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Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

October 9, 2019

What’s up guys we’re dude perfect and since the World Cup has kicked off We worked with 23 and me to find out where we’re from. And today we’re gonna be repping those countries in go-kart soccer. Here we go dude perfect The rules of this battle are simple play soccer with go kart Let’s get it on, whats up guys got the blue team here red team. Check it into the game. Purple hoes are here repping Germany I’m gonna designate myself as team captain cuz you know from the best here. I’m right here. I’m pretty much for my oh not me exactly but my ancestors couldn’t have asked for better weather and Cody is by far my favorite character in the group what cleanser from France? Rods the Frenchman unique bet thrown through the gates tall men coats here. I love racing. This is kind of my wheelhouse. Apparently, I’m English Accent snow amazing. That is whore I’m looking forward to this. It’s great to have tied back on team Kobe. Technically not on Team Kobe I just happened to be on Kobe’s team. Let’s do this thing. Come on, buddy panda Hey Right here, man Yeah, okay. Anyway, she’s gonna be fine. They should be good teammate. Haha. Think about this All right You just let the guy that can’t see score that was best-case scenario for panda ah We’re back to a tie ballgame back Wow unbelievable driving you better watch your Doughboy Here we are halftime Red Team checking in hurts being down a halftime so far Well done boys last thing you want to do sit on your hands in the second half let them come back We’re fine blue team’s down tender though. Talk about MVP dude. I thought he was gonna be a liability He’s the biggest asset. We have second-half spouts to begin gonna try and finish this thing strong take a nap. She’d be fun Let’s do it Yeah, I guess okay I was trying to go up the wall. Oh I’m sorry boy push that is brutal that GoPro took one Wow We got a tie game we can do this You guys are horrible and Just to let you guys know we just took the lead back for Lead. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh the other thing about the Icelandic Is they always recognize game when they see it? Hey nice wraparound Do it synchronized part one minute left we’re tied up They stole about hey call me go-go-go Some evening I would say had effect Co good after panda at Hertz man Red team got to congratulate him. They played as a team Unlike us. We had a very weak spot on ours totally agree Are you kidding me? I’m me and panda. Our backs are hurting in my defense. I hate defense it bores me Well, I would have helped have been great to know before the kickoff Well, that’s a wise man once said it is not my honor, but certainly my duty Present this red team the throw thank you. Yes I’ve been there. I know that’s not easy It hurts. It stings. Absolutely. Thanks for watching guys If you’re not already – dude perfect subscriber click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos, especially thanks to our friends at 23andme for making this video possible Click here to go to 23andme comm slash dude. Perfect to learn more about your DNA You want to see the last video click right here signing off for now pound it know again. See ya


  • Reply Dude Perfect June 18, 2018 at 11:51 pm

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    COMMENT: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

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