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How to Do a Footspeed & Agility Drill | Basketball

September 7, 2019

Man 1: Alright, so we’re working on some footwork. Man 2: OK. Could you try to give me faster, right? M1: Yeah. M2: I, I, I saw the sprint stuff, I’m working
on that, I’m going to get out there, run some sprints, but –
M1: Yeah. M2: -now my feet, they’re so far, I wear size
16th – M1: Yeah. M2: It’s like I’m –
M1: But you can- M2: -walking in concrete. M1: -get faster. M2: Oh, I can? M1: It’s about footwork. M2: OK, OK. M1: Let me see some footwork. M2: Okay-
M1: Yeah. M2: -doing some footwork, I like that stuff. M1: There is a footwork. M2: I like that so-
[Inaudible 0:27] M1: See, what you need to do is work on your
lateral quickness- M2: OK. M1: -and your foot speed. M2: Alright. M1: We’re going to show you some simple drills
you can do at home to work on your foot speed and lateral quickness. First, it’s gonna be something
called foot fire. You get in a defensive stance, break down. Foot fire. Stand in a defensive stance, stand on the
balls of your feet – M2: OK. M1: -keeping those feet moving. That’s working the backside of your
hamstrings and the topside of your leg, your, uh, quadriceps muscle. Alright,
that’s enough. Now, next one you want to work on is called
side hop. M2: Side hop-
M1: You’re going to hop. M2. -OK. M1: You’re going to find a line, anything
right here and you just want to go back and forth, on
top, over the line, back and forth. Stand on your toes. M2: OK. M1: People keep their hands up, just to keep
balance, and you can go faster with that. M2: Right, right. Oh, OK. M1: All these drills work on footwork. M2: Oh. M1: See how fast he’s moving right there? M2: I like that, man. M1: Now, when you get a little bit more then
swoop, – M2: Yeah. M1: -we go with a four corner box. M2: Four corner box. M1: Same general principle. Hands up. Four corner box, right there. All
this is building up the top and bottom side of your legs. See, he did a
little zigzag move right here. He was partying last night, huh? There
you go. Four corner box. See those drills will get you faster,-
M2: Right. M1: -it will help your agility,-
M2: Really? M1: -it’ll help you on the basketball court. M2: And I’ll be as fast as roadrunner. M1: Uh, maybe not as fast as roadrunner-
M2: Yeah. M1: -but sure it’ll improve your speed-
M2: OK, I like that. M1: -and it’ll improve your balance,-
M2: I like to- I like to improve. M1: -cardio, endurance, the whole deal. M2: I want to be better. M1: Yeah, you do. Can I finish? M2: I’m sorry. M1: There you have it. Footwork and agility with the roadrunner,
you want to make sure you work on the backside and
front side of your legs so you have balance and you can get quicker on the
basketball court.

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