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Day In/Day Out: Road to the Playoffs (Part 2)

August 19, 2019

previously on Day In Day Out. The
LCC Lions started off their season making a bold statement by winning all three tournaments they
participated in the regular season they achieve the record if 8 wins, 2
losses and 1 tie In their last game in 2012 they lost a
heartbreaking game against cooper Academy 722 after a
two-week break from school all 22 players and how well rested for
the remainder of the season this is day in and day out there how do we come up nicknames a for both ports loan ir brig big proponents have nicknames we’ve had
nicknames sucked you are a hearty and for their careers
his was mixer when he believed to pro hockey a mine was chats a and over
actually sorta two streams of nicknames a the easy to rip it up is always just shortened version of your last name and
then mixer on the other veins you was connected to style for your particular about for on a
trip I think it was last season a Ryan were sent to motel
Ryan’s got off on what he thought was his floor
so I wasn’t really paying attention what floor we’re going off on and some stuff all the mother the
elevator assets that lay out to be the fourth
wanna each floor is the same I just don’t want to wear my room what event so I just open the door and leisurely half the team is in my
room am I really times Michael crass so high what the hell you guys are doing
in here so he told me the story and I his his own way I saw was a man there’s a
great opportunity for a nickname because we’ve been searching for
nickname for him didn’t help that we got was formerly in
the season what you can forces while so I said you’re gonna call you all to
see someone in a comatose sold a schism popular up for anything
for elevates so we got problems is ok sook without
yep that a guy named Daniel Brenner else on
the team in 2004 up fantastic young man for a nose for
the first year and he was a what we like to call a role player soul
a what he didn’t have been told he made up
for in heart and effort just a absolute grind with hockey with very little skill
but an amazing guy and then in 2005 2006 along came in
nineteen james baker and he was a similar style to bring
house for a little bit better so is like Brett
Brett house but just one step up so we went with 10 house and everybody asked us why penthouse
simply wouldn’t tell them all season long and the kids just couldn’t figure out
what it was because penthouse obviously has some connotations on one hand but it was
really just about the top for the building till we went on the Europe trip in 2007 and we finally explained to him
that he was an upgrade on Brent house so when it came
to penthouse I so we came up with a few good ones
over the years I like to have nicknames if possible that are a few degrees of separation
away from the obvious I one example be marked michael’s my
nickname is no town is the Nationals are Eminem so Eminem
the rapper is from Detroit detroit also noticed Motor City which is
motown to we always try to come up with a
different original ones ungenerous 17th lives played against heritage Regional
High School for their first GM a game in nearly a month goin’ in in for the skate around to warm up and I Josh five-shot it the board we heard like I too cocky no
is everything went down the glass came off repeatedly stated
around the shooting than that that then the rest came over
and the guys really not so that they’ll get off the ice got fun its it’s never it’s never hurts to lose all the girls
gore I go this high I didn’t go back 30 and I go failed and
a glass shatter that they are dropped okay yeah graffiti glass at the 04 awesome figure
out what happened Loko estoy Colts finally lines were able to make it back onto the
ice star face off against began to gather the slopes the
carrot-and-stick several sophomores wasn’t until the
second its alliance picks up the pace put themselves on the scoreboard the team got back into the side and
scored a total five goals michaels getting shut out at that one of the things that we’re gonna continue to understand
as a team that we did today was that when we stick
to our system it’s not like we stifle creativity and
we stop guys from being able to do what’s affecting when you see what happens when we get
pucks deep on teams we don’t waste time in the neutral zone
trying to beat a guy while one sinking ship the fuckin for game is 10
feet ahead of their defensemen great flutes his life at least six times
potsdam first met on the pock body try to throw
around the other side were first on the puck third Mencius
over every time get so Voice that’s a good way but let’s
just keep it in mind we’ve got a system we follow it and it
works and that’s what makes a successful boys
for junk II king of the idea of sorry giving a
post game MVP construction hat goes out to I guess you
can call it the best grinder the game
grinders land someone II basically hits passes adults in cases that everything he needs to gets 13 I just
hasn’t all around solid game and I’ll be such
as construction have because we don’t want to meet a goddess: by the most
goals in a game to say they want to be the guy who will play the best defense the offense
the work the hardest sleep well at all see stickers on it kinda customize it every every damn it goes out to
different player and then the next game that player will dedicate it to the to the best player from the from that
damn so it’s just a really good a telling a simple love our team unlike
everyone looks forward to winning the heart out every once in a while of through hmm do okay today over a month after devastating loss of
seventeen by Cooper lines ready to play them again the
stakes are very high doses if to prove to to further their skillful team to be
reckoned with up it was what’s up no rocket science your guys okay I said
it yesterday I’ll say it again this is a game I’ve one-on-one battles hate taking
pride in a one-on-one situations right we need
short shifts when a hard place all over the ice for
you know any relief we really need pride in those one-on-one battles and we
need pride in taking smart decisions so when
we don’t have a time with the pock we can’t move it to a guy we get the red
line we get it deep and we send them back okay 12 skaters
today not 30 like last time but they’re fit function they can wield
every single guy can skate so we need to finish our checks but we
do need to run around trying to kill geist we finish checks when we can but we know
our four check guys it’s a matter of executing not standing
back on our heels is a matter of taking the tempo to them
we can’t wait and watch for the first five minutes because we
know exactly what they’re gonna I promise you we know you are you know
you’ve already seen it they’re gonna come out skating hard making long hard stretch
passes gonna tip pox into the offense is only
if they can’t catch that passed and they’re gonna four checks so we’ve got to be smart and we’ve got a
match their temple have even harder to play against going
into the Cooper rematch I was nervous bless her so the first time I
knew we did have a big in the first cuz we’re gonna cut harder the second time
we’re gonna play more to our game and there’s I was still kinda nervous but we knew if
we played our game we can be successful petting the cub a rematch I was pretty
nervous a I’ll lotsa uncertainty regarding how the game go we dive in
South 72 the game before could pick this up for game I’ll let us let us know that we should
should have conference going to game in we brought it from the opening face-off
West this is why we play right fired up from the get-go execute think
it’s not simple place one-on-one battles we never get out work
alright points digging here for 45 minutes was the word you go on D Paice party I up front Ltd I gave I motel right after coach led ok all the usual
starting lineup the team is ready for a call to drop today in sort of that several shots are
marked by it misled past cool for school similarly lives for stocks seven minutes in out still got a shot
from the blue-line to avoid the flight to the fuck musically score the first
goal intensity continues with both hands up
or just the rest I don’t is often the city guides I don’t like the
headspace when right now okay these guys are still out skating ice
especially our own defensive zone winners your job is to cover your demon
centers gotta be engage download you gotta be ready not
hard on you man with your stick with your feet move your
feet Dean and be ready demand eliminate a guy in the corner and
then release it and get back hard to the front of the net they make a pass sometimes we got a guy
covering in and also in with two guys turned back to
the guy that made the past he dives down low behind us we need to be smart you okay row power
play that’s fine get set up get control we want to get
traffic to the father did not increase we can blow to god that was so we want to get pucks to the net but we
gotta collapse to the net we gotta get rebounds gotta get dirty got pulled oxo moving out to the upside
above the pox again right boys we got appeared outta Tony
right now gotta take advantage you everybody was on the bench rather short
pension is highly said everything staying gates stay in the game is no
excuse let’s go with product group what for my way the second period brandon
mcgillis Morris scored another goal at seven lives chin up listen to me great they are moving the
puck around cross I suppose they’re going from even
way across the DNS and you’re catching on on that shift take he voted for that you guys that
have two hands on your stick it all time K week we gotta keep our feet from a pox
we don’t chase michael’s hole before taking more
credible seitz force full seconds left you on the power play
to get back to 5-5 with play 5-on-5 of but still have a fortune dice hey we saw
when we finally got and had to try to do you couldn’t do it
slope of the way up the ice no fancy stuff with the cops dose of
plates taste everything’s gonna be hard it’s
gotten fifty minutes a focus your guys a Tony right now 40 minutes a focus we
tie the game it’s gonna be 15 minutes every single guy on board when you get
one shift no shifty play the whole theory final touch OK side this the third period Super Cup but from a
lot spirit for to wrap around fast got shot
into the lives that despite strong defensive efforts putting
the score to the one victory dance troupe retarded he was
incredible for the hockey team to be able to prove to themselves in addition to the competition but their
old come back from a 7-2 loss just a month ago was incredible of our out west playwrights are you this from
you for you during the game however not everything went so smoothly go
shatters and describes what happens so there were a couple of a bloopers I
guess would be the the best way to describe these events group and your governor jumped out of the
penalty box when the other teams probably expired
and skated straight across the ice and got to the back the on yeah we were sold confuse when he got there what are you doing goal but soapbox and Gardner work be wilder for non skid right back across the ice your team to know what’s
going on the rest didn’t know what was going on the guys enough Fox didn’t know was born a fun but it
was one the most amazing things i’ve seen in three here’s a five years checked out
a coach in high school hockey the best part is that even call family for him going out too early yeah site okay that’s why my guy wasn’t for
you okay I think that but came over found out what’s what happened took one book it
through and felt so bad for me didn’t call it that and of course drew will have a full
explanation as to why that happened to his in his defense starter what stocks for what’s for yeah which borders tell if you would like up
there I golf but a usually jump or the box so there’s a
guy from the other teams skating beside you it’s not because you’re
having a race the site is gonna when the game is because wanted you shouldn’t be there to a
fantastic great highlight never forget that within the next few weeks the Lions
played several games against Saint Thomas high school John ready high school and Lester B
Pearson heist work at a college senior hockey team won
all three the butting in only one goal forget this team arguably would be anywhere as
good as it is however without the post-game snacks says some
I’m sorry she’s basically a team hockey mom well
she is team hockey mom um result is there at every home game southeastern assigned and most
importantly she tips well-fed greenies goods after every
game having explained they’re delicious show is meant to sitting making that
before see right before the game an hour for got
the cats and dollar ingredients Knicks everything
together everything everything from scratch not
permit and to make sure that still have some for
the team there’s nothing better than having a great game on the ice thing
coming back interview with having select warm cookies are were my favorite
was the one pizza pie or whatever it was and this is it was is delicious always
hot they’re amazing there so that if its
exactly what you want after you’ve worked hard for an hour and a half
playing hockey and especially after a win when you’re
on the hop pop in the eye in the room together with the
boys just just having a good time and coach comes
there icebox comes in the plateau copies or
stores and other Sunni nothing better truck keys after almost every day and I was pretty solid
we almost got snacks whatever I inspiration to when I guess you’re so
dedicated to giving us our discerning she would give us desert even after we
games and you know we’re all thankful for what he did for the team this year we’re really happy that yeah he’s made
something for us and thanks time really appreciate it glass fast option fine thin their final game of the season
lives these I was as cool as ice my favorite moment the season happened
to my birthday for playing howard s billings tampered with in the corner is battling
for it then all the sudden the fuck endless sleep souped-up the pot fun by one
defender when my backhand top shelf kinda beauty %ah ways over all across the west for fish is in second place we found speakers personified but OK hey here’s michael’s show smoke yeah yeah walks PC yeah %ah before beginning the Playhouse ever
one works for me was scheduled the howard s Billings annotation all is
the fourth for the the Lions juvenile hockey team a plan
the first Davis once I get school is Regina said the team against you in the fight in the
first round of the playoffs you think of this as you know since I
was a great save it for the team as a true to themselves that they’re now
it isn’t able to meet again strong goal is and defending person aggressivity
between games in the tournament players from various ways occupy themselves some shows to watch other games while
others to relax dressed in orange or guesses equipment
ready Walmart michael’s practices ball hockey
with Taylor boys and editor John from antique up next in around all Indians the boys were
able to play their fierce rivals oil they won that game as well putting
them on track to the tournament championships their education six-and-a-half rap to yeah it’s here I meant for this months okay go addition if you’re driving behavior fine yeah good this the got some nice the last game of the
round-robin LCC is based off again saint thomas Hawk day heart estelle yeah yeah %ah undefeated in the round-robin Lions were
to play at the next best team in the finals coincidentally that team is good for GSM
to the same team that the boys had defeated
the day before were scheduled to play against just three days during the playoffs
before the championship game for that tournament to be a chess tournament I’m coach lotto came in the room before
and said um for the past two years after every
tournament that we’ve won it dumped on the I’ll much michael’s
which is the starting goalie up but this one was a for me to infer
that the talking to jump on my back the there was a tax in the second period you put the team on
the scoreboard stresses the game remained scoreless as the team held the defense that but
this incredible victory LCC lies not only bring home another
data but they also run the test for this 4-for-4 311 nothing to take on the championship the bar for
tournament in a row and I gotta shower obviously is very special
for me voiced I’ve never had a few 10 years do that
for yeah %ah good two-way voice feels good fight with a kick in the pipe
grace a text Voice we set some goals this year right
setting goals be it Tina goes from be good too great that’s what we want right what
the hell is this with %uh what every single game in 2013
just water for germans to clinch first place overall thank you
got home I soldiers now the church starts X practice on Monday home game on
Tuesday guess we’ll see guys tracks we know what’s gonna happen was
will have a little more energy and I’ll XK little or just with you to get after
them even more far alright stockings lol I I but I yeah %uh the next episode day in and day out else is the Lions
play cialis Regina served on home ice this playoff series swear allegiance if
they would then move on to the semifinals if they
lose this is a test text possible happened on the next episode
day good


  • Reply Sonny Moroz September 28, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    "Directed, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Jeffrey Morris"


  • Reply SuperPolska14 September 29, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Indeed, another masterful and superlative effort by Mr. Morris.

    Finest hockey series that I have seen. Already looking forward to Part 3.

    Coach Llano has one of the most captivating hockey voices. Like EF Hutton – when he talks people listen. A professional hockey coach directing a high school team.

  • Reply ivuge October 21, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Any news on part 3?

  • Reply Jeffrey Morris October 25, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Episode 3 is on the way. I'm working my best edit as quickly as possible!

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