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Hockey Highlights vs. Western Michigan 10-12-18

August 17, 2019

Mackin tried to turn it in front side
of the goal Bafia cleared it away, turned in front NORRIS SHOOTS AND SCORES! and Ferris State gets a power play goal that’ll make you feel a little bit
better as Norris I think had his somebody had their stick hacked in half
there in front of the Bronco cage the nonetheless, Coale Norris, first goal of the year for
Ferris State on the power play nice play out of the corner from Mackin, yeah
really was the passing there was a lot more crisp than we’ve seen to the
Bulldogs earlier I think the big difference though is they were actually
able to get inside put a little pressure right in front of the goal and that’s
something they haven’t done thus far this game so I’m great job by them and
that’s exactly what you wanted in the last little bit here of this uh first
period got to show a little, into to his own bench there here’s a chance to on
one drag move shot saved by Kapelmaster after oh he put the blocker down and laid
down in front of it into the offensive zone for the Broncos
waits, centering pass, McMullen shoots great save by Kapelmaster moving
left-to-right dives on top of it if Jade McMullen was there and well, Justin Kapelmaster, starting to feel a little bit more confidence, nice move left
to right yeah Jade McMullen had a really large window right there but Justin Kapelmaster closed it in a hurry he flew over it able to make a really nice save and you
know keep the Bulldogs in this game puck behind him kick to the top of the
zone kept in there by Yoder into the middle here’s Frankie Melton, Melton
shoots and scores, Frankie Melton into the Dawg Pound, we’ve got a two goal game here Frankie Melton what a rip right there
great job by him, sees a pretty small opening the left side of the goal it
able to just fly it in there and that really does a lot for the Bulldogs that Dawg Pound student section is into it the fans are into it and what a shot by
Frankie Melton, that is collegiate goal number one for Frankie Melton we expect
there might be just a few more of those he has scored in every game the Bulldogs
have played so far this season. Mackin works it to Norris, Norris nearside
Andren tried to turn it in and on goal and up behind it turned in front NORRIS SHOOTS AND SCORES! It’s in the net, the Bulldogs are back within one! Western Michigan is a chance to make it
five a couple times in Ferris State it’s starting to make them pay little by
little inch by inch the dogs are within one not sure if they’re going to go up
and review this one but that looked to me like that crossed the goal line in
his coal Norris’s goal and this is exactly what the bulldog needed they
were really close a lot a couple good opportunities throughout the game it’s
cooking him to go and now finally starting to click a little bit Allen’s
got it top of the dome into the corner for Jo Jo turns it towards the front of
the net off of and runescape back into the far corner 18 seconds to go Broncos
have it hit by Mack and kept in by Kalin counter traffic loose in front and it
stopped there but cows keys got it witkowski tried the saucer pass tucked
in by Kayla for a moment it comes out that will be the ballgame i watch the
bull Larson get some of the last two seconds here norris for the shot that’s
the game well Ferris State Falls 4 to 3 here
tonight but their response after going down for nothing is what I think is
going to be a big focus tonight

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