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Hockey Tape vs Grips – Tape Alternatives

August 24, 2019

(rock music) (hockey buzzer) – Hey guys, Jeremy here
from How To Hockey. In this video I’m talking about
alternatives to hockey tape. Instead of trying to
do a really long video where you talk about
every single product here what I’m gonna do is
break it up into a series so in this first video,
I’m gonna talk about every single product that
we have, just briefly and also gonna talk about sort of what’s wrong with hockey tape or why you might wanna try a grip instead of the same old hockey tape that people have been using for years. So first, I’m gonna talk about
the products we have here. You may not have known
this, but there is a variety of different products that you can use instead of hockey tape. One of the most popular ones is probably the Buttendz right here. I’m gonna take this out of the packaging. (bottle cap pops) This is the Buttendz. It’s
flexible. It’s rubbery. It’s got that nice kind
of grip feel to it. And it comes in a variety
of different styles. So this one has the twirl
going all the way down it and it’s got kind of like a
half-knob right there on top and they’re always developing
different varieties and styles and colors as well, so
there’s a lot of variation that you can get in this. What I notice with the Buttendz
is they do really intricate designs and really put a
lot of thought and design into the product design of it. It has a nice feel to it,
and I’ll talk more about that in the video when I do the full review. (bottle clanks) These are the Russian grips. I believe they ship out of Russia. I’d say they’re closest
competitor to the Buttends. They have more simple designs, so this one just sort of looks like the tape. Nice thing is you can
customize it so you can see I got my name and number right there. Pretty basic, just like printed on there. They have that silicone feel to them so it’s a bit grippy, but
also like a little bit smooth and slippery, I guess you could say and they seem a little bit
thinner than the Buttendz so, durability I’m not too sure about but we’ll test that in the review. This one is the Torch. Out of all the grips this
one interests me the most because it has the most unique design. The Buttendz and the Russian grips, they go over the shaft. This one goes inside, so
that could have a bit of an effect on how you flex the
stick and get that leverage. What I think is really interesting
is the shape of the knob. So your hand is gonna come over the top and then this part is
gonna stick out the back and because it has that lip right there it kind of gives you something to pull on so I’m interested in testing it out to see if it has an effect on
shot power and handling. I was thinking with poke
checks for the defense it would really help you get
a good grip on that stick so that one should be interesting. Last ones that I have
here are the Sniper Skins. These can be customized as
well as far as color goes and you can also get text
or logo put on there. I have the How To Hockey logo. So, kind of cool to customize. The interesting thing
about these is the material so they’re not rubber, it’s
more like a plastic material and a bit thinner, probably
harder to rip or tear especially if it’s on the grip and how they go on is
you slide it over the top and then you pour hot water on it and it shrinks and perfectly wraps so it gets a really nice
tight wrap on there. How you customize it is with
these little bits and pieces so you can put these rings along the top and create a feel, so
like something that goes in between your fingers
as you grip the stick so I think that was kind of
a neat idea on how to do it. So, these ones will be
interesting to test, as well. Here’s a brief look at the
products I’m gonna be reviewing over the next week, so
tune in for more details throughout the week on
all of these products. Now I’m gonna talk about
what’s wrong with hockey tape? Why don’t we just use hockey tape? Well, let’s talk about that. So, what’s wrong with using hockey tape? Honestly, nothing really. Do you have to buy a grip? No. You can get away with using hockey tape. People have used hockey tape for years since it was invented as hockey tape. I used it for 20 years, I
didn’t really have any problems with it, but, there weren’t really other options available to me. It was just hockey tape and that’s it. So now that these new
products have come out and I’ve tried them and I
kind of like some of them. So, I wouldn’t really call
them problems with tape, but maybe issues, and the
first one, probably the biggest is this right here,
this is my hockey glove and we got that little hole right there and we got this big hole right there and we got this hole right there. So it only happens on the top
hand where the hockey tape is because that this friction of the tape it rubs and rubs and rubs on the leather and it eats right through it so that will happen to your hockey gloves. I got some more gloves here. This is a Verberos and it’s
got a little bit of wear right there, I only use these for shooting in the garage and some coaching. And then these are the Winnwells I use to use in my old videos and they got the grip right there and I only use these for coaching and shooting videos as well so no matter what you’re
gonna get that extra wear. So, apparently, products like the Buttendz and the Torch, and the
Sniper Skin, the Russian grip these guys don’t eat at your
gloves as much as the tape does or apparently at all,
according to some of them. So if you want your mitts
to last a little bit longer maybe look into the grips. If you don’t mind the extra air holes well then maybe hockey tape is for you. What other advantage do you
have using a grip over tape? Well, you’ve got feel and functionality. For a rubbery grip like this,
it has a nice texture to it a nice feel, you don’t
get that stickiness. Sometimes when you do a
fresh tape-job with tape the glue kind of leaks through it and you get your hand kind
of sticking to that knob. With this you’re not gonna get that. I find it’s a better overall grip and you’re not gonna
drop your stick as well. My brother really noticed that. He tends to drop his
stick, I don’t know why but he said with the Buttendz he had a really good grip on his stick. So, extra feel, extra grip,
maybe more maneuverability and then you have the
functionality with something like this Torch, it gives you a new way to sort of leverage your
stick, and possibly more power? So those are a few options we’re gonna look at when we do the reviews. And the last issue which, I
mean isn’t really one for me but could be for some people is just the aesthetics of your stick. Some people want a grip that’s
gonna match your team colors and maybe you can’t get
a tape in this color or maybe the tape just really stinks when it’s in this color. I find white tape is nice,
but then you get all this black kind of gunky junk on there. Some people don’t like
that; I really don’t mind. Other people will re-tape their stick over and over and over. I leave my grip as it is. If the stick lasts me three years, the grip lasts me three years but I see some guys throwing that extra grip tape stuff on there. So just a few other reasons that you may want to try out a grip. Alright guys, that’s it for this video. Thanks a lot for tuning in. Over the week I’m gonna
be dropping reviews on each of these products. I’m gonna talk about weight, the price, the insulation, and, of course, the feel. So tune in if you’re interested
in any of these grips and learn more about
hockey tape alternatives. Thanks a lot for watching.
See you next video. (rock music)


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