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HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Basketball tames Wildcats

September 8, 2019

Lesure back to McKinless on the left wing McKinless gonna drive inside to Fleurizard Fleurizard back Fleurizard to Dougherty Dougherty to Lesure now to Lescoe over to McKinless from the corner McKinless for three and sinks it so it’s Peyton Griffiths now faking the
three-pointer on the other end for the Wildcats Griffiths is gonna drive against McKinless he falls down McKinless able to get back up
McKinless with it inside to Lescoe Lescoe ah unselfish pass to Fleurizard Fleurizard gets the bucket and the foul Josh Gregory now he’s gonna pass off it’ll be O’Dell now O’Dell drives stolen away there once again another steal is
Colin Dougherty this time Dougherty’s gonna come back the other way elevates and gets that
one up an in Griffiths with it now he’s gonna have it stolen away great steal by
McKinless Fleurizard coming down the other end
elevates and gets a nice right handed layup there Preston now Kitzman’s gonna drive Kitzman gets a nice left-handed layup to fall and he gets that bucket
over to Lesure back at the top of the three point line Lesure’s gonna drive the
lane he gets inside gets a left-handed layup and the foul there with him one
step to the right back up to Lesure Lesure sets up for a three-pointer
and sinks it shot clock Dougherty’s gonna try to get around his defender he does out to
McKinless for three McKinless silky smooth shot from three and sinks it
that’s Freeman’s first points of the game so far inside to Fleurizard now on the other end Lesure able to get a nice no look pass and Fleurizard gets the bucket McKinless to Jake Preston Preston is gonna
drive the lane back to McKinless McKinless sets up for the three-pointer
and hits it Sean McKinless is on fire right now Lescoe’s gonna drive gets inside
the paint to Preston over to McKinless McKinless for three and sinks it Sean McKinless from three again drives taken by Lesure Lesure fakes the three pointer driving on Gregory Lesure kicks out two seconds McKinless
as the shot clock’s expiring gets it to fall Kitzman with it he settles looks
for Meshanic Meshanic’s hits from inside wide open great pick-and-roll there I
figured it was sparked by our defense we kind of amped it up this week in practice had
some new focuses on defense kind of a higher level of intensity that led to
a lot of our offense today 20 turnovers you forced today 12 steals so a good
all-around performance by that defense and then you were locked in today you
were 4 for 4 from three-point range in the first half you finished the game 6
of 7 from deep and 18 points to lead all scorers what were you seeing out there
why was everything so open for you nothing really different teammates found
me in the right spots again all started with our defense

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