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FSU Hockey vs LSSU Highlights 02-01-19

August 27, 2019

Stephen Ruggiero his good buddy has it
Norris in front here’s Melton does it go shoots and scores
Frankie time baby one-nothing Bulldogs right through the wickets a beautiful
centering pass there and Frankie puts it home for his fourth of the year he
nearly had a two on one to the goal Ashton Calder is in collar tracks the
middle shoots and scores Ashton Calder and it’s 1-1 55 seconds
into the major power play foot of Clark and got tied up kuleana
up top down low Kaiba wide open in front score Ashton colder second of the game
and it’s 2-1 Lakers on the major power play he scored both of them Liana has a
man coming it’s human sin the nearside Kuechly out of shoots and scores it 3-1
Lakers just like that the Bulldogs caught in a bad line change and 1654 to
go in the second the Lakers have taken a 3-1 lead now Ashton called her down the
right wing fire the shots a free Bob loose in front great save capital after
they score the rebound it’s gage Tyrell for 1 Lakers for Kuechly Etta pass in
front and a save capital match with a poke at home Anthony Nellis it’s 5-1
stick lifts his man free the puck Melton trying to turn it on front shot they
score a one-timer fronting Ellis it’s 6 1 Lakers for Zack Zack his killings wide
open killin thought about the shot drag shoot
score swing circles shot Stewart deflection
equipped by John 1:10 at six three

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