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Ferris Sports Update TV – Hockey’s Corey Mackin

August 26, 2019

Welcome back to Ferris Sports Update
time to talk Bulldog hockey with us is junior Corey MacKin, Corey first of all
welcome to the show. Thanks thanks a lot good to be here. Obviously you’re in
the middle part of the season here where it’s difficult stretch a lot of large
number of games but as a player you certainly have to like playing so many
games I’m sure at this time of the season. Yeah it’s uh it really helps you
get in a rhythm when we have that many games in a row and it just kind of helps
have the team click it helps with chemistry it helps just when you have
those days off like we had over break it’s kind of like you forget almost what
the systems and it takes you a little bit gets back to it but now that we have
games on our belt and have a lot coming up and I think it’s gonna be fun.
Obviously I know you’ve had some challenges some adversity this year I
just talked about how the team has responded and kind of where you’re at
right now. Yeah we definitely had have challenges and I think we kind of
responded well to them in the beginning we started a little slow and we kind of
came off a little light then we went on I think it was a four or five game win
streak there and I think our team was really feeling confident and then going
into the break we were feeling pretty good besides a lot our last two games
and coming back it was really slow start for us so far but we’d like to get back
to it so far and just trying to battle through it. Obviously oh this past weekend as we go to some of the highlights at Lake
Superior State and got off to a good start on Friday night with a with a big
victory in the Sault. Yeah for sure we played a our game I would say on Friday
and we only had about five minutes of a hiccup there and then Saturday it was a
little bit different story but I guess we can kind of take a look at it.
Obviously going on the road the WCHA always a challenge no matter what rink
you’re in. Yeah for sure Lake State they have a good crowd there and they’re
pretty loud so we know right in the beginning that we had to get on them
Norris had a nice goal there which helped us out quiet the crowd down a
little bit. Obviously a freshman named the Rookie of the Week here in the WCHA
and been a nice addition in the lineup. Yeah that’s awesome he’s playing really well as of
late that Maloney Norris and more Moise liner really clicking right now and
really helping us. How important was it to get off to
that quick start and then we’ll actually see you get the goal right here. Yeah
that was that was big to get ahead in that first period give us give us some
confidence going into second Smitty behind us playing really well and then
kind of just making our whole team play a lot better like from bottom out and
then that goal again Finner with a good to stop pull up and count what a
nice shot I think with what started it was our goaltending and then kind of
just brought it out from there. Same right there from Darren Smith who you
mentioned had a nice night in the net before you. Yeah for sure he he made a
lot of big stops for us we in the second that what was shown right now he we kind
of led up a little bit with our lead and Smitty saved so many pucks in that let
us go in the third period with them scoreless and I think that brought our
confidence a lot. Obviously we’ll see the final goal here Ryker Killins with a
power play goal that kind of ices it for you makes it four to zero. Yeah that was
a really big goal that gave us so much confidence for the rest of the game
because they were starting to push back and we were only up three so that fourth
goal by Ryker there it was really big specially on the power play nice to
always get a power play goal. How important is it in a two game series to
get that win here in game one on the opening night? It’s huge it gives you so
much confidence going into the next night and you just kind of have to
almost see what you did there and try and replay it basically on that Saturday
and see what worked and try and do as much as that as you can just bring
them some confidence for the next night. As we go to the highlights of the the second game on
Saturday always always tough to pull off the sweep and kind of a reversal
here it was Lake State to get off to the quick start. Yeah exactly there’s um we got
off be a very slow start on Saturday which didn’t that didn’t help us but I
think it was more of our team that we just weren’t ready we just kind of have
to focus on what didn’t let us get ready and we just kind of had to be different
there right there penalty kill and our penalty kill has been pretty good as
well as of late so that’s pretty rare so that happening right in the beginning
and then right here we have to get that puck out and that’s just what happened
that first period we weren’t getting pucks out we weren’t playing our game
and I think that’s what hurt us the most. They got off to a quick start a couple
power play goals that uh obviously you never like to be short-handed.
No no we definitely have to stay out of the box I believe we got I think three
penalties that first period on Saturday and they have they ended up with three
goals I know they were all our power play but it doesn’t help when you’re
short-handed stuff like that. Fell behind three to zero but uh obviously
what was the mood in the locker room you were able to bounce back from that 3
to 0 deficit. Yeah I mean we knew it was a long game long for long 40 minutes left
we had to come back from that Justin Kapelmaster he came in made two huge
saves one on the penalty kill or 1 on the penalty shot another one right after
and that kind of gave us confidence we were like alright we can definitely do
this and then Trevor with a nice goal there and going third period 3-1 lead that’s
the worst lead to had in hockey. You were able to come back as you mentioned and
we’ll just see a another goal right here followed by another one that’ll tie it up in the third. Yeah those those are two big goals
crashing the net like that especially when you’re down 3-1 it’s just have to
get pucks to the net and get your bodies to that and good things will happen just
like right there to to bodies in front of the net and two goals right back to
back to tie us up and right here what can you do it was a decent shot traffic
in front I mean maybe we should have got it out earlier but who knows. Obviously
it had some chances down the stretch before they get the empty net goal but
never never quit battling here. Yeah exactly it was a good sign for our team
going down three nothing then come back almost tying or we did tie it 3-3 but
ended up losing but we still I can’t forget that we had a good push to come
back and maybe we just had to realize that taking a period off like we did on
Saturday with that first period off we could have been different a different
outcome. This week back at home you open a four game homestand gonna be nice to
play back on home ice this week. Oh yeah we we definitely like playing on home ice we
definitely feel our fans getting into it and it really helps us focus as a team
gain momentum throughout the periods throughout the game throughout the shift
just kind of helps us rely on being home it’s always good. This week taking on
Bemidji State and obviously oh they had a huge season last year what will be
some of the keys this weekend taking on the beavers? Yeah they’re a really good
team really coached well but we kind of had to just I feel like the last couple
of years we’ve we’ve played well against them I think our systems kind of just
have to mainly focus on us that’s what I think our problem was this year we
sometimes when we play other teams were more focused on them and what they do if
we focus on what we need to do and what we should do as bulldog hockey players
I think it’ll it’ll work well for us. What are these games here in this final
month of the regular season gonna be like obviously a lot of team still bad
batteling in terms of playoff position. Oh right now it’s basically playoffs for us
right now we we have to come into every weekend like it’s playoffs we’ve got to
be ready to play we get I want these wins more than any any team in our
conference we just kind of have to just battle through it because we only have
ten games left then playoffs and we just hadn’t had to be able to get on a hot
streak before playoffs getting on a hot streak before playoffs helps so much so
if we get to be able to do that and be good for us. Obviously a junior now while
here I just talked about how your your game has improved and developed here in
your time in the Bulldog program. Yeah it’s it’s good I really enjoy it here
coach is obviously do a great job progressing players and working with
them even if you’re not doing too well they’ll let you know and unless you know
what you can do better which is perfect for a player it really helps them gain
their confidence back and see what they’re doing what they need to do to be
able to play better and perform best for the team so I think that’s been a really
big help for me as the coach is working with me so much and just working me to
just hopefully get to that next level. Well Corey thanks for your time best of luck
out of the Bulldogs out here this weekend and obviously throughout the
rest of the season. Yeah thanks a lot. That’s gonna do it for Ferris Sports
Update reminder you can follow all the action online Ferris State Bulldogs
dot com have a great week.

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