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Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 1 Ep.1

August 24, 2019

♪♪ Oh, Shoot! Dude! Get the hatchet! This shit is not for me, man.
[laughs] Is that an Abercrombie model? Is that guy–
Could this guy fight? Announcer:He’s done it!
Sage Northcutt!
Keep an eye on this young man!Dana: We were actually
making fun of him. I ain’t making fun of him now. Dana:Hey, I’m UFC President,
Dana White.
And we’re always looking for
up and coming talent to sign.
Back in the day,I used to scout the world
looking for new talent.
But I haven’t done that
in years.
Now I’m back on the road.I’m looking for fighters,and I’m bringing two
of my favorite people with me.
[laughing]Nick “The Tooth” is
one of my best friends
going back to high school.He is a true renaissance man.He’s done a little bit
of everything
from music to business.He even won a Brazilian
jujitsu championship.
Matt Serra won
the Ultimate Fighter and he also
became the Welterweight Champion
of the world.
He now trains some of
the best fighters in the sport
out of his gym
in Long Island, New York.
We’re checking out
the best restaurants,
the coolest places to hang out,
having fun,
and then going to see
some fights.
I’m looking for
the next Ronda Rousey,
the next Robbie Lawler,
the next Conor McGregor,
I’m looking
for future champions.
And I’m willing to go to
any show anywhere in the world
to find them.This month, we’re hitting
two cities,
Philadelphia,for some food, Flyers hockey,
and a fight,
then we’re driving to the Jersey
Shore for even more food,
a jump in the ocean,
and a Ring of Combat card.
Nick:So, we’re driving
in the car.
I swear, he must have
the bladder of, like, a six-year-old boy. Matt: You might want
to move that way a little bit. What do you want me to do? You getting this? [laughs] We’re in the car four and a half
minutes, Matt Serra has to piss.We are not pulling over.
We can’t pull over.
So he has to piss
into a Starbucks cup. Oh, my gosh. Matt, you make me look good -again and again and again.
-Matt: Bro, watch those bumps. Matt: Sorry about the smell,
guys. What is that?
What the hell do you eat, bro? [laughs] Matt: Nobody drink this. [laughs] Ooh! I got your green tea,
cocksucker. So now we gotta go
the rest of the ride with his piss…
in a Starbucks cup. [laughing] Oh, shit, I’m an infant. It’s a nice van, but where’s
the [bleep] cup holders? Dana:What is Philly known for?
Philadelphia cheesesteaks.
Everybody has a place, right?My place is Geno’s.This place
is Pat’s Cheesesteaks. Look, right here. Geno’s. Nick: That’s hysterical. Across the street
from each other. Nick:These people like
their [bleep] cheesesteaks.
You want me
to walk into this place with piss in my hand? I gotta get a garbage–
You [bleep]. There’s a dumpster
across the street. Thank you. Had to do it. -What’s up, man?
-How are you? I’m great.
Good to see you again. -Hey, Matt.
-Smells pretty good in here. It smells real good. This is Nick.
You’ve never met Nick before. -Hi.
-What’s up, brother. Nick’s a weirdo vegan.
He doesn’t eat meat. We get
to make cheesesteaks today? You hungry? Yeah, I’m always hungry. Always.Geno is one of the nicest guys
you could ever meet.
Every time
we’ve ever been there,
he’s just so hospitable.So, the key thing is
is just to pick it up. It’s gonna be
like a deck of cards. It’s easier
when you go like this. See how you can just
line up more that way? I [bleep] it up instantly. Geno: So now we’re gonna wait
until you see the color coming -and then you just flip it over.
-Okay. Geno: See? You’re getting
the hang of it now. Dana: I’m getting it, Matt. -So you’re gonna keep it open.
-Yeah. And then
what you’re gonna do is lay the meat
on one side of the bun. Perfect. One more on top
and you’re done. This man made his first Geno
cheesesteak. And what a job. That’s so good. It’s disgusting, man.I mean, everywhere we go,
it’s always meat for these guys.
Matt:I respect
that he’s a vegan.
Doesn’t mean
I can’t screw with him. Take this. Come on, have a bite. -Have a bite.
-No, bro. it’s so gross. I’m the opposite of this weirdo.
Give me extra meat. Matt: Awesome. -Thanks, man.
-No problem. Enjoy. This is so good. So good. I’m on my second cheesesteak. -Matt: Go, go, go.
-Nick: Go, go. Go, fat boy, go. [laughing] No. It’s disgusting. Dana:So he can’t even eat,
like, the vegetables inside–
He doesn’t even want the bread. He doesn’t want
the bread either.So they have to bring him out
mushrooms and onions and stuff
on a piece of wax paper.Such a weirdo.So then we get done eatingthe best cheesesteaks
in the world,
and Geno takes us
to his buddy’s place next door.
The cannolis– And I’ve had
a lot of cannolis in my day.
These cannolis
are off the charts,
the best place in the world.Shit. Look at these. Matt: Let me see.
Oh, my goodness. Hey. [speaks foreign language] [laughs] This is such a good cannoli. This might be one of the best
things I’ve ever eaten. Holy moly. Oh, my God. That’s so good, right? He’s about
to lick it off my head. [laughing] So this right here is what you call a Matt Serra
cannoli, right here, all right? Nice tiny,
little cannoli for Matt. I think we should just… …walk up and down the street
with you here. What else do you got? [laughing] [Bleep] breakfast,
two cheesesteaks and a cannoli.It was such a cool opportunity.We got to go
to the Wells Fargo Center
where the Philadelphia Flyers
What the [bleep]
does Nick “The Tooth” do?He shows up in a [bleep]
New York Rangers jersey!
Dude, what do you think? You think I’ll get checked? [laughs] Dana: How [bleep] awesome
it would be if some guy grabs him
by that thing and starts [bleep] him up,
right? [bleep] Tooth. -Welcome to Philadelphia.
-Nice to meet you. I’m Matt. Matt, pleased to meet you. I’m not trying to come
towards you. Bob: You wanna start
with wind sprints? Wanna start with a little stick? -What do you wanna start with?
-Can we start with how to stand? I’m only kidding. [laughing] Dana:So we actually got
to hang out and skate
with one of the Broad Street
Bullies, Bob Kelly.
Absolutely cool guy,
but you can tell
this dude was a bad dude
back in his day, man.He was tough.-Want to do a couple drills?
-Dana: Yes! We’ll put some pucks
in the corner, you guys can stick at them– -Can we just check each other?
-If you want to. -Oh, wow.
-He just loves you. Dana: Even on skates
you’re so weak. Dana:The Tooth,I don’t know how the hell
this guy can skate too,
but he’s a much better skater
than me and Matt,
and I had a couple of attempts
to try to take him down.They weren’t good.Hang on. Wait one second. Nick: Ooh! Dana: Oh, that sucks! [laughing] That did not work out
like I planned! [laughing] Matt:It was very difficult
to keep my balance
and it was very sad to watch. [chuckles] Bob: Put it in! Put it in! I’m breakdancing! I’m breakdancing! You have permission to do
whatever you want to this guy. -That’s a Rangers shirt.
-I remember. I want to see you bring that
over his head -and beat the shit out of him.
-[laughing] Dana:And then,
Frank “The Animal”
who, at the time, was the dude
when it was time to whoop ass,
you would throw him in there
and he would get inand beat the shit out of people.So we get mad
at each other, right, we bump into each other
like that. You push and you look and say,
“Huh? You ready?” Fight, fight! Yes, yes! Dana: Yes! [laughing] Bob: Watch your–
Watch your skates! Watch your skates! Dana:Then we went
to a show in Philly
called Dead Serious.The promoter’s name is Frankie.Absolute class act. The guy
couldn’t have been nicer. Couldn’t have been
more hospitable.A very, very good guy.So, these two guys are fighting.And Corey Andersonwho is a stud,and one of the UFC fighters
that fights for us,
is actually cornering him,and it’s literally
the worst fight I’ve ever seen.When you know about the show,and you know that
we’re there scouting talent,
it’s your moment to shine.Everybody has a bad nightand not every night’s
gonna be your night.
Both guys,
this fight was just brutal.
You can
see the inexperience here. This kid should go get a job. [Dana laughs] Seriously. Tonight.
He should apply– He should apply for a job
somewhere tonight. UPS. FedEx. Matt:This fight’s
making me drink.
Would it be weird
if we started booing? [laughing] Dana: This might be
the worst fight I’ve ever seen. -Corey!
-Corey! That’s the worst fight
I’ve ever seen in my life. Ever. Well, you’re a [bleep] warrior. And your buddy’s
not pulling the trigger. [bleep] yeah, you are. Yell at your friend.
Yell at him. Tell him to watch
some of your fights and take notes. Yeah, they do. They do. All right, brother.
Hope the rest of the card– Always a pleasure, brother.If we show up and we’re there
looking for talent,
and you don’t give it
every [bleep] thing you’ve got that night?You probably shouldn’t fight.You probably should
wake up the next morning
and go out and get a job. Because this sport’s
probably not for you. Seems like a popular kid.
Who’s this? -Let’s go, Mickey!
-That’s Mickey. Right here. Dana:Then there’s this kid,
Mickey Gall.
-Everybody’s here to see him.
-Matt:Debut.Matt: I guess
it’s a welterweight, right? Hey, you never know.
This might be a potential guy. Matt:All right.If we see another fight
like the last one, -I’m going back to Geno’s.
-Me too. I actually think I’m gonna
go back to Geno’s anyway. -Me too.
-No matter what we see. [laughs] Nick:He seemed to have
a bit of a following there.
And there seemed to be
some potential there.
Dana:Kid comes out,he’s got some charisma,
you know.
And some style.And he wins his fight
He finishes the guy.[applause] Matt: We’re gonna have to
give him a little stiffer competition
though. I know it’s his pro debut. Matt: Where’s the bathroom
in this joint? I’m going to the bathroom.
I’m going to wipe my asshole. Announcer:The winner is-Mickey Gall!
-[applause] Hey, Dana White, I don’t know if
C.M. Punk has a… has a– an opponent… but I would love to fight
that man, C.M. Punk. Dana:Then he gets on the mic
and he calls out C.M. Punk.
And this was his pro debut.He just say he wants
to fight C.M. Punk? Yes, he did. Good fight, kid. I wanted to fight
in front of you. Congratulations, man. Congrats. Congrats, you guys. Hey, C.M. Punk, man… I’m 1-0. I like where your head’s at.
I like where your head’s at. You’re not gonna believe this. This kid gets on the mic
and goes, -“I want C.M. Punk.”
-No. -On my life.
-Are you serious? On my life. I’m interested. Dana:When we go
into these different cities,
and there’s cool things to do,we always try to find thingsthat take us
out of our comfort zone. Nick:So, when we get
to Atlantic City,
first thing on the agenda,Dana’s like, “We’re gonna do
the Polar Bear Plunge.”
Which means we’re gonna jump in the frickin’ freezing cold
Atlantic water… pretty much naked. So the Atlantic City Polar Bear
Plunge is about 25 years old and initially started of
as a charity plunge. A couple guys got together
from a bar and decided to jump
in the ocean. The rules of the plunge
are simple, Run like hell,
dive in the ocean, -totally submerge–
-Nick: Head, everything? Totally submerged. Jon: It’s brisk out,
I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s cold. The water’s cold.
Shrinkage is a real thing. -Matt: No.
-Yeah, so you know. -You know.
-Yeah. Gentlemen,
the Atlantic City ocean. Nick: It’s gonna be [bleep]
cold. You gotta just do it. -Matt: Psych me up.
-Nick: You gotta just jump in. -Matt: Yeah. Yes!
-Nick: And own this thing. All right, ready? Come on. I’m ready, I’m ready. Matt: [screams]
My feet are cold already! I don’t get
in the East Coast water in the summertime. Matt: Son of a bitch. Dana: I’m [bleep] so nervous
right now…. I have this thing
about being cold. When I get cold,
I start shivering.And it completely
[bleep] me up.
I’m game. If you think this
is something good, let’s do it, you know. [loud burp] Get the shirt off, boss man!
Look at you! -Nick: Let’s go!
-Matt: Come on, let’s do this! Nick: Take your shoes off. Matt: [bleep] punch me,
punch me! -Dana: I’m leaving my shoes on.
-Don’t [bleep] touch me. Ready? Olly olly oxen free! [laughs] [Matt screams and laughs] That was something, man. I can cut glass
with these nipples.Hey, listen, I just didn’t want
to take my shirt off.
Dana told mewe were gonna be doing
that Polar Plunge,
and I knew I had,
like, a few weeks,
so I tried to stay away
from the pizza a little bit so you might have saw an ab. [chuckles]It wasn’t a six pack
or anything,
but, you know, listen,I make jokes, but I’m powerful.So afterwards, The Tooth wants
to jump back in naked.
-I’m psyched.
-Get it, bro. I don’t know
what to even say about that. Matt:I can’t look!I– Look away!Look away!Dana:So The Tooth has
to jump in there naked.
You know, there’s ladies
walking their dogs
up and down the beach,and this [bleep] goon is jumping
in there with no clothes on.Can’t take this [bleep] guy
Nick:That’s the Polar Bear
Plunge, jump in naked.
I was gonna do it.Matt:You sick [bleep]!We’re going to the taffy place? Yes, we’re going to make taffy. There’s a good chance
I might shit myself in there. [laughing] Dana:So then we end up going
to Shriver’s Candy Company.
They make saltwater taffy.Went to the beach when
I was growing up my whole life.
And I was always fascinated
about the taffy. -Woman: Hello.
-Dana: Look at this place. We make over 40
flavors of taffy. In the summer,
probably around 60. How did it get named
“saltwater taffy”? “Saltwater taffy” came from
a guy named Bradley who had a store
in Atlantic City. And his stand
was actually on the beach. So it was back
in the late 1800s.And one night, the tide came up
and ruined all of his candy.
A little girl came along
and said,
“You have saltwater taffy now.”So the name stuck, and that’s been
the Jersey tradition ever since, to have saltwater taffy
and name it that. Very cool. Woman: We’re gonna have you guys make strawberry saltwater taffy. -Dana: Looks like wax.
-Woman: Yeah. This is what it looks like
after it’s been cooked…. Dana:I’ve never seen
how you really make the taffy,
and what goes into it.
I was completely into this.
Matt: There he goes.
There he goes! Dana:I was so into it,I, like, took over
the whole thing.
And I had so many questions.And I actually had
a really good time with that.
Matt: Is that normal? Or is that a disaster?
Be honest. -Man: It’s coming together.
-Matt: Okay. Relax, Matt. [laughs] -Dana: I know what I’m doing.
-Okay, add flavor. It smells freaking good. Right? Man: It’s a nice, even color. -Looks good, right?
-That’s wild, man. Man: So now you just want
to pull it off and we’re gonna put it back
on the table for a couple minutes. Look at that, man. You get a workout
with the taffy. -What is it, ten pounds?
-Matt: Let’s do curls with it! Dana:You can’t take
Nick “The Tooth” anywhere.
Dana: Matt’s almost having
a heart attack. Look at how serious
you got right there. All I know is
you went way too close to that. -Did you just lick it?!
-No, of course not. You treat it like my head. Nick: Come here. Woman: Pull a piece off
and eat it. Come here. Let me feel your head. I’m gonna
sculpt your head right here. He’s touching my head,
touching the taffy. He’s putting his hand through
whatever he uses, toothpaste,hair gel,
whatever’s in his hair,
touching the taffy.He shouldn’t be allowed
in this place. You look like
a [bleep] Willy Wonka. Matt:
Hey-o, taffy coming through! -Stab it?
-Stab it. This is a job for Serra. Woman: So the stabbing
gets all the air bubbles -out of the candy.
-[laughs] Teamwork. Matt: Nick is dusting,
Dana’s shanking. -Matt: Watch your fingers.
-Starch in my hair. Matt: Yeah, it’s nice
how you touched your hair -and put it back on there.
-[laughing] Seriously?
The dirtiest [bleep] guy to ever walk the face
of the earth, right here. They just made
50 pounds of taffy they’re gonna have to
get rid of.He’s rubbing
his [bleep] hair on it
and every other thing.Woman: So there’s your batch
of saltwater taffy. Wow! Nick: that is awesome. That is so cool. -You did well for a first time.
-Thank you. Thank you for the hospitality
and time, we appreciate it. -Thanks for coming.
-Thank you. Dana:You will see,
as we continue to go through
all these different adventures
and different cities,
Nick is [bleep] gross.In Atlantic City,we end up going
to Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat.
He’s sort of a pioneer when you
talk about these small shows.
Some of the big names,
Matt Serra, Frankie Edgar,
and many, many other guys have
come from Lou Neglia’s show.And let me tell you what,they showed up
in Atlantic City, man.
There was some amazing fights
that night.
[people yelling] Dana: Holy [bleep] shit! Holy shit!That was a right hand from hell.
Matt:That was nasty.Matt: This is the picture they use for the guy
that just fought. You gotta be kidding me. Dana: Yeah, it’s like
a premonition. Matt: I think the guy
who printed this up was Nostradamus. [laughing] Matt: This is the picture
the guy used. [audience roaring] Spinning backfist!
Spinning backfist! Yes, [bleep]! Yes! Dana: I was [bleep] looking
this way. -Spinning backfist. Beautiful.
-Damn it. Beautiful. [screams] Dana:You had
a spinning backfist knockout.
Very impressive win.Jumped out of the cage,
ran over and got in my face
and said,
“I wanna fight in the UFC.”
I love that.I want my chance! Please! [Dana laughs] Dana:Love guys that have
that energy and that enthusiasm.
They wanna [bleep] be in the UFC
so bad that he jumps in my face,
you know, runs out of the cage,
I love that shit.
Yeah. He knows it. No, no, no. Matt:This guy
that I had a problem with,
you know, he said some things after I lost the GSP
to some people and it got back to me,
and he’s just a slimy-type guy. And I told the guy already, “Look, man, when I see you,
don’t talk to me.” You know. You know.
You know, I’m not a big fan. -Yeah.
-Man: I’m a fan of yours though. Yeah, but you are a jerkoff. -Get the [bleep] away from me.
-Man: I’m not a jerk-off. No, you are a jerkoff. Dana:There’s a lot of things
that I love about Matt Serra.
One of the things isyou never don’t know
where you stand with Matt Serra.
Get the [bleep] away. -Man: Dana, you take a picture?
-[bleep] Dana:If he likes you,
you know he really likes you.
If he doesn’t like you,
he lets you [bleep] know.
So now, he’s drinking
a little bit, I notice. He sees Lou,
he’s trying to come over, trying to get his face
on camera. Dude, no. No.This ain’t your time.
Get out of here.
One of the other cool things
about that night is Matt actually had
a couple of guys from the Serra Longo gym
fighting that night. So Matt not only sat there
with me, looking at talent,he also jumped in
to work with some of his guys.
Went backstage, talked to them,and then worked the corner.Matt: There he is. Here’s Johnny! So Serra and Longo have been together
for many years.And they’re both hilarious guys.So when those two get together,
I mean, it’s nonstop.
He’s slowing down, though.
He is slowing down. I’m down to three hours left. [laughing] [imitates alarm sound] It’s like an alarm clock. [imitates alarm sound] [laughing] Matt: No, but seriously,
what else? That five hour energy
is down to one. [laughing] Here we are,
back together again. Riggs and Murtaugh. -What’s new? What’s new?
-My God… You’re doing a good job
of putting everybody at ease. Robby fell asleep. [laughing] Robby, this is your [bleep] time
to shine. We like to keep it light,
you know. But when it’s time to go to war,
we go to war. Matt:You’ve been through
[bleep] wars
with tough [bleep] guys.
You understand me?
This guy’s no different,
all right? Everybody goes in thinking
they’re gonna [bleep] beat you.But how do they end up?They end up with you [bleep]
beating the shit out of them.
-Announcer:Robby Plotkin!
-Let’s go, Robby! [applause] Good luck, Matt. Matt: All right, Robby! Dana:So the main eventis Robby Plotkin
versus Randy Brown.
Plotkin is Matt’s guyand he is a tough,
durable dude in a great fight.
These guys are in there,
banging it out.
Matt: Yeah, Robby! Nice, Robby! Yeah! Dana:It was a very,
very exciting fight.
And both guys
were super technical.
Yeah, Robby! Fake and go! Yeah, Robby! Nice! Matt:The fight between
Randy and Robby,
it was good, it was exciting,and what you saw was two guys
that wanted it.
That’s it, Robby! Forty-five seconds, Robby! [people yelling] Matt:Randy caught him
with a nice knee,
and then solid strikes
and he put him away.
And he hurt him.Cocksucker! Good fight. [crowd shouting “UFC”] Nice. -You’re good, man.
-Matt: Good fight. I’m the one. Randy Brown, undefeated,
ends up knocking Plotkin out.And now I’m interestedand I want to go down
and I want to meet Randy Brown,
and I want to talk to him.-What’s up, brother?
-White, how are you? Dana. Pleasure. -What’s up? You look good.
-Thank you. Is this the offer of a contract? Well…. I thought it was gonna be
just like Sage Northcutt was. Just gonna come in,
you’re gonna be like– Dana: That’s it? It didn’t work
like that for Sage, either. [laughing] Once I won,
I looked around for you. I was like, “Where is he? I know he’s somewhere.” I was like,
“I got him, there he is.” There’s a lot of bald,
fat guys out there, so you probably had
to look around a couple times, figure out which one was me. You married, you single? I’m single. I’m 25 years old.
Single, I got one son. My son, Uriah,
I’m doing this for him. Doing this for him, trying to
take it to the next level. I’ll tell you this,
I’m interested, so you’ll probably hear from me. -All right, let me know, man.
-All right. All right, champ. Pleasure, Matt. All right, Matt. -I’ll talk to you guys soon.
-Thank you, guys. I’m really excited
about Atlantic City and Philly.Obviously we did
some great things.
We had a blast.The food was off the charts.And I’m excited
about the talent I found.
I like Randy Brown,so I’ve decided
I’m gonna bring him in
on our Saturday,
January 30th card
in Newark, New Jerseyand put him on
the UFC Fight Pass Prelims.
Mickey Gall?I’m interested in Mickey Gall.And what a great way to kick off
the season.
I’m really looking forward to,not only checking out
new cities,
new adventures with these two,but I think we’re gonna find
some talented fighters. All of a sudden,
I hear this voice go,“What the [bleep]
are you doing?”
Dana, if anything happens,
put my kids through college. Dana: Nice, Nick! Matt: Ah, you [bleep]! He got it. Hi! [ dogs barking ] Oh, shit!


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