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Ferris State Hockey Highlights vs Western Michigan

August 21, 2019

Shuman through the center near side
Allison skate to stick on side here Conrad breaks the goal shoot stop by
Smith. Top of the crease got those shoulders nice and big and puts the
glove on it they can look here at that one and actually he did back into his
own net a little bit there but can you blame him? Colt Conrad was the way to the
races from the circles in. Elemen a long shot riser missed the net and I don’t
think blacker saw that one what’s behind the net from way too far for him now
Moise has it turns towards the goal now back up top Moise top of the zone down low
Tackett shoot stop by blacker rebound loose in front and the Broncos chip it
in to the near side stands the Bulldogs were changes right through the center Van
Os towards the net shot they’re stopped off the mask of Smith, Smith as a
man right in front of him that’s the salt right through the center here’s
Moloney Maloney’s got a breakaway Maloney scores. Capitalizing on opportunities Harrison
Hearst on it before the game Mitch Maloney gets alone with the
goaltender and he does not miss that shot buries it. Go in the second one back
by the Bulldog Allemon up the Mayer Mayer as it miss skates Yoder up the
near glass stolen away by the Broncos here they come down the wall and they
score Ethan Frank on a beautiful goal for the Broncos and just like that the
lead is back to one that feels a little bit like. At the far point down the wall
Ruthkoski looking for room in front near side Tackett shoots and it’s snappy
fanned on the first chance which there’s a wide open net Yoder towards the net
deflected miss will that get a couple of things. As it goes down into that far
corner. Conrad trying to get away from four
Bulldogs Norris gets it to the top of his own here come the Bulldogs with
numbers for on to up the ice Norris’s taken down he scores oh Norris
first collegiate goal. An what a way to score? Coale Norris falls off his feet and he is layed out like
Superman and manages to bat the puck somehow to the back of the net. Gonna have to see a look on this replay
monitor how he did that. He looked like Bobby Orr flying through the air
holy caps the Western Michigan defenseman Zofia trips him up all
blacker was moving left to right. I’m going to assume blacker didn’t think
Cole Norris is going to get his stick on that and somehow he lays out and puts it
right across Blacker’s facing he didn’t really have a chance with moving in that
direction. As they’ve struck back and they still got 4:50 to go on the power
play but they’re reviewing this look the pucks definitely in the net the goal
light went on are they trying to figure out the intent to blow the whistle this
is huge for Ferris State if this is called no goal is to be the second no goal
called on Western tonight off helmet back on what do we got here we got a
goal three to two.

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