Disc Golf Strategies : Turbo Putting in Disc Golf

September 13, 2019

Thanks for joining me on Expert Village. Hello,
I am Patrick Kitten with the Wind Riders Disc Golf Club at beautiful McKinsey Park in Lubbock,
Texas. Another putt that comes in handy every once in a while, again it is an obstacle putt
a lot of times, if there is some bushes in front and you cannot stretch, you cannot straddle
putt. You can turbo put over the top, a turbo putt – there are a couple of different versions,
generally people will hold it similar to this where they will put their thumb in the middle,
fingers to the outside and then when you throw you go to the outside. You just go a little
bit out almost point toward the basket when you turbo putt. And that is a turbo putt.

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