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Hockey Central: RIT v Mercyhurst 2-24-17

August 23, 2019

>>Used to be top two teams get a by, bottom 4 get the best of 3 now. It goes Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, next week – score! Right in front! [horn] Cassie Clayton has tied it for the Tigers 0-1.>>Nice job by Reagan Rust to get the puck out of the net. And Clayton’s camping out right there in the crease–>>Two going the other way, Accursi, sending it back to Whiddon, Whiddon holding on the trailer – Hartwick, and puts it back in. It’s 2-1 as the Tigers were out-numbered. Accursi on the goal.>>Whiddon gave up the body there, able to make sure the puck doesn’t get centered and then–>>Rust, trying to stick her way through! And that trickles in. Caitlin Wallace. [horns] Caitlin Wallace, with the putback, her 8th of the season, the tigers have tied it at 2.>>This is all Reagan Rust, who beats the defender and then gets a break. The puck deflects off their skate. And Caitlin Wallace, johnny on the spot to put the puck in the back of the net to make it a 2-2 game.>>Mercyhurst holding it in, however. Isbell, from the slot, scores! A lot of traffic in the high slot, that’s Sam Isbell, with the goal. And the Lakers take the lead once again.>>Lanteigne never saw the shot was screened. Nothing’s really special, you see, looks like she was screened by her own defender.>>Tough one for the Tigers to give up, there. Rushton not happy about that.

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