How To Clean Hockey Equipment

August 26, 2019

(rock music) (hockey buzzer) – Hey guys, it’s Jeremy from How To Hockey with the Hockey Movement and in this video I’m showing you guys how to clean your hockey equipment. Now my stuff has been
sitting in the garage for the whole summer so probably needs a little freshening up. Let’s take a look, see what the damage is. Things aren’t looking good here and it’s my own fault for
not storing this properly. So I left it in the damp garage all summer which leads to mold on the bag mold on the hockey pants right there and there’s some mold inside the bag. Also, the skates, they got
some moisture effect there so I notice some sort of rust happening in the eyelets right there. Those can get popped out, you can get them to your local hockey shop
and get them repaired. A little rust on the bottom there but that’s normal and you can get the rivets replaced as well but you still don’t want that to happen. So moisture is just my enemy right here. Second thing that I did
that I shouldn’t have done is I left the bag open. That can lead to some surprises. My brother found a family of mice living inside his hockey glove one time. I’ve also heard of bees
making nests in there which is a huge surprise if you just grab your gear and run to the rink. And in the south I’ve heard of scorpions hide inside the skates. So zip your bag up nice and tight and I’ll give you a tip
to prevent that moisture. Before I show you how to clean the gear I’m gonna show you how
you can store your gear using tips that I should have used but I was in too big of a hurry. So the first thing is to
store it somewhere dry. So if the garage is damp
don’t store it there. Unfortunately it was my only choice. Second one is to make
sure it is really dry before you zip it up. Last thing you wanna do is have wet gear or even just a little bit moist gear. Zip it up and then put it
away for the whole summer ’cause it’s gonna fester
in there, it’s gonna stink and that moisture is gonna
eat away at your gear like it did to my skates. Before you zip it up grab some newspaper. Just take sheets of
newspaper, crumple it up, you can stuff it in your skates, you can line the bag with it, you can put it between your gear and that newspaper is gonna help absorb a lot of the moisture
and keep your gear dry. Alright, let’s head inside, I’ll show you a simple way to clean
your hockey equipment without wrecking it. The first thing you wanna do is pre-treat anything that has mold or
just stinks really bad. Now, you might be tempted
to use bleach with the mold. You don’t wanna do that. Obviously it’s gonna
bleach the hockey equipment but it can also deteriorate the parts of the hockey equipment like
the foam and different pieces of paddings and gels
and stuff so keep bleach away from hockey equipment at all times. What I like to use is oxygen bleach. It’s a safe bleach used with oxygen. So this is Resolve with Oxi-Action so it has that oxygen bleach in there. It’s really great for treating your gear. Next step is to throw it
in the washing machine. You can do two loads, one
with all the soft stuff, you got your jerseys, your
socks, including the hockey bag and then the second load you
can use all the bulky stuff so the pants, the shin
pads, elbow pads, gloves. Some people are worried
about washing stuff like this but remember, hockey equipment
is made to take a beating so it can survive a ride
through the washing machine. It’s meant for contact sports, slap shots. These shin pads I’ve had
since I was 17 years old and now I’m 29, so don’t worry about it. I have heard stories about the top load washing machines taking
a toll on your gear so if you have top load
put it on a gentle setting and it should work out fine. For detergent I just use whatever we have so in this case I’m gonna use the Apple Mango Tango,
stuff smells awesome. If you wash your base
layers on a regular basis, Under Armour, stuff like
that, use this Nikwax stuff it’s made specifically for
Under Armour or base layers. Set your washer to a large load. Put it on pre-wash if your washer has it and soil level heavy so
you got that long wash, get rid of that stink. Two things you obviously can’t
put in the washing machine your helmet and your skates, but there are ways you can treat them. So the helmet, you can take the straps off and you can spray them. I actually have mold on that, so I’m gonna treat it and wash it. Also this one I’m lucky enough
to have a removable liner. Most helmets don’t have that. You can just spray them
with antibacterial spray and then wipe them down. With the skates, same thing,
you can wash the laces if you really want to,
no real point though. There’s an insole that
you can pull out of there. And then for the inside of the skates I just use Febreze with
the antibacterial Febreze and you spray it and then let it dry. If your insoles are really nasty like mine you can buy replacement ones, they’re called Superfeet,
they work really well. I find that anything you spray into skates to treat the smell you
have to repeat the process you can’t just spray it in
there and then it’s done. You gotta do it a whole bunch of times for it to have that lasting
effect to reduce the smell. Soft stuff is done in the wash. I took the hockey bag
out so I could throw this through an extra high spin cycle and that’ll pretty much get all the water out of the jerseys, the socks, the Under Armour, stuff like that. The stuff that you can put in the dryer. I recommend that you hang
everything up to dry. Put a fan on, its gonna give
you really good results. You don’t wanna put it in the dryer because the heat can kind
of mess with the material especially if there’s
glue or special foams or anything like that. Gloves, if you put it in the dryer it’s gonna dry the palms
up, you don’t want that so hang it all up to dry. If you have to, you can put
jerseys and socks in the dryer, that’s fine, and throw a little
Bounce sheet in there too, make it nice and fresh. Alright, lets take a
quick look at the gear see how it turned out. Gloves are looking fresh
as the day I bought them except for those holes in the palm which is normal wear and tear for having a pair of
gloves for a few years. The Verberos are looking good as well. No damage to them from being in the wash just that from stick handling. Shin pads are still good. Smell nice and fresh and they just have the normal wear from 12 years of use. Hockey socks, jock, and
socks all looking good. (inhales deeply) You know when the socks
and the jock smell good it’s clean. Alright, that’s it, remember don’t forget your Stanley Cup. Very important that you have that. And I’m by no means a pro
on washing hockey equipment this is just what works for me so let me know what works for you in the comments section below and we can share some tips
with the other hockey players. Thanks for watching. If you’re looking for more hockey videos we do new hockey videos every single week so hit that subscribe
button and you’ll see the newest ones as they come out. Thanks a lot for watching. We’ll see you in the next video. (rock music)

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