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Extreme Laser Tag Battle!!

August 29, 2019

Calling in the airstrike incoming air strike air strike air strike coming in what? Yo, yo yo it’s your boy j-fred We’re here in the edge space about to do a special video with our friends from legendary shots Big thanks to recoil for sponsoring this video They make these dope laser tag guns that work with your smartphone to make a pretty awesome game And that’s what we’re gonna be playing with today Recoil is gonna be at the top of everybody’s holiday shopping list so we teamed up with legendary shots to create some awesome holiday themed Recoil battles the world is now game. Let’s do this Alright so for this first game We’re playing king of the hill Legendary shots is on the hill right now our goal is to take them all out and claim the hill I’m about to make a legendary shot on my heads As carson pops out his head Some pretty cool stuff with this thing. There’s 3d positional audio, so we can hear exactly where shots are coming from what really yeah? And if they call an airstrike we can hear it grenades we hear it And we could also communicate with each other we can send one guy at a time To take them out we’re gonna be laying covering fire who’s gonna go first. I want. I don’t want to die first gunner. You’re first youngest one goes first Oh Armor-piercing rounds depleted. We’re dead for Good I got about half life, so that’s telling me right now. They’re the red team that’s J Fred. He’s dead right there That’s gunner. He’s dead so they’re over there right now. There’s a crate drop I Got three minutes left I’m the only one alive. I think there’s one or two of them alive, but that tells me where they are strike incoming air strike What Oh Let’s go home we win Successful Hills have been good job buddy took him out with the air strike All right on the hill Again, we got it. Are you guys ready? Ready But it’s okay here we go Oh My gosh are you dead no you’re right? I Was after a legendary shot And we didn’t even need no airstrike whoa Okay defend about here. Yeah, we Alright guys now we’re moving on to the cargo transport battle But first way to determine who’s going to be the outlaw pilgrims who’s going to be Team Santa. We’re new Acquaintances we’re gonna. Be Santa’s all right We’re the outlaws We’re defending team Santa has to get this car go all the way to the delivery Station also known as the North Pole north pole But the only way we can stop this pallet from moving is to have our hands on the presents They have two minutes to deliver the package all right for this game. We are resetting the Wi-Fi game hub we’re gonna put it right here it gives us a 500-foot radius For us to play in so I think we’re ready to go team Santa to Santa Oh, that was a failed high-five way to go man. Let’s go ready ready as I’ll ever be Joey you can respond I can respond yes Yeah All right looks like the outlaws Won that round all right now. We are on to the team battle It’s gonna be one-on-one so one player from our team and one player from Team Santa and then the last team that’s still alive when is this round so for this round we’re gonna place this frag grenade Right here in the center, so if you’re crazy enough if you’re gonna go for it take him out J Fred’s going first he’s so big though. Oh I got the guy It was being very hot desert oh no they have one Santa left, I’ll up and do this go Oh I’m alive still Gunnar’s alive still, but they got one Klinger that’s still hanging on Time for me to kill it class a clinger in three two one Yeah He’s not gonna be moving very fast oh He got me What are you doing? Wait I died Dr.. Rivlin teeth Doesn’t make you invincible. I guess that makes sense you know this is has an element of reality through it I thought I was gonna look so cool doing that looks like legendary shots is accurate They are legendary, and they were shooting at us all right so for this one you guys we’re gonna do an indoor skirmish I’m gonna create it Alright, let’s do this so the indoor mode you guys is perfect for playing in your house on those rainy days when you can’t when You can’t go outside and play legendary you guys ready Yeah, we’re ready yes last team standing wins Let’s do this boys oh, that’s right, I’m ready to go nothing like getting hit in the back Oh Hey Carson you killed me, but that’s you Oh feels like Carson Oh I filled Huge shout out to sky rocket for sponsoring this video and making this thing Possible and thanks to legendary shots for showing up for this one It was a lot of fun you guys go click that right there to go buy your recoil starter Set which is also available at all major retail stars go check out their website down below Which is the world is now game comm for more information on recoil these things and go subscribe the legendary shots they do tricks right here Guys if you want to go buy your own starter pack make sure you click that link down below in the description peace


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    Okay, Recoil needs to experiment with drones and RC cars. Combine drones with Laser Tag and you have yourself a sci-fi shooter game turned into a sport.

    Classes are as follows:

    Aggressors, equipped with Uzi or Launcher, can take down territories.
    Defenders, equipped with Shotgun or Assault Rifle, can contest territories.
    Scouts, equipped with Pistol or Sniper Rifle, can claim territories.
    Flag Bearers, can capture flags and can only use Uzi or Pistol while holding them.
    Drone Pilots: use VR to remotely control RC's and Drones. RC's and Drones simulate vehicles and aircraft respectively and can only be tagged by Launchers.

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