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FAILURE – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation for Success, Students & Entrepreneurs

August 27, 2019

Most people don’t reach their
dream not because of failure most people don’t live their
dream because they give up you see it’s not the failure that stops us but that most stopped
at their first failure. Those who succeed don’t stop at one failure they don’t stop at ten failures they don’t stop at a hundred
or a thousand or a million they say “this is my goal, and I will
do whatever it takes to achieve it. I will learn the lessons from any failures I will learn faster, I will work
harder, I will work smarter and I will not quit until
my dream is a reality” That’s the difference between
success and failure. Failure is a massive part of
being able to be successful You have to get comfortable with failure,
you have to actually seek failure failure is where all of the lessons are you know, when you go to
the gym and you work out you’re actually seeking failure, you want to take
your muscles to the point where you get to failure because that’s where the
adaptation is, that’s where growth is. Successful people fail a lot, they
fail a whole lot more than they succeed. They extract the lessons from the
failure, and they use that- the energy and they use the wisdom to come
around to the next phase of success. Gotta take a shot, you have to live
at the edge of your capabilities you gotta live where you’re
almost certain you’re gonna fail the reason for practice,
practice is controlled failure you’re getting to your limit, getting
to your limit, getting to your limit you can’t lift that, you can’t do that until you get to the point that all of a
sudden your body makes the adjustment and then you can do it. failure actually helps you to recognize
the areas where you need to evolve so fail early, fail often, fail forward. Failure makes winners stronger,
failure makes winners hungrier but it makes most give up it makes most feel worthless. Winners don’t enjoy failure but they would never let failure stop them. next time you encounter failure you got to remember every great
thing on this planet is here because the creator learned what did work
but learned more from what did not work. When we are kids, we don’t stop at failure when we first learned to ride a bike,
it’s failure after failure we get knocked down time after time but we get up and push forward, It’s so
we’ll achieve our goal of riding the bike but then, we get old and
most of us get weak we are too soft to get back on the bike. We come up with excuses it must not be for me! No, you just soft no, you just lazy. Tell yourself the truth get back on the bike learn why you failed and make sure you don’t fall again make sure you are stronger
for having the lesson. You know it’s always a
little bit frustrating to me when people have a negative
relationship with failure. Fail early, fail often, fail forward. You’re here right now at this moment because tomorrow you want to be somebody
greater than the person you are today. You see yourself succeeding you have a vision you have a dream Congratulations, you’re already ten
steps ahead of 95% of the world. Imagine if Michael Jordan
was scared of missing he would have never taken a shot. Imagine if Steve Jobs was afraid
of people not liking his product there would be no iPhone. So, ask yourself this, do you want
to be a person who fears failure? or do you want to be a
person who loves success? which one? you gonna have to pick today and I’ll tell you one thing one is a failure, and one is a success and If you love success, there
is nothing that can stop you all those negative things
people say will mean nothing. They’re gonna talk about how
only 1% make it to the top big deal, wanna know something else? Only 1% stick with that fitness
program long enough to see results only 1% of nerds stick with that video
game long enough to get good at it only 1% of relationships
stick it out to the end. That doesn’t mean you
have a 1% chance it just means you can’t
behave like the 99% you’ll have to do something better
than giving up a month from now those are just numbers. You want to talk about numbers take a look around you and
take a good look around you are you like 99% of the people around you? If you are, then you’re in
the wrong video my friend You have to love success just as much because that’s gonna allow
you to get up and go for it. Being scared to fail won’t do anything in fact, when you love success
and you start going for it guess what happens? You’re gonna fail, you’re gonna
fail ten times, a hundred times maybe even a thousand
times, but that’s okay failure isn’t permanent falling isn’t permanent. You get right back up and keep going and this time you’re gonna be stronger,
wiser and you’ll be more driven than ever and for every ten failures,
you’ll land one success. You have to love success so much that you’re willing to fail ten
times before you can succeed once that’s how a winner does it I wanna explain the biggest myth that
most people think leads them to success and here’s the myth You might believe if you’re
scared to fail you won’t fail. Lies, biggest myth ever and I believed it. You see, I always thought that
being scared to fail in life would literally keep me from failing I would look at the losers
around me and I would say ” sheesh, I never want to turn out like him” I really believed this train of
thought would help me succeed until one day I was walking down the
street and I saw an old man had a hat, suspenders and a cane was about 80 years old. This old man was barely walking, he could walk
but the cane helped a lot, he was struggling. So anyway, he was walking across
the street and he ended up falling so I went over to go help him and he gets up says “thank you”
and we introduce ourselves had a little conversation, told
me his name and I told him mine his name was Robert by the way and right as he walked away I
told him, this is what I said “Robert, you should stay inside
where it’s safe my friend” and Robert turns around and says to me “I love walking, and I love walking
way more than I’m afraid of falling” So, I asked him well “what about your safety?
don’t you want to live?” and he told me this, these are the
exact words he said, he said this “Solo, living means doing what you love to do and if I have to fall here and there to do
what I want to do in life, then so be it” and he just walked away, never
saw him again, that was it. But that statement really had me
thinking and it had me thinking hard because I learned something that day. That’s when I realized the true key to success you see, I always thought if I could just fear
the act of failing and if I fear it like crazy I will succeed because I thought the fear would magically motivate
me to get out there and start taking action but after that day uh-uh I realized something I realize it’s the love for success
that will lead me to succeeding. So, just imagine if Robert feared falling would he even start walking? of course not he wouldn’t even do what he loved to do he would sit at home and
take no type of action but he loved walking wasn’t even scared to fall it gave him life that’s what allowed him to get up and do it. He loved walking so much, he was willing
to fall 10 times a day just to do it and you have to be the same So the next time someone tells
you “you’re gonna fail” you know what you tell them Tell them they’re right but you’re not afraid to fail,
you’re not afraid to take action you’re not afraid to jump you’re gonna fail 10
times but you know what It’s cool because on the
11th time you’ll succeed oh, you’ll succeed alright and it will feel good and while you’re over here living the life
of your dreams in complete happiness guess where they’re gonna be? That’s right, they’ll be
failures, the real failures over there where it’s safe, scared to fail ironic, isn’t it? You know a lot of people come up
to me and they ask me “Marco what is it that motivates you most?” and to answer their question,
I reply back with a question I say “what if I told you that
you had one week left to live?” would you regret not pursuing your
dreams, passions and desires? would you regret not living
your life to the fullest? would you regret not spending as much time
with your family, friends, or loved ones? You know Steve Jobs said
in a speech one time that he used to wake up every morning, look in
the mirror and ask himself questions like this and he said that if the answer was
yes for too many days in a row then he knew that he had
to change something and that should go for all of us. If you’re living a life that you
would not be okay with losing because you weren’t able to
do things you wanted to do then now you know that you
need to change something. Life is simply too short and unpredictable to not live exactly the way that you please. It is ridiculously unpredictable it is possible that on any given day to
die at any point throughout that day without ever being able to see it coming. you know when I was 13, I had this teacher
who was an absolutely amazing person I’d known him for several years then and he had two kids, a loving
wife, he was a man of God contributed to the community, he
gave us everything that he had and he would bike to school every single day I always remember him
coming to school on his bike and one morning on his way to
school, It was early in the morning he was crossing an intersection, a
reckless driver comes out of nowhere hits him, he dies on the spot
on the moment of impact. His death taught me so many
valuable things in life and one of them being that it went on to show that no matter how much
you don’t deserve to die and no matter how good of a person you are and no matter what your situation
is, no matter anything it goes to show that death
is inevitable and random and it will eventually consume
each and every single one of us whether it’s in 50 years, in 10
years, next year, or even tomorrow. You cannot control it the people around you cannot control it. As long as you’re at the wrong
place at the wrong time your whole life could disappear
in the blink of an eye along with everything you
wished you could have done whether you’re walking down the street whether you’re stepping into the elevator whether you’re walking down the stairs whether you’re, whether
you’re just existing. Listen you’ll see people from
nowhere die of a heart attack, gone no family history, no symptoms, no cause, nothing it happens and that’s the cruel life that we live in and it’s something that we cannot control. So, what I wanna make clear is that regardless of the path
that you take in your life at one point death will consume you it doesn’t care whether you
floss your teeth in the morning whether you raise a family or not whether you go on to be rich,
poor, a success, a failure whether whatever, you are still going
to die at one point, it is that simple and knowing that you’re going to die
soon should be the biggest motivation to both make the difficult decisions in life and to get your ass out of bed in the morning. So, now the question becomes, what
is it that you truly have to lose? If you pursue your dreams and you fail sure you might be a little bit
more financially unstable you might experience stress or other feelings
you wish you never had to experience but either way, even if you fail you
will end up back to where you started which is where you are now. So, what do you literally have to lose? some of you right now, you’re thinking
about maybe starting a business you have a great idea that you wanna
incorporate into your lifestyle maybe you’re thinking about
pursuing your dreams to the fullest maybe you’re thinking
about putting in the work to become a doctor, an engineer,
a firefighter, a professional athlete but some of you won’t follow these
ambitions because you’re afraid you’re afraid to fail, you let the
fear of failure dictate your actions and you’re afraid of what mom or papa thinks you’re afraid of what your
sister, your brother thinks or your grandpa, your grandma
or your cousins or whoever. But what truly matters is, is you you are in possession of a gift you have a talent and whatever that talent is you can make yourself and the people around
you a stronger and better place with it. But sometimes the only way
to do that is to take a risk at one point, you have got to take a leap if you wanna make that gift
that you have become a reality otherwise, society will gladly
accept you as a nine-to-five slave working just to pay off your rent and to
stay alive and to live for the weekend which is the absolute worst way to live. If you don’t jump believe me,
if you don’t pursue your gift you will live a life full of regret and your gift, your dreams, everything
that you ever had to offer to the world will die with you. From firsthand experience,
I am pissed off at myself I’m pissed off and I regret so much in my
life, I can’t even fathom explaining it. Not about, not about what I’ve
done but what I haven’t done all the opportunities that I turned down
and all the chances that I never took just because I was afraid or because I was
worried about what other people think and I officially decided to sit
down, I sat down for weeks I didn’t, I didn’t just think of what I’m saying
right now, I didn’t think of it overnight this is months, this is months of thinking
and I just sat down and I just wrote and after comparing the randomness of death versus the chance of you failing while
relentlessly pursuing your dreams versus the chance of you living a terrible life
because you failed at pursuing your dreams versus just calling it a day right now and
living a traditional western world lifestyle versus everything you can think
of, versus absolutely everything. And I can gladly say that right
now, as of this moment right here I would rather live each day as if it were my last and take every risk possible in these
sacred moments that I have on earth now to make myself as successful and happy as possible than to be sitting in my deathbed when I’m
90 years old regretting not taking a chance and thinking about what my life could
have been if I had just jumped when I was 18 or when I was 15 or when I was 22,
because tomorrow is not a promise I would rather die trying to live my dreams than to live a longer life filled with regrets. Life is too short and too
unpredictable to live it safe I’ve seen it firsthand, It is not worth it
to live it safe, basic and traditional but do you know why most people choose to live
that safe life over taking risks in their life? I mean there’s a pretty good argument not to but why would you- why would you take a risk that puts you through stress,
puts your family through stress makes you lose sleep, makes you lose
time, makes you put in the extra work makes you take ridiculous chances that are 1 to 1,000 you know, but before I even continue the fact that I’m even sitting here and talking
it is astonishingly ridiculous on its own the chance of you being born is 1 to 400 Trillion that number is so big you cannot
even wrap your head around it. But okay, what what I wanted to say was that the reason why people don’t
want to take these risks is because right now they feel
like they got a lot to lose and that their current situation is relatively nice and most importantly right now, they are comfortable. They got used to living basic within society standards being with their friends every
now and then, being more rested they got comfortable, and when you
get comfortable you don’t wanna move and that comfort zone, I like
to call it the danger zone because this comfort zone will persuade you
to stay in there for as long as possible and it is -I know, I know how
it is, I know the comfort zone- It is so convincing, it is so
hard to escape comfort, I know and as it persuades you to stay in
there, you will literally unconsciously -see I’m so serious when I say this- you will literally see your whole life go right by you and the main reason that I’m serious about this now is because I am pissed off for greatness. I wanna move mountains and
like Ray Lewis once said “if you’re not pissed off for greatness
then you’re okay with being mediocre” and I am definitely not okay with being
average and I don’t think anyone should be. But anyways to address why I’m even talking about
any of this at all in the first place is because I recently got an offer to
move out to Los Angeles, California to live with two other entrepreneurs as
a content creator and media influencer. And it makes me sad because it’s opened up my eyes to see
what I truly have in store for me what’s waiting for me out there in the future. And it’s just a tiny glimpse of what I’m
capable of achieving within my short life. However, I doubt that I could get the right legal
paperwork done in order to move to the U.S to work for a job such as YouTube which is
really not in the control of the government and the last thing that I wanna do is to go to the
U.S. to work an illegal job as an illegal immigrant. So as of this moment, I feel like I have
to pass up yet another opportunity and it makes me feel like I just keep letting
my dreams slip from my hands once more and now that I’ve seen the
reality of what is possible this house in LA next to the beach
in California with the huge city great weather and working a job that
I would absolutely love and live for with people who share the
exact same dream and vision. It has me thinking like hell yeah, I would
gladly die chasing this dream relentlessly then never chase it at all and play it safe and being trapped within my own mind of
thinking about what my life could have been. I hope to do more videos like this where I speak because they’re really like a therapy for me and it helps me get my mind off things and hopefully some people can be
influenced by what I’m actually saying. I would also like to say that I think
education is extremely important and plays a crucial role into bringing success
into your life and that knowledge is power. The best thing in life is to
always have a back-up plan and take into consideration,
what if something goes wrong? and it’s something that every role model
that I look up to tries to enforce. But I feel like education will always
be here for me to come back to whether I’m 20, 25, 40 or whatever and I think that I have an amazing
idea, vision, passion and drive now in my peak and that
I’m able to capitalize on which makes me feel like I’m
throwing it away if I don’t pursue it and the biggest response that
I’ve been getting recently is Marco, what if it fails? which I mean yeah like, what if it fails? but that’s the whole point of taking a chance with
things like startup companies or entrepreneurship it’s ridiculously high risk like, what if I get hit by a car?
what if I lose my wallet? or better yet, what if this succeeds? you know, it’s easy to be
negative or to be close-minded but I think it’s easier to be
optimistic and to be open-minded. and please do yourself a favor which is a
separate topic on its own for another time but try to surround yourself with people who
impose and promote positivity and good vibes you will notice the tremendous
effect that it has on your lifestyle. Starting your own business or being
self-employed although preferable doesn’t exactly require any
kind of diploma or degree. And I think that with a proper business plan and with the drive that people like you
who are watching this video, fuel me with I feel like I can accomplish anything. If you’re still listening, I love you, mad
respect, that’s true loyalty right there nevertheless, this has been Marco. I hope you all have a great rest of the day and goodbye I had a lot of fail, I fail for funny things that I failed a key primary
school test for two times and I failed like a three times for the middle school you know for three years I tried to
fill into the universities so I applied for jobs, for
thirty times got rejected I went for police they
said “no, you’re not good” I went to even the KFC, when KFC
come to China, come to my city You applied? 24 people went for the job, 23
people accepted, I was the only guy. And we went for police five people, four of them
accepted, I was the only guy didn’t receive it. So, to me being turned down, rejected Oh, by the way I told you that I applied
for Harvard for ten times rejected I know I’d be rejected, I just wanted to see they are sorry now One of the things you got to understand my friend is that you’re supposed to fail you’re supposed to fail, because failure
is the stepping stone to success you need the logical reason why Because failure is an
experience that lends to wisdom that ultimately makes you a
stronger version of yourself. Maybe you got test anxiety, I don’t know but the worst thing you can do
is quit talk to your professor I’m not a 100% sure but I
know that you cannot quit. Just because you fail
doesn’t make you a failure. Another one of these cliches or cliches stories is about Thomas Edison right when a reporter asked him you know “what is it? how did you
feel about failing a 1000 times?” And he said “no, I didn’t fail a 1000 times I just found a 1000 different
ways that it wasn’t gonna work” And that’s what, that’s
what’s happening with you. But every time he found a way that
didn’t work he was adding to his journey he was growing stronger, he learned
something, discovered something you’re discovering something about yourself and you’re exercising your character every time you get up and try something,
move in the direction of something. Even if you don’t get the thing,
it’s not about the thing it’s not about making the basketball team,
it’s not about making million dollars and it’s not about the light bulb. It’s about what you learned along the way who you become along the way and you’re on the journey,
guess what the journey is hard the journey is riddled with failure and
that’s why most people don’t do it most people aren’t willing to get on that
journey because they’re afraid to fail. You my friend have failed congratulations It’s the greatest thing that
ever happened to you because it shows that you’re alive,
it shows that you did something and it shows that
you’re growing stronger now go and fail again I hope, I hope you guys who watch these videos,
I hope you gonna fail a thousand times Keep going in out there and failing. You know what that means, every
time you fail it means to me it tells me that you’re doing something. See a lot of people because they don’t want to
make any mistakes, that takes us to the next level. Lot of people don’t wanna fail,
fear failure, fear of success and guess what else, fear the unknown. You know what Winston Churchill
said about courage Pat? he said courage is the ability to go from failure
to failure without losing enthusiasm So you wanna courageously hold on to
your dream and not lose enthusiasm. A guy in Los Angeles all over
the front page of the newspaper he just passed the bar after taking it 48 times he had more than enough reason
and excuses not to take it his son has a law firm, he could have
been a legal assistant, a clerk. And people all of a sudden
used to laugh at this guy he was a laughingstock,
people will do that to you. You know people talk about John
Kennedy Jr, failing the bar. Did you read in the newspaper
that he passed? I didn’t see that but did they make as big of a deal about
him passing as they did when he failed? No, you know why?
people like to see you fail they like to see that, people are like
that, I don’t know why it’s set up like that I was on the expressway, traffic was jammed up you know what was happening
It was an accident but people pulled over to the side to
get out of their car to go and look to see somebody else’s suffering. That’s why talk shows are so popular, some
people like to hear other people’s misery they get caught up in that then they go and magnify it in their own
life because that’s all they focus on who decided it doesn’t matter how many times
I fail, I’m going to courageously pursue it. I don’t care what people say,
I don’t care what they think this is something that I want, that
gives my life meaning and value and you constantly remind yourself after
every defeat, after every setback every time you get knocked
down, I’ve got a saying “if life knocks you down, try and land on your
back because if you can look up you can get up” See a lot of people because of failure
they stop, they stop believing. Let me share something with you,
you will fail your way to success Yes, eight out of ten millionaires
have been financially bankrupt. You will fail your way to success. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail it doesn’t matter how many times
people tell you that you can’t do it it doesn’t matter if you don’t
have a dime in the bank you will fail your way to success. There’s something about the
way we perceive success that results in one of the
greatest tragedies of our time and that’s the belief that successful people the ones at the top of their game, that
talent is what punched their ticket that destiny brought
them to the finish line and that’s wrong it’s wrong because it takes the journey,
the struggle, the scratching and clawing that it took to get to the top of the
mountain and throws it out the window it completely mitigates what’s most important. In the real world, the one we are living in It doesn’t matter who you are, you
are never entitled to a result. Victory is a product of the fight The biggest favor you can
ever do for yourself as you progress through
life’s up and downs through the good and the
bad, when things get rough is know that you are going through
what every successful person every champion, every innovator has gone
through in the history of mankind. struggle is beautiful it’s a sign that you are in the midst of what
separates great from average. It’s a necessary step and it’s the
most important step you will ever take because 99% of people can’t see past it right the world sees struggle, sees
hardship as a time to pack it up to walk away, to be intimidated. But the best, I’m telling you they
look at struggle differently. Just like you can’t get fit without
blood, sweat and tears at the gym you can’t make deals without the hustle you can’t make things happen if you don’t
move forward in the face of adversity. When the word no is staring you in the eyes It’s all a part of the process Winners walk on If you want something bad enough, you know
that being uncomfortable is an ingredient if you want to be the best, your
mindset has to reflect the best right, let others focus on the tip of the iceberg you know, excellence lies in everything
underneath the surface in what cannot be seen. So take mediocrity and make it excellence Take what’s yours and hold
it up for the world to see because what hurts now in the present is the very same thing
that will transform your life down the road


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    I have done my worst in my finals today. I fuck up my opportunity. Tommorrow thry will give short cases for borderline pasd. Please pray for me.. God i just wanna be a doctor..

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    Every single moment in your life has lead you to this video out of thousands millions of videos on YouTube you ended up here. Congratulations this is the first step to success and you made it

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    i failed on my exam again.

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    Change yourself not the world.

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    Failure is a part of success😊

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    Today, I failed a math exam. My dream is to major into mathematics- I love math. I’m the worst at math BUT- I keep trying no matter what happens and even though I fail, this doesn’t define me.

    I’ll Get Back up and TRY AGAIN!

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    I’ll do it tomorrow

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