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FIELD HOCKEY – Virginia vs. Miami (OH) Highlights

August 28, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Plays down– Portugal–
deflected off Lucas. –degree of program’s
history Tara Vitesse– a nice move here. And there’s an early goal! [CHEERING] It’s Erin Shanahan! Oh, a nice move there. That one is in. [CHEERING] Vilhoen there– knocked around. And a kick saved
by Carrera Lucas. Work it around the
[INAUDIBLE]—- back in and shot. Walked in front by Lucas– tying this game up with–
well, just 5 minutes in. Ell streaking ahead. Gretta Ell– into the circle. That one is in! [CHEERING] And Virginia’s got the lead,
with a little over 10 minutes left.

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