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Hockey Central: RIT vs Robert Morris 10-7-16

August 27, 2019

>>Sending it down to Cameron, down to Powell, shoots! Unbelievable save and it’s put
back! Caleb Cameron with the goal! And the Tigers lead 1-0.>>Stll not out, Bancha crashing
down, Bancha fires, big save,Moore
puts it in. Timmy Moore has tied it for Robert Morris. Valenzuela coming right up the
center of the ice here’s a 2 on 1 Valenzuela, Kerrins, Kerrins fires, scores! 2-1 game, Valette jumping in and scores! Are you kidding?! His first collegiate goal in his first collegiate game! Welcome to RIT, Brody Valette!>>Where was the angle? It looked like he had 0 angle to find the net, you see? Skirving kind of slides it over to Valette. I didn’t know he had an angle. Did it go off the helmet? I don’t know how that found the net.>>That’s not good no. Trying to keep you updated but holy cow. Welcome to RIT Adam Brubacher! His first collegiate goal, and the Tigers now lead 4-1.>>That’s how they went top
shelf inside the blue, look at the last two goals Isaac has given up. An odd angle goal by Valette and now one way out from Brubacher. And now they’ve extanded the lead 4-1. Those are two shots that should be routinely stopped.>>Comin away with it is Valenzuela, 2 on 1. Valenzuela, scores! Gabe Valenzuela! Are you kidding me? What was that? That was spectacular. Boy this is some great puck handling. Doesn’t give the puck
up to Kerrins he keeps it, not yet, not yet got his head up, he knows exactly what he wants and Isaac has not been moving well. Caught him off balance. He goes down and tries to get back up and boom. That is textbook. Sends it over to Moore, Moore with the shot, save made by Rotolo and back up and in. We’ll see who got it.>>They caught the Tigers out of position. They were out of
position Gene.>>Yeah the follow up put by Timmy Moore, his second tonight. Look at all this traffic here in front.>>Norrish goes off his skate, he can’t clean it up here. And they’re slow to get to the
puck.>>SO it is Moore on the left
side.>>Got their back to the play,
goes off their skate to the side. Look at that. That’s unfortunate because he tries to kick it he can’t do it in there for the cleanup.>>Brady- feed to Abt. Shot by POwell and scores!! Myles Powell on the power play! The tigers leading by 3! I’m not quite sure how that puck got through. It looked like they had a wall set up there on the near side. Kinda slithered through there, gotta look at it here. Here
comes the blast, the rebound comes way out. It looks like they hit a wall they kinda split the wall>>Powell, and it slithered right through. Israel and Isaac, look at this, they’re right together!

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