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September 20, 2019

– You had a motive.
Okay? You had a motive. – You think I had a motive? – A motive for what? – Why did she even bring this when she knew it wasn’t true and it could have hurt
people’s lives? – You have
a comprehension problem, so I’ll say it again. – No, you have a comprehension
problem. – No, I do not.
– Actually you’re a liar. – There was no motive.
There was no plan.It really bothers me
that certain people
diminish the amount of work
that I’m trying to do
within myself.I’m trying to have
a different presentation and a different narrative
over my life. You want me to be
that same bitch, and unfortunately sometimes
I give you her. You sound stupid
sitting over there, saying [bleep] like that. – You sound stupid.
– No, you sound stupid. – You sound stupid. Why are you always starting
[bleep]? – I’m not always starting
anything. From my end–
– Can I finish? – I feel like you’re always
starting with me. – You are not a thought
in my mind. – Neither are you, but I don’t
follow your dude. You trying to follow mine. I don’t be on your
daughter’s Instagram. – I tried to follow your dude? – Yes.
– I don’t care to follow [bleep] Reggie.
For what? – In the evolution
of Tami and Evelyn, it wouldn’t be in their fashion
not to have a showdown. – You made a statement,
and now I’m directing it. – What is the point of that?– I’m just, like, sitting here
cringing in my seat,
like, can someone make it stop? – That’s what we wanted
to know. – Another lie.
– You lied on Chad. – I lied on Chad? – Because you a fake-ass bitch.
– Girl, I’m fake? – You was fighting that man, having all kinds of issues
all along.♪ ♪But because of…
– What? What? – The neighbors saw, now
you want to be involved. – Are you serious?
– Now you want to be the domestic persons– “domestic violence
spokesperson.” – Tami makes a comment about
Evelyn and Chad’s situation. Like, I am not only shocked, but I want to get up and leave. – I know my truth, right, that’s why he was saying sorry, got my face [bleep] tattooed– – He always say sorry.
Bitch, that ain’t nothing new. They always say sorry. – He ain’t that dumb. – Hey, hey. Everybody look at me.
I’ve been abused. She’s playing a game, and it
took a man’s career down. And I don’t support that, and so, yes, I’m speaking
the truth. – You need to worry about
something else, like your health. – I got my health
under control. – You’re looking like
a crackhead these days. – I got my health under
control. – You’re like a crackhead
these days. – Okay. That’s fine.
– Focus on doing a squat. – You look like
Chyna the wrestler, bitch. – Focus on your edges. – Tami bringing up my incident
with Chad is the ultimate low blow, and it’s dirty
and it’s [bleep] pathetic.Like, I am actually glad that
she said it
because, like, now everyone
in this room can see
this is how evil this woman is.This is how vindictive she is.This is how nasty she is
to try to,
once again, bring me down. And I’m glad that I don’t
[bleep] with her. She’s [bleep] jealous. Girl, bye.
Take a vitamin. You look like you need it. Legs look like two
mother[bleep] candlesticks burning in the goddamn sun. You’re dirty.
– I’m glad you noticed. – You’re dirty.
You’re dirty to even bring up my [bleep]
domestic violence [bleep] incident. – Oh, yes, run with that,
victim. – No, you brought it up.
You brought it up. – You brought it up. – The world knows you’re
a hater. – I’m not.
– It’s okay. I would be hating too. That’s 100.
Girl, bye.♪ ♪

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