. Shruti hasn’t come home yet. Again? No issues. It has been 4 hours since
her school time got over. Last time also,
she came around 8 p.m. She will come.
– But.. What, Mom?
Let me drink water. You’re watching TV. It’s 8:30 p.m.
Shruti hasn’t come yet. Let her come.
She’ll have it from me. By the way,
where was she last time? Do you know anything?
– Hadn’t you asked her? I thought,
you must have asked. You’re habituated
to impose your responsibilities on others. What did you say? Say that again.
– Didn’t you hear when I said? You’re.. Name?
– Shruti Nayak. Age?
– 16 years. How was
the child’s mental state? I mean, was she depressed? Yes. She was very upset before,
but she started talking and staying happy
since last few weeks. Had anyone scolded her
at home? Did her parents get into tiff? Her parents are about
to get divorced. Did she leave home due
to that reason? I mean,
to go away from such atmosphere. Maybe, sir. Where are her parents? Aren’t you worried
about your daughter that she had
to come to lodge the report? Sir, no..
We didn’t know mother-in-law went to you.
Moreover, Shruti had come home last time. Shruti, where were you? So, we thought she would
come home this time as well. Yes, sir.
She has done like that before. I mean,
she went missing once before. Why had she run away? Sir.. I mean.. Sir, even we don’t
know the exact reason. You might not have asked her
after she came back. Strange family. She said the girl
doesn’t have a mobile phone. Yes. They get spoilt. Sir, that’s why,
we didn’t give her phone. If you were so worried
about her following the wrong path, you
should have looked after her. Find out what’s going on
in her life. As of now, we’ll
take it as the girl has run away from the house. One of our constable will be
posted outside your house. Inform us
if you get any ransom call or if Shruti calls up.
– Yes, sir. And I need a latest
photograph of Shruti. Be it from a distance,
it’s important for parents to be involved in their
children’s daily life. If Shruti’s parents knew
about her daily life perhaps, it would’ve
been easy to find her. Or maybe, she wouldn’t have
gone missing at all. When the police didn’t get
any clue from the parents the police had to turn
towards her school. Sir, they are Shruti’s friends. Disha, Neeti, and Ananya. Sir, Shruti was
fine until yesterday. Was Shruti disturbed
about something? I mean, did she tell you
anything important? No, sir. But she was a bit sad
when the school reopened. But why? – Sir, her parents
are getting divorced. That is why she was sad. Sir, she never wanted
her parents to get divorced. She used to tell
this to us often. She was totally fine
until the school was to reopen. Do you think she was
stressed about this divorce and she ran away
for the same? Did she ever tell you
something? No, sir.
She never spoke about it. It seems Shruti had ran
away from home earlier too. But she came back
at the end of the day. Do you know anything
about this incident? Sir, this is the last
CCTV footage. There’s a jewellery shop
just before Shruti’s shop. This is the last footage
of the stretch between
her school and shop. That means, Shruti
was not spotted in any footage. Sir, I enquired with people
and checked the footages of ATM’s
and traffic signal cameras. I even checked
the footage twice, but in vain. Hello!
Where are you calling from? Are you calling
from Shruti Nayak’s school? Actually,
we didn’t tell you something last time. What is it? Sir, Shruti was with us
the last time she ran away. And we were the ones
who gave her that idea. She spend two hours
in each of our places and then,
she went back home. Don’t you know
how dangerous it is? Why did you give her
such a bad idea? Sir, she used
to tell us repeatedly that nobody loves her
in her family. Sir, she had heard
her parents fighting. I thought that
after my parents’ divorce they will force me
to choose one of them. But last night,
I heard them fighting. Neither of them want
to take my responsibility. I don’t know why they don’t
want me to stay with them. Sir, Shruti wanted
to gain her parent’s attention. She was even
successful in that. Yes,
my idea has finally worked. Is there anything
else which you have not told us? Look, it can put
Shruti’s life under threat. It’s very important. She has
gone missing again and we don’t
know we where she is. Even a small information
can be helpful for us. No, sir.
This is the one thing we know. Sir, it’s very strange. Generally, parents fight
for their child’s custody. But the matter is
the other way round here. They both want
to get rid of their child. I think we should.. Hello. Has anyone come
from the fire department? The body has got
completely burnt. Mr. Sahane is here.
– Hello, sir What
do you think the case is? Sir,
petrol has been used in it. The victim was tied up
and set ablaze with petrol. Kadam. It looks like a school badge. Is it Shruti? Do you recognise this? What about this? Shruti. That belongs to my Shruti. That belongs to my Shruti! Shruti..
– Mom.. Dad.. Dad, look here.
I’ve made something. Dad. Dad, please see here. What do you want, Shruti? Don’t you see that I’m
busy with the project? Yes, it’s good.
Now leave. Tell me. Really? Okay.
– Mom. Look, I’ve made something.
How is it? What is this, Shruti?
Don’t you see that I’m busy? I will see that later. Yes, tell me.
– Shruti. Come here. What is that?
Show me. Come here. What is that? Wow, Shruti! Who did this to Shruti? Sir, the post-mortem report
and dental analysis report has confirmed that
it’s Shruti’s body and she has been attacked
with a heavy object. There are also
small injuries on her body. Sir, there were traces
of smoke in her lungs. That means,
Shruti was burnt alive. Sir,
the body has burnt so severely that it’s impossible
to find if she was raped. She was burnt alive. Seems like somebody
has taken revenge from her. It could be her parents. I don’t think there
is anything like that. I mean, fighting with
people and making enemies is something Shruti
would’ve never done. Nobody has any enmity
with Shruti. Get a grip. Who are you?
– Sir, Sir, I’m Ratan Singh,
their neighbour. And she is my wife,
Shalini. Sir, I found this receipt
in the name of Shruti. I have
found this charger too. Is it your phone charger?
– No, it’s not mine. It’s not mine either. How did she get this charger
if she didn’t have a phone? Have you heard
of AG Online Ventures? Did Shruti discuss about this? A.G. Online Ventures. No, she didn’t
spoke to me about this. It’s a receipt
of Rs. 60,000. What?
Rs. 60,000? Yes. Shruti asked Rs. 60,000
from me once. But why was she in need
of such a big amount? She wanted it for her job. Rs. 60,000 for a job? She was afraid that they both will leave
her after the divorce. That is why
she wanted to work. I tried to make
her understand, but.. It’s a job of Rs. 75,000
per month. I will never have to ask
money from Mom and Dad. But dear, Rs. 60,000
is a big amount. I don’t have so much of money. How do I arrange it for you? Then how did
this money come to her when none of you gave it? Sir, the address
on the receipt is fake. There’s no
business of that name here. I see. Kadam, I think
even this company is fake. Somebody lured Shruti
with the online activity. Contact
the cyber cell and find them. Okay, sir. Mr. Adil, the police is here. Are you Adil?
– Yes, sir. I just wanted to ask you
about this girl. Do you know her? She had contacted me
for a job. Sir.. She has mentioned
that she’s 19 years old. But her age 16. I don’t know, sir.
She has filled that form. Even her photograph is there. Shruti Nayak.
Age, 19. Goregaon West. Did she pay
you a sum of Rs. 60000? Yes, sir.
– Are you sure? Yes, sir.
I met her at the restaurant. Did you kill
her after taking money? What do you say? – No,
sir. I haven’t done anything. Once she left,
I never met here again. Thapa, nab him. I just asked you something. Did you meet Shruti
after taking money from her? Did you kill her under the
pretext of giving her a job? No, sir.
I didn’t meet her again. Rather,
she called me daily. She even used to drop
messages and mails to me. She enquired about
her job application status. Once I stopped
responding to her calls she threatened to complaint
against me to the police. Is that the reason
you killed her? No, sir. I agree that I dupe people,
but I can’t kill anyone. Sir, Shruti wanted
to do a job in order
to become independent. She knew her parents
would leave her after getting divorced. As she could
not mention her own address she mentioned my
residential address on the form. She paid a sum
of Rs. 60000 to get the job. Yes, sir. But she was worried
even after giving the bribe. That’s because the
office didn’t call or mail her. How did she arrange
the sum of money? Her grandma gave it to her. Shruti told me about it. Tell us the number from
which Shruti contacted you. Sir, I don’t remember it. I think,
it’s stored in my phone. It’s your call record. Tell me which one is
her phone number. Sir,
I don’t remember her number. I think, this is the number. 740. Sir, we have Shruti’s
location record. Sir, here is her school
and home. Instead of taking this
way, she took the other one. GCC Business and Hotel Club. Her phone was
last traced to this location. We enquired
with the nearby people but they didn’t
see anything suspicious. Sir, Shruti’s phone’s impossible
to trace in such a big area. What are you thinking, sir?
– That charger. Sir, we recovered
this receipt in her name along with this charger. That phone charger. Let’s just hope
that charger is original. I hope it came
along with the phone. Using the number etched
on it, we can trace the shop from which the phone
was purchased. Here is the stock number
of the package and the IMEI. Tell me the name
of the buyer. Sir, I can’t tell you
the name of the buyer if it was bought in cash. If it was bought using a card,
I can show you the record. Still, take a look at it. Fine.
I will check it. Here is the duplicate
bill of the purchase. Credit card has been used. Sir, we learnt from the shop
that it was bought using a credit card. The card holder’s name
is Ratan Singhal. Sir, he is Shruti’s neighbour. Sir, I’m Ratan
and I’m their neighbour. Ratan! Sir.. Come in. Come in, sir. Be seated while
I serve you water. – Yes. Sir, I don’t know
how she got the charger. Sir,
why are you so shocked? She was a regular visitor. She might’ve taken
my charger by mistake. Why did she come here? Actually, we are childless and we appreciated
her company. When was the
last time you met her? Hasn’t it been a long time
since we met her? Yes. She stopped visiting us
all of a sudden. Fine.
Show me the phone. Phone? The one you bought. The one
whose charger she took. Sir, it got stolen. or maybe I’ve misplaced it. I often do that. Yes, sir.
None of his phones have lasted long. Sir,
they appeared worried. Shalini was peeking out
of the kitchen all the time. She appeared worried. Enquire about them. Find out how was
their relationship with Shruti. Okay, sir. Ratan Singhal? Sir,
they say he is a gentleman but he is not
a good person. I’d warned Shruti’s parents
not to let her visit them. I knew that they are
not good from heart. But Shruti seemed
to have developed a liking towards them. While passing by
Mr. Sighal’s apartment I saw Shruti coming out
of their house teary eyed. She appeared tensed. Once I saw Mr. Singhal
gifting a phone to Shruti by the swimming pool. She was so delighted
that she hugged him. What happened next? Nothing much. They had
some discussion and left. I then resumed my duty. Sir, we learnt that Ratan
had gifted the phone to Shruti. Singal shared a strange
relationship with Shruti. He bought her a phone. I’m sure Shruti’s
parents or grandma didn’t provide her
with a sum of Rs. 60000. Get his bank statement. Let’s go. Sir, you are right. Ratan gave the money to her. Here is the bank statement. Sir, it was difficult
to withdraw a big amount during demonetisation. So, he used
three different accounts. He withdrew
48000 through bank and rest of
the 12000 through ATM. The date mentioned
is two days earlier to that mentioned in the receipt. No employeer would ask
money from the applicant. I think if you find out..
– Sir, please. My parents can separate
any time. I can’t trust them. I want to earn money
for myself and Grandma. I don’t know if I’ll get
a job like this again. Please, sir. Here you go. Thank you, sir. When a family doesn’t give love
and acceptance to their child they expect it from strangers. They look for it outside. If Shruti had got love and
acceptence in her house then she wouldn’t contact
people like Adil and Ratan. A divorcing couple often fights
over the child’s custody. But Shruti parents wanted
to escape from raising her. The police found it strange and they investigated
in this angle. But still the biggest
question was who murdered Shruti and why. Yes, both of them wanted
to get rid of Shruti. Why? Sandeep wanted a child and Sujata didn’t want
to become a mother. Still Sandeep insisted
and Shruti was born. After she was born,
they grew apart. The problem was Shruti. Neither Sandeep wanted
to raise her, nor Sujata. How long will I live? Only God knows. Sir,
her parents had a motive too. Both hated each other and both refused
Shruti’s custody. Call them to the police station. You’re suspecting me. Sir, I’m her mother
and you’re doubting me.. Out of the 100 murders that
occur, 14 victims are kids. 55 percent of them were
murdered by their fathers and 45 percent
by their mothers. Just because you’re her father it doesn’t mean
you’re not a suspect. Yes, then suspect. Suspect Sujata.
She didn’t care about Shruti. I care about her. Sir, Sandeep didn’t
care about Shruti. One day Sandeep took her to
Daisar in his car out of anger and left her there. Sir, Shruti was
eight years old then. Which father would do that.. Yes, it was my mistake. And I’d accepted my mistake. I found her and
brought her back. She didn’t go to find her. She didn’t care about her. What’s her age? How old is your
daughter Shruti Nayak? 15.. 15 years. 16 years.
– 16 years. Here’s your phone record. As per this,
the day Shruti was murdered and where her body was found your location was
800 metres from it. How far? 800 metres. Now speak nor I’ll bash you..
Constable. No.. It’s not what
you guys think. I was there, but the reason
was something else. What was the reason? My friend’s office is
a little further from there. My friend is a lawyer. Why did you go to him?
For the divorce? No, for the property. I didn’t want Sujata to get
a share of my property that’s why I transfered all
my property to my mother. That’s it. The information Sandeep
gave was verified. His statement was true. The police was still
looking for suspects. Someone who hated Shruti
and had enimity with her. Someone took
revenge from Shruti. After investigating
Shruti’s family the police turned their
attention to Shruti’s school. We still can’t believe
that this happened to Shruti. She was a very good girl. Did Shruti have
a fight with anyone? Sir,
Ananya once slapped Shruti. Sir, it was a stupid fight. I hit Shruti by mistake. I apologised to her. Sir, nobody liked
talking to Shruti. Everyone teased her
saying she was a psycho. But when I started
talking to her I found out that
she’s a very nice girl. After that fight,
we become best friends. Was it this girl?
– Yes, sir. It was her. He was bothering her. I paid attention
when she shouted. Do you remember his face?
– Yes, I remember. Okay, you can go.
– Sir. Okay, you can go. He’s the man who came
here with Sujata. Chintan.
Don’t try to lie. What were you doing
at Shruti’s school? The watchman told
us everything. Sir, that was Sujata’s idea. Sujata told me to pick
Shruti from school. She feared that the court would
give Shruti’s custody to her. She wanted Shruti
and I to get along. That’s why I went to pick
her up from school. If you went to pick her up,
why did you create a scene? Sujata told me Shruti is a very silent girl. But when I met her I was shocked
at her behaviour. She misbehaved with me. Didn’t I tell you
that I don’t want to meet you? Shruti,
I didn’t come here willingly. Your mother told me to do this.
That’s why I’m here. Whatever it is, I don’t want
to go anywhere with you. We’ll talk about this at home.
Let’s go home. Let my hand go.
How dare you touch me! She thought I’m responsible
for her parents’ separation. I tried a lot to explain to her. But she pushed me. I slapped her in anger. Sir, maybe Chintan and
Sujata are together in this. It would be easy to kidnap
Shruti with her mother’s help. Maybe they kidnapped
Shruti first and then killed at
the opportune time. Chintan,
Sujata and Ananya Seti. Get Chintan and
Sujata’s call records and enquire about Ananya. Okay, sir. Sir, Ananya is
a very decent girl. It’s impossible for her
to hurt other students. Ananya and Shruti
were best friends. They were always together. At first,
Shruti didn’t have any friends. She was alone and awkward. Ananya was the first
to befriend Shruti. Sir, Ananya returned
home at the right time. She stayed at home. She took some rest
and then began studying. Sir, the day Shruti went missing
and the day her body was found I traced Ananya’s
movements on both days. Sir, it matches her statement. Sir, I inquired in her school
and neighbourhood. She is clear. Sir, I don’t think
Ananya is involved in this. What about
Chintan? – I checked Chintan and Sujata’s call records. They are clear. Neither were they in school
nor near the crime scene. The police came
to this conclusion after thorough
and complex investigation. There were many suspects. Shruti’s neighbour, Ratan,
Ratan’s wife Adil,
Shruti’s dad, Sandeep and Chintan. But the police didn’t have
concrete evidence. The police started examining
this case once again. Who killed Shruti?
And why did someone kill an innocent girl like
Shruti so brutally? Ratan, Shalini,
Adil, Sandeep and Chintan.. We don’t have concrete
evidence against any of them. However, it’s confirmed that none of them
was near Shruti when her mobile
was turned off. Was someone else with her
who is still unknown to us? Sir, it is..
– Exactly, Kadam. We need to search all
the CCTV footage extensively. We need to check the footage
of every CCTV camera of that route. whether
it’s government or private. I know it’s difficult.
But it’s not impossible. Okay, sir. It was a big challenge
for the police department. They started checking the CCTV
footage of every CCTV camera starting from Shruti’s school
to her home. It was the only way
to find Shruti’s murderer. Because there were
many suspects. The police didn’t have concrete
evidence against any of them. Around 300 CCTV footages
were checked. In the meantime,
the police found an important which could change the course
of their investigation. Sir, look at this.
Someone is sitting in the car wearing the same school uniform.
Look at this, sir. Yes. It could be Shruti.
But nothing is clear. So, it’s not confirmed. Find out who owns this car.
– Okay, sir. It’s your car, right? Yes, sir.
It’s my car. Actually, I was returning home after picking up Neeti
from her school. Your sister, Neeti, studies
in STC School, right? Yes, sir. – Do you know any girl
named Shruti Nayak? Shruti Nayak? No, sir. We want to talk to Neeti. You want to talk to Neeti! I met your daughter twice
before today. Am I right, Neeti?
– Yes, sir. Did Shruti belong to your group?
– Yes, sir. Shruti, Disha, myself..
– And Ananya. Ananya Sethi.
– Yes, sir. Did you see Shruti
while returning home on that day?
– No, sir. Look at this, sir.
We checked other footage too. Coincidentally, this car was
spotted in the same place where Shrurti’s phone
was turned off. What were you doing
there and why? Actually, I experienced
breathing problem while driving the car.
I was feeling breathless. So, I thought
of buying an inhaler. I had no plan to buy medicines. 10 seconds, Jay. You disappeared from
the footage for 10 seconds. You got down from the car,
went to the medical shop purchased an inhaler,
paid the money returned to your car
and got in. I have taken more
than 10 seconds to say this. And you purchased an inhaler
and came back in that time! You should take part
in Olympic. You will win gold. Send the car for forensic test.
It’s a high priority. Okay, sir. Sir.
– What’s the update? We have got to know two things. Here is the receipt
of the service centre The car was sent for wash on the next day
of Shruti’s murder. The car was washed properly. As per the forensic report the traces of blood
are found in the car boot. And hair is found
on the back seat of the car. Both belong to Shruti. Great. He can justify the presence
of Shruti’s hair in his car. But how will he justify the
presence of blood in his car? Get search warrant
issued of his house. Okay, sir. Sir. Send this for forensic test.
– Okay, sir. Look, Jay.
Don’t try to lie to us. We have tested this mark and we have got the DNA
analysis report too. It’s a blood stain. And it’s matched
with Shruti’s blood. Now, speak the truth.
Why did you do this? She was your sister’s
friend, right? She was 16 years old. Did you have an affair with her? Did you use her? Did you rape her?
– No, sir.. Move back! N-No, sir. I didn’t rape her. I didn’t even know her. I didn’t do this for me. Whom did you do this for then? I..
I was upset. Because my best friend, Ananya became someone
else’s best friend. She became Shruti’s best friend. I used to hate Shruti. No one used to talk to her. Everyone used to laugh at her. God knows why Ananya
used to like her. She became popular
because of Ananya because of my best friend. Neeti was depressed. One day Neeti returned
home with a knife. She was trying
to commit suicide. She just wanted to separate
Shruti from Ananya. I couldn’t see her
in that condition. I promised her
that I would separate them. I convinced Shruti to come
my home on the fateful day. Thanks, Neeti.
– What thanks? I will show you my room
once we reach home. You will love it. I knew that Shruti
was carrying a phone. I informed brother the same. I dropped Shruti
and Neeti outside our house and drove away. I stopped my car in a signal
and took out Shruti’s phone from her bag. I destroyed her phone
and disposed it. After that, I returned home. Neeti was waiting for me. Our plan was to threaten Shruti. So that, she stays
away from Ananya. Shruti, we didn’t bring here
to extend hospitality to you. We want to warn you.
– Neeti.. It’s a last warning.
Stay away from Ananya. Why?
S-She is my best friend. Why shouldn’t I talk to her? I will talk to her
because she is my best friend. And she is my only friend. The moment Shruti said
that Ananya is her best friend I beat Shruti up very badly
with my hockey stick. After that, I tied Shruti up
and put her in a suitcase. Somehow, we took that bag
to a secluded place. No one used to come there. Brother burned her alive. Now, Shruti will never come in
between Ananya and me. Now, Ananya will be
my best friend. Only my best friend! What kind of a brother are you? Is this the way
to help your sister? You have ruined your
and your sister’s life by killing Shruti. Now, spend rest
of your lives in jail. You will be charged with murder
and destroying evidence. You killed your one friend
for another friend. Shruti’s life got ruined because of her parents’
ignorance. And Neeti’s life got ruined
for excessive pampering. And Jay encouraged
her sister to commit a crime instead of showing
her the right path. Love under the shadow of crime
is only a delusion. Love your kids,
show them the right path. Give them enough time and try to understand
their problems. Remember one thing.
We build our kid’s future. I, Anup Soni, would
like to take your leave. We will meet again in
the next episode with yet another
shocking story of crime. Until then, take care
of yourself and your family
members and stay tuned to ‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’. Punishment to one
serves as a lesson for everyone. Jai Hind.


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