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How To Improve Ball Control in Hockey ft. Robbert Kemperman | Olympians’ Tips

August 22, 2019

My name is Robbert Kemperman, I’m a professional hockey
player and European Champion. I’m going to show
three important techniques. Running with the ball, moving it back and forth,
dribbling with it, and lifting,
to get past the opponent. (RUN) I’m going to show
how to run with the ball. When running with the ball, make sure your elbow
sticks out. That will keep your
body upright. It makes it easier
to run with the ball. Keep it at your right foot, that way you can always
see the ball. When you run,
lift your body a bit, so your legs can go faster. Keep the ball in front
of your right foot, stick the elbow out. That makes it easier
to make more speed. (DRIBBLE) When dribbling, keep the ball
in front of your right foot. Stick your elbow out,
otherwise you can’t dribble. You can dribble by moving
the ball from right to left. The ball moves
from right to left. It’ll get the opponent moving. Make sure your right hand
sits loosely around the stick. If not, you have to move
your whole body, which makes it harder. Let your right hand sit
loosely around the stick, so it can move freely. (LIFT) I’m going to show
how to lift the ball. You lift the ball
to get past your opponent, by going over the stick.
You lift the ball into the air. Therefore you lower your body, to get under the ball
more easily. Turn the stick blade open, make your stick
into a sort of scoop. By moving the ball
from left to right, it’s easier to lift it
into the air. I hope you liked it.
Good luck with these tips. Try it on your field at home,
but not in the living room. Practise often on the field,
then you will improve for sure. (HOW TO…)


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    this would've been useful when i was still in field hockey…
    although… in middle school, we weren't allowed to lift the ball cause it was dangerous for middle schoolers, which is true cause my teammate got a concussion when the opponent lifted the ball and smacked her in the head

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