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Finger Hockey (“Fastrack”) Board Game. With Disco Mode!

August 15, 2019

Baseball season is here! This year, Major League Baseball is going
to be testing all of its players for Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer. Work smarter. This week’s video is also sponsored by littleBits. I’ve got this fun, fast-paced game called
Fastrack or finger hockey. Each player starts with five disks on their
side and the first person to get all of the discs
on the other side wins. The one I made has a night gaming mode! I found some scraps of cheap pine lumber that I can rip down for the frames. I’m going to use my miter sled to cut the miters for the frame pieces. I’m going to make a rabbet along the inside
edge of each of these pieces to hold the bottom. This step isn’t absolutely necessary You could just attach the bottom directly
to the frame. I’m going to use my drill press to bore two
holes on each of the long pieces for the elastic. With this larger bit in place, I’m going to drill halfway through the outside. so that gives me this smaller hole on the
inside and then the larger hole on the outside that only goes halfway through. Now I can glue this frame up. Every time I use this clamp, I get people
who ask me what it is. It’s called a band clamp or a strap clamp
I think. I’ll put a link down in the description so you can take a look at it. I find it invaluable for gluing up picture
frames because it gives you equal pressure on all four corners and makes sure it’s nice and square. I like to get it all lined up first, before I put the glue on the pieces. These corner pieces will just hook on like
that and I like to take up as much of this slack
as possible like that. I just put glue on one piece of a joint. I don’t see any benefit for putting it on
both. Sometimes the corners require a little adjusting. And then turn this to tighten it all the way. And that’s all there is to using a strap clamp. I’ll let that dry for an hour or so. And while that frame is drying, I can cut out this sheet of 1/4″ or 6mm plywood for the bottom. I can test fit this. But I’m not going to glue that on yet. I think it will be easier to paint these pieces before I glue it together. With the frame all dry, I’m going to cut a
thin groove just the thickness of my saw blade all the way around the perimeter for an inlay. I’ve got my blade raised just slightly above
the table top. I’m slicing up this dowel into equal pieces
to use for the game discs. And I’ll spray paint these hockey puck colored. I’ve masked off ares of this bottom piece that I’m going to put glue on. Now I can glue to bottom on. I’ll glue and tack this into place with my pin nailer. I’m cutting out a notch on this board for
the little goal in the center. I’ve got some of these thin bungee cords that I need to modify just a little bit to get them to fit into the holes. These have hooks on each end and the ends are crimped together with a wire so I need to cut that off of just one side. Now I can take that one off and slide the
other hook off. I can slide this in through that hole and the this one that already has the knot
on it will just be hidden a little bit in that bigger
outside hole. And I’ll thread it though the opposite hole. I’m going to hold it in place with a clamp. Cut off a piece of this 18 gauge wire. I’ll fold this over and try to tie the wire
around it. I’ll try to crimp it down. I can take this clamp off and let this spring back into place. And I can glue in this center piece. Now that that’s ll put together, let me show you what I’m going to do with
that groove that goes all the way around the edge. You could just leave it like that. It’s kind of a cool design element. If you’ll remember, the last time I did a spot for littleBits I showed you the
basics of how the system works. Let me put it into action. This module here is called a light wire. And I discovered that it fits perfectly into
a slot made by a table saw blade. Building a circuit is the fun part. I’m going to take this power module and plug it into a battery. Then I can make a simple circuit my taking
my light wire and they just hook together like that. I can turn this on and see what it looks like. Let me turn out the studio light here and
show you what it looks like. I think I can make that a little more exciting by putting this little pulse module on. Aw yeah! And I can adjust the speed of that pulse. I think the coolest thing about littleBits is that it’s great for both kids to have fun
and learn electronics but it’s also good for prototyping, kind of like what I was doing here. I can easily switch out these littleBits and
test things. And if I ever want to include this as part
of the project then I could buy the individual components
and wire it in. I think it’s an awesome system. You or your kids can spend hours just playing
around with it and coming up with whatever you can imagine. And littleBits has a special offer for Woodworking for Mere Mortals viewers. Just go to littleBits dot com and enter promo
code WOODWORKING and you can take $20 off your first order. Head over to and check out
what they have there. I think you’ll be amazed. Thank you for joining me on this week’s episode
of Woodworking for Mere Mortals. If you’d like to make the Fastrack finger
hockey game, check below for a free set of plans. This is just one of many toy and game projects I have on my channel. You might want to check out one of my most
popular ones, The Marshmallow Crossbow! That crossbow is such a fun project. Don’t forget, all of my plans are free and available at And I hope you get involved and become a Me-Mo and start posting pictures of your own projects in the community section. Thanks for watching, everybody. I’ll see you next week.


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  • Reply Jack Mcslay April 24, 2015 at 10:28 pm

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  • Reply Jeff McD April 24, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    What a cool game and a great project! Tell me, Steve, where do you get hockey puck color paint? lol

  • Reply ThoperSought April 25, 2015 at 12:01 am

    2:16 "… glue on one piece of a joint…"

    in that case, Steve, I have a question: I was reading an article that said that gluing end grain, like in this case, was weaker than long grain in part because the glue soaked farther into the wood, leaving very little glue in the actual joint.  they recommended covering the end of both pieces with glue, letting it dry, then gluing up the joint with another layer of glue.  I don't recall if they recommended sanding.

    any thoughts?

  • Reply maferraril1 April 25, 2015 at 12:07 am

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    Used to be a game in the 70s called Gnip-Gnop [Ping-Pong backwards] that had a similar goal – get all the balls on your opponent's side to win. Fundex stills makes a version and there's a Gnip-Gnop TV commercial somewhere on YouTube. Amazingly fun so I'm sure this wooden version is too. Whose better – you or Wyatt?

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