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September 15, 2019

You will have to wrestle, or else. Stop! Where are you going? I don’t want to fight, leave me. Hey, what are you doing? Leave me. I will not leave you, you will have to wrestle with me. Stop, where are you going? Stop. I don’t want to wrestle with you. Why are you behind me? Leave me. I win!! Haha!! Let’s have one more round. And the winner is Motu the great. Dr. Jhatka save me, Motu is going to kill me. The zest of wrestling, he wants to finish it with me only. Motu there is a good news for you, see this. What is this FWWE? It means Furfuri town World Wrestling Entertainment. In this wrestling, wrestler’s will come from different countries. Just think when you fight with those wrestles and beat them, then you will be the hero of Furfuri town. And you will get a reward of hundred thousand, from which you can buy as many samosey’s as you want. For 100,000 samosey’s, I will fight! The name is Chingum, nobody escapes from Chingum’s hand, it is impossible, impossible. Chingum sir, you have not come here to catch a culprit, you are wrestling referee. Oh! Sorry. Here comes in the beginning from Furfuri town, the samosa eater. Samosa!! Motu !! Mosa mosa samosa!! Silence please, welcome THUNDER TAKER. Oh my god! I have to fight with him, no I will not fight with him. Why? Do you want to spoil the name of Furfuri town? You will defeat him and you will eat samosa’s worth 100,000 rupees. Don’t think too much, just lift him and bang him to the ground. If I come alive then only I will be able to eat samosa’s. Fight, starts. In the name of the God Bajrangbali. Haha! I win !! Oh my god! I am the referee. Sorry, Chingum sir. What are you doing? I am trying to keep myself alive. No!! Oh! Somebody help. Mosa!! Samosa!! Motu you have defeated him, you win!! Stop it Motu, you have become a hero of Furfuri town. Wow! Great to throw that Thunder storm like that out of the ring, wow! Oh my lord!! Motu you have become a star, then why are running? It is the matter of my life, I won’t fight. Today somehow I got saved, but I don’t want to take a second chance. Idea!! Oh my lord!! What have you done? Instead of stopping him you made him run. You people have decided to get me killed, I have told you all, I will not fight. Hey Motu my big brother, my brother before the fight, eat this medicine. Then you see you will have a strength of the tiger and you will throw them out of the ring. Are you telling the truth? Tomorrow you check yourself by brother. If the medicine does not work then you can come out of the ring. Then it is ok, tomorrow I will fight. Now let’s go, before Chingum comes here, by the way where is he gone? I had dashed him. Swear on India, swear on Mother India, I will not leave you. To escape from the web of Chingum is impossible. Hey run from here, he looks very angry. Oh! Somebody help, please. I won’t leave anyone. Now the person who is coming in the ring needs no introduction. Motu!! Motu!! And now the person who is coming, is world’s dangerous wrestler King Cobra. Haha!! Haha!! He will fight with me? Chingum sir, start the fight. Motu have the medicine which Dr.Jhatka has given. Haha! I don’t need any medicine for this bony wrestler, you all just pray for him. Come on fight! Big brother, give me the medicine. Quickly!! Patlu give me the medicine. Today Motu is gone, hey Jhatka what medicine you have given to him? Patlu my friend, the medicine what I have given is just a sugar powder. It doesn’t have any strength, but my heart say’s that Motu will win. Motu!! Motu!! Haha!! Motu is the winner. Now there is a fight between Motu and Scorpio, let the fight begin. I don’t want to fight, your powder is of no use. Ok then give it to me, I will have it before only. Now you see Patlu, after eating this super power, I will beat all the wrestler’s. Today also Jhatka has fooled us, his medicine does not have any power. Motu do something, how long you will get trashed like this? What should I say? Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you only think something. Idea! Motu look here, this samosa’s I brought it for you, I thought I will give it to you after the fight. But you can have it now, every punch you hit, I will give you one samosa. Long live!! Yeah!! Motu !! Mosa mosa samosa!! Give me my samosa’s. Samosas got over. One small Furfuri town’s wrestler has insulted us, let’s go and take care of him. Let’s go! Cheating!! Patlu samosa, fast, samosa. Samosa got over. Wait, let me see. Hey, anybody has samosas? Here take this samosa Patlu, this is free from me, beat them all. Don’t leave them Motu!! That samosa must not reach Motu. Mosa mosa samosa!! Swear on India, swear on Mother India, I have never seen a fight like this before. The winner is Samosa Eater Motu. Motu!! Motu!! Hey brother, give me some samosas fast. Today I have worked very hard, that is why I am very hungry. Motu, you will have to come in a queue. Look there, wrestler’s from the world are thinking that, there is some special power in my samosa’s. And they have come here to eat samosa’s, the queue is not less than one kilometer.


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