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Great Falls Americans feeling confident heading into playoffs

August 26, 2019

[Music] for sports with Tom Wiley welcome back the Great Falls Americans host Bozeman and this Friday to begin a three-game series in the NA 3hl playoffs are Brett Kennedy has more on what makes this great Americans team tick the long and grueling 47 game regular season for the NA 3hl has come to an end now the frontier division semifinals loom near now line ahead for the Great Falls Americans is a three-game series with the bozeman Ice Dogs to decide who gets to go to the division finals most me was a good team a really good first line and their coaches work really hard this season to get them in position to to make the playoffs and finish strong they have a good record they work hard so it’s a it’s a tough matchup for us Great Falls cruised through the regular season with an eye-opening 38 and eight record so it’s no surprise that this team feels pretty confident heading into postseason play I think our power play is probably one of the best in the league and nobody can really stop us if we get on the power play and that’s really our experience there’s so much experience on our team we’re like maybe the oldest made the second oldest team in the league and it shows no way we have a depth of four full lines that’s huge no other teams really have that the Americans veteran roster has made the transition smooth for first-year head coach Greg Sears a second best record and the frontier division and a playoff spot he’s awesome he just always encouraging us and making us better every day and just never let you down it’s been good it’s a good group of guys you know they’re buying into what we’re trying to do here seasons flown by I can’t believe it’s March already so no they’re really good group of kids and yeah like I couldn’t ask for much for the brutal stretch of games throughout the year can sometimes break a team but this great fall squad has remained relaxed all year as the wins just keep piling up a strategy the team looks to take into the upcoming meaningful games it’s a long season but we find a way to like stay loose and enjoy ourselves you know we’re with each other all the time but we find the way especially during practice or working out just to enjoy little things Brett Kennedy empty in sports well the Americans not of the only regional team in the NA 3 HL Frazier Cup Playoffs the Bighorns with the top record in the front tier will host Missoula on a Thursday and there best of three series

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