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August 16, 2019

I started strong but I’m not satisfied or anything like that. I just wanna keep going. How would you describe what you’re going through and experiencing right now? Ehm… I would say it’s hard to describe. The easiest way to describe it is probably to say that I’m living my dream right now. I’ve dreamt about playing the NHL my whole life and now I’m here, in Vancouver. It’s a good city to play hockey in, the interest for hockey is huge. As I said, I’m living my dream and I’m very happy to be here. Your production is on pace with Crosby, McDavid and Ovechkin. We’re seeing different kinds of records and stats all the time. How do you feel about seeing your name mentioned amongst players like them? It’s incredible. Those are players you’ve been watching on tv growing up. Now I’m playing against them, in the same league, competing against them. It’s cool. It’s all been happening so fast and I’m incredibly happy to be here. What are you most proud of so far? Just getting myself here. I’m happy about a lot of stuff, but the dream has always been to play in the NHL and now I’m here. But, as I said, I’m never satisfied. I’m trying to get better as a player every day and help the team win games. Is there any of your highlights, goal or pass, that stands out a little extra, that you like to watch? Of course there’s stuff that I’ve done that I’ve been watching more. Either the pass behind the back to Boeser or the bank play of the boards to Boeser. Off the top of my head it’s those two that I’ve been watching a bit more. Yeah, tell us about that bank pass. There’s been a lot of buzz about it. Yeah, it looks like we’ve been working on that one all the time but we’ve never talked about it before. When I got the puck, I could tell he had better speed than their D, so I took a gamble and banked it. It ended up right on his tape and he put it top shelf off the post So yeah, it was really nice that he put it in so that it ended up being a nice highlight. You recently scored your first hat trick and you have two five point games. What’s your take on the numbers you’ve been able to put up? It’s been unbelievably fun to be able to accomplish that so early on and it’s something I’m very proud of. But I’m not putting too much focus on that. Nor do I feel I’m fully developed as a player just because I already had a hat trick and two five points games. I’m just gonna try to do it again, every game, and help the team win. What was your first thought when you were named for the All Star game? It’s hard to wrap your head around it; seeing the lineup with all the stars and then my name. It’s a lot of fun. How do you feel about all the commotion? I do get recognized pretty often, but I’m trying to hide a little bit, keeping the hat all the way down over my eyes. But it’s just fun when people come up to you because the only reason they do that is because they like what they see on the ice. I was a fan myself when I was young so I’m just trying to be as good of a role model as possible. As I said, I too have been a kid with idols. So what do you do here in town when you just want peace and quiet? Have you found a place where you can go when you just want to be by yourself? Just chillin’ at home, playing video games or calling buddies at home depending on the time difference. And I also have my brother who I can always talk to. So finding peace away from hockey hasn’t been an issue at all. And then we have a lot of Swedes on the team that I’m very comfortable with. I’m very comfortable with the team overall, but of course it’s a little extra with the Swedes. Yeah, you have a couple of guys here that’ve been around a long time like Markstrom, Edler and Loui. Exactly, and that was especially helpful at the start when I came in nervous and shy and everything like that. Whatever it was, I could talk to them and it helped me, especially at the start, to get a grip of life in the NHL. Who’ve you been talking to the most this fall? Who’s been your biggest support? My family. I know that they’re always on my side and regardless of what I do, I can talk to them. So it’s them I talk to the most. Can you describe having your mom and dad here for the start of the season, when it went as well as it did? It was really cool. I’m here because of them and it was a lot of fun having them here for the first games. It ended up being a couple of funny Twitter videos when both mom and dad showed some emotion. And the Canucks fans liked it, so that was fun. How much are you looking forward to Jonathan Dahlén hopefully making this team in the future? I’m looking forward to that so much. We’re really close friends and have a lot of fun, both on and off the ice. So I’m really looking forward to when that day comes. I remember you complimenting Sam Hallam a lot for his coaching in Växjö. How’s Travis Green to play for, and what the difference between a Sam Hallam and a Travis Green? I’ve never gotten that question before, but Sam is an amazing coach. He’s just so great at what he’s doing, gets everyone to pull in the same direction and makes every player better. Travis is also calm, but he might show more emotion and get angry more often than Sam. But Travis is also really good. He allows me to play my game and that is what’s making me successful. So I like both coaches a lot even if they might have slightly different personalities. What’s your expectations on the second half of the season, after starting the first half so well? Just to keep going, keep on producing and being creative. I’m living my dream now, it’s fun to go to practice or games every day. I’ve dreamt of this my whole life and now I’m here, so that’s all the motivation I need. Hockey Night in Canada found our feature on Ånge at hockey and showed it on After Hours. What’s it like sitting on a show like that taking about Ånge, your youth team and your home village? That was fun. I didn’t now beforehand that they were gonna show that video. I laughed to myself a little when they showed it, because to me the clip they showed was the funniest. It’s just fun that they’re showing where I come from because Hockey Night in Canada is such a big show with a lot of viewers. It’s fun to show where I’m from, the little village. You’re playing against Arizona tonight and you missed the last game after the injury against Montreal. What’s your status right now? I’m not ready to play. I’m still in a little pain doing certain mobility exercises. But it’s getting better by the day, less pain by the day. I’m not missing too much time and it’s been positive steps every day. And finally, there’s been a lot of talk about Rookie of the Year. You’ve put yourself in a good position. What’s your view on an award like that and the possibility of winning it? It would of course be a lot of fun to win that but it’s not something I’m focusing on. If I’m focusing too much on that… Previous years when I’ve been thinking that I must perform I’ve played poorly. So I’m not thinking too much about that, I’m just trying to be the best I can be every game.


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    Great Interview. He’s more comfortable speaking his home language

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    he seems extremely tired, breathing super heavy and talking slowly. I know he is from the north and people are usually calm in northern Sweden but this guy hits new records

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    I wish the Canucks and all their fans a New Era in NHL, in Vancouver!

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    Thanks for the video. We are so lucky to have him on our team. He is singlehandedly taken the reigns of this team and his hilight reel after less than half a season is better than most 10 year veterans! If he doesn’t already, he will own this city. I feel like the kid in ‘animal house’ who has the playboy bunny fly through his window and land on his bed…..”Thank you God! “

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