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Ferris Sports Update TV – Hockey Coach Bob Daniels

August 26, 2019

Welcome back to Ferris Sports Updates, time to talk Ferris State hockey, with us head coach Bob Daniels. Coach welcome to the
show hey good to be here Rob thank you I know maybe not the result you wanted
it in terms of reaching the playoffs here this past weekend but you got to be
pleased with the way your guys came out and laid it on the line here in the
final weekend of the year yeah very pleased Rob it just so somebody mixed
emotions on the weekend Friday night we really played a strong game we had 47
shots on goal I think that’s by far the most we’ve had
a single game that ended in regulation we carried play we played very well we
were ran into a really tough Lake Superior State goaltender, our goalie
Roni Salmenkangas played very well but you know we ended up on the wrong
side of the scoreboard going into Saturday’s game we had been knocked out
of the playoffs by losing on Friday and and Huntsville winning where we were out
and I was very worried about that game but the guys came home it played another
really strong game this time we were rewarded with a win highlights with
Friday’s game and obviously uh here on the road against a Laker team that was
ranked in the top 20 in a team that was playing for a lot on the line as well
well they did they both nights I mean obviously a lot in the line they were
number 17 in the nation in the RPI which is top 16 getting into ability
tournament they could go anywhere from second to sixth in our league and so
both nights they had a lot to play for certainly they had much more in Saturday
night than us and so we faced the best Lake Superior State team we were going
on you see here now we haven’t turnover ties the game at 1-1 but we were playing
really well and I ain’t knew it coming out of the first I felt very good about
you know how the guys were playing and and you know obviously we’re gonna fall
behind here but overall I thought we for the most part we were carrying the play
here they take a 2-1 lead but we’ll see you guys come back here and yeah it shot
him 22 11 here in the second period and we’ve got a goal to tie it back up yeah
it’s a really good play here by Norris – to make the feed to the point
man and then Cory Mac and scoring and and he had a great weekend three goals
of the weekend for Cory Mackin here in the third period they’ll get an early
third period goal and really a stayed kind of a one goal game from this point
forward yeah it is it was a breakdown you know we had a breakdown in the
neutral zone there that you know we would like to have seen our freshmen
make up a bit of a better read on that now they’re gonna get a couple goals
here when we pulled the goalie we pulled the goalie early being down at all and
you know we pulled him again knowing that we had to win this game so there
was a minute to go and we were down tube we still pulled the goalie with the hope
that we could find a way we needed to come away with at least a point in this
game and so a loss we and it doesn’t matter how much you lose by the key was
we had to come out with a point am I not doing it you know we knew our playoff
hopes were shot then but the five to score kind of makes it look like it got
away from us and that was far from it it was really a 3-2 game and you know we
did everything we could try to find a way to come back and tie that with with
so much on the line obviously you came back on Saturday night as you mentioned
and really put together a nice performance and closed out the year with
a with a big victory yeah really was it was really important to our team that we
had a good field at the end of the year I wanted to make sure you know we have
frustration going but I want to make sure it didn’t spill over to the ice and
I can’t think the seniors enough for great leadership into this game one of
those seniors obviously you mentioned Cory Mac and had a big weekend for us
scored his 100th career point here in the college level yeah we’re gonna see
something interesting to take place on the highlights here’s a nice feed by
Cory and then he returns a favor a beautiful goal by Cory now you see as
the players come together when I take off well he’s going to track the puck
down so we could present it to him after the game for his I know it’s a career
point obviously how they give you a one to nothing lead here early and then see
the Bulldogs come back in second period you got a another big goal here early in
the second period we did and we just saw a chance there for Liam MacDougall
that’s the score sort of handed out a breakaway that would have been nice
because we did play a great great first period and only to come out with a 1
nothing but you’ll see we’ll add to lead right
here again Liam make it a great play fighting a freshman yeah take creative
go right there with the back backdoor goal so anyways playing great
and I thought there was plenty of time here for us to continue they had the
lead we’re down pressing and we haven’t a
turnover here this was a pivotal moment the game our guys try to hunt them down
they scored in college hockey to get the power play and you know so that was a
real pivotal moment we’re still leading two to one but we had to kill that
penalty obviously a big goal out here – in the third period just seconds
remaining Corey Macklin with his second goal of the game yep it was good it was
I was glad Corey knew he could get more than other points in the year well it
was a big goal ends up being the game-winner and and rightfully so great
captain and a great job this year leadership in what was a very difficult
situation seeing some goals here offensively but had a strong defensive
performance able to keep him off the board until late in the third period
yeah well the third well we did a pretty good job of protecting the lead
we did get out shot pretty handily but they’re putting out a big push here they
had pulled the goalie it’s six on five but we just got the guy out of the
penalty box so for a while with six on four and I think players are on the ice
had been out there for almost two minutes I mean we just couldn’t get the
puck ice but we were able to hold on they pulled the goalie again with about
220 to go in the game to try to get the equalizer and we did a good job keeping
them off the board 3-2 final what does it mean for your team to get the win and
and obviously to send the seniors out with with a big victory well it’s a
cliche and year people say this all the time but in a game like that and this is
how we approached it it’s not a character builder it’s a character
revealer and it revealed a pretty strong character on our team and I think the
seniors there the fact that their fingerprints were all over that win I
thought we had some of the best performances by our senior class and I
think that that’s leadership and that’s a clear example of the players going
into next year what leadership is all about obviously here in the second half
of the year especially down the stretch I really had some kids uh step up play
well and I got you on a little bit of a streak here at the end of the year yeah
well Roni Suliman King just really comes to mind there
our freshman goaltender and he was thrust into a very difficult situation
this year when Justin capital master got injured twice for very long periods of
time and for a guy that was supposed to come in and be an apprentice maybe play
one out of three games he ends up playing 18 straight games and physically
he wasn’t ready for that when Justin was able to come back give Roni a little bit
of a blow I think that when that did him a world of good he came back played in
our last six games we were three two and one in those six games he had the
highest sate percentage of the conference or in those six games and I
think that really bodes well as we look into the future for Bulldog hockey and
and and for Oney Cooper Zack had a great year as a
freshman and don’t forget Cory Mac and you know great captain so there’s plenty
of things that are positives as we move into the offseason and next year we’re
just not accustom as a team and a program to not make it a playoff so that
we’re licking our was obviously now as you move forward here you mentioned the
offseason what do you guys do now here as you move forward and get prepared
again for next season well this is when our strength coach Dave sensor shines
and one of the things we’re gonna give the guys two weeks off there’s a lot of
bumps and bruises and there’s some injuries that may even require some
surgery in the offseason so the guys need some time to let their bodies heal
and then we’re gonna get right back into the weight room and we’ve got a little
tightening up to do in the recruiting front too and then there’s also in the
offseason for the coaches one of the big things is we’ve got to review everything
we did this past year and we also want to locate where some upgrades we can do
there are fiscally responsible but that we can do to our locker room a nice
arena area just to make sure things are fresh and looking good coach thanks for
being with us all season long and best of luck here in the offseason as you get
ready for another year next fall well Rob it’s been a pleasure and enjoy
working with you this year thank you I’ll be back with more Farris sports
update right after this

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