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Felszállt a fehér füst.. Toyota GT86 GR vs. VW Golf 7 tuning (Laptiming ep.103)

January 20, 2020

Hello! We are four at the table again, so a car rider is almost certainly sitting next to us, who wouldn’t know him, he is Ádam Lengyel, the son of a rival TV show owner, but a more important information is, that he is a very good car racer and he will tell us how many things he has won recently. And he brought us a car which we need to rehabilitate a little bit. Because as we tested the street version, János recognized that it had ECO tires and the GT86 went a really poor time… From this car, Ádám brought us a sharp TRD, Toyota Gazoo Racing racing car. Please tell us what we need to know about this car, what did you do with it last year and talk about how you alternated between the simulator, Suzuki and Toyota on weekends. You almost said it right, TRD is the American version, but this is a Gazoo Racing racing car, that is made in Cologne in that garage, where the LMP1 is built. In fact, we saw Alonso’s current Le Mans car while being assembled, it was parked next to us. It doesn’t really know much more as the stock version as far as power is concerned, it’s power is estimated to be 215 horsepower. But the suspension, and the tires or the tubing underwent big changes.. And it has- just for the sake of filming- a sequential gearbox. So it made the car sound really good. You told me the sequential gearbox is a special gearbox, it does not need to be clutched upwards, but the clutch needs to be used when shifting back. Yes, it’s in test phase at the moment, in fact, the car hasn’t made a standing start yet, so you will be the test drivers. But it must work. After all, he had his first test this weekend, at the Slovakia Ring. The car managed to work for two races. And is that good …? This is really good! So we hope that these two laps won’t be a problem on the Kakucs Ring. But last year you had race days when you won everything with the Suzuki, which could be won. Congratulations! Yeah, last year the new Suzuki 1.4 turbo engine was launched, which was a big change as compared to the 1.6 because of the turbocharger. We had to accommodate to it. I had weekends where I felt the car pretty good, and managed to win. This season, however, I want to move on from Suzuki, and go to international competitions. I would like to join Csabi, if all goes well, in the VLN series. This car is practically a basic GT car. This is the basis for the category where we could race with SP9, so GT3 category. We hope that things will go well and we can go through this year. So the VLN Championship is the goal with this car. Yes, it’s basically based on that. Csabi, you are the next, what do you expect from this and … Have you seen such cars out there at VLN? Yes, there is a brand cup for these cars as well, but now they compete in several categories, because there is also an SP version of this car, which is more boosted. I don’t know exactly what’s changed on it. But GT86 starts in several categories. The street version was really slipping here. I had the experience of it being very slippery. But obviously this won’t be like that. It certainly turns much better. Its power is not very much, so I think the traction is going to play an important role. I expect, that with minimal braking we can go along nicely. With great courage … János, what are you waiting for? We will be very fast, I think it will go well here, it’s a light car. -How heavy? 1110kg. Then no, I take it back, I thought it has an MX-5-like mass. It has very big tires on, slick tires, track slick tires. Although it’s Hankook… Don’t invite Ádám for Hankook commercials filming. You do not support Hankook When you went shopping, you made a mistake, you mention preparing for endurance, and they you a tire for the entire season. Now it’s his decision. About what? He decides. No, you decide. It’s hot and afternoon … You will go to VLN with him … Jani can be the first. I help with ASR, because I think you want it OFF. Mainly because of the standing start. Not because we are brave, but we try it. Not a typical boxer sound. But I really like that already at the warm-up as John steered it, there was no need to correct the arc. It’s like a railcar. If you add the gas well, the difi will turn it nicely. But if you come into the corner very fast, it pulls it’s front away. There start is going to play an important role. Doesn’t look bad. He didn’t go brutally, but … From now on it is important that once we have picked up speed, stick to it. Do you always have rolling start? Yes. Also on VLN. There’s no standing start there either. Typical of Endurance races, though the zone races you went to last year are sprint races. The big headed guy always said he won’t stop giving gas here… Here, this was a mistake. Not a complicated design, but it still looks cool. I love it. -I admit, Google helped a little in the design … In the second lap, he let it in much more bravely. It sticks quite well to the road. First lap time: 46 091. The total time is 1.26.411. 46.0 is your almost similar with your first Fabia time, because it was 45.9. You beat the anteater! First Round 46,091? I confirm it. 46,123 was the anteater’s time. No problem here! It moves well, it’s easy to go with it, get used to it, it used to be a problem as I watched your previous episodes, that some cars are very difficult to get used to. 17th time. And among the 2WD cars, only the Super 1600 is better. The Fabia, and the Twingo. All other 2WDs are beaten. What’s very interesting is that it beats all rally 2WDs. By the way, there weren’t many track cars yet. But at 208 R2 I know that a 46.5 was a very good time. It was easy to go fast with it. And he put half a second on that… I was just talking about this, that if this car would be able to be on the same level with the R2, then I’d be happy. We should ask Bodrifület that once has a “second hand” rally car… A Z4! János! Something interesting to mention? The back is warming in the corners, but now it’s pretty good. It’s a bit slippery now, but it will be good. What’s the time? -46.0. He beat the anteater by one tenth, and it’s before the first Fabia with hundredths. The back should warm up a bit. Out of 2WDs, only the Fabia and the Clio are better. Half a second faster than a 208 R2. It didn’t look like that. You can drive really fast in the corners. Corner entrances are very good. Only at the exits it’s a bit unstable. -You could turn in before the finish line much faster in the second lap. The back traction came with the corners. This is a good Hankook tire … Should be warmed up for 2 weeks … For Csabi it’s gonna be pretty good. Surprisingly good time. Adam said as he looked at it, that being around R2 would be good. He beat that by 0.5 seconds… I think he made the start a little better than Jani. Yes, I didn’t dare to accelerate that much. At least I already know that if I participate at a standing-start-race, the car will manage it. One tenth, and and it’s the time of the first Fabia R5. It is probable, because my first lap was slower. We can say that the GT86 honor has been defended. Whoever is going to buy a GT86 should visit you after purchasing it. So far better than the Fabia R5. It will be great! Although it doesn’t look fast. It’s fast in corners, not at straight parts. He steered twice in the chicane. I didn’t mention that it has a quick-steering wheel, the steering angle is the half of the factory value, so it barely needs to be bent. I’m very curious. First lap time: 45,585. Total time: 1.25.800 So on two laps, it’s only 8 hundredths behind the GTC, which has a lap time of 45.1, And the 45.5 would beat the 911 Cabrio, the tuning Golf, the 485 hp version, the first Fabia R5, and the Monster Cart. The turnaround … Now it’s the 13th time. It’s 2 lap time is surprisingly good because the M5 Competition had 45.357 on one lap and 1.26.198 on two laps. In two laps it’s by half a second better than the M5 Competition. -200 horsepower … Csabi, we managed to make another little improvement: another half second in the first lap. And the GT86 has a draft on two laps with the Mercedes GTC. So it still contained some additional potential and you showed it. Very good, playful car. It’s good to drive it. Like a simulator … Slips a little, but no problem, you can correct it. It is comfortable to handle, awesome! I think the gearbox also works very harmoniously. It’s shifting well up and down. Obviously the question always comes whether it’s strong enough? No. That’s the main problem. But it sticks very well to the asphalt. For momentum-driving it’s very good. Now I checked that around 200 horsepower the next car is slower by 1 second. The 208 R2. It is between cars, even between 2WDs, which have 240-50 hp. For me, it turns much better than the R2. That is nodding, while this turns. This is a track car. It’s optimum are the corner entrances. It turns so nicely … and as you step back to the gas, it starts to slide a little bit, then you stop giving gas, but you can press the pedal, because it has no more power. Pedal to the metal is always appropriate. It turns out beautifully from the corners. If you get used to it, which takes approx. 2 corners, you can go really well with it. Compared to this, the R2 is far more loose. Ádám, thank you very much for the opportunity, we’ll let you go, and we’ll switch to a much more powerful car behind my back. I think in 2020 it is very important that sitting in front of the computer, we can also buy car parts online. And I think the AutoDoc webshop offers the best solution for this. It’s monitoring oil change history, giving advice, which parts to use, showing part replacement intervals, other costs, in fact, even watching our refueling history. We can register our car, and for every car, for example, even to my brother’s very old Daihatsu you can get a front left chassis element, so I only use AutoDoc. So with Csabi making this 45.5, I’m a little afraid to tell you that the car you can see behind me, is a Golf R Tuning … Not so long ago we went with such a car with a largely widened chassis which… was a spaceship … That Golf went 45,707. Do you remember how wide it was? -Very wide. It was a TCR car. What do we know about this? Because I heard that… Serious brake … -Basically at first sight it looks very well-built, and 480 horsepower, big brakes, semi slick tires, the car looks promising. Although the previous car was even more serious. That was a car practically unusable in normal traffic. And this is a street car. I didn’t finish my laps last time, I think in the second round it overheated. But technically it had 485 HP. So, while it wasn’t much stronger than this, the chassis was different That was a racing chassis. And the rims too …. I expect we won’t catch it but the owner said that the 0-100 takes 3.8 seconds. No, 3.3, I’m sorry. 3.3 for a 0-100, is impressive. -You should make the 0-60 faster than 2 seconds. Awesome! What are you laughing at? These are the times for someone who is accelerating well. János, what do you expect from this? There is no doubt that the 300hp version did not go very well. 46 something. I don’t think we will be below 46 seconds, but it could be 46. Especially that semi slicks are in pretty good condition. Apparently it’s built together from quality stuff. Let’s play it! The first should make at least 2 upwarming laps. He won again … I trained for this… I go. Such cars overheat easily… And in the second lap I will have to stop again. The start was very careful. But after that, he tears up the asphalt. Argh! Technical error? The LEDs are lighting on it. I can smell oil… After launch, it released a little blue smoke. Did you have any trouble with the engine? No, only the ASR braked the car. That’s why it smokes? – No, I don’t think so. Then start again. We have no idea what happened. The ASR interrupted the race. It was a totally different start … Wow, great start. We do not know what was wrong. Despite that, it goes much better now. This will also be 0-60, which we will not understand. The owner said that if you shift back at high revs, it burns some oil. That’s why there are smoke signals. There is no doubt that it goes after the incident as fast as before. Just a little scary from outside. When you see this smoke in the mirror … You have to shift buck under 2000 RPM. I think that was it. Now you have constant smoke … We have a pretty good first lap time. I think he looked into the mirror and got frightened. Did you look in the mirror? -Yes. -But we shouldn’t be scared, they said… If you shift back at high revs, it burns the oil. Well, but it looks f*cking scary. Do you give János a chance? The ASR is switched on again. A message appears that blocking sensor, then the ASR turns on. But try it, if you want… I’m not gonna crash the engine … Especially not here,where we have to clean … First round: 47,428. The smoke is still visible. It’s well oiled there … Jani? At least we have one lap. 47? Well then it didn’t go the way we expected. We wanted 46. Well? Don’t force it. We have a one lap time. Okay, we have to cope with it. But then switch off the engine. Let it be turned on. When I looked in the mirror and saw the big smoke … It was the same in the previous lap, but you didn’t look in the mirror until … After the chicane as well. if you switch back at high revs, then it burns the oil. Basically, the second lap was just that kind of honor-lap. The ASR turned itself on again. An error message appeared … And turned back on. And from that on, you can only give gas when the steering wheel is in the straight position. Then it has brutal power. The second start that you have done with the start program was fantastic. It has power. I can believe in the 480 HP. It goes very well, Not too hard, pretty good traction as well. It would have been a good time. -47 400, we expected a little more, but it’s on the same level with a Focus RS +. The all-wheel version, 350HP. It’s between the M3 and M4 Cabrio. One is 47.3, the other is 47.5, and this is 47.4. The traction is good, it comes out of the corner very well, but when the power comes, it is going all the way across. Careful acceleration is needed. I enjoyed it in terms of huge power. I was just worried that some oil was leaking … The second braking distance was brutal… As you were talking, the smoke cloud was still visible. It leaked inside as well, I already smelled it. We’ve seen things like this before, but I won’t drive it. Don’t hurt it if we don’t have to. The GT86 racing car’s 0-60 is the worst in it’s category, it needs 3.418 seconds to reach that speed. The accelerations of the two pilots are exactly the same, so it was not a mistake, that is what the car is able to perform. On the first lap, Csabi drives much more precisely, what can be seen on the telegram. Jani is trying to catch up in the chicane so he drives through it faster, but only loses time. Interestingly, the Toyota is another car which reaches the maximum speed not at the end of the long straight part, but at the after the start, where Csabi goes at 128.29 km / h. In the second lap, the corner speeds of Csabi are better, but are still a little behind Jani’s values. Which, of course, are not so great either. As if our two pilots had changed roles, Jani makes mistakes, and even brakes before the corners, and Csabi arrives with pedal to the metal. Csabi is braver in the chicane again, but it doesn’t help much for him. Guys! That was for today, see you next week! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube! Bye!


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    Sziasztok! Skoda Superb 4×4 ? Esetleg másik újabb Superb? Nem is emlékszem, hogy eddig lett volna bármikor. Köszi

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    Basszatok magatokban értelmet hülyegyerekek, meg szakítsatok le magatoknak életet.

  • Reply Balázs Pethő January 19, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Ilyen a tuner sors. Lehet a szerelő csak picit jobban felöntötte olajjal hogy később forrjon fel a több, aztán ide-oda lötyögve zárt fojtószelep mellett motorfék üzemmódban a kartercsövet jobban megszívta, néhány csepp olaj égéstérbe jutása meg nagy füstshow-t csinált. 480 LE az komoly. Ott már akadnak anomáliák 🙂 Amikor már kieszi magából a felesleget, nem füstöl tovább. (Ezt gondolom én hozzá nem értőként)
    Az F1-ben is volt hogy valamelyik gyártó direkt túlöntötte hogy füstöljön. Az első 15 körben állandóan őket mutatta a kamera mikor robban már szét a motorjuk. Nem robbant szét. Az autón lévő szponzori feliratok pedig rengeteg plusz műsoridőt kaptak 😉

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    Csak egy észrevételt akarnék kiemelni:
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    mint,hogy mi nem

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    Igazi Café rèszer ….

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