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How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Wedges For Your Golf Swing

September 9, 2019

wedges are used in the scoring zone and golf from a hundred yards and then a good wedge gets you close to the hole for birdie the average golfer hits their 9-iron hundred thirty yards and their love wedge 70 yards the reason we have different wedges is to allow the golfer to bridge that gap make a full swing and hit the ball the required distance so what laughs should I have in my wedges well with wedges it’s all about consistent gapping firstly pick a sand wedge you’re comfortable with and bridge the gap back to your pitching wedge if your sand wedge is 56 degrees and your pitching wedge is 48 degrees bridge the gap with a 52-degree wedge if you’ve got room in your bag you can add a lob wedge in that case you might add a 60-degree lob wedge that ensures consistent gapping across your wedges hi lofted wedges we’re talking 62 and 64 degrees are grateful if you can fit them in your bag they’re really great if you want to play full shots from around the green they’re great from the rough around the green or you need to have a high trajectory along the ball softly so if you have room on a 62 or 64 degree wedge to your bag so what is bounce angle bounce angle is the angle the leading edge of the club makes with the ground bounce helps the club cut through the surface and out the other side so what bounce suits what conditions clubs with a high bounce angle are great out of the roof and soft Park line conditions whereas clubs with a low bounce angle are great in links and hardpan conditions wages come in a whole variety of finishes and here we have three of the most popular you’ve got your oil can wedge this one rusts over time and theoretically gives you a little bit more spin we’ve got your black nickel wedge in sunny conditions this one helps reduce the glare of the Sun and the classic satin finish most popular wedge out there the good news is finish on your wedges is purely cosmetic the great wedge play comes from making a great strike so there it is thanks for watching the golfbidder wedge buyer’s guide hopefully with these tips we’ll have you tapping in for birdie you

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