Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!

September 10, 2019

what’s up guys man played from for bookstore code UK and today’s video is a little bit different when we’re talking you through the 10 things you should never do with your football boots this all started from our source for me put a different pair of laces in there for boots it may look a little bit cheap but there’s also some performance issues as well so let’s get straight into video in at number 10 so the number one thing that you shouldn’t do in any pair of all boots is you super glue or tape to fix a bit so separators now place got a hub in a fan to one a lot of pack of super glue they’re still in that packet because it’s a reason for that Russian we used to prove on it the number one reason why you shouldn’t typical your boots when you get a bit of salt iteration you get salsa version on a lot of boots the stone foot super goes in between the chassis and upper itself one because they will just split await worse so are you good your boot you played a full 90 minutes in your game it’s going to make it much worse yeah exactly right so that’s typically when you actually different ones that soul play an upper material it makes the incredibly stiff so it’s going to be prone to cracking even worse although it might do it like it’s done a good job this is a very extreme kind of situation we’ve got an old pair of the first one a lot of song separation going on maybe the system should be on there of the playing your actual crack even more and so separation will get worse now the second part of the problem with super gluing tape on the boot is what faux goes another thing people do when their heads fall separation is actually taping your boot and yes it does help with sort of timber resource operations but that he damages the upper as well as super glue when you put super glue to fix all separation on your boots it actually damages the upper the foam like this first which has a THC or condition control the coating on top will be affected with Satan’s exactly right so that’s our first one and let’s move on to number two so our second zone duty to not over tighten your HD sub now asking a lot of teammates I know a lot of players out there to really China SG starts so hard now the first problem with it is is going to cause you blisters see if you do tightens folks hide the actual three in there is going to be pushed through on for that sole play even higher and onto your first you’re going to get some blisters along most higher pressure points well there’s also a second reasons why you shouldn’t do the reason why over time these birds physically different s’appelle place even more so this is the energy pulse of light on a nitrocharge 1.0 when you plant these cuts really really tight actually listen to the whole football it’s all paid up it’s not great for a booth which is known for like an energy pulse also another book which had if I had its gene sets’ the PhD the superfly we splitting it up on the knowledge chest you really really would feel it because it’s a very very thin contour chest exactly right you don’t want to over plan your exercise that’s number two let’s move on to number three so our third zone do is their absolute bread and butter do not wear leather football boots on 3d surfaces make explain why the reason the number one reason why you shouldn’t wear leather boots on 3g artificial services is purely different durability yes like a thin layer on the splits here it’s very very thin one consult separation it will sort of puts more pressure on the centimeter material on those sort of 3G services the salty relation is to promote the number one reason number two is that the actual limiter itself where quickly one exactly right 3d services are so aggressive it’s unbelievable now Blake touchmix trial separation will actually occur more on a leather football boot compared to synthetic because the actual material on that soleplate is a little bit stiffer so it’s not going to be as soft competitive caterer so he goes if you’re adamant you have to wear a leather boot on 3d artificial services there is ones but which you can actually work which is the AG tiempo so the ad tiempo ninety actually put this additional durability panel on the toe box purely for faulty corrosion that you’ve got Qantas bus system but you can with this solo on 3d art social services yes the netherworld where quicker but you get it so super ocean perfect on eighty services so let’s move on to our fourth point zero and it game with use food and drink do not buy space bubble boots online they might be cheap but they lack some serious quality but what are the issues on it so goes the main problem with space boots is durability is you can look like pulpo’s you cannot like Ronaldo but overall durability of site boots is very very poor the overall structure of a played football boot and craftsmanship is very poor is completely in this food like that then if your control won’t been like this a lot of issues with fake ball or boots what’s this speaking this issue the second issue is that the performance is going to be anywhere near pine that we’ve got to Superfly for and also the pure control which on serves all of that performance the Superfly is all about responsiveness and lockdown and these aren’t even real fly wire tabled on the sides of the boot so in terms of having that high level of greatly responsiveness it’s not going to be there you know a lot another problem with fireface boots so another thing with fake football boots is the risk of injury the support and structure you get in a fake football boots is very very important in this place of spook there’s nothing inside the boot this soleplate is very very flimsy inner lining you may get more blisters but overall support on top of your foot as opposed and everywhere around the boot is very very important especially bone white paper will move now let’s move on to the next one so our next on boot is so important by see so many players do this regularly and they taking your boot in the shower after wearing them in your math you know why shouldn’t you do this so you have a leather boot and this bishop was a white glitch you got it all mud if you want to take it into the shower and clean it perfectly especially on leather bootie if you really over Witten the cutter itself at what time difference of durability will be lowered if you take the boots in the shower and did it boots a slightly bitter wonder synthetic boots because they aren’t acclimated that kayla the mature with use natural they’re not going to become overly wet they want to show that what it is Mike a kind of repetitive of it well get it into the boot well the problem with leather for wolves are getting slow wet or part of the durability but after itself will become a little bit different because the wards that he goes into the upper itself and becomes quite stiff so it can crack a little bit prematurely ok so moving on from not taking your boots in the shower we’re in our next don’t do which is projecting picked in your bubble but you must senior forbs every time you ever be training or up your matches make sure you clean them and wise that you have to clean your boots especially up we wear them maybe a few training you don’t really want to clean your boots after a food cart training but overall you should clean your boots after every match the reason what’s the number one reason why you do that now that’s because if you do get mud on the upper it doesn’t matter if it’s leather or synthetic leather will be even worse though if that wet musters drive onto the upper then it’s going to actually soak into the material itself I make it incredibly steep which is going to cause cracking the best way to clean your boots is just to get a wet cloth and just wipe it clean there’s fish on synthetic books it will work really well will be slightly harder on a leather boot but you can do that with this with a wet cloth and that’s the quickest way to clean your boots showed up the matches and trainings so this next don’t do is very important and they is making sure that you wear the correct soleplate for that surface now if you do have a pair of HD boots do not wear them on 3d that is a big no-no you can call the injury or risk to yourself because you can turn your ankles as I start a little bit too long and aggressive you can also rip the 3d surface which isn’t good especially if you come there regularly you want to be the club level for as long as possible now why else I’ll bring in this 80 legacy again the reason why your ad vote has conical studs and they’re very very shallow it’s because they’re designed for an Ag surface the very shallow going to have really good support under your feet there as well as the durability panel you’re not going to have that one issue in Boots another reason – another reason why AD boots has its durability panel is because it is a durability panel it’s going to make the bridge last longer on 80 services on st boots you won’t have the educator although specific subscript surface so our next time do a game is very important and that is not breaking a full boosting property now when you buy a new pair of football boots don’t put them in boiling hot water at furnaces can damage the up and also cause some soul separation which play can go into a little bit later but how you have to do it properly and also when you do receive a brand new paper route so I wear them straight away to be a match you do a little bit of trainers birth explain a little bit more so I’ll bring in a leather boot and instead of boot break it in a synthetic boot you can see our hot water trick by clicking on the card now that’s the best way to break in a synthetic boots and really loosen up that synthetic material for a leather boot I probably wouldn’t recommend the hot water trip for a leather boot pretty much soft already but best way to break in the leather boot is pretty much wearing moroni house broom from the training not straight into your matches flucos knitter and consider materials are very very different but they’re both needed to break them properly so our next thing to do is something that annoys me so so much and again there’s not a place to it I may need to leave in your football boots at the bottom of your bag which makes them all crushed up why do you such a problem the one main reason is that it just loses structures whiskey on it and edit proved upper here both them if you leave few boots on top here it’s just going to look like that it’s going to lose its structure very very quickly and durability kind of regretted exactly the durability is going to go over the quality of upper material is going to go as well and also you do leave them in your football bag with other form foods and other kind of used clothing they’re going to smell as well which is obviously a bit with small TSU competitor ability but not nice especially we pay a lot of money for your boots so guys our last I’m doing is put in the most simple of all and they you guys not think that you have to buy the most bold and colorful boots explain why that is so guys if you want to look like Ronaldo but you’ve got really really white feet and you want the Superfly probably don’t go to the Super playground for something like the team religion or something like that you’re control by any desk very very wide fitting options so if you want to boot a lot lately stars don’t necessarily just buy that purely by a boot for fit so comfort wise is the most important thing as a football boots if you’ve got really really wide feet go for some light skinned religions if we got very narrow feet the superplay vapor or the egg 16 perfect food for you so guys there’s our top 10 things not to do with your football boots though in the pile Kart now what do you think is the most anything within with your Kabul book and also comment in the section below other things that you might be not stupid thing to do with boots as well thanks for watching guys and as always see you next time

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